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Stress Relief by eyecandyianto, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 5.1k wip
    Anakin, dealing with his secret attraction to his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in the most obvious way, is under the impression that their shared apartment is empty. It is not.
    This is pretty much a fun excuse for porn, it helps to go into the fic knowing that the entire thing is about Anakin fingering and jerking himself off and using the Force to fuck himself while thinking of Obi-Wan, who accidentally happens on him and then can't stop thinking about fucking Anakin, because that's exactly what you're going to get here and I love when fic happily embraces what it wants to be. It's filthy and satisfying and super hot and provides a whole lot of very nice imagery and god bless the author because I needed some goddamned porn in this fandom and they provided exactly what I wanted. Bless.

It Felt Like Exploding by skvsolo, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.3k
    When Anakin kisses him for the first time, Obi-Wan feels as though a star's exploded in his chest.
    The formatting on this fic is off, I admit that I had to fix it before I could put it on my reader, but it was absolutely worth the effort because it's a lovely pwp fic that's both gentle and passionate. The way Obi-Wan clearly loves Anakin so much, this young man is so dear to him, that he takes his time and makes sure Anakin knows he's loved, even as Anakin just wants him to get a move on now, for this to be hard and fast, but Obi-Wan quiets him and gently opens him up so it doesn't hurt, banters with him in a soft way that all together manages to quiet Anakin down without losing that this is still a passionate encounter between them. My heart was warmed for the dynamic between them here, the connection and pull between them, the way Anakin wants to be filled up with all the affection and care Obi-Wan has, but it's also just very satisfying sex, the way Obi-Wan doesn't have to fuck into him hard in order to be intense. I will always be here for that.

Seed by bell (bellaboo), obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, fuck or die, 3.3k wip
    When Anakin falls prey to a lethal poison, Obi-Wan has no choice but use all his resources to heal him-- no matter how reluctant he is in administering the antidote.
    This fic is one that's after my own heart, because it's pretty much EAT JIZZ OR DIE, a tropey premise treated seriously enough to be really well-written, but also fully aware of what it's doing and happily embracing that it's idfic at the same time. That balance is not always easy to achieve, but it does so wonderfully here and I can't tell you how many times I made a :D :D :D face or just outright giggled because the fic knows when the situation is funny (well, for the reader) and Obi-Wan's sense of humor is spot on. I love the characterization in this fic, I love how Obi-Wan deals with all of it, it's such a difficult situation and yet there's depth of character, that he recognizes his attraction to Anakin, that's not the part that bothers him, but the way it comes out, the way this situation unfolds, that's what bothers him, and it's such a deliciously fraught with potential for terribleness and greatness situation that I ate the whole thing up with a spoon. Plus, blowjobs! So many blowjobs! And Anakin being sick! And having to blow Obi-Wan to feel better! AMAZING. Thank you for this treasure, god bless.

I broke my own heart to love you by CamilleDuDemon, obi-wan/anakin, mildly nsfw, ~1k
    Sex with Anakin Skywalker is anything but gentle.
    This is one of those short fics that I can't really explain why it works for me, even if it's rough around the edges and could use a bit of polishing, there's a heart to it (a bittersweet, angry heart) that works for me. It's the angry sex between them, that even when they love each other, in the middle of the war they're dragged into, nothing can be soft or nice with them anymore, and that gets to me.

Admire The Foliage by TheAngryAssassin (GetOutOFMyTreeNovice), obi-wan/anakin + anakin/tentacle plant, NSFW, 1.6k
    Anakin is left to his own devices on an unknown planet and naturally, he gets himself into trouble. Obi-Wan helps him out.
    I have needs in fandom and one of those needs is that I really, really wanted sex pollen fic where Anakin is blissed out of his mind while a plant fucks him and Obi-Wan finds him that way and you just really get the feeling that, weird as this is, it's probably not the weirdest thing Anakin's been caught up in. But also I just am intensely here for Anakin getting so thoroughly fucked that he calms down, that he doesn't care about anything else but this very moment, especially when the plant feels so good and then Obi-Wan joins in. It's a combination that hits my id dead on, where Anakin is content and sated from all of this + very thorough tentacle plant porn that knows exactly what it is and fully embraces it. Yes, give me all the plants writhing around and in Anakin while Obi-Wan fucks him at the same time, like, that is a thing I am always going to click on, especially when the fic knows exactly how to approach it.

Five Hundred by HandsAcrossTheSea, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 8.6k
    "My thoughts need to be on something else other than idle misuse of the Force.” “Misuse? You certainly didn’t say that on Nar Shadda when I-“ Obi-Wan stops him with a finger to the lips. “Do try to remember where we are – and there is a time and place for… misuse… and it’s not here.”
    Oh, the writing style of this fic was lovely, it was so easy to just absolutely sail through the story because it was so smooth, and I really enjoyed the Anakin characterization here a lot, where he's so brash and full of himself and ready to jump on Obi-Wan's dick pretty much any chance he can get, so demanding and greedy in that charming way that you can't help but fall in love with, you get why Obi-Wan lets him get away with so much, just by feeling the same way about Anakin. The sex was also really satisfying, first in the shower and then Anakin demanding that Obi-Wan fuck him in the doorway to the refresher and then lick him open again afterwards, like, yes, thank you, that ruined me for the night, but it was super appreciated. It's a happy fic without being fluffy, it was charming and very nicely written, this is one of those fics that came to me at just the right time and was just really, really good for me, god bless.

Nympho by TrashAYfanfiction, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, underage, 3.9k
    Anakin was fourteen when it started. Obiwan came home to a naked fourteen year old in his bed. "Master, please," He rolled over and batted his eyelashes, obviously knowing what he was doing. "Let me sleep with you,"
    A couple of caveats about this fic--the formatting is off (I had to edit the line breaks before putting it on my reader) and the punctuation is off, as well as this is a fic where you should go into it wanting exactly what you're going to get: Teenager Anakin being the whiniest, most demanding, bossy little shit who really, really wants Obi-Wan to fuck him and is going to keep throwing himself at his Master and being a little shit about it until he gets what he wants. And then porn. Super delightfully filthy porn where Anakin is just really, really into cock and wants all of it, to taste it, to touch it, to get it in him now now now. I read this during my shark week, so it was all the more satisfying for that, but also because bossy Anakin hits my id like you wouldn't believe. It's a fic you want to read for the porn when you're in the mood for it and it delivers exactly what I wanted, with a happily fucked out Anakin by the end of it, god bless.

You Became to Me by polgarawolf, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 10.5k for this part
    The more Obi-Wan moves, the more the pressure rises, building until Anakin’s body is thick with it, filled with it, a sensation both wonderful and terrible.
    I grabbed this piece up during my shark week because I needed some resolution after all the genfic I was reading and I do have a couple of caveats about it: It's part of a larger storyline, but I think you can read the first 3/4ths of the fic without any context, it's 7k words of sex and it stands alone solidly well! The other is that the writing style is not for everyone, it definitely needs more paragraph breaks and the style is much more flowering than I usually go for, but it's not hard to follow along in this chapter and it worked for the scene for me! Especially because, hell, let me tell you what this fic gave me: Starting out with Anakin riding the hell out of Obi-Wan's dick, but he can't quite lose himself enough to come, so Obi-Wan flips them over to fuck him properly and the story takes its time with all of this and then there's more shower sex and it was just super, super good for my id and my shark week.

It's seven thousand words of sex that's a blend between sweet and kind, where they're so connected through the Force, but also being very much "wow, I'm going to fuck him until he's boneless", which was pretty much exactly what I needed after so much heartbreak elsewhere. You gotta go in knowing what you're getting, I haven't yet read enough of the story around it, but sometimes a person just needs two idiots to get laid already and this gave me exactly what I was looking for, a very thorough fucking until Anakin was happy and sated and loved. My heart feels better and I was satisfied with the intensity of the porn, it was genuinely delightfully good for me, god bless.

Monks by universalgleam, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 2.1k
    In which Anakin is needy, Obi-Wan is sad, and happy endings don't exist.
    Oh, this was a lovely and bittersweet piece about Anakin being so desperately in love and Obi-Wan holding back because it's not right, just the right amount of angst between them to get at my fannish heart, mixed with the breaking of that tension. Anakin wanting so badly and Obi-Wan finally unable to resist when Anakin's an emotional mess all over the place and loves Obi-Wan just so much and it just really charmed and engaged me the entire way through. There's not much sex here, just a couple of lines, but they also provide lovely imagery, the intensity of it and how hard Obi-Wan fucks him, it's painful and full of love at the same time. My heart hurts but is also soothed, just what I needed today and I'm so glad for this fic.

Don't Apologize For Your Pleasure by KeeperofSeeds, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1.5k
    Anakin always comes too soon, but Obi Wan doesn't mind.
    Holy hell, this was ridiculously hot and both a straight shot to my id and really lovely writing/really satisfyingly good for me porn! Anakin comes just from Obi-Wan opening him up with three fingers, feels badly about it, and Obi-Wan doesn't mind because it's not a race for him, because he's charmed by Anakin being undone this way and I love that, it's perfect. But also! Also this fic has super greedy Anakin who wants more and more and more of Obi-Wan, wants to be thoroughly fucked by him and is practically starving for more of him, wants to be held down and filled up until there's nothing else in him, wants all of Obi-Wan's attention on him, that you can feel it's an extension of how desperately he wants Obi-Wan's love and physical touch/sex is further part of that, but also he is so greedy about it. So, I got my heart feeling better and super good for me porn, I am happy as all get out tonight. \:D/

Walking the Fine Line by cupiscent, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, bdsm, 9.4k
    Anakin gets captured, Obi-Wan rescues him, and the aftermath would be ridiculous if it weren't so troubling.
    Oh, man, speaking of fic that hit me hard, this one did a number on me as well, because I am entirely here for fic that explores how Anakin gets so very wound up and his head just has too much noise in it and he can't really think straight or control himself, that he would get so much out of having someone else set boundaries for him, to guide him with a firm hand and let all that noise clear out of his head, especially when said fic takes that up another couple of notches by having Anakin drugged and needing the release that someone else gives him. The fic does a beautiful job of showing the building and building tension, that this is painful for him as well as Obi-Wan who has to watch him go through it, that Obi-Wan doesn't want to abuse this situation, that he holds himself back with such strength because he's so terribly principled, yet still he wants Anakin, is still turned on by the way Anakin leans into his touch, the way Anakin so desperately wants Obi-Wan to hold him down and tell him what to do, the way his hands on Anakin's skin can push him into place.

Without the drug, they could both continue on their way, but with it, the tension eventually becomes too much and, oh, it didn't have to be long or terribly explicit, but the sex scene worked so well because Obi-Wan does hold him down and does make Anakin say the words, say what he truly wants here, that this allows Anakin to submit and let go in the way he needs, and it's so very good for me, both on an id level and on a "this was really well written and so good" level. It's everything a concept like this should be, it's feelings porn in all the best ways, along with characterization porn, and actual porn.

Fallen (chapter 14) by crazyundeadfairy, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 3.4k for this part
    As Obi-Wan drifted slowly back to consciousness he realized that Anakin was still asleep. He could hear the younger man's slow, steady breathing falling almost completely in time with the beating of his heart.
    I picked this piece up during my shark week because I needed some resolution after all the genfic/build up/pre-slash fic I was reading and it can stand alone as a ROTS AU fic where Anakin has come back to the Light and Obi-Wan is watching over him and they come together in a sweet, just a little desperate to hold onto each other sort of way. It's all about soft touches and the two of them practically being in their own world, that it's about the intimacy of it rather than filthy porn (though, both are always great), so that by the time Obi-Wan is sliding into Anakin, it's already about the way they've connected emotionally now mirroring the physical. It was soft and sweet and did my heart good, god bless.

Seed (chapter 2) by bell (bellaboo), obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, fuck or die, 3.4k for this part / 6.9k wip overall
    When Anakin falls prey to a lethal poison, Obi-Wan has no choice but use all his resources to heal him-- no matter how reluctant he is in administering the antidote.
    This is an update rec because I love this story ridiculous amounts and it continues to be a great balance of idfic concept with really well thought out characterization and just the right amount of humor, awkwardness, and sexual tension that's perfect for it. One of the things that's especially fantastic about this fic is the way it sets up the miscommunication, where it makes sense to me that they would have these misunderstandings, that I can read between the lines, but I understand why someone as intelligent as Obi-Wan wouldn't, because he's obviously bringing his own baggage to the situation and it's a really, really delicate one that he's working very hard not to take advantage of, because Obi-Wan's principles are pretty much undestroyable, even in this. But that doesn't mean he doesn't recognize his attraction to Anakin, that he enjoys seeing Anakin's mouth on his cock, that he recognizes that he wants to touch him and explore him, even as he also further recognizes that all of this can eventually be overcome, in the greater scheme of the galaxy and their lives. There's so much care being put into what Obi-Wan would be thinking in this situation that it just gets straight at my heart, along with the fuck or die that gets straight at my id.

w a l l s by alittleone, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, ~1k
    Anakin despised these walls they put between each other.
    A short pwp piece that I needed because I've been reading a lot of UST-laden or genfic lately and sometimes I just really need nothing but porn, especially if it's wall sex, which this fic happily provided me with. And I don't mind that it's quick and fast here, it fits with their busy lives and how they need to be quiet, even as Obi-Wan is wrapping Anakin's legs around him or opening him quickly up, god bless.

Division of Forces by crazyundeadfairy, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.3k for this part
    Anakin was the first to awaken. He laid next to Obi-Wan, quiet as he could manage, simply watching him sleep.
    Another time when I've been reading a lot of tension-laden fic and I just really needed some resolution and this provided that for me, where you definitely have to go in wanting something soft and fluffy and loving, as well as it's in the middle of the fic (but it's pretty easy to understand the context) but will give you just this side of such intense fucking that they're practically in mid-air because the Force is wrapping so strongly around them, as Anakin wraps himself around Obi-Wan who's holding him up as he pushes into Anakin. Sometimes I just want something nice after all the heartbreak I read, which isn't always going to be for everyone, but my heart needs sappy things sometimes and my heart definitely needs them to finally fuck, especially if it's Obi-Wan being gentle with Anakin, loving him just so much and Anakin pulling him closer and pulling him in, loving him just as much, and my heart will feel better now!

Knights and Lace by Vee017, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, crossdressing, 1.5k
    A bad cross-dressing experience, a dress that won't come off, and a Master who won't let him sulk about it.
    I love how much fun this fic clearly had with a cranky Anakin being stuck in a dress after a mission and it won't come off and he just wants to sulk about it but he's also really hot and Obi-Wan doesn't pay attention to his sulking and instead is pretty much, "Well, why waste a half-naked Anakin?" and then fucks him over a table while Anakin is half, HEY I WAS BEING MAD HERE and half FFS JUST GET IN ME RIGHT NOW while Obi-Wan takes his time, which is pretty much all I ever ask for from fic. It's charming and has really lovely sex, so I was entirely delighted by this fic!

What You Take With You by jedishampoo, obi-wan/anakin + palpatine, NSFW, 4.8k
    Palpatine tries something he thinks may separate Obi-Wan and Anakin. Anakin the Submissive. Sith ex machina plot.
    This is definitely a PWP, where Palpatine tries to drive a wedge between Obi-Wan and Anakin by giving Obi-Wan a Sith artefact that makes him darker and angrier, so he snaps at Anakin in a way he wouldn't normally and then shoves Anakin down and fucks him to take him apart. And it's fun just for the concept and satisfying sex alone (which was really, really good for me, especially when Obi-Wan shoves him over the couch and fucks into him properly), but I think my favorite part is how Anakin reacts to this change, that he's confused but not in a bad way, not really, that some part of him really, really responds to the way Obi-Wan treats him here. That the jealousy and anger he usually gets all worked up over seem to just kind of fade away under how desperately he wants Obi-Wan's approval and how much Anakin responds to this, that's just so Anakin and made the sex all the hotter for it.

Within Limits by sacrilegist, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 22k
    Anakin’s fustration grows as he and Obi-Wan’s tour on the Outer Rim goes on with no end in sight.
    I initially hesitated over this fic because it was described as being unfinished, but eventually curiosity won out and I'm glad I did, because even if it's true that it's unfinished and you can tell that, it ends at a point where it's satisfying and works well enough as a finish, in addition to that there's sexytimes resolution. But most of what I really loved about this fic is what a goddamned brat Anakin Skywalker is, that he doesn't really know what he wants, he just does whatever and gets in trouble for it, that Obi-Wan tries really, really hard to foster Anakin's independence and respect him as an adult, but sometimes he just has to come down on that brat when he acts out too much and Anakin just so naturally falls into line when Obi-Wan does that, when there's some part of Anakin that will always follow Obi-Wan. But it's also the delightful banter, it's the care given to both characters and the undercurrent of what it is between them and why it's never crossed the line before this, and just how charming Anakin can be at times and how irritating he can be practically at the same time, how Obi-Wan maintains the boundaries that are so necessary for someone like Anakin, even as he decides to fall into this relationship with Anakin, he's not bulldozed over even by the full force of Anakin's personality.

I loved so many little moments in the fic, the genuinely funny dialogue, but also when one of them needles the other into resting or when Anakin practically starts metaphorically tugging at Obi-Wan's sleeve to get his attention or when he looks like a drowned cat when he's sorry about having stepped over the line (because he doesn't know what he wants, he just can't leave it alone, though, not when the pull towards Obi-Wan is so strong) and even Obi-Wan can't stay angry at him when he's so genuinely sorry. Or when there's finally resolution to the tension between them, when they banter even during sex, when Anakin has all this presence and yet Obi-Wan can still shove him face down onto the sleeping bag and jerk him off, that they complement each other so well, Anakin's raw power and Obi-Wan's sharp precision, it was just a very fun read for me!

untitled by bedlamsbard, obi-wan/anakin, 2.9k
    Obi-Wan and Anakin end up back in the Jedi Temple (Padme goes back to 500 Republica, probably to fret), where Anakin is promptly swept off to the Halls of Healing.
    While this is an offshoot of a much larger AU, you don't really need to have read it before reading this one, all you need to know is that they're back from world-hopping and they know a lot about their futures and have Been Through Some Shit. Because what this is about is a moment between Obi-Wan and Anakin, an intimate scene in the sense that there may be a larger world going on here but it's distant right now and so their focus is on each other. And, oh, there's such a lovely undercurrent of tension here, that so many revelations and feelings have been brought up to the surface, so much has happened that they're still trying to deal with, and they fall back into their usual pattern of banter until the dam breaks and they're just so desperately glad to have each other back, to have found each other again. All of that just gets me right in the feelings place, but then. Obi-Wan loves Anakin so much and it drives him to kiss Anakin, who will let Obi-Wan do whatever he wants to Anakin, it's been that way for awhile, and that's the breaking point, where Obi-Wan shoves him down and kisses him hard and bruising and it's so spot on after everything they've been through. This didn't have to be long to have given me so many feelings and to be so very good to read.

Compromise by babel, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 1.3k
    Obi-Wan finds it difficult to adjust to Anakin when he is no longer his Padawan.
    Oh, I really enjoyed this one, I love when Anakin is such a brat, he's so sullen and petulant, yet you can feel how much Obi-Wan loves him even as this really isn't going to lead anywhere good. And I loved the undercurrent here, the way Anakin is so desperate for Obi-Wan's affections, to hold onto what's between them, that he makes a promise to let go (if he can just hold on for awhile longer, if he can just have this for a little while) that there's no way he can keep. I love how bittersweet and painful this is, that there's such love here, and yet you can feel all of it cracking and groaning, that there's no way this can not break eventually.

That I Never Had by illstarred, obi-wan/anakin, mildly nsfw, teenager!anakin, 2.7k
    Anakin tries to get Obi-Wan’s attention, but he’s going about it the wrong way.
    This is a fic that does a lovely job with those difficult teenage years, when Anakin is sullen and lashing out, when Obi-Wan just doesn't know what to do with him, when it's the usual growing into an adult process mixed with a relationship that's evolving into something more than it was, that it's this uphill struggle with everything until it finally breaks. Which it does because Anakin is a stupid teenager who gets himself into trouble and Obi-Wan has to haul him out of it and Anakin is just so emotionally delicate sometimes, he's so easily hurt and difficult to deal with, and yet Obi-Wan cares about him so much, eventually holding him down and kissing him thoroughly, and yet... there are still boundaries, Anakin isn't sixteen yet, it's just... it's messy and bittersweet and painful and hopeful and there's such a strong undercurrent beneath everything and that's what I want to read over and over, even when it hurts my heart.

Ten years by epigram, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 2.8k
    A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away, Obi-Wan refused to train Anakin.
    Oh, I really liked this fic! It was an interesting concept (Obi-Wan didn't immediately train Anakin after Qui-Gon's death, but regrets it and spends the next ten years searching for him, until they finally find each other again) and I loved letting my imagination wonder about what all would be so different in a universe where Palpatine snatched Anakin up and wondering just what he did to Anakin to change him so completely and take away his memories, even as this is really just a few scenes in a larger scenario. But also what I really loved is that apparently the way to bring Anakin back to the Jedi, to break him free from staying with Palpatine is to blow him and gently open him up with two fingers, like, yes, some things will always be true. And I loved the sense of connection here, that even in a universe where they barely spent any time together, there's a connection between them, there's always something that draws them together, give me that always.

My Master by lauramariadavis, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1.8k
    Anakin comes back from a meeting with the Chancellor with a superiority complex. Obi-Wan reminds him who is in charge.
    Things that I am always going to be into: Anakin being an emotional mess, Anakin being really full of himself and obnoxiously arrogant, and Obi-Wan deciding enough is enough and that Anakin needs a firm hand and to take down that ego of his. And this fic is just entirely about Anakin lashing out, that Obi-Wan will only put up with that for so long before he snaps, and how much Anakin absolutely responds to that, to Obi-Wan reminding him that he's Anakin's Master, that Anakin will respect him, that Anakin's tantrums will have consequences, which is something he desperately needs. It's a pwp fic and there are more epithets than I'd have preferred, but the heart of what I'm here for (Anakin pitching a fit and getting shoved face down and fucked very thoroughly, but also with absolute love, there's never any question that he's not entirely cherished) and so I loved this fic very dearly. Also, I may have a kink for this, apparently!

Downfall by elceri, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 2.8k
    He knows he should say no, but he doesn't. Yet, he doesn't say yes either. And he can't admit why. Set prior to Revenge of the Sith.
    Oh, I really liked this fic, it balances both the genuine love between these characters and the painful circumstances of their lives and their relationship, that they love each other and have such intense feelings for each other, but that pulls them in such dangerous directions. I love that it's a pwp, where Anakin is waiting in bed for Obi-Wan to return, naked and eager, that Obi-Wan... there's a line that really struck me: Moments like this weren't supposed to be cherished, either. They were to be lived in and let go. That their relationship isn't wrong, but instead that they linger too much in each others' hearts, that Anakin needs to be on his hands and knees to face away while Obi-Wan fucks into him, because otherwise they drown in each other, but Anakin still looks back at him and still demands more and it's perfect for me, it was satisfying sex, with Anakin being greedy and impatient and wanting Obi-Wan in him now, with Obi-Wan caring so much about Anakin and yet trying to maintain those boundaries he thinks they need, and it's both good for my heart and heartbreaking at the same time, just as Star Wars fic should be. But also honestly Anakin pushing back against Obi-Wan's thrusts because he wants more more more while Obi-Wan teaches him patience, that is my goddamned jam.

Bonds by Rocket_Sith, obi-wan/anakin, 2.4k
    Written for the Star Wars Kink Meme prompt: "Anakin and Obi-Wan. Bondage scene where the main point is emotional connection instead of just getting off on kinky sex. (Of course it's fine if they're getting off on kinky sex too.)"
    Oh, I really enjoyed this fic a lot, both for the implications of sexytimes with some kink, but also because it's such a delightful way to write Obi-Wan and Anakin in a relationship, that it's fun and put a smile on my face, both for the image of Obi-Wan cuffing Anakin to the bed and fucking him into pliancy, but also just because they banter even then and I love that! But the heart of the fic, the point that's being made here, is great and something I love the idea of, that Obi-Wan forces Anakin into just being still for awhile, keeps him held down for awhile and quieting him, throwing an arm over him and spooning up behind him, staying with him, but also getting him to settle down. Banter is the light of my life, but putting it together with a well fucked Anakin and obvious care and love, as well as a point to all of it--yes, give me that for always.

Indulgence by Shenanakins, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, daddy kink, 1.2k wip
    Obi-Wan was right. He wanted to be cared for, loved, wanted the safety and security of strong arms around him, claiming him as his. He also wanted to be called a bad little boy and pounded into the mattress until he cried. Two birds with one stone.
    I... did not know that I needed daddykink fic in my Star Wars reading, but apparently I do. I think it's because it works with Anakin's character, who isn't really looking for a father figure precisely, but that one of the themes of his character is that he really wants someone to follow, someone to guide him, someone to love him and care for him, because he's such an emotional mess and when he tries to do it himself, he implodes spectacularly. But also that, yeah, he would totally get off on being fucked into the mattress hard and, look, Obi-Wan has spent his whole life being what Anakin needs, no reason he wouldn't be this for Anakin, too. And I do like that Obi-Wan is sort of middle of the road here, he's not saying he likes it or dislikes it, he's considering it, that he loves Anakin and maybe there's something to indulging Anakin in this. That and the brief moments of sex here, yes, thank you, I apparently needed this in my life.

Infinite by Ripki, obi-wan/anakin, 3.4k/10.5k overall
    Knight Terr has been tasked to bring the famous Team back to Coruscant. What she finds is certainly not what she expected.
    Chapter Four + Nine + Ten: This is an update rec, but because the latest two were sequels to a previous chapter, I'm going to rec them together here. This series is titled Feral and the tone of these three chapters definitely fits that, the way they're still recognizably themselves, they're still gentle with each other at all the right moments, but there's a sharpened edge to them because of their time on the battlefield, because of the wounds they've each been dealt, because of the intensity of the connection between them means that they won't let anyone get between them. I love that even when Obi-Wan is polite and in The Negotiator mode, you still feel that wild edge to him, that rough and feral quality that you can't understand unless you've been through the war like he and Anakin have, and it's just really, really good and really, really interesting to read!

untitled by darthrevaan, obi-wan/anakin, 1k
    PROMPT: Anonymous asked: If you're still doing the sentence prompts then either “The skirt is short on purpose.” oooor “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” with OBIKIN!(because there are far too few fics where Anakin wears a dress I'm sorry I've been on a kick lately and I couldn't resist the opportunity. Sorry?)
    This was short but absolutely adorable, one of those fics that could have been cracky and yet somehow wasn't! Obi-Wan and Anakin looking after Padme's nieces is really cute, but the best part is how Anakin just totally rolls with being in a skirt and being dressed up to marry Obi-Wan, like half "well, I'm sure this is just another day for him" and half "Anakin is 100% ready to go for kidlets", that it's this really fun, light-hearted thing that has sudden, oh shit ATTRACTION between them. I'm doing a terrible job of this rec, but I really liked this one a lot, it was just the right tone for everything, including the Obi-Wan/Anakin undercurrents of it!

Ventress Likes to Play with Fire by ilyena_sylph, Merfilly, obi-wan/anakin + anakin/padme, NSFW, fuck or die, 15.1k
    Ventress had a prize in mind. Anakin, however, strenuously objects.
    This is one of those pure iddy wants that I enjoyed because I fucking love fuck or die scenarios that push the characters into relationships, this was fun for me just because I love the trope so damn much and because I wanted something relatively happy to read today! Obi-Wan getting hit with a poison that means he'll die if he doesn't have sex, so Anakin decides to take one for the team but also because he's wanted to for ages, and you know exactly where it's going and god bless it for that. So when Obi-Wan is finally pushing into him and Anakin is finally getting what he wants, all the more so because Obi-Wan's shields are down and Anakin can feel how much he's loved and how much Obi-Wan wants him, how much Obi-Wan sees Anakin as his, that is what I was here for. There's more to the fic, of course, that's only a small part of it, but I know what I'm here for and that and the greatly appreciated sex were my jam. But also! I did appreciate that Anakin's relationship with Padme is important, that it's just as valid and relevant to him, so there was a good chunk of time spent on them as well, which is always my favorite, because I swear it takes two of them to handle that brat.

Bruise by lovelykenobi, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, dom/sub, 3.6k
    Anakin decides to play a game at an important political dinner. At the end of the night, his two lovers get back at him with some good old fashioned punishment.
    While the fic is admittedly rough around the edges, I was here for porn where Anakin is a bratty sub who is eager to be punished for acting up earlier in the evening, while Obi-Wan and Padme tag team him to do it. Which is exactly what I got and bless this fic for it! It's also nicely solid with the OT3, that they work well together, all three of them, which I always appreciate! But, yeah, I was here for Anakin being tied down, teased into a mess, and then very thoroughly fucked when he's finally untied and can ride Obi-Wan's dick while Padme curls up against him and strokes him to completion. The fic takes its time with the build-up and the sex, so it was satisfying for exactly what I was after here!

What You Seek by imadra-blue, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1.9k
    Anakin Skywalker knows what he wants. What he doesn't know is that the man who has him shoved against the wall knows, too.
    I apparently really have a thing for Anakin wanting to be fucked by a nameless stranger, that he thinks going to a special place for that is the only way to get what he really wants, but it turns out that Obi-Wan knows it and it all ends exactly how you think it'll end. I am always here for Anakin wanting Obi-Wan, but not able to express it, so he takes another track, but also oh man the sex was really satisfying, just the right amount of rough and hard, as Obi-Wan shoves him up against a wall and fucks into him hard, Anakin wrapped around him and enjoying this, that it's about what he wants exactly like this. Wall sex, rough sex, and Anakin getting pleasantly fucked out, and then surprise reveals about who they really are, yes, thank you!

Crack Open by Salmon_Pink, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, pegging, ~1k
    Anakin's body arches between them. For tonight, at least, Padme and Obi-Wan will replace his pain with their lust.
    After reading the previous fic that got me into shipping this as an OT3, well, I could hardly resist porn where Anakin was between Obi-Wan and Padme, could I? The way they fuck him into a wiped out state, so that he's pleasantly exhausted and not thinking about or working himself up over anything for awhile, so that they can then treat him gently for a few moments, all with some really good porn? Yes, that's exactly what I want. Put Anakin in the middle of them and soothe down some of those issues he has by fucking some peace and quiet into his head for a little while.

Fever Mate by generale_kenobi - part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, fuck-or-die, soul bond, 14.7k
    Het! Anakin helps Het! Obi-Wan during a moment of need, but it leads to unexpected complications.
    You don't even know how badly I have been wanting Fuck Or Die fic for this fandom and having Obi-Wan basically going into rut every so often because of his biology, when accidentally trapped with only Anakin, it nudges them into a relationship that they wouldn't have otherwise developed. This fic is pretty much everything my id wanted--from the frantic Fuck Or Die fic that Anakin realizes, oh, maybe he sorta kinda likes it when Obi-Wan fucks him, to the inclusion of Padme and that Anakin genuine loves her and enjoys sex with her, to the soul-bound that makes everyone's lives difficult, to the way the fic balanced the three of them together. I picked this one up for the porn (which was very satisfying as well!) but I think I stayed around just as much for all the tropes the fic threw in and knew how to write with such enthusiasm for them that it made my heart just happy to read it. I love how this fic is pretty much everything I ever wanted, like if you looked into my soul, this is pretty much what you'd find, because it has such a delightful charm to everything about it. Also, Obi-Wan/Anakin and Anakin/Padme and Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme porn. This is my treasure now.

locked up tighter by sinosei, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1.4k
    For all that Anakin was the Chosen One, it was easy enough to wrestle him face-down into the bedspread.
    Another straight shot to my id, because I love it when Anakin is such a brat sometimes that Obi-Wan really enjoys just wrestling him down and fucking him, all while Anakin keeps struggling because he can't not and because it makes it all the more satisfying when Obi-Wan finally has him pinned down and is pushing into him. The sex is super satisfying, both for intensity and tone, but it's also the dynamic between them that I love here. It's pwp but exactly what I'm looking for, because there are just times when Anakin really needs to just be held down and fucked until he's not such a mess anymore. And bless this fic for giving that to me.

This Makes You Mine by temple_mistress, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 3.5k
    Anakin needs help remembering a lesson, and Obi-Wan is more than willing to teach.
    I will always be here for Anakin being a brat and turning that up another notch to get Obi-Wan to put him back in his place. That he really is an insolent little shit, unable to stop mouthing off, to banter even as he knows it will (and wants it to) bring Obi-Wan down harder on him, riding Obi-Wan's lap until he's finally so thoroughly fucked that he can't really think anymore. It's just the right mix of love and a heavy hand that Anakin so desperately craves and that I enjoy in fic, combined with very satisfying porn, to make this a delight to read. So very, very good for me.

On the Eve of Tomorrow by cupiscent, obi-wan/anakin, mildly nsfw, 2.1k
    On the one night that rules don't apply, Anakin still has to break some.
    Oh, I am so weak to fic where Anakin is this giant ball of want and complicated feelings and impulses, while Obi-Wan loves him and wants him but is so much more reserved, until Anakin just being Anakin snaps his patience and Obi-Wan reaches out for him. It's a balance between how Obi-Wan absolutely does not give his emotions free rein like Anakin does, yet those feelings are absolutely there, that Obi-Wan is human in those moments when he cannot resist Anakin, that he lets go and just lives in the moment just for this one moment, it's a balance of how Anakin clearly wants him so very much and Obi-Wan wants him just as much. It doesn't even need to be terribly explicit porn, just Obi-Wan pushing Anakin down and just the right amount of an undercurrent of possessiveness of his soon to be former Padawan, how he will always know exactly how to handle Anakin. It's fairly light and yet it's so satisfying and hot because it's so easy to see and is exactly what I want from these characters and the look at Obi-Wan's character, the way he's sure even in this moment he sees as a lack of control, the way he... I keep thinking of the people Obi-Wan loves, how deeply settled this character is in who he is, that he can be so strongly moral, yet it never conflicts with what he would do for and to those he loves. When he finally does go for something, even if he turns back later, Obi-Wan does so with everything he has, yes.

The Greatest Jedi in the Temple by Wyndmir, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 3.4k
    Anakin's confidence is taken down a notch or two by his master.
    Do you know what else I am always, always here for? Arrogant Anakin thinking he's the greatest and Obi-Wan losing his patience (though, in a kind way, really) and shoving Anakin face down onto the bed and fucking him, which, you know, I'd have thought that was against Obi-Wan's character, but it's done with such care and affection that I was delighted by it! It does take Anakin down a couple of notches, but in a way that still leaves him feeling loved and cared for, that Obi-Wan is patient with him and proud of him, so I get both my warm fuzzy feelings and satisfying porn! \o/ Because I really am all for shoving that brat down and fucking him into a better emotional state.

The Wakeup Call by temple_mistress, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1.8k
    Anakin has an early meeting with Mace. Obi-Wan is his wakeup call.
    I was in rather desperate need of something fluffier and porny, something happy and playful, so fic where Anakin is a brat about not waking up, so Obi-Wan tries a different method, that was just what I wanted. It's an entirely happy piece, as Obi-Wan slowly slides into him and loves him and teasese him in all the ways I was looking for. Ahh, I'm much more content again.

Room 0017 by generale-kenobi part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 11.1k
    Room 0017 is a special place inside the Jedi Temple. Anakin has been given access to it upon his knighting. Now, three years later, he is going to visit it for the first time....
    This is one of those fics from nearly ten years ago that you expect to be a certain kind of writing, that it's basically an anonymous sex room in the Jedi Temple and I went in with a lot of wariness, but I felt like the author pulled it off far better than I ever expected! The fic is wholly readable and idk I didn't think it was completely against the Jedi way to have a place to take care of physical urges if you wanted them, without forming attachements to each other, and the fic knew exactly how to embrace the trope that it was writing. It was all about Anakin having no idea who his partner was, falling in love with them (because Anakin can't help himself when it comes to feelings) and just generally being really kind of a charming fic that was super easy to read! You probably have to like the pairing and like the trope to really get into the fic, but I love both and so this was an absolute delight for me to find and entirely charming and satisfying!

Colliding by universalgleam, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 1.1k
    Obi-Wan holds him closer and revels in the fact that even amidst war, a galaxy in pain, they have the good fortune to be together – the fact that they are here, now.
    This was a short but lovely piece that touched on a lot of tropes that I really love--Anakin continuing to call Obi-Wan "Master" because he likes that feeling of connection/belonging, that Obi-Wan can be both reserved and passionate at the same time, that his feelings for Anakin are never ones that lead to the Dark Side, that Anakin is both bright in mood and desperately needy for Obi-Wan. All of this wrapped up in lovely porn that's just as much about the feelings between them as it is about the physical act, that it shows Obi-Wan loves as a man not just as a Jedi, which is important to his character. But also the way it balances both the passionate as Obi-Wan fucks into him and takes Anakin apart with the person who loves that brat so much that it's still about showing Anakin how much he's loved. I am 100% here for Obi-Wan fucking some love and security into Anakin, always.

Praise by ashdeniesreality, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 1.6k
    This was probably the most patient he’d ever been, he realized. Patience didn’t come naturally to him – as Obi-Wan was always keen to remind him – but tonight, he felt he had something worth waiting for.
    I am 100% here for Obi-Wan and Padme tag-teaming Anakin, who enjoys being taken in hand by the two of them, that it takes them both to emotionally support him because he's just the needy. Padme praising him while she directs him to go down on her, Obi-Wan holding him in place while fucking into him, the two of them surrounding him and loving him and fucking him into pliancy so that he's boneless by the end of it. Yes. Yes, I am here for that.

I Promise by Ani2320, obi-wan/anakin, 3.4k
    Anakin and ObiWan make a promise to each other at different points in their lives.
    A series of promises across Obi-Wan and Anakin's lives, which was just the exact sort of fluffy angst that I was looking for, complete with a reunion in the Force at the end. It's one of those fics that gets right straight at my feelings because I'm so invested in this ship and scratches that itch I have for them and was a very nice read tonight.

Something for the Weekend by calmer_sky, obi-wan/anakin + obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 4.1k
    Anakin slouches against the counter, arms folded across his chest, watching as Obi-Wan gulps down the remainder of his wine and bangs the glass down on the coffee table. "Okay. I get it. You’re annoyed." Obi-Wan doesn’t look up. "How astute of you."
    Oh, I picked this one up for the light-hearted porn, but wound up loving it just as much for how it got the characters there. I love Obi-Wan being annoyed at Anakin for eating his snack, I love that Obi-Wan makes a point about Anakin being a brat by walking away with Padme and leaving Anakin on the other side of the shut door, I love that Anakin tries to not to be a jealous brat, but he absolutely is, he has a rising fury about how they're being stolen away from him and how it's supposed to be about him and it's just. It was done with enough deliberateness and charm that I was entirely onboard because, yes, the three of them will never be truly balanced, it is about Anakin at the center and I do think he would be angry about it and of course that's what Obi-Wan and Padme are using against him.

While this is set in an OT3 universe, the fic is about Obi-Wan/Anakin, how Anakin is calmed down once the attention is back on him (and it always was on him) and it's lovely, light-hearted sex where Anakin is a brat and Obi-Wan pins him to the bed and fucks him and Anakin desperately wants Obi-Wan in him now now now and that's what I'm here for! Even if it doesn't quite happen until they get in the bath later and then Anakin happily slides down onto Obi-Wan's dick, finally getting what he wants and being happy in that moment as Obi-Wan fucks him and hits just the right spot and clearly loves him endlessly. That, too, is exactly what I'm here for and will take another dozen fics just like it! Especially if they come with the perfect scene afterwards, where Anakin realizes a few things and is just... content and happy and well fucked. It's not serious, it's just... soul-soothing for me.

Flip by Snootiegirl, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 22.7k
    After the Republic wins the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin are faced with an uncertain future. Change can be unsettling for everyone.
    This is one of those fics I'm going to have a difficult time describing, I fear. It's partly that I enjoyed this because it was almost sort of fluffy, I never doubted that things were going to work out even when things were angsty and the characters were pining, the conflict is entirely about whether or not they can communicate that they feel the same way, as well as about Anakin trying to adjust to the war being over, while Obi-Wan's way ahead of him on that and has realized what he wants. It's one of those fics that hit me with what I wanted out of it--a post-war fic where they take their time getting together because there just needs to be an adjustment period, where Anakin is kind of a total mess, where I trust that things will work out because that's the kind of fic this is (including a happy, fluffy family by the end, yes, good) and the bonus of a nicely satisfying sex scene! Like, it just hit the tropes I wanted and so I read the whole thing in one sitting pretty much and was just that much more satisfied with fandom afterwards!

I admit, there are a couple of moments that made me blink a bit, but I was able to roll with them because I could see where the author was coming from (Anakin is a mess) or they hit my id. Like with the sex scene, it's rougher than I expected from such an otherwise semi-fluffy fic, where Obi-Wan is harsh and almost cruel with Anakin after he's messed up... until you realize, oh, it's what they're playing at and then I was entirely onboard because, yes, Anakin would totally be turned on by Obi-Wan being dark and domineering with him, fixing his full attention on Anakin and demanding that he do better (and that Anakin is able to do so), how they catch each others' eyes with an understood shine of humor or love, but then Obi-Wan is back to being distant and harsh, so that Anakin begs him to please just fuck him already, until Obi-Wan finally pushes into him and thoroughly fucks him. Like, that is my jam, I am here for Anakin being sated through having 100% of Obi-Wan's attention and being able to just let go and getting what he really wants from it. I want that always.

There's a bonus softer sex scene, where it's more openly warm-hearted and happy, where Obi-Wan opens him gently up with his fingers first, then slides slowly in, and it's just... look, sometimes I want rough sex, then sometimes I want softer sex, and this fic gave me both. It gave me pining, it gave me Anakin being a mess, it gave me the interesting scenario of Anakin being the one to try to sort out his romantic or not feelings, it gave me resolution, and it was a solid length long! That's exactly what I was hoping to get out of this one--you'll probably need to be in the same mood as I was to enjoy it (just as sometimes I'm not in the mood for heartbreaking fics, no matter how good they are), but if you are, then you'll enjoy this one.

Five Days of Obikin by Qinderella, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 8.4k
    A collection of five short Obikin drabbles
    These are five different stories of Obi-Wan/Anakin and they were fun and interesting to read, whether fluffy or angsty, just... I've been reading so much gen fic lately, it was nice to get back into something with them as a pairing! And I liked that it was different moments and different situations, it's always nice to have a solidly sized collection to just immerse yourself in and this fic totally did that for me! I can't lie, though, the first one was my favorite, with being a bit more light-hearted, that it's their first time together, it's Anakin's first time at all, that it's comforting and soothing to my soul, that Anakin happily wraps his legs around Obi-Wan, that there's this heart-warming line I loved: It didn't last long, though Obi-Wan felt like he'd been in between Anakin’s legs since the birth of the galaxy and thought he was seeing the end of it behind his eyelids when he spilled inside of him. That's it, that's what I want. Obi-Wan being almost gentle with how he pushes in and takes his time there, that he loves this person, and Anakin gets to be wrapped up and filled up with warm and care and love. That's what I'll always come back for.

All the times I said I love you (and that one time you said it back) by faeliality, obi-wan/anakin, 1.2k
    What the title implies in snapshots throughout their lives together. Also for the sake of space and the fact that this is Obikin, let's pretend Mustafar never happens and Padme doesn't exist.
    This was super fluffy, but it was what I needed after all the heartbreak I've been reading lately. A series of scenes across the Obi-Wan/Anakin relationship, where Anakin blurts out that he loves Obi-Wan, sometimes deliberately, sometimes by accident, all set in different scenes and with different context, but always said genuinely. And I love that, as the scenes go on, you can feel the dynamic getting brighter and warmer, that there's something stabilizing in being able to say it, until they're finally together and happy and the galaxy is different. It's super warm-hearted and fluffy, but that's exactly what I wanted from this fic!

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