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the family amidala by dirgewithoutmusic, padme & obi-wan & luke & leia, 6.8k
    Padme lives. She runs.
    I love this fic so much, I never knew how much I needed Padme living and raises her children, while Obi-Wan gets roped into their family, too. The shadow of Anakin is always there, it's not about replacing him, they'll always love him, but I love how they still live without him, that the twins grow up and are still so very much themselves, if different because of the families they have now. I love the way the fic echoes canon sometimes, the way Leia is still drawn to Alderaan, the way Luke is still so much like his mother, the way Leia is so much like her father, but it's not the same still. This Padme is also gorgeously written, the sheer strength of her character in every scene is fantastic, and I love that this fic hurts less for Obi-Wan than the canon does. I loved this fic a lot.

Rumours of my Demise by cupiscent, obi-wan/padme & cast, 4k
    Padme Amidala cannot live in a galaxy where he has come to be what he is. Obi-Wan Kenobi spends most of his time talking with ghosts.
    I'm often wary of Obi-Wan/Padme fic, because Anakin's presence between them is such an important thing, that trying to find the line between that and genuinely connecting these characters can be difficult, but, oh, this fic managed it beautifully. It sticks pretty firmly to the canon timeline, just adding scenes between the moments we see on the screen, to show that Padme lived and that we don't really know how much it changed, because it's not about that, because in the same way that Obi-Wan didn't survive Anakin's fall, neither did Padme, they're both halfway to being ghosts. The strength of both of them and yet how utterly bittersweet this piece is, how Anakin absolutely is between them and yet he's not, it hit all the right buttons and, oh, the moments when Padme visits Obi-Wan on Tattoine or the messages they send each other now and again, it's heartbreaking and perfect.

Fate, Inexorable by imadra_blue, Luthe, obi-wan/padme + anakin/padme + implied obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 9.1k
    When Anakin is kidnapped by Separatists during the Clone Wars, Padmé accompanies Obi-Wan to rescue him. On a strange trio of planets, they search for him, drawing closer in their mutual fear for Anakin. The bonds that form will not be strong enough to face the future that awaits them in Revenge of the Sith.
    Oh, I really enjoyed this fic a lot, for the look at Padme's character especailly. It does go against canon in a few ways, so you have to just roll with that, but it's not really a story about those things, it's about Obi-Wan and Padme worrying about Anakin who has been kidnapped and how that draws the two of them together. It's lovely in how unrelentingly caring and compassionate that Padme is, that she loves Anakin so much and she's drawn to Obi-Wan both for how charismatic he is and because of his connection to Anakin, that she can be envious and nervous about what that connection is, that it's something she feels outside of, while never letting it make her any less of an amazing and caring person. The way she sees how much Anakin means to Obi-Wan, the way she feels that connection, just as much as her own connection to Anakin (and the subtle worry that maybe it's more than her own) is nicely done.

The fic is never about punishing her for being drawn to Obi-Wan when worried about Anakin, that it's the missing presence of his between them that's what draws them together in the first place, that it feels somehow natural for Obi-Wan to slide into her the way Anakin usually does, the way she can't help but see Obi-Wan sliding into Anakin instead of her, so while it's infidelity and she feels gulty about that, it takes nothing from her character and instead only adds to it. It's a fic that's really about two established relationships and the third one that's temporary only because of how they both feel about Anakin, which hits pretty much on exactly what I want from Obi-Wan/Padme.

she bears that new hope by ninemoons42, obi-wan & padme & cast, 3.8k
    One: Padmé lives. Two: she survives the birth of the twins. Three: she does not let anyone take the twins away from her. Four: she rallies her friends and allies together once again.
    This is one of those fics you read because you love Padme Lives And Is The Most Awesome Ever AUs and it's satisfying for that! I enjoy this concept and it was a good Padme fic and I can buy a lot of how she behaves here because it's a really intense time and she's dealing with a whole lot on her plate at the moment and it's a fic where I'm intrigued about what comes next, even as it stands alone really well! Especially if the Obi-Wan & Padme friendship keeps developing, like you see hints of here. <3

Keep Breathing by Yesac, obi-wan/padme + some anakin/padme + luke & leia & oc, 45.8k
    Padme doesn't die at the end of Revenge of the Sith. Instead, she decides to take the twins and join Obi-Wan in exile.
    Oh, what a gorgeous fic for Padme's character and it hit so many of the buttons I have for her relationships with both Anakin and Obi-Wan. I have a tenuous interest in Obi-Wan/Padme, it has to be done with such precision and I don't see it ever really happening without the ghost of Anakin between them, but this fic gets that, because Anakin very much is the ghost in the room, even when their relationship grows beyond him, that it does become about them. It hit me so hard because they both love Anakin so very much, the loss of him never really goes away for either of them, they both so desperately miss him and want him back and want to believe that something of the person they loved is still in there, even as they fight back against him, even as they refuse to bend to him. The way the fic sets up their lives, the way Obi-Wan truly becomes the children's father, the way Padme finds her strength again after everything she's lost, it's so spot on for the characters.

The fic never shies away from the difficult things, never holds back on that this is Star Wars and tragedy follows everyone around, even as there is always hope. The scenes with Vader don't come until later in the fic, but my heart hurt for everyone and, oh, the way Padme saw him and interacted with him and what she came to realize about herself and about Anakin, it was all beautifully built up and had really lovely character insight into all of them. It's a fic that is so satisfying for how Padme's life might have gone if she'd lived, how all of them might have changed, how some things stayed the same, in some ways it was better and in some ways it was worse. But I came to care about all of these characters, I was so glad that they got to have a family together, that there was love and meaning in their lives, yet it didn't hold back on how things ultimately had to go. Plus, the ending was just perfect and it's everything Star Wars should be.

Padmé Lives to Tell the Tale by ninemoons42, padme & luke & leia & obi-wan & sabe & dorme & mon mothma, 14.7k
    One: Padmé lives. Two: she survives the birth of the twins. Three: she does not let anyone take the twins away from her. Four: she rallies her friends and allies together once again.
    I am greatly fond of Padme Lives AUs, so I was intrigued by this one and it's a solid, fun piece that has a lot of neat things! While I was initially attracted because of the promised Padme & Obi-Wan interaction, he's really hardly in it at all, this is very much all about Padme's character and making her the most awesome, but also about her getting to raise her children and how difficult this all is for her, but how she pulls through for them. It's five fics set at different points in how she gets involved with the rebellion and it's got a strong focus on female characters, which is always nice to see for a change! A solid, good read that I tore through everything of yesterday.

We Push Away the Unimaginable by KeeperofSeeds, obi-wan & padme, 1.3k wip
    RotS AU: Padme survives. Weak from her injuries on Mustafar and healing after giving birth, she and the twins are taken into hiding by Obi Wan. Now they are on the run from the Empire and dealing with each other's trauma, as they try to figure out what to do after your world falls apart.
    This is only the first chapter of a WIP, but it's a Padme Lives AU, it has a lovely look at her character, both the strength and the sorrow, and it has lovely interaction between her and Obi-Wan. It's one of those that you should probably only pick up if you're okay with WIPs, since there's not yet much time for things to be happening, but just having those scenes between Padme and Obi-Wan, how they draw comfort from each other, how the early days of their new lives are so painful and yet they have hope, ahhh, this is what I keep coming back to these AUs for.

Far More Than Rubies by frodogenic, padme & luke & obi-wan & vader & cast, 71.7k
    Nine years after AOTC, tragedy revisits the Lars Homestead. Little Luke Skywalker is suddenly plunged into chaos as the rebel movements discover a secret military project that may make a crucial difference in the war with the Empire.
    Oh, man, this fic was my joyful place for a few days because I just got so engrossed in it, it was such an utterly fantastic and engaging read! I admit, the first couple of chapters are rough, the fic relies too much on epithets and trying to obfuscate what's obvious, but the writing quickly improves and by the end of the fic, it was very smooth and polished. I've read several Padme Lives AUs, but this one was special for just how much time it put into her relationship with Luke and gave me a really solid plot to go with it! Padme as part of the rebellion, as well as trying to reconnect with her son, that the action and the emotions go together in a really, really satisfying way was at the heart of this fic, it's everything I could have asked for from why I read longer genfic in the first place, it could have been part of canon, for how spot on it felt in keeping up with the plot.

There are so many things that made me love this fic, though, beyond just that it was an incredibly solid read, which I mean in the most complimentary way. Like that it's absolutely a good Padme fic! It's got a cute kid who isn't too precocious, but instead you fall in love with kidlet Luke! It's got a good amount of Obi-Wan, who at first is there to be a familiar face for Luke after they leave Tatooine, but then becomes a good friend to Padme all over again and supports their reestablishing relationship, and even if he's not the focus he felt right to me. I loved that he didn't always agree with Padme, I loved the interaction he had with both her and Luke, how much he obviously cared for both of them, I loved every second of his relationship with Anakin in this fic. But, ultimately, this was Padme's fic and she's perfect here, she's so human and fragile in some ways, but so strong and like steel in other ways, just as she should be. Her dedication to the Rebellion, but also her absolute utter ache over the loss of Anakin, her hesitancy about not sure what she should do, but also that she knows what she wants, the way she had to work to rebuild her relationship with Luke, but it's so good when she does! ALL OF IT was so, so satisfying and a great read for anyone interested in these characters.

Holder of the Torch by SimplexityJane, padme & obi-wan & luke & leia, 4.1k
    Padmé Amidala has to make a life for herself and her children out of the ashes of her old world. It's a very good thing she's survived so many assassination attempts.
    I picked this up for the Obi-Wan & Padme interaction, but it's really more of a Padme piece and it's a few snippets in amongst the greater ROTS storyline and a Padme Lives storyline, as she raises her children in the Space Jewish way. It was a solid, interesting piece that was a good look at Padme's character and gave her more of what I wanted for her.

Circles by ambiguously, obi-wan/padme & luke & leia & anakin + past anakin/padme, 4.2k
    Padmé and Obi-Wan raise the twins together while hiding from the Empire.
    I will always love fics with this concept, especially when they're so beautifully done like this one is, where everything is so painful and bittersweet and yet there is still hope. This is primarily a Padme piece, how shattered she is by the events of ROTS, but manages to live through them here, the way her children are everything to her, the way Obi-Wan becomes so dear to her, the way they both share this absolutely aching loss of Anakin, that their relationship is never free from his ghost between them, even as they genuinely care about each other. It's just the right amounts of everything there. And it's a fascinating look at trying to keep her children from a Vader that knows he has a child, how they can all hide for only so long, how Luke and Leia are such strong personalities already, there's a great climax scene with so much hurt to go around for everyone, and it's just. A really, really fascinating Padme Lives AU, seeing what could have been in a different world, for better or worse.

lose me in the crowds at twighlight by philthestone, padme & han, 3.4k
    Padme could already see the headlines: "Distinguished Senator from Naboo disrupts pleasant upper-class dining environment by trying to buy the Corellian street urchin who was robbing her a sandwich."
    Oh, I loved this fic a lot, it's such a beautiful look at Padme's character, who is so kind and compassionate and diplomatic to everyone she meets, to everyone who deserves it, no matter who they are. It's pretty adorable to see her interacting with kidlet Han, who was absolutely darling, I loved it for the connection of it all, knowing how important he would be to her children one day, but also just because, oh, this was Padme and it was such a lovely look at her character and the little moments of her kindness, even when there's so much else going on in her life, she still absolutely has time for moments like this. A great read.

Sea Change by sevenofspade, obi-wan/padme & anakin, 3.9k
    Padmé Amidala is accompanied by Obi-Wan Kenobi to Naboo and Anakin Skywalker is the galaxy's worst detective.
    This is one of those fics that's a bit difficult to describe, where things are set up a little differently and so events (and relationships) unfold differently and it did have moments of needing more connecting pieces, but I found that I really enjoyed reading this as a Padme piece, I enjoyed it getting to see Obi-Wan and Padme develop a friendship, which did involve sex, but it's not love for either of them, which works for me. There are some fun Anakin moments as well, there's a lot of things that just seem to go a little better in this universe, and sometimes that's really nice to read! I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Resurrection by Lefaym, obi-wan/padme & cast, 1.1k
    It's hard to adapt to life as a dead woman. But not everyone sees her that way. Not quite.
    One of the best things about the May The 4th Be With You exchange this year is that there were some really interesting and engaging Padme fics to read, of which this was one, where she lived and went into hiding and it's just so bittersweet and heartwrenching for her. She can't do anything without too big of a risk, she has to stay back and always hide, always stay distant from her children and the man she loved and even her own name. It's not a long fic, it's just a handful of scenes, but it does a lovely job of showing how difficult this is for her, how deeply she mourns, and the connection between her and Obi-Wan, the loss that only the two of them share. This is exactly how I like their relationship and it was just right here.

recovery by dadcastellanos, obi-wan/padme, 1.8k
    Padmé survives the loss of Anakin and goes into hiding with Obi-Wan. Slowly, slowly, they make something of their new lives together.
    Oh, I really enjoyed this fic a lot, that Obi-Wan and Padme eventually manage to find some measure of peace and happiness together, that it takes them a long time to do so, that it's not this great, grand, huge passion, but a steady, slow love that binds them together, with Anakin's ghost almost lingering on the edges of the both of them. That's exactly how I ship them and I loved that this was just as much about Padme trying to cope, that she can't do it perfectly or all at once, she's still destroyed by the loss of Anakin, but eventually recovers into something like her old self. It's not a long fic, but you feel the passage of time, you feel the sorrow and loss just as much as the sparks of hope at the same time, which is just what Star Wars fic should be. This was really lovely.

counterpoise by spookykingdomstarlight, padme & obi-wan & luke & leia & cast, 6.1k
    Guilt stabs into Padmé’s chest, a rhythmic pain that keeps time with her pulse. Leia knows her father was a Jedi, that he loved her—would have loved her—and that he died fighting the Emperor before there was ever really such a thing as the Rebellion. It’s the truth. From a certain point of view. But that doesn’t stop doubt from coursing, ragged, through her veins.
    This round of May The 4th Be With You brought a lot of new Padme Lives AUs and I've enjoyed being able to snatch so many of them up, but I think this one might be my favorite yet. It's such a great look at her character, it aches for what she's lost and how it hurts every time she has to step aside to protect her children and protect the galaxy, how much it hurts for what she's lost and how she can't even bring herself to think Anakin's name most days, yet how she never entirely breaks, how she continues to love and survive and live. Her relationship with the various people around her, Obi-Wan and her children, are lovely and full of such compassion and care and sadness, that her children grow up to be brilliant each in their own ways, that Leia especially is such a mix of both parents, so many beautiful little details woven into the story here. It's a gorgeous read from start to finish, especially for the mother/daughter relationship that feels like it's everything they could have been. So, so lovely a read.

The Right Time by dreamiflame, obi-wan/padme, NSFW, 2.3k
    Padmé lives AU. While working together for the Rebellion, Padmé and Obi-Wan grow closer.
    I have a great love of Padme Lives AU fics and that's when I'm most interested in Obi-Wan/Padme and the complicated relationship that might have developed between them. While this is entirely focused on the pwp aspect, it's really just a quiet moment of them sharing a bath and finally acting on their pull towards each other, that it's about comfort and touching someone more than anything, about having something good after all the bad, so I found that I really liked this, both for the sex and for the quiet moment between the characters.

Leverage by venusmelody, padme & cast, 1.1k
    "Her children need her. That is true. And she can give them only one thing." Or, the real reason Padmé let go of life, and heartbreak was just a miniscule part.
    This was a lovely look at Padme's character and why she gave up on living at the end of ROTS, why it was a deliberate choice against what she personally wanted and why she thought it was the thing she had to do. It's a good read for her character, but also it helps to potentially take some of the sting out of what happened to her, how her story ended, to give her this choice being hers. I love a good Padme Lives AU, but at the end of the way we're still tied to the canon and this was a good look at what could have been going on with her character.

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