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- Star Wars - Inheritance by ladylisse - I'm not sure what got me onto the idea of reading Star Wars fic, just that I began to poke around the fandom a bit, found a couple of links, and started reading. When I was a kid, I was all about Luke and the whole Jedi thing and the rest of the universe was sort of boring (well, not really, but not as exciting as those shiny lightsaber battles) and now that I'm older... I have a much stronger connection with Leia's character, who I find incredibly fascinating. This story feeds into that, showing all these brilliant insights into the character, giving her such a richness of spirit and depth, showing her connection to her father, how she's like him in so many ways, yet how she's so different, too, how she's also inspired by her foster parents. Reading this fic, the way it gives me such a connection to Leia's character, I find myself fascinated; usually I'm all about the father/son issues, but if there's fic like this to touch on issues between a father and daughter... I might very well lean towards these two instead. Gorgeous, gorgeous story. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Star Wars - Keep Falling Down by agentj - What would you do if you could live your life over again, starting at the point where you made your biggest mistake? Anakin Skywalker is about to find out. At the core of my Star Wars fascination is Vader's relationship (or lack thereof) with his children. That's what got me to seek out a fic like this, a chance to change everything that had gone wrong in his life, to right the mistakes he realized at the end. It starts out a little stiff, but the author has a basic grasp of the world and what they wanted to do with this story and I rather quickly found myself submerged in the story--Anakin back somewhere after Attack of the Clones, things already starting to go wrong, but not beyond repair. It was completely engaging to read him trying to struggle with what he suddenly knew, the way his life had already happened, whether or not it was a dream/vision or if it was real. The author didn't take the easy routes out of this fic, the Dark Side was still there, Anakin was still connected to it and tempted by it far too often. But he had a new view of things and it just...

I think what really got to me about this fic was that I cared about the characters and that the author was very good at writing painful and intense moments without hammering them into my head so hard that they became too melodramatic. Anakin's anger and desperation, his hate and love for those in his life, the shades of gray all the way around... it all came together marvelously. There were three seperate scenes where I sort of wanted to cry over the fic because it swept me up in the emotional happenings, because it didn't whitewash what Anakin was--or portray the Jedi in a bad light, despite that they are not perfect and the entire time I read this fic, I couldn't help thinking that the author did a fantastic job of portraying the Jedi as a force who rarely ever did anything and that was part of the problem, why they needed to fall, yet the fic never says this, this is something I've taken from the movies themselves, but it fit together with what I was reading.

It might not appeal to everyone, I keep wondering if perhaps I just got caught up in the story and it put stars in my eyes. Maybe it's just that it hit my personal kinks so hard that I was going to fall for it anyway. But I really think the author did a lot of things right here and the ending just sort of knocked me on my fangirl ass and what else could I ask for from a Star Wars fic? This totally helps satisfy the cravings I've been having for SW fic lately. (Some Anakin/Padme, but it's not entirely the point.)

Star Wars: Love Stories by deaka - Every so often I get the urge to go read Leia fic in SW and this one just sort of sprung up on me, just a short little piece set between scenes of the movies, where Leia can't sleep one night and happens to run into Han. Of course the Han/Leia aspect is nice, but I think I liked it even more for what it said about Leia, the insight into her character, especially when Han tried to talk to her about it, but managed to infuriate her like always. It worked very nicely and was very easy to see. (Han/Leia.)

Star Wars: Idol by Fair-Ithil - Another short piece, but another one that has some interesting glimpses into Leia's character, as shown by Han's prodding at her and his watching her. She does stretch herself too thin, wears herself too hard for this new Alliance and she's really such a fascinating character and it's fic like this that reminds me of why she's my favorite, why this is such an interesting pairing. It's a simple fic, Leia preparing in the morning while Han watches her, eventually taking the brush from her hand to work it through her hair, but it says a lot more about them than just that. (Han/Leia.)

Star Wars: Blinded by Love by Serena Kenobi - I have this thing for Star Wars AU fics. Not that I don't love the original movies, of course, but I'm always tempted by the idea of how things might have gone a little differently, how the Skywalker family might have taken a different path. I'm sure there are a lot of fics like that out there, but finding ones that engage me seem to prove difficult. I'm not sure I could put my finger on why this one in particular caught my attention--especially since it seems abandoned before it got to any of the major emotional climax scenes--but I think it's that it had a really interesting premise (Padme frozen in Carbonite, woken up twenty years later) and a really good voice for Padme. I can really see/picture her in this fic, her dialogue and internal thoughts have a nice flow to them, and there's a sort of... there's something happy and fun, even in the middle of the angst, about this story, the kind of thing that reminds me of the original Star Wars movies. I wish there'd been more written for this, I'd have liked to have seen where it was going, but I think it stands pretty well on its own, as long as you don't mind that it's unfinished. It sucked me in a lot faster than I was expecting and, before I knew it, I'd read 13,000+ words of the thing, which I hardly ever do anymore. (Some Anakin/Padme, but it's only half the point.)

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