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Blue by sparklight, luke & leia, 1.6k
    Luke seeing a substantial (if still small) amount of water in a single spot for the first time.
    Another short but lovely fic on Luke and Leia getting to know each other in a sibling sort of way, shown through the lens of Luke seeing water that's just there, to be used however and not owned by anyone, which says so much about how he grew up. Leia watching him and the quiet bond that's between them, it's a very satisfying read.

Weathering the Calm After the Storm by Amilyn, luke & leia, 4.3k
    Leia has had a busy 24 hours: the Rebellion has won the war, she's been injured, she's found out she has a brother, and she's learned Darth Vader (who tortured her more than once) is her father. She has a lot to sort out, and needs time alone, time to grieve all the losses of the war, and time to talk to her best friend and brother.
    Another fic about Luke and Leia getting to know each other as siblings, set through Leia's POV and her issues, which might be my favorite yet. It balances so many things that I love about her character, how angry she is at the galaxy and at Vader in particular, how she does not accept him, but also how she loves Luke, how they can be so different and yet two parts of the same whole, even as she stands perfectly well on her own. The little moments of her relationship with Han, the background of how Alderaan is still this giant missing thing in her heart, how she's finally getting a little room to grieve and mourn here, the bits of worldbuilding/culture woven into how she interacts with Luke, it's all beautiful and perfect for her character.

Dreams by mosymoseys, bail & leia, 1k
    Six-year-old Leia knows things she shouldn’t and it’s making Bail nervous. Not actually quite as light-hearted as that description made it sound.
    A lovely look at a young Leia who is so strong in the Force and not even aware of it, bittersweet in all the right places and precious in all the others. My heart especially broke for the person she didn't even really know she was missing but is just entirely gone from her and, oh, baby twins missing each other, what a shot right straight to my heart. It's a really lovely look at Leia growing up through Bail's eyes, knowing more than he can tell her and yet how deeply he loves her.

Elegy by ThreadSketch, luke & leia, 4.2k
    Newfound twins coming to terms with the events of the Battle of Endor.
    This is a lovely look at Luke and Leia's characters after the Battle of Endor, as they start to get to know each other as siblings. After Vader's funeral pyre, it's not like Leia suddenly forgives or accepts him, but she focuses instead on Luke, the connection there between them and it's not perfect or easy, but they definitely fit together, and there's such a lovely bittersweet quality to everything here, which is perfect for these two at this point.

Hidden Things by crowleyshouseplant, leia & maz & ahsoka, 3.4k
    Leia finds Luke's lightsaber that he lost and brings it to Maz Kanata
    This was a really lovely look at how Luke's lightsaber came to be in Maz's hands after ROTJ/before TFA, I love how it's about Leia's connection to the Force, how it's not the same as it is for Luke but it's no less strong and important, I love how this was about connecting the dots of the plot, but also about Leia herself. I loved that it wasn't about pushing her into something that she wasn't, she's not a Jedi, she doesn't want to be, it's not about suddenly making her a Skywalker in a way that she's not, but still showing how she's connected to all of this. The meetings with Maz and Ahsoka were absolutely perfect as well, this was just such a great read all the way around.

blood that binds us by nspx, leia & bail & ahsoka & anakin & luke & han, 5.5k
    5k oneshot of Leia and her family in five glimpses.
    A look at Leia's life and it fits together with canon really well (it's pre-TFA, so there's a mention of her having twins, but otherwise it fits into canon pretty well) and I love fic that gets into her background, what brought her to the point we see her in the movies, how her family is such an important part of who she is. The parents that raised her, her birth family, the adopted family, the future family, the way she struggles with who she is and who she's going to be and all that fire inside her, all that tremendous passion and anger and yet so much love and light. I really love her character and this fic got into that nicely for me.

Where Your Loyalties Lie by cadesama, luke/mara, 2.2k
    Mara is tasked with taking the Imperial Prince on an important mission.
    While I would have loved more context from this AU, where Luke is the Imperial Prince after Vader takes over the Empire and just how Luke got wrapped up in all of this, it's also just a really lovely look at Luke and Mara's dynamic, how furious and mistrusting she is, how Luke is so much calmer and kinder, but not without a bit of a bite, but not in a mean way, and they just fit together so very well. It's a snippet from a larger AU but you don't need more because it's about this moment of them being forced to work together and the tension that resonates between them that's so, so delicious to read.

All the Right Reasons by bethagain, han/leia & luke & kylo ren, 10k
    Scenes from life with Luke, Han, Leia, and Ben--from babyhood to the day he left for Jedi School.
    Oh, there's a line in this fic that just put everything into context for me, when Luke mentions Obi-Wan and it sheds such light on his own motivations, that if I hadn't already been enjoying this fic, I would have fallen in love right on the spot. That one moment was my favorite, but I enjoyed the entire fic, it's a really solid, strong look at the early days of Ben's life and how he grew up with such legendary parents and uncle, how they loved him so much, how they did so much for him, how they weren't perfect, how they fought and how they were busy, yet no one was wholly in the wrong here, it was about strong personalities and how they can affect people. I love love love this fic for being unrelentingly sympathetic to everyone here, how I understand how difficult Ben's life is and yet there's not a single inch given on how wonderful Han, Leia, and Luke are as people. I loved all the details, I loved that this was from Leia's POV, I loved the bits we got of Ben and Luke's relationship, I loved the friendship between Han and Luke, I loved the Han/Leia dynamic, I loved everything about this fic, I feel like yes FINALLY this is the Ben's childhood fic of my heart.

the last princess of alderaan by songstress, han/leia & luke, 5.4k
    Leia always considers herself a citizen of the galaxy. She never knows how Alderaanian she is, until Alderaan is gone.
    Another lovely fic that looks at Leia's life and her motivations, that it's about the greater events of SW as seen through her eyes. From her childhood on Alderaan to her time as a Rebel to starting the New Republic, her relationship with Han and her relationship with Leia and her relationship with Ben, all of it is really beautifully done and I like the author's take on how Ben came about, which I wouldn't have thought would work, but I really loved how it happened here. It really is a nicely complete look at her character, the fic has several little moments woven into everything, the way there are so many memories of her childhood with Bail and Breha, how they continue to be influential in her life, just as much as the people who come into it later, how she never really deals with Vader being her biological father, how she deliberately sets it aside, how her relationship with Luke is possibly the easiest thing in her life and that really says something. It was a lovely read all the way around.

Song for a fifth child by Deputychairman, leia & han/leia & poe + references to pairings, 5.9k
    The Force isn't the only kind of power
    This is a lovely look at Leia's character around the time of TFA, both before and after the events of it, the lead-up to everything that happens in the movie and the aftermath, how Leia's life keeps moving on and how she picks up the pieces and how she got here. It's understated at times, told in small moments, with so many undercurrents going on that you can just feel, and ultimately it's both painful and hopeful, this is a bittersweet fic, just as Star Wars is at its best. It also does a fantastic job of showing the true devastation that a Dark Side of the Force user can leave behind, that it can get under the skin and haunt a person, which is such a painful thing for Leia especially to see, and how she can only do so much about it, how she feels about it. So, so bittersweet in just the way it should be.

Every Thread That Binds by Thistlerose, leia & poe + background pairings, 1.8k
    He's not her son. She doesn't get to claim him just because he lost his mother and she lost Ben.
    Another lovely look at Leia's character that's centered around her relationship with Poe, both how it compares and contrasts against her relationship with Ben. It's bittersweet as well, it's so caring of Leia and yet there's something so hard and brittle there as well, it's lovely for how much she wants to fix things, but holds herself back because of the memory of the people she's lost and what she sees as her role in people's lives. It's bitter and painful, but loving and caring as well, just as SW fic should be.

Everything Looks Worse in Black and White by ambiguously, luke & c-3po & r2-d2, 1.2k
    While helping C-3PO with a minor repair, Luke finds his own past.
    This is a short fic that's really more about the moment before everything starts spilling out, but it has this great sense of... when C-3PO gets his memories plugged back in and, oh, so much comes back and is now there and Luke's going to know so much more, there's that moment of such history and weight that I could really feel and this fic was lovely for that moment.

We'll All Float On Okay by igrockspock, leia & rey & cast, 9.4k
    Leia’s to-do list consisted of just one task: defeat the First Order and reclaim liberty and justice for the galaxy. She had no intention of becoming anyone’s mother, and given how well her previous attempt at parenting had gone, that was probably a good thing.
    I absolutely tore through this fic this morning because it was such a great Leia piece, it was such a great balance between her anger and her love, as well as combining her instincts to mother Rey and to be the isolated General after all that's happened in her life. It's such a smooth, lovely read and it's full of so many humanizing and yet incredible moments, it just really, really felt like Leia to me. But it's also a lovely fic for all the quiet moments she has with Rey, the friendship that develops there, that's not really quite any one thing, it's not quite mother and daughter, it's not quite friends, it's not quite mentor and student, it's just... a connection, it is what it is. It's an exploration of Leia's character, of watching her watch Rey as she experiences all these new things, of how Leia herself got to where she is and it touches on why she never became a Jedi, the mentions of Ben, the bits and pieces of her history with Han, all of it was both heartbreaking and bittersweet in the best way. A gorgeous Leia fic to be read.

Up in the Sky by ambiguously, han/leia, 3.4k
    Han attempts to take Leia out somewhere nice.
    I'm definitely on a Leia kick lately and so this fic was lovely to read, as Han tries to class himself up to be worthy of someone like Leia and it goes about as well as you'd expect, but the lovely thing is that it's not about failing or Leia being cliche about hating that world. Instead, it's this really low-key thing where she's capable in fancier settings, but she really just wants to relax, that they fumble their way at first, but eventually they get it and figure it out, and it was just really a relaxing piece that worked well for this moment in their life, that it doesn't take away from the passion they have elsewhere, but instead showed one of the ways in which they just so easily fit.

Through the hourglass I saw you by ambiguously, leia & han & luke (some han/leia/luke), 6.1k
    "My wife and I will take the boy. We've always talked of adopting a baby boy."
    For all that the summary is about Luke, this is really a Leia piece through and through, one of those that has the twins trading places and I wouldn't have thought I'd get so invested in it, but it was such an easy, fantastic read that I found myself pulled in before I knew it! This is Leia, who is so full of passion and she burns just to look at her and she's so thoroughly herself even in these different circumstances, especially contrasted against a Luke who is much more refined but still just as quietly caring and gentleness over steel as he is in canon as well. The story is told in short scenes across much of the OT timeline, I love that it doesn't linger on events we already know, but still gives the punch of how devastating those events are, how much pain they all go through, but the hope they manage to find as well. It's a great combination of something entirely new yet echoing with the original, twined right along with how this is a Leia character piece and she's gorgeously done here.

Just Be Close At Hand by karyatid, luke & leia, 1k
    The thing is, it was easier to miss her brother when she thought he wouldn't come back.
    This was a short but lovely look at Luke and Leia in TFA era, how distant they've become but also how they still fit right back together, even after everything that's happened. It's really just a couple of scenes but it captures some very nice bittersweet feelings.

Five Ways to Stop Being a Princess by igrockspock, han/leia, 3.5k
    1. Spend a night in the smuggling compartments of the Millennium Falcon 2. Learn to fire a blaster without closing your eyes 3. Get drunk and go to bed with an unsuitable man 4. Yell at people who ask if you're okay 5. Go to bed with an unsuitable man even when you're sober
    This is half a Han/Leia fic and half a Leia character piece and I am all for Leia pieces right now, especially ones that are such a great look at the sharp edges of her character, the way she's got such weight and presence to everything she does, the way she's carrying around so much and she can be rough and just. Everything I want Leia to be, as told through five scenes of interaction with Han. The way she remembers Alderaan is heartbreaking, both with fire and with sorrow, is just so very Leia, especially in those early days, and this is a really gorgeous look at her character all the way around.

Family Ties by The_Plaid_Slytherin, luke & leia, 1.2k
    Luke and Leia begin to explore their relationship as siblings.
    Another short piece, this one exploring the early days of Luke and Leia knowing they're siblings and figuring out their relationship to each other, how they just sort of fit together, how Leia easily fits together with Luke but feels all jumbled up and unmatching jagged edges against their birth father and the brief mentions of their birth mother. It's a quiet, but very nice character piece for Leia and Luke both.

Years of Gold and Silver by ambiguously, luke & leia (semi luke/leia), 2k
    Leia and Luke, after all the wars.
    After all the shit Luke and Leia have been through, I kind of really want an ending for them to just retire away together, that they get some time to just be after everything is all done, after they've passed everything onto the next generation. The way this fic has an almost dreamy atmosphere, the way they're at peace now, that it's bittersweet but probably the happiest ending they could get, that really got at my feelings. The pairing aspect is light, you could almost read it as gen (almost), and in a way that makes it an even lovelier piece. But mostly it's the sense of being settled and being able to let go and find peace that I love the most about this one.

Plié by ambiguously, leia & rey, ~1k
    "You're holding that wrong."
    This was short, but a lovely moment between Leia and Rey, as she helps Luke's newest student with training in a way that Luke can't, just a small adjustment to her form. It was just a single moment, but did my heart so much good for the relationship between these two women.

Empire Day by Fialleril, leia & anakin & luke & han & bail & breha & cast, 8.6k
    Three birthdays with Leia Organa.
    While this fic is part of a larger series, you don't need to know anything beyond that Darth Vader is a double agent and is helping the Rebellion through Leia, because this is really a Leia fic first and foremost. It's about three various birthdays/Life Days she celebrates, from when she was a young girl up to the beginnings of the Rebellion through to when the Rebellion is in full swing. It's a lovely look at her character, filled with a lot of detail and worldbuilding, both spiritually and politically/galactic shenanigans-wise, but always about showing the strength of her and the relationships she has and who she is inside. I've been on a Leia kick lately and this was a lovely addition to the collection, yet another look at just how much steel she has in her spine while still being emotional and entirely human, it reminded me of all the reasons I love Leia's character.

truth must dazzle gradually by possibilityleft, leia & mon mothma, 2.9k
    Four times Mon Mothma gave Leia Organa advice, and the one time that she took it.
    One caveat I have about the fic is that I got a bit distracted with the fic using Mon's full name each time she was referred to, but that's a minor nitpick at most (and one I'm not 100% sure on). But I'm so glad to have found this fic because it's such an absolutely lovely look at the relationship between these two women over the years, from when Leia was a young girl to when she was a grown woman, the way it doesn't matter that Leia didn't take Mon's advice, because there's still such great respect and strength from both characters, such great affection from both sides. And I love this as an exploration of both characters, of the incredibly important roles they both played in the events of Star Wars, but also as a fic that focused on a relationship that I don't see much on. A really wonderful read!

bleeding out your days in the river of time by arestlesswind, leia & everyone, 1.5k
    She never had the chance to say goodbye. To any of them.
    There's a line in this fic--How easy it was for everyone to leave. Leia always stays.--that sums up everything about this fic and this character, how she stays strong and keeps being this solid pillar, all while this huge weight of loss and pain and everything else is placed on her. It's a heartwrenching look at Leia's character after the movie, yet another thing that I came to the fandom for exactly this.

Advice for Those of You Just Starting Your Heroic Journey by igrockspock, leia & everyone, ~1k
    Leia can think of a lot of things a budding heroine ought to know. Like if you feel a strange, inexplicable connection with a man you just met, don't kiss him. He might be your brother.
    A fun Leia piece that does a lot to sum up just how much shit she's been through, her experience serving as a warning to those just starting out, but also maybe not, hell, everyone's journey is their own. A delightful fic to read!

Lonely In Your Company by Darkmagyk, leia & sola, 2k
    “We were very close.” Sola says, and Leia smiles her politician's smile in response.
    This is a pre-TFA piece that mentions some of the EU elements (like Jacen and Jaina) but it's also a really beautiful look at Leia's character and the family of her mother and how she doesn't really fit in there, how the disconnect there cannot be breached, even when it's not like they're terrible people. She's just too distant from them and it's such a lovely piece for it.

we are a woven thread, find the strand by averita, leia & everyone, 1.4k
    Five futures Leia Organa could have had.
    I adore Leia's character and I love what-ifs and I love the connected web between all these characters, so this was entirely satisfying. It was a lovely piece, especially #3 where Ben wants to be like his mom, so they don't send him away, and my mind started twirling about with the possibilities of such an AU. But also #5. That's all I want in the world. ;__;♥

i couldn't see; i was blind 'til my eyes were opened by r1ker, leia & kylo ren, 3k
    mother and son, together at last.
    I am absolutely a sucker for Leia & Ben interaction, especially when it focuses on the first few tenative steps towards redemption, which I want because Leia Doesn't Deserve This Shit.

but for the cause by newsbypostcard, han/leia & kylo ren & luke, 6k
    The dark side takes its damned share, but it can never take from her the cause. (Or: five things Leia Organa has lost; something she keeps; and something she gains back.)
    A look at the span of Leia's life, all that she's lost over the course of it, and the few things she's gained back. The sheer strength and iron will of her character to keep enduring is lovely, the connections she keeps forging, all of it reminds me exactly of why I love this character so much. I want all the Leia fic and this absolutely helped further that!

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story by muggles, leia & family, ~1k
    Leia takes a moment to grieve for all that she's lost.
    Another short but lovely piece and I will read all the Leia fic, as she grieves and hurts for all that she's lost, yet still finds the strength of character to soldier on. I have such strong Leia feelings and this just made them stronger.

La memoria de mi madre by imadra_blue, leia & padme & cast, 2k
    Five times Leia didn't recognize her mother and the one time she did.
    A collection of scenes that show Leia's connection to her mother, even when she has no idea who the woman is or that there's anything significant there yet. They're lovely moments, often bittersweet for knowing the truth behind all of that Leia's unaware of, but entirely worth reading for a wonderful look at mother & daughter, and then continuing on with Rey, in my favorite of all the scenes.

i'm ready to fly, uncover the light by ashintuku, luke & rey + luke & han & leia, ~1k
    "You should head towards the shelters. It's going to rain." "Rain?"
    Desert kids bonding over rain, oh, no, that's a straight shot to my heart. The way Luke first experiences rain and then the way he watches Rey experience it for the first time, the way the people around them get what that experience does for them, all of it is lovely, just a bit bittersweet but also so good. This was absolutely lovely and such a good read.

A Figment of Mother's Love by Darkmagyk, luke & leia & padme + anakin/padme + cast, 4.8k
    "Where was she from?" Luke asked. "To have soft hands."
    This was a lovely look at the twins wondering about their mother and eventually learning about her. Padme's influence on the OT is subtle and often ignored (understandably so, with the way it was set up) so it's nice to see Luke and Leia discovering her, to see the reflections of her in her children, how Leia looks like her and Luke takes after her. It's just the right amount of bittersweet to go with the painful, I really loved this a lot.

reincarnate by lupinely, luke & leia, 6.7k
    Leia wavers. "I’m not like you, Luke."
    I am so very here for Luke and Leia interaction and this was an absolutely lovely fic where Leia decides to go with Luke, to train in the Force, the way her skills manifest aren't the same as his, but she's no less strong in her own way. It does a beautiful job of balancing the two characters and what gravity they have towards each other, that neither is outshone by the other, yet they slide together beautifully. This both eased my ache for more twins fic, but also made me crave more and more, because sibilngs are my weakness and they were done wonderfully here.

saudade by philthestone, luke & leia + han/leia, 4k
    "Bantha shit," she says automatically, because it is the first bordering-on-vulgar thing that comes to her mind and if anyone (Han) has taught her anything, it’s that in moments like these, bordering-on-vulgar is always useful.
    Another beautiful look at Leia's character, especially focusing on her relationships with Luke and Han, but also just who she is as a person, the sheer strength of character there, how she just is who she is, not who other people think she is. I love how she works at things, I love how she looks at the world, I love how she blends caring so deeply about people without giving a shit about what they think of her, all of it works wonderfully for her character.

no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa by magneticwave, han/leia & luke & obi-wan, 8.5k
    "Fuck you," Leia says. "Who said anything about getting married? Did Luke say anything about getting married?" "Luke is not involved," Luke says, not looking up. "Hey, Luke is not involved," Han says, pointing at her. She’s going to bite his finger off, then they’ll see how much pointing he can do with it. "This is about you and me, princess."
    It took me a bit to get past the modern language of the fic/the lack of the SW terminology, but once I did, this was an absolute delight and I greatly enjoyed Leia being cranky and having the most difficult life ever, loving both Han and Luke but also wanting to punch the both of them. And I loved this Han so much, who is spot on in the way he reacts to everything, the way he thinks he's so smooth sometimes and really isn't, but in a way that's really true to the character. And, oh, Luke. Who is not involved. But is also totally sticking himself in the middle of everything and serenely metaphorically prodding at his beloved sister. There's such magic in this fic, my heart swelled with love for each and every one of them, and I would have read ten more fics of this and had a :D :D :D face the entire time.

Children of the Force by Fialleril, luke & leia + vader & leia + han, 6.4k
    In which Leia begins training in the Force with Luke in secret, continues to mourn Alderaan, and says goodbye to Ekkreth.
    As much as I liked this fic series for writing Vader as a double agent while sticking to the canon of the OT, I think this fic is my favorite of the series so far, where Luke and Leia find their way to each other and start helping each other out. The way each of them uses the Force, the way each of them has been damaged and lost so much, the way that looming sense of the big reveal hanging over their heads that we know won't happen for a long time, but it's believable that they wouldn't be able to piece it together at this time, it's lovely. It's such a bittersweet piece, to think of Leia and Luke finding each other again but not knowing what they're missing, that Leia is working with her birth father and neither of them have any idea. It's a piece that's beautiful for looking at the Skywalker twins and the culture that comes along with both of them, which is what this series is really about--the culture of the people, not just the epic space opera story.

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