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legacies by lupinely, rey & luke, 6.1k
    (Rey and Luke, immediately following the events of Episode VII.)
    A gorgeous look at the immediate days after TFA, where Rey and Luke first start to move forward, to figure out what comes next. The amount of emotion laid down here, the lovely look at both of these characters, and the beginnings of exploring Rey's abilities, what they mean for her, are all exactly what I wanted from fandom with these two characters. It's a perfect coda to the movie, touching on all that came before while still moving towards the future, making me so eager for the What's next? that I turn to fic for.

when i see you again (when i'm greeted as a friend) by queenofthestarrrs, rey & luke, ~1k
    She's so small.
    I am super onboard with the theory of Luke being Rey's father and this was both precious and bittersweet. The sense of new beginnings, of so much promise and potential, such wee little lives (baby!Rey, kid!Ben, my heartttt) makes knowing what's coming all the more achey, but in a way that I wouldn't change any of the sweetness at the start.

The First Steps by taramidala, rey & luke, ~1k
    The first steps are not Rey's alone.
    A short piece, but I'm enthralled with the potential for everything around that final scene of the movie, there's so much to Luke's character and what he does/doesn't know, what he can sense. This is just the beginning, but it gave me that sense of how things are moving, they're shifting into gear and there are so many things coming, which is a really good feeling.

A cup full of questions by victoria_p (musesfool), rey & luke, 1k
    "Lesson number one: This weapon is your life. Try not to lose it."
    I didn't expect so many Rey & Luke fics, I'd hoped for just three or four of them, a small handful, but I've gotten more than that and they're all lovely, just as this one is lovely, too. It's a short piece, just the beginnings of their relationship starting from where the end of the movie left off, just the right touches of a little bit awkward and something starting to click into place, just as it should be.

in the arms of a hurricane by Spineless, finn/rey & luke, 1.3k
    She misses Finn like a phantom limb. Training to be a Jedi is not easy; she experiences so many new things so quickly, she wishes she could share them with him.
    A lovely look at Rey's training with Luke, while she adjusts to everything that's happened, adjusts to being on such a green, rainy world, adjusts to missing Finn more than she expected. It's a good look at her character, especially with all that rain around her suddenly, and it reminds all over again just how much I love Rey and everything about her.

Rey/Luke - Rey thinks she owes him sex by Anonymous, luke & rey, 3.6k
    They need a Jedi. She tells herself that over the long hours in hyperspace, turning it over and over in her mind, and when she recalls the lost fleet and the capital, the necessities of war, all the rest of it seems very simple.
    Oh, what a beautiful look at Rey's character and the beginnings of her relationship with Luke. It could have been difficult to put a universe like the Star Wars movie together with the idea that sex is an obligation, especially with a character like Rey, but it works beautifully well here, she feels so entirely true to her character and how she would look at the world. There's a lovely lack of second-hand embarrassment as well, just... a whole lot of "oh my heart I love all of you" feelings for everyone.

The Waters and the Waters by Margo_Kim, luke & rey + implied finn/rey, 3.9k
    Rey dreams of more than just an ocean, and what she dreams she can't explain.
    This was an interesting look at Rey's connection to the Force, how it manifested in her and touched her even before she ever knew what it was, how it blurred the lines between vision and reality for her, so she somehow just knows things and how she coped with living on Jakku. It's a lovely look at her character, both the underlying sorrow and the strength of her character, I really enjoyed it!

Snow Day on Ahch-To by bethagain, luke & rey, 1.9k
    Itís been seven weeks since Rey arrived on Ahch-To. It's winter, she's cold, she's lonely, and Luke Skywalker's nice and all, but he's not very much fun. At least, not until snow arrives on their mountaintop. But what do snowballs have to do with Jedi training?
    This was short but heart-warming and fun and that's something I've been rather desperately needing in this fandom. While they're on Ahch-To, Luke seems distant to her, she's not really quite there or settled yet, at least until they have a fun snowball fight day and it's just a lovely, happy moment that was nice to read, the rest of all the shit at bay for a little while.

i'm ready to fly, uncover the light by ashintuku, luke & rey + luke & han & leia, ~1k
    "You should head towards the shelters. It's going to rain." "Rain?"
    Desert kids bonding over rain, oh, no, that's a straight shot to my heart. The way Luke first experiences rain and then the way he watches Rey experience it for the first time, the way the people around them get what that experience does for them, all of it is lovely, just a bit bittersweet but also so good. This was absolutely lovely and such a good read.

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