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Master by ARightCharlie (nerddowell), obi-wan/anakin & padme & quinlan, NSFW, human au, dom/sub, 6.6k
    "You know, it's not kind to play with your food," Quin told Obi-Wan as he glanced between his friend and the undergrad Obi-Wan was currently toying with.
    I honestly thought maybe this would be the fandom where I would finally kick my desire for modern AUs. Nope. Not when Anakin is such a joyful little shit who desperately wants his lecturer to fuck him, not when Obi-Wan's life is really difficult because that little shit is really attractive, and certainly not when it's wrapped up in a dom/sub relationship which I've been pining for in this fandom. Anakin desperately craves someone to take him in hand and so when you combine that with fucking him quite thoroughly, yeah, this was really good for my id. Also porn!

tell me what it is you want by sunflashes, obi-wan/anakin & padme & ahsoka, human au, 3.1k wip
    Anakin is done as fuck. His philosophy professor and academic advisor, Dr. Kenobi, has been working him to the point of breaking, and he just wants to get really, really drunk.
    Apparently, I am super down for Obi-Wan/Anakin college/university AUs because I jumped on this one and was delighted by it. I enjoyed the transplant into this universe, the way Anakin was so rough around the edges and Obi-Wan was well put together but slid together with Anakin perfectly well, with hidden intensity under the surface. The instant connection between them, the confusion Anakin has as he tries to deal with these feelings, the interactions with his friends, all of it was charming and delightful and I totally ate it up like it was delicious candy.

a warm nest by blazeofglory, obi-wan/anakin & luke & leia, human au, ~1k
    "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Anakin asked, a wide grin on his face. Luke and Leia, however, only frowned at him.
    SUPER CUTE FLUFF, like it's 100% adorable fluffy family fic and that is exactly what I wanted from this fic. Obi-Wan and Anakin raising the twins, everything is happy and nobody's hurt, yes, give it to me always.

growing pains by OrangePatrick, obi-wan/anakin & luke & leia & ashoka & han, 1.5k
    When Anakin had walked out of college with not only a mountain of student loans but also as a widower with a pair of twins in his arms, he moved into the cheapest livable apartment within a two-mile radius of his workplace. Fourteen years later, he realizes that maybe the three-bedroom apartment-- which had been upgraded from two bedrooms back when the twins turned five-- might be getting a bit too small.
    I read this during my shark week, which is one of those times that I absolutely crave some fluffy fic, so human AU with a bunch of kids running around and everything is good and nothing hurts? Fuckin' give it to me right tf now. And this is exactly what that was! Something entirely good and everything worked out and it's all about family, the way everyone is practically crammed in on top of each other, but it's never bad or angry, it's just that they're growing and need something more and just. SO CUTE and exactly what my fluff-craving heart needed.

time after time by clairedearing, obi-wan/anakin, au/reincarnation, 2.3k
    five times obi-wan and anakin met each other again, and one time they actually didn't.
    I really love the idea of reincarnation fics, I want my faves to find each other again and again, so this was a lovely fic to read for that, even when it's not precisely the happiest fic, because they often get torn apart just as they did in canon. The set-ups for each of the world are given just enough detail to sketch the image out in my head but without getting bogged down in the sense of how one flowed into the next, that it was about the greater stream of their lives. It's about so many chances slipping through their fingers, yet they keep finding each other again and again, maybe one of them will finally take, and that made this a lovely, if bittersweet read.

his face in the rearview mirror by starscry, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, 13.4k wip
    The car breaks down a week and a half into his trip.
    I got sucked into this fic hard the other night and now I'm sad that I don't have more of it/the rest of it to read right now because I was so delighted with this fic, where it takes care to map some of Anakin's history onto a modern AU, though, still keeping it different and interesting along the way, but still feeling like it fit really well. And where it really shone for me was in the way Obi-Wan and Anakin gravitated to each other even after only knowing each other a few days, I felt that natural chemistry between them and I genuinely wanted them to work things out, I wanted Anakin to take Obi-Wan's offer and run off with him, that this isn't precisely a happy world they're living in, but one that had good moments between them in it. And I think maybe that's what always does it for me with these characters, that their world can be pretty shitty in a lot of ways, but they find genuine joy in being around each other, as well as how they fall for each other here, moment by moment. Plus, it's just lovely writing and there's such charm to it, Obi-Wan is refined but still dangerous, Anakin is uncontrolled but fiercely intelligent, and I just recognized them here. A really lovely fic that I am going to pine for the next chapter of for awhile now.

you knock me out, i fall apart by pdotschuy, obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke & leia & ahsoka & han + some background pairings + some tfa appearances, 40.4k wip
    ( aka: the one where anakin was a sith lord for literally an hour, everyone is alive, and they're actually happy )
    This fic was my happy place for two days straight while I read it, because it's everything I was hoping to get from it--it's a collection of non-linear scenes spanning from ROTS to probably twenty years into the future, showing the snippets of their lives, the family they all build together, while balancing something so incredibly charming with the occasional moments of absolute heartbreak. Primarily, this fic is definitely about making a happy family AU, whether it's Anakin keeping the people he loves close or eventually he and Padme convince Obi-Wan to join them or giving Ahsoka a family to come home to or getting to see the twins grow up, but it's also about how Anakin is never going to be entirely emotionally stable and about how Ahsoka bears the scars from being too young in the war and about how Obi-Wan is so solitary for so long and about how it's not always easy to grow up a Skywalker for either Luke or Leia.

The fic is really good about making those moments genuinely serious, it's not really a cracky fic and the serious moments are genuinely serious, and it's... I think of it as being like The Clone Wars show, only trending in a positive direction instead of negative, where sometimes it's heartbreaking, sometimes it's ridiculously charming, and sometimes it's just straight up cute fluff, but all of it is well done. And I cannot convey enough of that sense of charm, that kind of sharpness to the happy AU that makes it so good to read, the kind that makes it straight into my fannish heart, rather than just me seeking out fluff because I need it to soothe me. This one captures my feelings and my imagination, it's ridiculously engaging and one of those fics of my heart.

i could teach you (but i'd have to charge) by pdotschuy, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast, modern au, school au, 3.5k
    ( aka: that high school teachers au that literally no one was going to ask for, but needed to be done. featuring: anakin and ahsoka terrorizing the entire school, the clones as secretaries, and obi-wan, who definitely deserves a raise. let's not even talk about dooku. )
    I was just so completely and utterly charmed by this fic, I can't even tell you. It felt entirely self-aware of the tropes and silliness it was embracing, that it was having a blast and it made me have a great time right along with it, because it was so sharp and funny and absolutely delightful. There can be a skill to writing cracky high school AU fics and this fic felt like it had that, so all the little touches were an absolute delight. I love that I enjoyed these characters, I enjoyed Anakin's dramatics, I enjoyed Padme's sensibleness, I enjoyed Obi-Wan's being the only semi-sane one in the room, I enjoyed that Dooku's life was so put-upon, I enjoyed that I just smiled my way through this entire fic and would have read at least ten times more of it, if I'd been able to!

Double The Trouble, Triple The Fun by violasarecool, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka & luke & leia, 1.6k
    for the star wars polyamory week prompt, "day 2 // april 19th - Alternate Universe". where one of my fav triads is getting ready for a fancy dinner and of course the twins decide to cause trouble now.
    I've read several happy family AUs over the last couple of days and this fit right in with that collection, where it's a simple scene of the three of them getting ready for a political dinner out and teasing each other, but also all of them completely in love with each other, and it's cute and charming and happy. It's one of those that doesn't need to be anything more than what it is, because it's all about having a better life in this universe and mending my heart in an absolutely precious way.

Episode I: The Saga Begins by ARightCharlie (nerddowell), obi-wan/anakin & padme & ahsoka & qui-gon & cast, NSFW, school au, 13.4k wip
    Their seminar leader was young - much younger than Anakin had imagined - with sandy, gingerish hair and a beard, bright sea-green eyes full of humour. He was dressed in the thickest, most ridiculous grandpa sweater Anakin had ever seen, paired with beige slacks. The lecturer, who must have had a good fifteen or so years on him, was better dressed. But god, Anakin could feel the whole room narrowing just to this man with his Fair Isle jumper and his stupid sensible trousers.
    I am super here for Anakin with a disciplinary kink, as something that I can see being an element in the canon universe, but taking it up a few notches in a school AU so that he practically can't sit still at just the thought of his new hot teacher bending him over his knee to teach him a lesson? YES, GIMME. I definitely picked this one up for the kink and there's a really lovely scene in what's posted of Anakin jerking off to thoughts of Obi-Wan, riding his own fingers and the toy he has to an intense orgasm and thank god because there's a lot of tension in this fic that I just really wanted them to bang already and that's close enough! The UST really is well ramped up, I enjoy that kind of thing and this fic knows how to build it up, even in only just over 10k words!

But that's not all the fic is, it's a true university AU, it has Anakin's friendship with Ahsoka, it has his really lovely relationship with Padme that's shaded with romantic tones because they used to date and you can feel he's still a little half in love with her, I love that it has Anakin's brilliance in class and how he's a troublesome student just beyond the kink, because he's so unchallenged. I love that such a good amount of the fic is just about Anakin's life and the people he cares about and the fic doesn't skip over those details, that it's not just about the pairing, no matter how much I was wound up and wanting to slam my fist on the table and demand banging. I definitely hope the other two chapters get posted, but I'm also really glad that I got to read the first two, there's some really lovely, fun, delightful stuff in here!

let me photograph you in this light by QueenWithABeeThrone, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & padme & han & luke & leia, human au, 14.4k
    Obi-wan Kenobi and eight things he learns about Anakin Skywalker after Anakin comes to work for him. (alternatively: Obi-wan and Anakin make it work, amidst vigilantes, terrible tea, and kidnapping attempts.)
    I'm going to wind up recommending these fics out of order, because that's the order I read them in and fell in love with them in, they work as stand alones if you want, but you can read them in order as well. But this one is my favorite, so I'm partial! And it is a Daredevil fusion, so knowing that ahead of time will help you roll with some of the choices the fic makes (like Ahsoka as a vigilante), but it also really works well as a fun modern human AU, which is the part that I fell in love with. It's nice to see everyone as a group, there's some really sparkling banter between everyone, there's just such an easy, natural flow to the scenes and the way the characters interact, there's a certain fitting feeling to the way everyone works with everyone else! But it's the Obi-Wan/Anakin that really got me with this series, where they're really adorable together in the early stages of finally having gotten together, they tease each other and banter, but there's that sense of just being ridiculously in love with each other, with getting to say the words now, to say, "This is my boyfriend." now, and it works just wonderfully well for me here.

The great this is that, as much as the Obi-Wan/Anakin is at the heart of my love for this fic, it's balanced well with everything else that's going on in their lives, like Ahsoka's vigilante career, with Anakin trying to piece his life back together, both physically and emotionally, he's trying to make ammends and fix what he can, trying to reconnect with his kids, it gives great moments to many characters and many relationships. And I like that it's a Daredevil fusion, but it doesn't stay beholden to that when it needs to do its own thing, that it's not beholden to being an AU of the Star Wars canon in a lot of ways as well, it takes from both columns and then does its own thing as well. It's just ridiculously cute and charming, I ate it up like it was delicious candy.

look at where we started by QueenWithABeeThrone, obi-wan/anakin & shmi & cast, human au, 2.4k
    Anakin Skywalker visits his mother's grave. (alternatively: Shmi Skywalker, her son, and six feet of dirt between them.)
    This one would probably help to have at least read one of the other fics in the series (maybe i'm waking up today or let me photograph you in this light), to get a bit more background on what Anakin's going through at the time, why he's so afraid to face his mother's grave and how this AU is set up, but it's a lovely fic that's about Anakin's guilt and self-hatred and trying to find his way back from the terrible things he's done. It's not all solved, it might not even have been a full step forward here, but it's something and it was a lovely fic, both for Anakin's character and for his relationship with his mother, as well as the brief conversation with Obi-Wan afterwards. It's cathartic for this AU more than anything, in a satisfying way.

stop me if you've heard this one by snicklefritz, obi-wan & anakin + qui-gon & padme & cast, human au, 7.3k wip
    "Family" is a six letter word. So is "insane". Or: the daily lives of grad student Obi-Wan, fencing prodigy Anakin, and student activist Padmé.
    I am apparently developing quite a taste for human AUs, but this one was just so charming! It starts off with Obi-Wan not quite laughing at an Anakin who can barely make it out of bed in time in the morning, so I was all set to be charmed from the very beginning, but it kept unfolding in a way that caught my attention, it felt right to the characters and the more we learned about the backstory (the scenes are non-linear, but easy to follow), the more I liked how the events were a parallel of canon. It's a collection of scenes in both past and present, each of them managing to feel like a reflection of what canon could have been like, but in this human AU setting and there's just... a smoothness to the whole thing, it was so easy to read and get caught up in it that really made it enjoyable. I'm side-eying where things might be going, it might ultimately be a heartbreaker of a fic or it could be a happy human AU fic, but either way it's worth reading just for the banter and care between Obi-Wan and Anakin already.

the places you will be from by blazeofglory, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka/padme, human au, content warnings, soulmark au, 9.4k
    Anakin's soulmark was taken from him the second he was born. He's kind of given up on finding his soulmate, even if Ahsoka hasn't. Enter Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    Oh, man, I love Soulmark AUs and I am weak to university AUs, so combining the two of them was clearly made for me. It was a fic that was all about what an absolute mess Anakin Skywalker is here, the issues he has because of his terrible childhood and how they still haunt him and he hardly knows which way is up half of the time, and that's why I enjoyed the fic, because I have such feelings about Anakin. His friendships with Ahsoka and Padme were lovely, how much they cared about him and did their best to help him, as well as the sheer amount of yearning and pining he did over Obi-Wan (I love a good pining fic, okay) and how their friendship was just as worthwhile as the romantic part of their relationship. I loved that the fic was all about what a mess Anakin was, how hard he was trying to keep himself together, how he sometimes failed at that, and that it was all about the pining and angst over not knowing who his soulmate was and desperating wishing it were Obi-Wan and just everything being terrible in the best way possible, especially because you knew it would work out eventually. That's everything I wanted out of this fic and it gave it to me nicely!

A Sky Full of Stars by rubberbird, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 15.7k wip
    True love never did run smooth.
    Initially, I had little desire to read modern AU fic for Star Wars characters, but apparently photographer!Obi-Wan with model!Anakin is one of those times where I have absolute no resistance. And I'm really glad I did, because I enjoyed how well the characters were transplanted into this AU, where Anakin especially is just a goddamned mess and yet Obi-Wan still falls in love with him anyway, because he still has that certain charm that draws a person to him. The fic also does a really lovely job of the pining between them, where it's set from Obi-Wan's pov but it's one where I believe his side of the relationship, because it's balanced between being the stable one and yet having his own issues, as well as how it's very clear that Anakin has feelings for him in return.

I would have read this just for the delicious mutual pining alone, but then the fic also had Anakin eagerly riding Obi-Wan's lap because he so desperately wants the other man and then this just utter mess of a second time where he's an emotional wreck and he's completely turned around and doesn't know up from down, just that he desperately wants Obi-Wan in him now, that he desperately doesn't want Obi-Wan to hate him even as he pushes him away, while Obi-Wan cannot turn him away, because he loves the bratty little shit. It's this utter mess of a thing and I am completely and totally into sex that reflects just how gentle Obi-Wan is with him but still getting across the intensity of just how hard Obi-Wan wants to fuck him. It's not the kind that breaks my heart, but it does make it hurt a little for what a mess this is, and that's exactly what I want.

the comfort of this house by FoxGlade, obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke & leia & cast, 3.9k
    seven excerpts from a life where everything went right
    I would have read 100k of this AU, where Obi-Wan and Anakin and Padme are in a happy trio (and I loved so much that it wasn't about trying to explain them or be issue fic, they just worked together beautifully) and the twins are growing up with all three of them as parents, with grandparents Qui-Gon and Shmi and aunt Ahsoka, where everything is good and happy, but with that sort of deft charm that the best happy AU fics give me. It's not just that it's sweet and I get my soul soothed, but that it's fun and delightful and... well, yes, very charming in that way that totally wins me over! I loved the scene of Obi-Wan having to talk to the twins' teachers, I loved the scene of Obi-Wan and Anakin and Padme having a night to themselves, I loved Padme doing Leia's hair while they watch a Senate debate and Anakin tinkers and Luke plays and Obi-Wan sleeps, it's so goddamned precious in a way that is good, legitimately well-written family happiness.

Baker's Dozen by DarthAbby, obi-wan/anakin, 1.1k wip
    Short scenes over the course of twelve years, featuring revelations, plenty of emotions, some friends, and more then enough baked goods for everyone.
    There's only one chapter at the time of this rec, but it seems like each chapter will be its own little fic set in a larger ongoing universe, and I am super weak to modern AUs, especially ones that are charming and just the right amount of sweet. Obi-Wan is grieving for the loss of his father figure and the new (old) neighbor stops by and it's a small but instant connection that helps give him focus and someone to help, which is a nice echo of canon while still being its own thing. It's short but lovely.

the floor under our feet by FoxGlade, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & qui-gon & dooku + background pairings, 4.5k wip
    or, the adventures and exploits of Qui-Gon's three adopted children.
    I WOULD READ 100K OF THIS AND COME BACK FOR MORE. The author has a talent for really legitimately charming modern, happy AU stuff and this fic follows in that trend where the details are just super fucking cute while not being overly saccharine or too fluffy, even if it is a totally happy AU. I loved every single scene of this, I love that it's a collection of slice of life scenes, and that the author clearly knows the way to my heart is Family Stuff, where Qui-Gon is the free spirit father who cares for them all, Obi-Wan is the oldest brother who's a little too serious but not in a bad way, where Anakin is the troubled but good hearted middle child, and Ahsoka is the youngest sweetheart who will be a total handful in a good way. And reserved but kind hearted grandpa Dooku. Everything about this AU makes me want to roll around in it for all the glee I got out of it and how charming as hell it all is, I really hope that we get more like it from this author. I'm not kidding about how much of this I would read.

Pictures of You by dealio, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, modern au, 5.4k / 26k wip
    Anakin is a creative writing major from Tatooine who moved to Coruscant for school. There he meets Obi Wan Kenobi, a suave, smooth-talking front man in a local rock band.
    I've been reading on this fic for awhile and it's one that I like when I'm in the right frame of mind for a modern AU, where Anakin is shyer than in canon instead of outgoing, but still the same mess of issues and self-doubt, but I found that chapter 5 was my favorite and that it can stand well on its own and I may have skipped ahead because I needed some resolution and found that I liked this chapter quite a lot. You can read it as a standalone, I think, as long as you know that it's a universe where Obi-Wan is the lead singer in a rising band, while Anakin works in a book shop and they're in a new-ish relationship, where Anakin is slowly gaining a better sense of self. And the sex was really satisfying for me, the first time is where Anakin just goes off, he's entirely desperate for a quick fuck, just to get to it as fast as he can, while Obi-Wan keeps a firm grip on him to slow him back down again.

And I'm always here for that, where Anakin is practically ready to tear himself in half to get on with things, while Obi-Wan cannot be rushed because he knows that it'll be better this way, so he holds Anakin down and sucks on him for awhile, then gently opens him up with his fingers, makes sure Anakin's ready, before finally sliding in, his pacing no less intense for how measured it is. And it helps build something better in Anakin this way, something softer and kinder! Something Anakin can trust more this way! BUT THEN, the chapter wasn't done yet because there was another scene with one of Obi-Wan's concerts and Anakin gaining more surety with himself, so he practically attacks Obi-Wan afterwards, hot and bothered by the stage performance he was just watching, still wild and no sense of control over himself, which will always be a theme with Anakin, so Obi-Wan pulls himself up out of the daze he's threatening to fall into and bends Anakin over the desk to lick him open and then makes him beg before fucking him, whispering in his ear that they can stop any time Anakin wants before going right back to viciously taking Anakin apart in the way that they both enjoy. Like, yes, this is what I'm here for and the sex was nicely satisfying for me and, honestly, bless this author and this fic for giving me something that scratched the exactly itch I was having.

ghost coast by bloodonyrsundress, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, supernatural modern au, some violence/gore, 10.8k wip
    Magic AU. Obi-Wan, a sorcerer, is tasked with investigating a death with seemingly no cause. He enlists the help of Anakin, a surly necromancer.
    I wasn't quite sure what to make of this AU when I first started reading, but after Obi-Wan and Anakin started to interact, the fic found its footing with me and I found myself caught up in it and enjoying it entirely, the banter and developing attraction between Obi-Wan and Anakin was the highlight of the fic. I enjoyed that it wasn't too antagonistic or too immediately best friends, there's banter and teasing on both sides, but there's this strong sense of how they like each other, too. They may make each other roll their eyes, but there's also teamwork and they can make each other smile. I'm interested in the building case, whatever it is that they're trying to hunt down, whatever it is that's dangerous and killing people, but I will take 30k of the "boring" stuff where Anakin is practically in Obi-Wan's lap as he's comforted after really disturbing memories that he pulls up from a corpse or Anakin being grumpy that they can't do more than kiss because he's so tired, while Obi-Wan laughs softly at him and wraps an arm around him while they sleep, or they're breaking into people's houses to investigate or the like. That stuff is entirely what I'm here for and this fic was just really solid in the way it gave me fun interaction, even with a potentially gross/violent world here.

Hollywood by ThePenguinOfDeath, obi-wan/anakin & cast, human au, 7.6k
    Obi-Wan is looking for one more big blockbuster film before he can settle down and retire to indie flicks and escape the media circus. Anakin is the next up-and-coming star, involved in every scandal going.
    The author admits ahead of time that the fic wasn't really given the attention it deserved and I generally agree with that, there's not a lot of detail and I felt like it probably should have been twice as long to actually give us more interaction, rather than as many recap-like scenes as it had, but it's a fic that's still absolutely worth reading and was this really interesting piece that I picked up when I needed them to just make out already, when I needed a break from heavier canon-based fic that was breaking my heart. This is a fic that's all about the cute alternate universe, where they're actors meeting at a read-through, where you know that things will work out and your heart isn't put through the wringer while reading it, that it's solidly long and just fun. It's one that I think works best when you're in the mood for it, when you want to enjoy something a bit lighter, as well as I am super looking forward to if this author writes for the pairing again, because there's charm in the moments where Obi-Wan and Anakin talk to each other, when they flirt with each other, when they finally end up together, it's got that certain sparkle that I look for!

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