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Fire and Ice by Yesac, obi-wan & anakin + padme & luke & leia & cast, 111.9k
    Anakin wins the duel on Mustafar, but doesn't kill Obi-Wan. Along with Padme, Obi-Wan finds himself living in a chaotic world where the man he thought he knew has become the thing he swore to destroy. Can Anakin be turned back? If so, what then?
    This fic consumed me for the last few days because it's something I had no idea that I wanted as badly as I did. The first half of the fic is about Anakin won the duel at Mustafar but his need for Obi-Wan's affection means he keeps Obi-Wan prisoner in his apartments instead, along with Padme. The characterization is gorgeous, where Anakin is unstable and volatile and explodes at unpredictable times, all while you can feel how convinced he is that he's right, that if Obi-Wan and Padme would just listen to him, they would understand, if they would just stop fighting him, stop being angry with him, then things would be good again. Obi-Wan's careful interaction with Anakin, cut off from the Force as he is, strides the balance between not giving in, but not flinging himself into a suicidal confrontation, either. And Padme is this lovely, steady, solid presence that made me fall in love with her even more, that she's so kind and caring but she also cannot get past this.

The emotional beats of the story are spot on, so by the time that Anakin breaks apart (as you know he will) and things crumble for him and he frees himself from the Dark Side, the confrontation with Obi-Wan is the most emotionally satisfying thing I've read in ages, it was exactly what my id wanted while also being brilliantly written. The second half of the story is about Anakin's redemption, as well as being... okay, the fic is entirely gen, Obi-Wan sees Anakin as a brother/son and Anakin sees him as a brother/father figure, but frankly they run off to Tattoine to raise Luke and Leia together and they practically revolve around each other. It's Obi-Wan/Anakin without any kissing, so it works on a gen level or if you're interested in more for them, even if the author doesn't intend it.

The pacing is perfect, the characterizations are fantastic (oh, this Anakin is one I was so in love with, but let me tell you about the stars in my eyes every time Obi-Wan was on the page), the writing is smooth and utterly readable, I could just get lost in the fic so easily. I read this because I love this relationship, how they're the most important to each other in the entire universe along with Luke and Leia (who are fucking precious and absolutely perfectly used) and the struggle between what it means to be a Jedi versus what they find along the way, and the build-up to the explosive scenes and the resolution of them, all of it was engrossing as hell and this is one of my favorite things I've ever read.

Replaceable by amarielah, obi-wan/anakin, mildly nsfw, ~1k
    He buries hands of flesh in thick, auburn-colored hair. He knows this is a dream.
    Oh, my heart, this was both perfect and awful. Anakin's fury over everything as Vader, how much he hates, it's painful to watch, especially as he hates himselves just as much as anything. The way Anakin tortures himself with a dream of Obi-Wan who never loved him, who would so easily replace him, even as dream!Obi-Wan is fucking him, oh, it's such a perfect capturing of the giant emotional mess that is Anakin/Darth Vader and so gorgeously written.

trade your heroes for ghosts by victoria_p (musesfool), vader & ahsoka, 1.5k
    Vader presents Ahsoka with an ultimatum.
    I'm not sure whom my heart breaks for more here, Anakin or Ahsoka, because it's just painful all the way around, all the more so because there is still something there, even still in Vader, but they can never go back to how they used to be with each other. I love Ahsoka dearly and this fic does a beautiful job with her and her relationship with Anakin.

Names by Erisette, obi-wan & luke & leia, 3.8k
    He has held these children in his arms for five minutes, Padme's body is still warm on the medical table, and he rejects the Jedi's delusions and any denial of his attachment. (Obi-Wan raising the twins)
    Holy shit, I did not know I needed Obi-Wan raising Luke and Leia as badly as I did until I read this and it was just a straight goddamned shot to my heart. The differences, yet echoes of canon, the way so much changes and yet some things stay the same, the way Obi-Wan loves these last pieces of Anakin, but also loves them for themselves, the beautiful writing of the scenes as they grow up and begin to fight in this war, all of it. All of it. I loved all of it. I'd have read 100k of this and come back for more, even as satisfying as it is in just under 4k.

When Darkness Seems to Hide This Place by IllyanaA, obi-wan & anakin + ahsoka + cast, 30.4k wip
    After witnessing the most painful loss he's ever experienced and injured at the hands of his captors, Anakin is ready to die like the rest of the Jedi, though not before getting his vengeance.
    I picked up this fic on a whim, mostly because I'm always here for Obi-Wan and Anakin interaction along with ROTS AU fics, but I didn't expect to get something that I loved as much as I did here! I'm really, really enjoying the plot stuff as things are constantly happening, there's no real lagging, the few remaining Jedi have to constantly keep on the move and there's a bit of worldbuilding with the Temple they have to find and the new shit Sidious is unleashing on them and Force dreams/visions going on, but. Oh, man, where the fic really got me is in every scene Obi-Wan has with Anakin, that their entire world has been destroyed, that Anakin has been very badly wounded and a total mess, so Obi-Wan is all that's keeping him alive and even somewhat together.

There's a ton of Obi-Wan holding him while they blend their minds/Force presences together or when Anakin has a breakdown or when he's ready to throw himself away to help get Sidious off their backs and Obi-Wan absolutely refuses to lose Anakin, because he's basically all the reason Obi-Wan has to still get up in the morning, but done in a way that's perfect to Obi-Wan's character, as well as Anakin is such a goddamned mess, he's a wreck but he still keeps coming back, especially with Obi-Wan's help and god it's like. Plot and a straight shot to my id, blending the two things together, and then throwing Ahsoka in on top of it where she's great, I'm just. This was a joy to read and it doesn't matter that it's a WIP (it was updated recently, though!) because it's got so much good stuff in it already.

Custos by jedipati, obi-wan & anakin + background anakin/padme & luke & leia, 5.5k
    The Revenge of the Sith went very differently. Now, six years later, Obi-Wan Kenobi guards the Imperial Prince and Princess from hiding, hoping that he will never have to reveal himself. Because if he did- well, he tried never to think about it.
    You have no idea how hard I'm here for this set up! Where RotS went differently and Obi-Wan went into hiding but kept watch over Vader and his children and Padme anyway, how it's just the right amount of fucked up to go with the something still good in all of them. The awkwardness of seeing each other again with the perfect reveal, the perfect amount of how, yes, something clicks back into place again and is right. It's one of those fics that hit my id just right and so I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Like A Flame by Lizzen, anakin & ahsoka, 1k
    "You’ve got Order 66 on one train, you’ve got Ahsoka Tano on another. They’re speeding towards each other. At what point do they impact?"
    I am so, so into Anakin and Ahsoka's complicated relationship, so post-RotS where she seeks him out because what else is there for her? Oh, no, feelings and I really, really enjoyed this.

Path of Choice by UnknownFigment, obi-wan & mara & luke & owen/beru & cast, 45k wip
    Five years after RotS, Obi-Wan agrees to protect a young girl rescued from the Empire. Then protection becomes training, one student becomes two, and the galaxy is set on a different course.
    I'll warn ahead of time that this is a WIP, but it's really more of a slice of life kind of fic, where Obi-Wan takes on a young Mara Jade to raise, which affects the events of the story so that Luke comes into proper orbit sooner, and you get a ton of the good stuff in what's already here! Plus, it was recently-ish updated, so it's entirely likely that we'll still get more to come. But, honestly, I could have kissed this fic for doing what my heart was braced against: So often when I go into AU fics like this, unless I'm going for fic specifically geared towards it, the relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin gets entirely downplayed and it hurts my heart to think of any universe where they weren't best friends/brothers who loved each other. While the fic is absolutely not about that, it's about Obi-Wan raising Mara and training both her and Luke, you can feel in the background how deeply Obi-Wan's feeling about Anakin go. How much he loved (and probably still loves, underneath everything) that boy he trained.

It's a perfect amount, it's never directly said, you just feel it, in the way he moves and talks and interacts with Luke and Mara. But the heart of the fic is really on his relationships with them, as well as their relationship with each other, and I love love love that Luke/Mara feels like it's kind of there, but it's also kind of not because they have other shit going on and this universe is so much better for Mara, who will always be bruised around the edges, will always have sharp corners, but has learned to love and care and be loved in turn here. It's sort of fluffy, it's slice of life as the kids grow up, they have play dates together, they train together, they go on "missions" together, they learn the way of the Jedi, but also it's not really the same, they're a new generation that's their own thing. There's greater plot machinations happening in the background, they're being trained to take on the Emperor and Vader, but the heart is firmly on their growing up on Tattoine and it was such a delightful read, mixed in with just enough revelations (the scenes were Obi-Wan told Luke about Anakin!) and history of the galaxy to make it feel suitably Star Wars.

World Come Undone by crazyundeadfairy, obi-wan/anakin & luke + background anakin/padme, 68.3k wip
    Unexpected things happen when ObiWan takes Luke to Tatooine.
    Oh, lord, this fic. I cannot tell you how hard this fic grabbed me and would not let go until I finished it! There are a couple of caveats: The first two chapters are fairly slow, a lot of monologuing over things actually happening, but once Luke starts talking, it kicks into gear and doesn't let go. It's also a WIP and hasn't been updated in a few years, but the author has gone years between updates before, so you never know, but more importantly! You get so much of the good stuff in what's already here! So, while I would have loved to have had the rest of the fic, I'm genuinely content with what we had here as well, because let me tell you about my feelings on Obi-Wan raising Luke, who is this amazingly sweet little moppet that I was instantly in love with, as well as Anakin eventually finds out and tries to steal Luke away but gets in his own way too much and finds himself trapped in a situation that he's not sure how to get out of.

I was initially skimming ahead to just read the confrontation between Obi-Wan and Anakin when they saw each other again, just to see if the fic picked up, and found myself getting sucked in because the fic does a great job with each scene making me want to read the next and the next and the next, so I had to go back to my original place and then I just hungrily read the entire thing because Anakin wants to take Luke and kill Obi-Wan, but he can't because he wants Luke to love him and that won't happen if Luke knows he killed the only father he's ever known, yet Anakin still burns that Obi-Wan has taken Luke, despite that Obi-Wan has always talked about Anakin to Luke, always told him stories, and Luke can already feel that there's still love there, no matter how much anger and hate is held onto, sometimes on both sides, after all that's happened.

It's one of those fics where they're forced to be semi-civil to each other again, but underneath is all this emotional tension and hurt that made my fannish heart absolutely ache while reading it, yet was delicious candy at the same time because it hit my id perfectly. Getting well-written fic that does justice to the iddy concept it has is such a rare treat in fandom and I love this fic for doing that for me! It's one of those situations that I would dream up without trying to properly justify it in my head just because I wanted it, but the fic actually sold me on it and doesn't shortchance that Anakin is full of rage and hates Obi-Wan, even as you feel how much of it is borne out of still loving him.

Obi-Wan is fantastic, he's so steady and solid, but that doesn't mean he's passive or without his own anger on Anakin's actions, even as he's still willing to try to help him again. And Anakin feels so right to me, that he's not there yet, he's not doing any of this for the right reasons, his love for Luke is still selfish and obsessive, but there's hope in him and you can see the sparks of maybe something still good in there. And I'm labeling this as Obi-Wan/Anakin because the author has written slash fic for them before and the relationship is very central to the story, even if there's no kissing, and Anakin's relationship with Padme is very important and I just really, really was hit spot on by this fic, okay. So good.

Second Chances by Driverpicksthemooseic (Ratkinzluver33), obi-wan/anakin & han/luke & leia + cast, de-aged fic, 106.3k wip
    Leia wasn't convinced inviting evil incarnate to join them in fighting the Empire was exactly one of Obi-Wan's brightest ideas.
    This is a delightful cracky fic where, mid-ANH, the Force decides to de-age Obi-Wan and Anakin by about twenty years and then Anakin decides to defect to the Alliance and be a scary over-protective helicopter parent when he finds out Luke and Leia are his kids and also oh yeah falls totally in love with Obi-Wan. And then more characters from The Clone Wars and Rebels are pulled in, the plot goes off in its own direction, and it's this fun, easy to read fic that I just sailed through! It's very long, but it's focused on a fairly large cast of characters (though not so large that you can't keep track, especially since they're all characters you're invested in already) that's about the greater web of connections between the SW characters. I picked it up for the Obi-Wan/Anakin ship, which is actually a relatively small part of the overall story, it's really more a group fic about how Vader defecting to the Alliance changes a lot of things, and it's about Anakin angsting a whole lot about trying to balance himself and his emotions and not always doing a stellar job of it, it's about the people he's hurt along the way and how some are able to be won over, but others take a much longer time.

I read practically the whole thing in a single day, that's how easy it was to sail through, and it's one of those delightfully tropey fics where I'm just so here for de-aging fic (why is there not more in fandom?? I want it!!) and it was nice to have a longfic to sink my teeth into again! It's one of those stories that really hits a person's id if you're into this kind of thing and I am definitely in fandom to read about helicopter parent Anakin Skywalker who's practically the same physical age as his kids. :D :D :D

Choices by NoahWrites, anakin & ahsoka & obi-wan & cast, 1.7k
    Ahsoka is asked back after Barriss confesses and makes a decision that will change everything.
    This was an interesting short piece, where Ahsoka doesn't leave the Jedi Order, though, the summary is misleading--it doesn't actually change hardly anything at all, aside from Ahsoka taking Obi-Wan's place basically. But I found that I enjoyed it in that light a lot! Because so much of what happened with Anakin makes sense to me as something that the Force was pushing forward, so even if the details changed, the end result is the same, and this fic did a lovely job with that.

Everything You Wanted by obaona, obi-wan & anakin + background anakin/padme, 11.3k
    A RotS AU. Anakin is now Emperor and has captured ObiWan. But things are never that simple ...
    This was a lovely and painful AU that was a straight shot to my heart, where Obi-Wan is captured by Vader and imprisoned, but Anakin cannot stay away, no matter how much he tries to hate Obi-Wan, there's part of him that's still desperate for Obi-Wan's approval and help to understand what's going on with him. The way he has all this physical power and is genuinely terrifying because he has no control, of himself or of anything, not really, is spot on, just as Obi-Wan cannot be crushed by him, even when cut off from the Force or physically weakened. The careful balance between anger/hate and love--for both Obi-Wan and Anakin--after everything that's happened, that those things are so very terrible and yet it cannot erase that there is still such intense love underneath that, as well as the final confrontation, it just got at my feelings, so I read this entire thing with my fannish heart in my throat it felt like. It's painful, but so very worth it in exactly the way it was meant to be.

Salvage by SharpestRose, obi-wan & anakin & luke & padme & shmi & qui-gon, 4.6k
    Obi-Wan thought he'd seen the worst of what Anakin was capable of. Obi-Wan's not entirely right about that.
    This was an intriguing piece about a pretty horrible future that's... not entirely out of the realm of what Vader would have done, if he could have. It make sense, that Anakin has always wanted the people he loves around him more than he's wanted power for its own sake, even as the two of them have become entirely entwined with each other now, how you can see that he thinks he's doing the right thing, that he's doing something good, when in reality it's pretty horrible. I really enjoyed this piece for the conversations Obi-Wan has with various people, the sense of wrongness under the calm (at least until all hell breaks loose) and quiet horror at Anakin's actions are both really well done. And, as always, it hurts all the more because Anakin was so loved and to see him rotten to the core like this hurts my heart.

who cares about your lonely heart by Elenothar, anakin/padme + obi-wan/anakin/padme + cast, wingfic, ace!obi-wan, 28.2k
    After the Battle for Coruscant, Obi-Wan has wings, a Sith Lord to handle, and a former Padawan who's still not following a code of conduct for the Jedi. Facing the Sith Lord might be the easy part.
    WINGFIC. GIMME. This was just one excellent roll around in the trope of wingfic that I enjoyed from start to finish because it happily embraced that the fic clearly enjoyed giving Obi-Wan wings and how beautiful they were, but also it was entirely about getting Palpatine out of the way so that the three of them, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme, could take a much deserved break and actually figure themselves out. It was also a joyful reveling in the developing OT3, that Obi-Wan is really not great at talking about feelings, that Anakin just leaks feelings everywhere and loves both of these people so very much, and Padme is the sensible one who helps bind the three of them together.

For all that there's plot here, it's also sort of slice of life, where there's no real rush to anything and it made the fic (and the relationship) feel like a bit of a slower burn, for all that it took place over a rather short period of time. It didn't drag things out, but neither did it skim over the parts that I wanted to read about, the figuring out of the relationship, how it went from Anakin/Padme to Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme, especially with Obi-Wan being ace (but not aro) and yet that it works for them. Then there's the wings, the burn marks to the wings, the way Obi-Wan eventually wraps those wings around the two people he loves, the way they all three crawl into bed together or watch a movie when one of them has a nightmare or two of them fall asleep on the sofa together or just all other sorts of domesticity that balance out the angst, in a way that's really well done and gave me a ton of feelings.

Take Me Away From Myself by dirkygoodness, obi-wan/anakin, 14.3k wip
    Obi-Wan can't leave Anakin to burn on Mustafar, but taking him and fleeing might not have been the best idea either. Anakin struggles between himself, between Vader and Anakin, all the while Obi-Wan tries to keep Anakin out of Palpatine's hands.
    I am so very into this set-up, where Obi-Wan picks Anakin up after the fight on Mustafar and runs off with him, because he can't leave Anakin to die, even if he doesn't really have a plan about what he will do yet. I am super here for ROTS AUs and this is one I've never seen done before and I want like 100k of this, especially angry confrontations and Anakin being the world's biggest bag of dicks but unable to do anything because he's lost most of his limbs and he's cut off from the Force and Obi-Wan is trying to get through to him and just oh man give me it. So far there's really only been one conversation between the two of them, most of the rest of it is set-up or Obi-Wan working on regrouping, but as it goes along, I expect there will be more direct action and I'm already hooked, I need more of AUs like this, especially if the author is going to have a whole bunch of Anakin whump and Obi-Wan having to gently pick him up and carry him places because he keeps hurling himself off tables and beds. I am really, really here for this.

Tumbling Star Wars by esama, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & padme, 4.9k
    Various Star Wars snippets. Some crossovers.
    These are two separate fics and I loved both of them dearly and would have read 100k for each of them, even as they stand well enough as snippets on their own! The first one is a time travel fic that, oh, just absolutely punched me in the feelings over Obi-Wan's life and how much he loses post-ROTS, but also the chance he has for things to be different when he wakes up again! It's one of those that I really would have loved more of it, but am happy with what there is, the little moments that were worked in, how much he cares deeply about Luke and Leia already, the moments he spends with Anakin and you can feel all the undercurrents there, even as they're simple moments, the way his younger self looks at him and the determination he has that his younger self won't have the same future as him. It might have been short, but it was a great piece for Obi-Wan! The second is an AU of ROTS, where Anakin doesn't turn in quite the same way and so instead sneaks off at the end and the Republic is left cleaning up the mess, and this one is much more of a moment of what would be a fascinating larger AU but ahhhh it captured my imagination so well that I loved it dearly. Both are such great concepts with really neat execution that I heartily enjoyed them both.

Back Drifting by puts foot in mouth, obi-wan & anakin, de-aged!obi-wan, 20.4k wip
    After falling on Mustafar, Obi-Wan awakens to the dubious reality of being trapped in the cloned body of his child self, and now has to cope with the reversed father/son relationship fostered upon him by the new Sith Lord.Darth Vader redemption story.
    Holy shit, this fic did a number on me like you wouldn't believe. I'll warn ahead of time that it's a WIP and hasn't been updated in years, it probably never will be, but I still think it's worth reading, if you go in knowing that ahead of time, just... good lord what I wouldn't do for another 100k of this to work out all their issues. I never realized that I needed a de-aged Obi-Wan (well, adult Obi-Wan's consciousness put into a cloned body, so he also has to deal with a six year old's lingering impulses) with Vader being just so unstable but desperately needing Obi-Wan in his life, the way he's dangerous and prone to violence and you never know how he's going to react, to Obi-Wan being in a body that can't fight back, to deal with Vader thinking they can be a family, that he can be the father this time, that he'll show Obi-Wan what they could have been.

The fic does a marvelous job of balancing that this is wrong wrong wrong and Anakin has no idea what he's doing, with how there's still something of the Light in him. It does a marvelous job of keeping Obi-Wan's resolution and strong personality, that he's heartbroken and angry, that this is not at all right, yet part of me really wanted it to work out eventually. I admit, it's a little too much tell-rather-than-show in the beginning, but once Vader grabs hold of Obi-Wan to fly them off Kamino, the fic settles into gear and it absolutely captured my imagination, for the way he would settle Obi-Wan on his lap or smack the back of his head when he was talking back or picking him up to cart him off. I loved it because it said so much about Anakin, how he was trying so hard to be the one in power here, to be the father, but it never quite worked the way he wanted it, that he was the one still desperate for Obi-Wan's affection. I am always, always here for that, it's just a bonus when it comes with wee kidlet!Obi-Wan cuteness.

Disjointed by Ha_neul, obi-wan/anakin & luke, 2.1k
    Returning to Tatooine to erase his past, Vader reunites with his old lover and their son.
    This is just a short snippet of a thing, where Obi-Wan is looking over an injured child Luke when Vader stumbles over the two of them and it goes about as you expect and not at all like you'd expect. I'm 100% a sucker for Obi-Wan and Vader having to have something of a maybe kinda truce, to work together for some reason, and while this fic is about the moment that they agree to that, about everything that they used to have together, both of them and Padme, it's one of those that could capture your imagination about where things might go from here.

Of Swimming and Silliness by amomda, obi-wan & anakin & luke & leia & padme + background pairings, 1.2k
    It was hard for Anakin to believe that Luke and Leia's third life day was here already. As the family gathers on Naboo to celebrate, Anakin and Obi-Wan keep the twins entertained by taking them swimming on the lake.
    This was pure fluff and I really wanted exactly that when I picked this one up. Anakin stays in the light, he gets to raise his kids with Padme, Obi-Wan is there with them as part of the family, and they're at the beach and everything is cute and fluffy and adorable and precious, that's it, that's all I wanted and that's everything I got. It wasn't long, but it didn't need to be, just a slice of something warm and sweet.

Take Seven by Bablefishmouse, obi-wan/anakin/padme (eventual?) & ahsoka & ventress & rex, time travel, 7.3k wip
    Luke had succeeded. The Empire had fallen. Vader was redeemed, at least in the eyes of the force. All was well. But the cost had been high, too high. As Obi-Wan faded from existence he wished to be able to fix it, to change all that. And someone answered. Sent back in time with his family to the last few months of the Clone Wars now they must desperately try to prevent the destruction of the republic, the obliteration of the Jedi order, and the rise of a Sith Empire. All in a few months, while sorting out who they are, what makes them family, and do they really deserve to be here.
    I think what caught my attention here--other than the Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme tag, which I'm always here for, along with time travel fics are my weakness in this fandom--is that more than one person has gone through the timeline before. In fact, almost all of them remember! I never knew how much I wanted that scenario until I had it here, where they all have to sit down and discuss what they're going to do, what each of them remembers, etc. I don't think I've seen that done anywhere else, and now suddenly I want like a dozen fics with this premise and I want to see where this one is going and I'm definitely enjoying it so far!

In the Embers by lovelykenobi, obi-wan/anakin/padme, ~1k
    In the Embers, or: a look into the universe where Anakin never meets his fate, and never tempts the Dark Side, but instead finds love between his heart and two others. This is where he finds happiness.
    This was short, BUT I NEEDED IT, OKAY. It's an AU where Anakin turns away from the moments that pulled him to the Dark Side, where Obi-Wan and Padme are both with him, where he trusts them and they go with him when they leave the Jedi and their lives behind, when they have just nothing but happiness in the home they create away from everything, with their children. It's not meant to be more than a bird's eye view of things, but it made me feel better and that's the important thing.

? Passion, Wit & Bravery, True Love & Duty by truthtruthlie, obi-wan/satine & cast, 1k
    It had been seventeen years since Obi-Wan Kenobi’s death at the hands of his troopers on Utapau.
    I really enjoyed this look at how Obi-Wan's life could have gone differently after ROTS, that he could have gone off to marry Satine, to have a different life for those not quite two decades, that it wasn't perfect or easy or even necessarily soft (because they still clashes, they were still strongly opinionated people, because the galaxy was still in trouble, because Obi-Wan's ghosts still haunted him, because dealing with all of those emotions wasn't easy, the edge of anger for so many of those years was perfect here), but still the idea of what maybe might have been did my heart good, even as it was yet another bittersweet at best path for these characters, as it should be with Star Wars.

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