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Times, Measures by theascetic, obi-wan/anakin + anakin/padme + obi-wan/anakin/padme + cast, 42.6k wip
    What if, to stop Palpatine and win back Anakin, Obi Wan had made the boy a counter-offer? What if there was another ancient, forbidden power which might save Padmé and the Galaxy?
    I'll warn ahead of time that this is a wip but that it ends in a place of good resolution and I'm entirely satisfied with the place it leaves off, it works pretty well as an ending! You do have to roll a bit with contradicting canon, like that Obi-Wan hasn't been in love before, but it's ultimately a minor blip in what's a great concept--that Qui-Gon's ghost mentions an artifact that they brought back one time, which Obi-Wan seeks out with Anakin, and ends up binding their souls together, which allows for Anakin to be diverted off his terrible path of falling to the Dark Side, as well as gives them new abilities. Like, one of my greatest fondnesses is for soul-bonds in this universe because I think it could do so much to help the utter goddamned mess that is Anakin Skywalker and that's exactly where this fic shines the most.

When he swings violently from one mood to another, one moment he's in tears and the next he's raging and the moment after he's deliriously happy, when he clings desperately to Obi-Wan because he wants Obi-Wan to fix this mess for him and so desperately wants Obi-Wan as his Master, when Anakin finally stops trying to control everything and submits to the bond and Obi-Wan's authority, he's never been calmer or happier, that is when Anakin's character has never been clearer. The way he's such an emotional mess, the way he tries to bulldoze everything because he's so desperate to keep the people he loves close, when he's this uncomfortable mix of glee and desperation and anger because Obi-Wan has to love him now, can't ever leave him, while Obi-Wan still has the unbreakability of his will to do the right thing, oh, I was on the edge of my seat because that's what I want.

This is an Anakin who truly is falling, who would do the terrible things because he's so desperate to keep Padme and thinks that he's going to lose her (and his love for Padme is very strong here, while this is an Obi-Wan/Anakin fic at heart, the Anakin/Padme is just as important in Anakin's life), who needs Obi-Wan to be his Master again. The later chapters, when the bond washes over Anakin and he lets go of trying to be in control and submits to his Master, it's such a startling change because there's so much more peace there suddenly, and it makes me ache for what could have been becasue he could have been happy, especially when Anakin and Padme invite Obi-Wan into their bed, that Anakin is put between them and he's never been happier. That's why the ending works as an ending for me here, because it got them all to as good an emotional place as they can probably get and found at least some sort of balance and I so desperately wanted that.

we're young enough to try to build a better life by ShakyHades, obi-wan/anakin, 1.3k
    War has many consequences, most of them bad. But in the end, it gives us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and prevent ourselves from doing them again, in favor of a better life.
    A series of short introspective scenes about how the war changes both Obi-Wan and Anakin, it's not long or focused on the specific details, but more of a bird's eye view of how things went a little differently in this universe, that war is still hell, but Obi-Wan and Anakin stick closer to each other here and it sets off several differences, until the galaxy and the Jedi are in a not too bad of a shape by the end, including some happier Obi-Wan/Anakin. I needed my heart to feel better and this absolutely helped.

My Master by Lincoln Six Echo, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 13.6k
    Anakin's thoughts and feelings for his master as he grows up, as a man and a Jedi, in a slightly different AU.
    I'm going to have a difficult time explaining this fic, but what gets to me about this author's work is that there's a solidity and charm and ability to hit directly to my id that I have trouble conveying with words, so even when the fic is rough around the edges, the pacing of it and the sheer amount of "yes, this is what I read fic for" heart completely have me. It gets me because, look, I've made my peace with wanting terrible things to happen to Anakin (and the surgical modications he had as a child + nothing ever happened because Gardulla lost him to Watto before anything could = so while it's terrible, it's not going to break my heart, because he still gets to choose who he wants to be with + look we all have things we love doing to characters and you take me as I am okay) while still wanting a fic to be happy, as well as giving me porn. I could kiss this author for hitting my iddy wants so well, as Anakin struggles with so desperately wanting Obi-Wan, who clearly loves him in return but doesn't want to take advantage, but eventually they realize they love each other and it's self-lubricating porn oh my god give it to me right now. Especially as Anakin just finally drops himself onto Obi-Wan's lap and rides the hell out of him because he wants it so damn badly, you know, after he's done being a sulky brat, and then Obi-Wan flips him over and lays him out so that he has no leverage to move and fucks him again and it's like. The fic isn't for everyone, you gotta walk into the fic wanting what's here before you start, as well as it's rough around the edges, but if you're like me, it's just... it's pure candy and I will eat a thousand of these like they're gummi bears by the handful because honestly what's fic for if you can't get someone to write you the dirty-yet-really-pretty-sweet porn of your heart? Goddamn bless, okay.

The Life He Deserved by LadySaxophone, obi-wan & anakin & luke & leia & padme & mace, death fic, 16.7k
    In an AU where Anakin never turned, Obi-Wan has lived a full life as a Jedi. Unfortunately, that life is about to end.
    This is one of those fics that you pretty much have to go into it getting what you're going to get out of it--by which I mean, you have to want a fic where Obi-Wan's life went entirely differently, that it's about living that much happier life, where he and Padme turned Anakin back, where he's practically a third parent to the twins, where they've grown up and Obi-Wan is teaching Luke now and Mace is teaching Leia and everyone is happily in each others' lives. And that's exactly what I wanted from this fic! I mean, aside from that the story is framed around Obi-Wan dying from a poisoned dart at about age 60, so it's balanced with the heartbreak of his family losing him, interspersed with flashbacks of all the adorable, fluffy scenes of his interactions with everyone. And I do want that other universe where Obi-Wan got to live this life, it's so much less sad than what actually happened in the canon, so that it's death fic (at about the age he died in canon anyway) didn't bother me, especially not when it's topped up with the afterlife in the Force. But mostly I was reading for all the scenes of Obi-Wan still bantering with Anakin, for doting on the twins, for being friends with Padme and Mace, it was entirely soothing to my heart.

When Darkness Seems to Hide This Place by IllyanaA, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & cast, 34k wip
    After witnessing the most painful loss he's ever experienced and injured at the hands of his captors, Anakin is ready to die like the rest of the Jedi, though not before getting his vengeance.
    I've recommended this fic before, so this is an update rec and I was going to try to wait until chapter 18 was posted before doing this (especially because it's one I'm really eager for!), but, no, I can't help myself because I really, really am invested in this fic now! The two chapters since the last update have some lovely world-building in them and I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading fic that really feels like it takes place in the Star Wars galaxy! The use of the Jedi Temples and the Force are lovely here, as well as the looming spectre of Anakin's twins and what they might be going through and the slow crawl of desperation I can feel over his skin. All of it is really lovely and engrossing to read! (In addition to the fantastic Obi-Wan & Anakin scenes in the greater whole of the fic.)

Gateways Into Time by Neekazan, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & ocs, 13.3k
    While investigating a disturbance in the Force, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka meet someone who will give "The Chosen One" lessons he will never forget.
    I really enjoyed this fic a lot, I'm super fond of fic where characters (Anakin, in this case) have to look at their lives with the help of an outsider to show them the scope, both their past and their future, to get them to really see themselves. Anakin seeing the different threads that brought him to where he is and where he'll be going, giving him a lot to think on in the present, while Obi-Wan and Ahsoka wait for him to finish this journey, is a really satisfying little read! It's not super long, but the pacing is just right and the trappings feel like a Star Wars story/there's some interesting worldbuilding going on, but mostly I'm just really here for Anakin being forced into self-reflection and scenes of the people who matter so much in his life (Obi-Wan and Ahsoka) there to talk to him during it.

Life Beyond the Code by Bek-K, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 141.7k wip
    After the Naboo incident, Obi-Wan defies the Council to train Anakin. Leaving the only life he knows behind and with Anakin's help, he discovers life beyond the code.
    I do have a couple of caveats about this fic: The first half of it is the stronger half, but I also recognize that I'm most interested in the fic when it's focused on Obi-Wan and Anakin's relationship. The fic works better if you assume Obi-Wan is about ten years younger than he actually is, because he doesn't feel like someone who's almost thirty years old, but instead in his early 20s. And while the fic does have a plot, the best moments are more in the slice of life family building that Obi-Wan and Anakin have with each other, when they kind of leave the Jedi Order and decide to build their lives into something else. And that's where this fic got me, it had such heart and charm in those moments, but I'm always here for that kind of heart-warming slice of life stuff, so it was right up my alley. It's one of those fics about how things are fluffier here, even when they have trouble, you know things will work out for them, and so it was like a warm blanket in the right scenes for me, and sometimes I just really need that in my life. Plus, with the length of it, it was nice to have something longer to sink my teeth into and just read read read for a few hours at a time!

Sign and Signifier by cadesama, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.9k
    After Padme's alignment is switched by Mother Talzin's evil Force magic, Obi-Wan puts Palpatine's advice on how to manipulate Anakin back to the Jedi Order to very good use.
    Oh, holy shit, this fic hit me hard because it's so good about what it says about Anakin's character, that this might be a snippet from a larger universe where Padme's alignment changed and so she pulled Anakin away from the Jedi and Palpatine, so it's up to Obi-Wan to go get him back, and the how of that is perfectly done. Anakin is so brash and bright, but underneath that he's always desperately wanted to belong to someone, you can absolutely feel how desperately he loves and wants people to love him, there's something fundamentally inherent in him that he would follow anyone who guided him and offered him what he really wanted, so seeing Obi-Wan put his brilliant insights to work to pull Anakin back, wrapped up in a bit of a surreal atmosphere and yet not, the way it's done is just the right amount of precision and deft writing, that it works perfectly and was so, so satisfying to me. This hit my id like you wouldn't believe but is also just really good writing.

The First Steps by Morgyn Leri (morgynleri), obi-wan/anakin/padme + qui-gon, 4k
    Anakin Skywalker has never seen anyone else with the swirling motes of light that he knows surround him, and his mother.
    This was an interesting AU, where Anakin is a little older when they find him on Tatooine and there are soul-beasts that some can see in each other, making things just a little bit more different. It's the first part in what will hopefully be a longer series, so most of what happens here is an echo of the canon events, but the writing is engaging and I'm a sucker for anything daemon-like and I'm definitely here for Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme gravitating towards each other, the way their beasts start to combine to make something even more potentially terrifyingly beautiful and powerful. It's a charming start that I definitely hope gets picked up for more, as well as it provided me a nice fix for my OT3 itch!

Convergence by TheFreakWithTheWings, obi-wan/anakin, a/b/o, 1k
    Anakin goes into his first heat.
    This fic was a straight shot at my id, along with just generally being really cute and charming! Combine those two things and I'm pretty much guaranteed to be here. Especially because, yes, give me Anakin wrapping himself up in Obi-Wan's blankets because they smell like his Master and he's a confused mess of hormones and he just wants cuddling, which Obi-Wan provides when he sees Anakin going through his first heat, like it's fluff and yet so charmingly adorable that I could have absolutely rolled around in it.

Lessons Learned Early Are Lessons Well Remembered by Rambutans, obi-wan & anakin & shmi & cliegg & cast, 4.3k
    When the council turns down Anakin's proposal to free his mother and the slaves on Tatooine, Anakin makes up his mind to go against their orders and return anyway. Obi-Wan plans to use the visit as a teaching opportunity.
    This was a fun AU with the timeline altered, so Obi-Wan and Anakin are closer in age, Anakin is younger when he starts having dreams of his mother, and so things on his return to Tatooine go very differently. It's interesting to watch a version where Obi-Wan was there, to see how his presence changes things, as well as that this is a turn for the better and it's also fun to read for their Master/Padawan days. It was a solid, fun read and I'm looking forward to a different universe where things can go a little better and what other changes will come up, as well as it was a solid read just on its own!

Chase Away The Storm + Sunny Days and Warm Nights by Tatsumaki_sama, obi-wan & anakin & luke, 3.3k total
    A seven year old Luke meets a mysterious yet familiar stranger in the temple mediation rooms.
    I am totally here for adorable kidlet!Luke and I'm greatly intrigued by this AU where Anakin still fell to the Darkness, but didn't stay there, instead turning back but still not all the way there, while the Jedi survived and Obi-Wan is looking after Luke in the Temple. It's just fluffy enough with Luke to be totally precious and yet just bittersweet enough to really tug at my heartstrings when he stumbles over Anakin and has an adorable conversation with him. There's enough Obi-Wan in the fic as well to keep me happy, that you can feel how much he misses Anakin and wants Anakin to be able to be in Luke's life, as well as in the second fic it's just PURE ADORABLE with the three of them. It's not necessarily pairing fic, it doesn't need to be, it's fine being gen, but it still gives me all the "Luke has two dads who love him very much" feelings, bless.

Into the Breach by Melody_Jade, obi-wan & anakin & the council, 4.9k
    Qui-Gon survived the duel with Maul but is gravely wounded and in a coma. Obi-Wan is left to champion for Anakin's fate before the council himself.
    This is one of those fics that definitely takes a harder view of the Council's attitude towards Anakin and you just have to roll with that, but it's one that doesn't get my hackles up because it's from the point of view of a character who would interpret them that way and they're not cold-heart and the fic's point really isn't about them, but about Obi-Wan bonding with little moppet Anakin sooner (because Qui-Gon lived but was in a coma, so it forced them together and gave them the chance for a little breathing room in their grief) and so he defies the Council in a more obvious way right from the beginning. The real point of the fic is the super cute and delightful bonding between Obi-Wan and bb!Anakin, which was absolutely a highlight to read, I will never get tired of reading about them at that point when it's as warm-hearted and easy to read as this one was.

Some Things Are Certain by cupiscent, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 7.3k
    Detained far from where he should be by random chance, Obi-Wan meets an unusual slave.
    Oh, this was a gorgeous fic. I picked it up because it seemed like a fun AU, where Obi-Wan and Anakin met on Tatooine much later in life, where it was only a brief moment together, that I would have fun with a possible AU where they could be free to be something else to each other for a short while before parting again. And for most of the fic that was what I got! Anakin in a different life, but still with that bright spark to him, still always with that edge of something to him, that sense of how his smile lights up the room, how he always has something to say, versus an Obi-Wan who has settled into himself a little differently, in a way I can't put my finger on, but makes sense for someone who had time to be a Knight on his own for awhile. There's an instant connection between them, an easy banter, they just fall into step together somehow, which made my fannish heart turn over because, yes, in all the universes, Obi-Wan and Anakin should always have that ability with each other.

But it was also a chance for them to not have the same history with each other, that Obi-Wan wasn't Anakin's Master here, he didn't have that same authority over Anakin, so when there's a spark of something between them that draws them to each other, they can act on it. The attraction that pulls them to each other, the whatever it is that's sparking between them, here it can take the form of Obi-Wan firmly pushing Anakin to the bed and exploring him, to know him in this way, it can take the form of kissing for an endless amount of time, and can take the form of Obi-Wan finally pushing into him and Anakin shoving back to meet him, they can have this gift in another universe, fitting together in a way that the canon never had room for.

And then. The ending and it was all put into context and my heart ached, in both a good way and a painful way, for what this entire story was, what it gave the characters and gave me. It was gorgeous and perfect, aching and wonderful at the same time. As much as I came here for the sex (which was lovely and satisfying, the way it wasn't too harsh but wasn't too gentle either, the way Obi-Wan just fit into Anakin so perfectly, like they were just waiting for each other), even more meaningful was what the story was ultimately trying to convey about the point of all of this.

Three AM by Vee017, obi-wan/anakin, pregnant!anakin, ~1k
    Anakin's hungry and thinks Obi-Wan won't feed him
    This was super short, not even 500 words, but it was entirely joyful for what an utter little shit Anakin is and how he would be the most delightfully obnoxious pregnant person ever. Even in just this short scene he was the whiniest, most demanding brat ever and it completely caught my imagination, after reading this I couldn't stop thinking about the hilarity that would be hormonal, aching, sensitive, emotional mess of Anakin Skywalker. I want it so bad.

Clarity by anecdotalist, obi-wan/anakin + anakin/padme, 16.1k wip
    Anakin's jealousy leads to the start of something new between him and Obi-Wan and a lot of frank discussions about things they should have talked about but didn't in canon.
    This is one of those fics that was entirely pleasing to my id and what I want out of fic, where Anakin is an emotionally messy brat and explodes all over the place, which then leads to Obi-Wan having to actually talk to him about the things they should be talking about and eventually cuddles on the sofa because Anakin is a crying mess. It deals with all the buried emotions between them, the longing and the attraction and the love and the resentment from things like Rako Hardeen and the secrets Anakin's kept, just one giant cathartic mess of an argument that drags everything out and then ends up with them finding their way back to each other and a really legitimately satisfying amount of Anakin curling up on Obi-Wan, who wraps an arm around him and puts a hand in his hair. Like, if you looked into my soul, this is what I want for them, this is what I crave and this fic just scratched that itch in the way I've been pining for, it's what my heart desires and so I ate it up like the delicious candy it is.

Another Universe by skywalkersamidala, obi-wan/anakin/padme (obi-wan/anakin + anakin/padme + obi-wan/anakin/padme), NSFW, 12.1k
    Perhaps in another universe, the three of them would have been forever ripped from each other and from their children. But in this universe there was peace, and in this universe the Amidala-Skywalker-Kenobi family lived happily ever after.
    Oh, this fic is what my heart wants. It's one of those that's a bit more summary that direct action, it's one of those that you have to want want it's offering, but if you do, it's so very emotionally satisfying and joyful. It's all about Anakin realizing his attraction to Obi-Wan, where Padme has known that he's in love with Obi-Wan for ages and is fine with it, it doesn't diminish his love for her, and eventually Obi-Wan/Anakin happens for awhile and then they slide together into a threesome that's stable and happy and everything works out. It's one of those fics that nudges things differently just here and there, until it snowballs, and shows that with just a little bit of difference, things maybe could have worked out for the best and everyone could have been happy!

Which is really good for my fannish heart, but also! When Obi-Wan finally fucks him, when he finally is pushing into Anakin and the tension between them has truly broken, it was good for my heart and good for me because of the satisfying porn! I would have been content with just the one time between the two of them, how good it was to have that resolution, but then! Anakin still has a healthy sex life with Padme! They're still absolutely into each other, but Padme also nudges the three of them together, by wanting to watch Obi-Wan fuck her husband and enjoying that, then Anakin desperately wanting Padme to ride him, so she and Obi-Wan work together to just absolutely take him apart, that it becomes two pairings merging into one trio, that it takes awhile for Obi-Wan to fully slide into the relationship with both of them, but eventually it's the twins and their two dads and their mom and everyone is married to everyone else and EVERYONE IS HAPPY and my heart was soothed this day, you have no idea.

Love Doesn't Heal All Wounds by Rambutans, anakin/padme & obi-wan, 10.4k
    Anakin convinces the council that Tatooine would be a safer haven for Senator Amidala than her home planet, but nothing seems to be working out the way he had planned it, and if his own foolishness doesn't kill him, his guilt might.
    This is set after "Lessons Learned Early Are Lessons Well Remembered", but I don't think you absolutely have to read it to understand the set-up here, given the author's notes. I found myself really quite in love with this fic for two reasons: It sets up where this AU is going very nicely and the Anakin/Padme relationship felt spot on to me in a way that's... hard to describe. I felt like this stayed true to their feelings for each other, the intensity and depth of them, that it was real here, that those feelings were very much just as real as they were in the canon timeline, that they were so close to working something out, but circumstances tipped them just a little bit the opposite way and it felt like this could have happened in canon, that it doesn't take anything or try to layer on something new to what they were in the original. I appreciated that so much, because it made the complicated and interesting to me here, right along with how much my heart absolutely ached for how Anakin didn't have her to stablize him after what happened with his mother, that instead it's this complicated and painful scene with Obi-Wan, that didn't magically fix everything, it feels like it's going to be an uphill battle, but only crushed my fannish heart in the way that it still offered some hope. It was a really lovely fic!

Exile by skygawker, obi-wan/anakin + background anakin/padme, 15.3k wip
    Two years into the Clone Wars, Padme Amidala and Chancellor Palpatine are dead, and Anakin Skywalker is sent into exile as punishment for actions he took in the heat of his grief and anger.
    Oh, this fic gave me so many feelings and I don't even mind that it's a WIP with slow updates because the point it leaves off was far enough to give me some of the really good stuff that I want here. One of the things that intrigues me about these characters is how to approach Obi-Wan/Anakin while still taking care with Anakin's feelings for Padme, so the situation set up here (where Padme discovered Palpatine sooner, was killed by him, and Anakin went on a rampage and killed a whole bunch of people, so he was sent into exile, with Obi-Wan as his minder) is pure iddy joy in addition to being really well written and gives a chance for Anakin to come to a slow burn of realizing his feelings for Obi-Wan in a situation where it makes sense for him, even as much as he loved Padme. The fic never backs away from how much Anakin loved her, how terrible his emotional stability is and how easily fractured it was over her, yet whatever's there with Obi-Wan is just as real and important, too.

The fic does a great job of punching me in the feelings because of how it's so painful between them, how there's such a huge gulf between them now, but there's still so much care and love between them, they're still so drawn to each other, even in these terrible circumstances. Putting them in isolation and having so much broken apart around them is a great way to make them face that there are some very huge issues here and it's such a slow crawl towards actually realizing what those problems are and talking about them and starting to mend things, but in the most delicious way possible. The fic does a fantastic job of making it hurt for them to even just be around each other, in a really understated and yet completely all consuming way. It's just really, really good and I ate it all up in one sitting because, ahhh, I could not put it down! If you really hate WIPs, then this one probably isn't for you, but I thought there was enough good stuff already in the fic that it absolutely made it worthwhile and there's at least some progress/resolution that made it better for me.

The Sleeping Jedi by protos_metazu_ison, obi-wan/anakin + anakin/padme + cast, 15.3k
    President Padmé Amidala is on a galaxy-wide search for the Jedi traitor, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is the only one who can revive her consort, Anakin Skywalker, from his deep sleep.
    Oh, this fic punched me in the feelings so hard. The writing is lovely and it's a great look at Padme's character (as it's a fic set entirely from her POV) but it's also entirely full of feelings about Obi-Wan and Anakin and their relationship and how things went differently in this AU. Every scene is one that was both better and worse than in canon, that things end up happier overall, but other things hurt my feelings intensely, especially because Obi-Wan Kenobi deserves so much better than this. I pretty much read the whole thing in one sitting because I could not put it down, because the writing was so lovely and engrossing, and I admit the fic totally got me misty-eyed by the ending of it, the fic does a lovely job of showing just how important the Obi-Wan/Anakin relationship is and how intense it is, even when neither of them is the pov of the fic. The final conversation that Padme overhears from them was absolutely perfect and had me wrapped around its little finger, this was a fantastic fic to read, one of those that's ouchy even as it gives them all a better world.

you knock me out, i fall apart by pdotschuy, obi-wan/anakin/padme + han/luke/leia + ahsoka, 6.6k / 47.1k total
    Anakin and Riyo make a terrible team, Han realizes a thing or two, quite a few lives are saved, and Ahsoka starts a new life.
    Chapter 8: Another update rec, but you don't understand how much I love this fic, because it's got it's serious moments and it has some heavy emotional stuff, but it's also an AU where everything works out and they all get to be one big happy family! Plus the nice thing about any given chapter is that, yeah, you should probably read the fic in order, some scenes follow up from other scenes and you need context for that (like the one with Han and Luke in this chapter) but because each chapter is a collection of scenes, there's a great sense of this being a cast fic, that it's a big, sprawling story! And I enjoyed all of the characters that got moments in this chapter, Ahsoka and Han especially had some strong scenes, but oh my favorite was being one step closer to seeing the resolution of the Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme relationship! And the scene in this chapter did my fannish heart such good, especially because the author doesn't overdo Obi-Wan's selflessness, he was still recognizable to me in how much he held onto his feelings for these people, especially Anakin, and yet how he held himself apart, and how both Anakin and Padme lovingly react to that nonsense. Also, yes, that is exactly what Anakin would do when Obi-Wan tried to leave, bless. And I do love that it really is Anakin that Obi-Wan and Padme are in love with, that he's the one between the two people he loves, but he and Padme will totally gang up on Obi-Wan when they need to, that it's the perfect blend of Obi-Wan/Anakin + Anakin/Padme vs Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme.

Vignettes by Hardwood_Studios, obi-wan/anakin, 7.8k
    AU: Anakin remembers every moment that brought them together, every moment that kept him sane.
    I barely even blinked at the first peron pov of this fic or that it focuses a lot on writing out canon events, because the writing of the story had such a charm to it that I got sucked in immediately, as well as one of my favorite things in this fandom is to explore how things might have gone differently if the relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin had developed just a little differently, if they'd developed in a romantic direction, how could things have changed? The fic mostly sticks to the canon timeline, but you can feel that Anakin is on more solid emotional ground because Obi-Wan sets firmer boundaries and Palpatine cannot drive the same wedge between them that he did in canon, nor use Obi-Wan against Anakin in the same way that he did with Padme. There's enough differences, moments where they act on their attraction, where their relationship makes a difference, that it's not just a retread, and instead it becomes this... really charming, easy to read, interesting piece that made me happy that things went so much better in this universe.

Infinite by Ripki, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, fem!anakin, ~1k / 11.2k total
    She was an adult now, a Knight. Her failure had somehow been twisted into victory. (Continues the Crush-verse, but can be read separately from chapters 5 and 6. Anakin is eighteen.)
    Chapter 11: This chapter follows up on chapter 5 and chapter 6, but as the author's notes say, it can be read by itself if you want. And, oh, I loved this fic, even if it was super short, it was very nicely written and had this feel of an intimate moment of shared grief between the two of them, it had such lovely heartbreak and yet comfort between them, that Anakin is such a mess here and she practically flings herself at Obi-Wan, who responds very much like he would, that there's these moments where you know he wants more, but he also knows that it's not the right time in this moment. The physical contact between them, both the sexual and the comforting touches, are absolutely perfect, I love this universe so much.

When Darkness Seems to Hide This Place by IllyanaA, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 42.2k wip
    After killing three of the Jedi Order's best and brightest, Palpatine's fight with Jedi Master Mace Windu goes shorter than expected. Afraid he's lost his chance at recruiting a new apprentice, Sidious unleashes Order 66 across the galaxy, but, per their programming, the Clone Army is not to harm Anakin Skywalker. After witnessing the most painful loss he's ever experienced and injured at the hands of his captors, Anakin is ready to die like the rest of the Jedi, though not before getting his vengeance.
    This is another update rec because this fic is very dear to me and I continue to love that it's exactly what I want out of genfic and I want everyone to read it with me, because I'm not sure that I've read a lot of fics where Anakin is part of the Rebellion against Palpatine and also just because, wow, is the Obi-Wan & Anakin relationship so satisfying, when you can read it as gen or as basically romance without the kissing, both ways work just fine. I do think it's a fic that works best when you have several chapters at once to catch up on with, since each one is about 2k long (though, it's 42k+ right now and reads really well when you have a bunch to tear through, there's plenty of good stuff already having happened!), but I'm also weak to this one and so I read every chapter as it comes out, especially since Obi-Wan is off doing a separate mission right now and I really, really want to know how it comes out, both because I want to see what happens, but also because I'm invested in these characters' relationships with each other. Totally worth reading if you're looking for Obi-Wan and Anakin bonding or if you want something with a plot!

untitled by darthrevaan, obi-wan & anakin & padme, 1.1k
    Obikin, uh...Daemon!au? Or whatever you want, really.
    This is just a snippet of a larger AU, but it was really intriguing, I loved the bits of world-building here and the background world that was being set up, the way the scene explained a lot, but still left so much that could be expanded upon, and just a really cool, interesting meeting between Obi-Wan and Anakin!

untitled by darthrevaan, fem!anakin, 1.1k
    PROMPT: Anonymous asked: Fem!Anakin being a tomboy/non binary but everyone thinks she's a boy. Anakin escaping a high security separatist facility during the clone wars by waking out as a girl. Any or no pairings, I don't mind.
    I have a strong interest in fem!Anakin stories because the character is such a mess that I'm interesting in changing things about him, seeing how that does or doesn't affect things, so of course I snatched this fic up as soon as I saw it. It could be anywhere from Anakin's Padawan days to her Knight days (but most likely Knight, since there's a mention of Ahsoka), it's a simple fic about how she gets out of a jam and it's fun to read just for that, but also the way the world looks at her and how she works with that. It's a solid little fic in and of itself, but also that it got my imagination wondering how things would be different in this world, with Obi-Wan or with Ahsoka or with Padme!

A Time For Change by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel, anakin & leia & obi-wan, 3.6k
    Vader might be a Sith, but he has never been interested in the wholesale destruction of the galaxy. This new battle station, however… if Sidious begins destroying planets, where will he stop? How many lives will be sacrificed upon the altar of his absolute power over the galaxy, before he decides that he is done?
    An interesting AU! Where the Death Star is too far over the line for Darth Vader, where it's an abomination in his eyes, and so he decides to help the Rebellion in this. It's taking that one little change and using it to nudge the storyline track in a different direction and it's so interesting to watch how that changes things, to watch Leia and Obi-Wan both be unsure of how to deal with a Vader who's helping them in this, but still isn't trustworthy. It's a neat AU that really captures my imagination!

untitled by darthrevaan, obi-wan & jango & boba & taun we, 1.5k
    The warm, almost close atmosphere inside the Kaminoan city had completely dried out his hair and clothes by the time his soft-spoken guide led him to the door of the bounty hunter’s small living quarters.
    This fic snippet caught my attention because it's such an intriguing AU, where Obi-Wan's questions on Kamino are a little different and start to unravel things a little differently and I would love to read more of this universe and how things change from here. But the snippet itself is worth reading, just for getting to watch Obi-Wan as a detective, asking questions and interacting with people and being a Jedi. It's short but definitely caught my attention and scratched that itch I have for this kind of thing!

If Somehow I Could Just Rekindle That by Duck_Life, anakin/pame & luke & leia, ~1k
    Vader gets a glimpse at what could have been.
    A short fic based on a vision Anakin has (you don't need further context than that) for what his life could have been, which doesn't need to be long to be bittersweet and hard for what could have been but will never be.

Happily Ever After by Imadra Blue (imadra_blue), imadra_blue, Luthe, obi-wan/anakin & luke & leia & cast + past anakin/padme, 30.4k
    When his children run away to save the galaxy from endless war on their own, Anakin Skywalker must embark on a journey across the galaxy to bring Luke and Leia home -- a journey that partners him again with his old Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and leads them into a relationship neither expected.
    Oh, man, the thing about this fic is that it gives excellent mutual pining, that building up to explosive resolution and satisfying aftermath. When Anakin's children go missing, it puts him back into contact with Obi-Wan and they have to go save the galaxy while they're at it, but also deal with feelings! Yes, give me all of that. The fic is nicely paced and a satisfying length to read and was just really solid all the way around. Obi-Wan is a little different from how I usually see him (less insightful/compassionate) but it made sense to me, given the set-up of the universe and Anakin's influence on his life wouldn't have been the same, since he left so much earlier. I loved the way it balanced that Anakin is such a central character to the epic events unfolding in the Star Wars plot, that Luke & Leia are important, that Obi-Wan was central as well, so it felt balanced to me in the way I had hoped to read.

There's also some really lovely porn as Anakin's been dying for Obi-Wan to just fuck him already and it's good and heart-warming and right when it finally does, further making this one of those fics that's just... solid and satisfying and absolutely what I wanted to find in the fandom. It's complete, I felt resolved after reading it and that's something I cannot say enough good about!

Coalesced Matter by Mirror and Image, obi-wan & anakin & dooku, 48.4k
    Jedi Master Dooku is in a long-term undercover assignment with slow but steady progress. But he gets a distress call from this Knight Kenobi with a Padawan Skywalker and things just start to go crazy.
    Cranky grandpa Dooku is apparently a thing that I desperately needed in my life and I'm so glad I read this fic. I had a day to do not much else and so I was puttering around to find a new fic to read and thought, eh, I'll give it a try. I promptly got sucked into the whole thing because it was exactly what I wanted, where Obi-Wan and Anakin are picked up by Dooku who is still a Jedi but is teetering on the edge of becoming a Sith and the three of them are forced into playing family, which provides the nudges that all of them need to get back onto a healthier track. Dooku finds connections, Obi-Wan is able to get past his grief sooner, and Anakin finds the structure that one person alone cannot provide, the balance between healing from Qui-Gon's death (that affects them all) and building on it is lovely, and there's plot shenanigans! The beginning is a little rough, a little more tell-than-show, but once I got underway, the fic was a solid read that utterly captured my imagination and I would have read at least another 50k of this one, it was just so pleasing to what I want. Which is apparently cranky grandpa Dooku who finds himself having feelings for these grand-Padawans of his. And that they still really need guidance while you can feel how incredible they're both going to be in the future, like, that is the perfect blend to strike for a fic like this! So, so satisfying.

All But Name by Mirror and Image, obi-wan & anakin + padme & dooku & qui-gon & yoda & ocs & cast, 107.9k
    "You will be a Jedi, Anakin. I promise you. In all but name."
    Oh, let me tell you my feelings about this fic. By the time it was finished, despite that I'd just read a novel's worth of fic, I was so sad it was ending because it's such a great build-up and great characterization and great pacing and great story. When I first started reading, I was a little wary because Obi-Wan didn't entirely feel like himself to me, despite that I acknowledged that he was grieving and he was just post-TPM and hadn't had the time to progress yet, but by the halfway point of the fic I got it, I understood why the story made all the choices it did, why it put Obi-Wan into the situations and places that it did, because it absolutely was about a larger path that he was following and the Force needed him to be right where he was at those specific moments. By the end of the fic, you can see the care and thought that was put into the story, why everything happened the way it did, in addition to how much insight and care the authors put into Anakin's development as a young child still emotionally and mentally developing. It's not just that the writing is really smooth and easy to become engrossed in, it's not just that there's a plot happening (maybe not that many light saber battles, but there are some and it's a great balance between the quieter moments of their lives and the healing process they go through and the bigger, more epic moments of their lives), but also that I cared deeply about the characters.

It's a fic that's about Obi-Wan and Anakin's early days and how things are different when they're no longer part of the Jedi Order, how that subtly changes their dynamic until it's entirely different (and yet still entirely recognizable) from where they ended up in canon. It's one of my new favorite fics because it does justice to how those changes start small, how Anakin has more freedom to express his attachments and emotional instability because they're not at the Jedi Temple and because Obi-Wan doesn't have the support from others, so he can't be as strict about it, plus he too needs that emotional connection in the wake of his own losses, until they've grown close and found a better way for Anakin to deal with his anger and emotions, because they were nudged in just the right direction for it. It doesn't villainize anyone (not even the Jedi Order is villainized, thankfully! they're not perfect and some characters are furious at them, but they're still good people) but instead gives these characters a different path to follow, one that I could see the canon characters going down if they'd had these circumstances instead. That thought and care was given to how they would interact with each other, how each of their mindsets and motivations would affect their interaction, that Anakin's anger and restlessness aren't just swept aside, but instead tackled head-on, in a more subtle sort of way. Reading the author's notes really gave a look into how much thought was put into his development and I loved it for that.

But ultimately, at its heart, this is a fic about Obi-Wan and Anakin becoming much more emotionally available to each other as they both develop over the months they figure out their new lives, it's a fic about having only each other to rely on and that creates a more intense bond, even as it nearly threatens to drown them. It's a fic about Obi-Wan grieving his losses and struggling to hold onto what he can, dealing with depression and coming through it after a struggle, it's a fic about learning to accept help from those who care about them. It's about all those things, but it's also about how awesome Obi-Wan is, how brilliant a negotiator he is, about how morally unbreakable he is, about how he's amazing in so many ways, as well as just how much sheer, raw potential Anakin has, how he's such a caring little moppet even when he's a trouble magnet. It was a fic that I legitimately respected on a technical level, but it won my heart for giving me so much that pleased my id at the same time! And that's not even getting into how fascinating Dooku was in the last third of the fic, how I loved his addition to the story and every interaction he had with Obi-Wan was absolutely satisfying as hell. This is a fic that is really, really worth reading and this is why I got into the Star Wars fandom in the first place!

you sing it out loud, "who made us this way?" by imaginarykat, obi-wan/anakin + cast, 5.1k
    Anakin knows what the tattoos on Obi Wan’s wrists say.
    This is a soulmate's name on the wrists tattoo that doesn't really deviate much from canon, it sticks really close to the timeline and events, just weaving little moments of Obi-Wan knowing that Anakin is the one he loves from an earlier time. What was especially interesting (if really, really bittersweet) is that Anakin's wrists were burned when he was a young slave child, so he doesn't know who he's meant to be with, if it's Obi-Wan or Padme, that the fic isn't about answering that question, it's more about the unsurety of it and how Obi-Wan is as steady as he ever is, that he accepts whatever happens. Toss in that they at least get a happier ending as Force Ghosts and this was a lovely read.

a spark in your center by blackalien, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & padme, dragon au, 4.6k wip
    There are a lot of things Anakin Skywalker is willing to ignore. Someone trying to kill his dragon just isn't one of them. or: There's another stupid prophecy, Anakin and Obi-Wan argue like a married couple, Padmé makes ruling look easy, and Ahsoka saves herself.
    I have loved everything else this author has written, so I eagerly snatched this fic up as well, and I'm fond of fantasy-style settings for the characters, I found the dragon stuff and kingdom stuff interesting to read about, the imagery of Ahsoka as a shapeshifting dragon was very nice. But, oh, my heart was definitely with Obi-Wan and Anakin bantering like an old married couple, where they argue with each other but you can feel the affection and care underneath, where there's never any doubt that these two mean the world to each other. This is only the first chapter so far, but I really am looking forward to more!

take my hand, have my soul by thearcheologist (paper_crane_productions), obi-wan/anakin, soul bond, 7.8k wip
    It's only after the fact that Obi-Wan realizes what he's done, how many rules he's broken, what he's admitted to. It's only as he's watching Anakin rest in the medical bay with his emotions washing over him like waves in a ocean does he realize what's happened. Or, Obi-Wan accidentally creates a soul bond with Anakin, and they deal with the consequences of attachment during war.
    Oh, I enjoyed this a lot, it's one of those fics I picked up for the trope and it just whole-heartedly embraces that it's about Anakin getting hurt in a battle, Obi-Wan picks him up and carries him back to medical attention, Anakin's hurt worse than they realize and is dying, so Obi-Wan unrealizingly grabs hold of his soul and binds the two of them together. And then they gotta deal with actually feeling each others' emotions. It's like candy to me, I fucking love this trope and this fic knows how to play to my id so that I just sat there and kept turning the page because, yes, this is what I need sometimes, I need fic that knows exactly what it wants to give me and that's FEELING EACH OTHERS' EMOTIONS and Anakin having to deal with that Obi-Wan does feel things, just that he's better at dealing with them/setting them aside when he needs to, that Obi-Wan held back from Anakin for a long time because that's what Anakin needed him to be. DEAL WITH THAT, YES, GIVE THAT TO ME.

Darker With the Day by Ripki, obi-wan & anakin & padme + background pairings, 1.7k
    War changes all men; leaves no bond untested. (The prologue for things to come.)
    This is a short fic that's both about diverging from canon and being about looking at these three characters, how tired and worn down they all are even as they keep fighting, not knowing where all of this is going. It's one of those angsty pieces that does well with such a heavy feeling over everything, that it's just so grueling and grinding at this point, but without being over the top about it, there's something almost quiet about it. But it's also a divergent storyline that fascinates me and makes me quail at the same time (as I believe I'm supposed to) where Padme terminates her early pregnancy and I can't help being heartbroken at the loss of Luke and Leia, but also wondering... if Anakin never has those visions about her dying in childbirth... what changes? So much could change, for bad or for good! Between those two things and the really lovely characterization here, this was a really fascinating read for me.

Lineage by ruth baulding, obi-wan & qui-gon & xanatos & cast, 35.9k
    AU!Jedi Apprentice. Book I: In which master and apprentice meet for the first time, enjoy a disastrous adventure courtesy of Xanatos DuCrion, and reap the fruits of patience and fortitude. A fanciful retelling of the original.
    I finally settled down to start in on this series and I was wary that I would enjoy it because it might feel like too much of a retread of ground that's been covered many times before, but then the fic instantly got me with the initial hook: Mace and Yoda basically tell Qui-Gon "Plz don't take another Padawan Learner, we don't need you teaching another young one to be a rebel like you." and Qui-Gon's response is a very immediate FINE THEN I'LL JUST GO FIND A PADAWAN LEARNER RIGHT NOW, like I am still laughing at how delightful that whole thing was and how well played Qui-Gon was. It sounds a bit silly, but it actually really, really worked for me and I 100% believe that Qui-Gon would react that way, cranky grouch that he is at that time, and the whole fic is lovely and has some great characterization. I loved the early scenes with ten year old Obi-Wan, who was darling when he was a wee thing, already almost too smart for his own good, already having such a way with words, already having a terrible spark of terrible humor, I could have read about moppet!Obi-Wan for at least another 50k like this.

But time rolls on and things happen at similar times (Obi-Wan is 13 when he becomes a Padawan) but it's different this time, that their initial encounter changes the dynamic just a bit, where Qui-Gon wants to train him, while Obi-Wan is the reluctant one because he feels responsible for another Master's death and that he should leave the Order because he can't let go of it. It's such a refreshing change to not have to brace my heart against Obi-Wan not being wanted (because that makes no sense to my fragile fannish heart! XD) and while it goes a little darker than I'd like when Xanatos shows up, once Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are back together, it's such a great, easily engrossing read. It's got a great supporting cast, it has lovely characterization (already you can see Obi-Wan being kind of a dick, I love him so much) and a great Master/Padawan friendship in its early days.

Lineage II by ruth baulding, obi-wan & qui-gon & cast, 40.9k
    A year or so has elapsed since the last time we saw our heroes. BOOK 2: In which master and apprentice investigate an evil brainwashing plot, attend a boisterous wedding, and battle the enemy within.
    I admit, the fic does overuse the epithets (especially for Qui-Gon) and it probably helps to be at least familiar with the original Jedi Apprentice novels, though, the fic really stands well on its own! And it's another solid fic that does a great job of not just feeling like the characters exist in a bubble, that it gets another culture in there (the Phindians) and has a plot (dealing with the aftermath of the Syndicat and Obi-Wan having implanted suggestions in his mind), to go along with the character stuff! It also does a lovely job of bringing in various others, like Dooku has an interesting role here, and it always, always makes sure to blend Obi-Wan's apprecation for structure with that he knows when to leave those behind (at least according to his own views of things) with that he's a snarky fucker who is amazing to watch but, goddamn, I would not want to be responsible for him or in the direct line of his growing way with words.

It's one of those fics that I read and barely seemed to notice that the story was passing because it's truly structured in the way of a professional novel, that it's about both telling a self-contained story (as much as it can with being about the aftermath of one of the JA novels) and gaining characterization ground. It flew by for me because it was just so easy to keep reading and it was entire engaging and thus was over before I knew it, in the way that really good writing does for me!

In all your wanderings by MirandaTam, shmi & anakin & yoda & qui-gon & obi-wan & padme & cast, 16k
    Passion, yet serenity. Shmi leaves Tatooine with Anakin and goes to the Jedi Temple.
    When I saw this fic, I have to admit that I was wary, because too often I've seen interesting ideas like this used to rip into the Jedi for being terrible, but that's not what this fic was! It was so much more gentle and caring and good than that, it was full of people who were good at heart, who had good reasons to be the way they were, who weren't unreasonable, who I can believe would walk down different paths with a gentle nudge like this. Shmi was so very perfect and recognizable here, she was brilliant (and I love the idea that she was strong in the Force) but always genuinely compassionate, always caring, always steady no matter what the galaxy threw at her. Her words were always thoughtful and kind, even when she disagreed with the Jedi ways, she did so in a way that felt true to recognizing both sides of the argument, that both sides were good people. It is, of course, focused on her character and how she's going to change things towards what we the audience want, but I found it to be in a way that was done with love.

Plus, oh, when Shmi talks to the various cast members, her conversations with Siri and Qui-Gon and Padme and Obi-Wan especially were lovely, they were both about the other characters' problems and about Shmi herself, how she feels about all this--and, of course, my favorite was every single scene of her interaction with Yoda, which felt shockingly natural and organic a development to me here! The little moment of Shmi feeling like she could have been bitter about all she didn't know, but worked on letting that go! Or how she's good with kids! How she wants to help, wants to protect her son, but also recognizes what being a Jedi means! And the way I didn't feel like the other characters were lesser for how wonderful Shmi was as the events of the second half of TPM unfolded! All of that made this fic worth reading for me.

have no masters by springsoldier (ladydaredevil), obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & padme & cast, 3.6k
    No one is better in the Arena than Anakin Skywalker, but his are not the only games being played. (Gladiator AU in which Palpatine seized power earlier and the Zygerrians are in the entertainment business.)
    I did not think I would like this fic as much as I did, but I wound up really enjoying it! It felt true to the characters, Anakin's pov especially, but also in that Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were both important to the story! I loved the relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin, that... well, part of it was just that it felt like themselves, with Anakin so easily spiking into rage or recklessness, while Obi-Wan was more pragmatic except not really because he's reckless in a sharper, more thoughtful way, and the way Obi-Wan keeps Anakin's nightmares back just by being there, just by pressing against his back and whispering at him to try to rest (such a quick moment, but with quiet intimacy that I loved), or the way Obi-Wan won't leave without Anakin, which is the one person that Anakin won't drag down in his rage. It was tough for me to find the words for this one, it's just a straightforwardly enjoyable fic that didn't have to be long to be exactly what it set out to achieve!

Stay by panickinskywalker, obi-wan/anakin, 1.5k
    Anakin Skywalker doesn’t know what time it is when he finds himself standing in front of that viewport. His stance is sturdy, but he is not.
    I will always read fic where Anakin turns to Obi-Wan after the death of his mother, curling into him and desperately grieving and so angry, where Obi-Wan cares so much about Anakin and may not know the perfect words to say, but finds at least something and, of course, he'll stay. Anakin is just a giant ball of emtions, there are so many cracks in his foundation, but I felt a little better after this, that he was able to trust Obi-Wan and that he had someone to anchor himself with in this storm of grief and rage. It's a cathartic and comforting piece, for all that it's not really trying to solve everything, whether this is a better universe than canon or not, it's still a lovely scene with them.

The Healing Process by ScreamingWhispers, obi-wan/anakin & cast, 3.3k
    After Shmi was buried and the weight of her death fully fell on Anakin's shoulders, he felt himself teetering on the edge; on what edge he didn't know. Still, same as always, Obi-Wan came to his rescue.
    No, but seriously, I will read pretty much every fic I can find about Obi-Wan being there to help Anakin deal with the grief of losing his mother, especially if they're all about hugs and future kissings and being soul-soothing. This fic was entirely about Obi-Wan guiding Anakin through that grief and loss, being there to help him however Anakin needs, and there for Anakin to curl into when he just needs someone to put their arms around him. It's definitely a fic on the softer side, but in the way that my heart craved today and so it made me feel better, bless.

Meet the Skywalkers by frodogenic, anakin & luke & leia & han & piett, 13.7k wip
    Newly returned from the Unknown Regions with Darth Vader, Admiral Piett doesn't expect much of a welcome from the New Republic. And not in a million lifetimes would he have predicted that their very first guest would be Luke Skywalker. After all, Vader is still his mortal enemy...right?
    I've recommended this story before, but it's since been updated (with chapter 5) and I'm once again all over this fic because it's apparently something I never knew how much I wanted and because the early chapters hooked me in hard with some great Luke Skywalker characterization and the promise of joyful Skywalker Family Drama, as well as this fic does something I'm pretty sure no other fic has done: A conversation between Piett and Leia, where they're both struggling and find both comfort and disquiet with the other, when they run into each other in a breather from all the theatrics. Leia's grieving for Alderaan, Piett is struggling to adjust to the universe and circumstances they've been thrown back into, the fic sketching out all these wonderful details for both of them, showing that they're both coming at this with their own baggage. It's great for a study on both of them, but also for two people on the opposite sides of the war finding some things they do and don't have in common. I'm absolutely hooked on this fic.

Out of the Darkness and Into the Sun by Spongyllama, anakin & luke & leia, 2.7k
    Luke is desperate to keep his father alive after Endor, but he's the only one who thinks Vader should be allowed to live.
    So, this fic made me cry a little, but I can't be mad because it was so absolutely good for me. It's a lovely look at both Luke and Leia's feelings towards Vader in a slight AU, where Vader survives for a short while longer, long enough to give them time to think a few things over. It strikes just the right notes, as Luke so desperately wants a second chance for the good that's in their father, that Leia can't stand to have this man still in the galaxy, she'll never forgive him, even as she can't help being drawn to him and Luke, and Anakin who... who finally has learned how to let go. And there's a brief moment with Obi-Wan's Force Ghost, just the one moment, but, goddamn, it made me cry then and got me to tear up again thinking about it/trying to describe it, because a) I have a lot of feelings about these characters and b) it was the conclusion of the arcs of these characters that I wanted. It's a short piece but it was perfect.

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