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remember when we cried into the night by Elenothar, obi-wan & leia, 4.1k
    The story of a princess and the last of the Jedi in three acts.
    I did not know how much I needed Obi-Wan & Leia interaction in my life until this fic came along and was astoundingly perfect, but now I need it. And yet I don't, because this is exactly what I would have wished for. It's not life-changing for either of them, but it's important, when Bail sends Leia to visit Obi-Wan on Tatooine for a few days and they're both beautifully in character, I love how there's such sadness about this universe, and yet Obi-Wan is still who he is, there's still that same sense of humor and that patient way he has, even as there's a storm there in him, too. Also, yes, of course he's an utterly filthy cheater at cards even though you'll never be able to prove it. And Leia is so headstrong and so smart, but so human and caring, she has this core of steel, but she's also thoughtful and listens and is just generally a younger version of Leia that I recognize. The few days they spend together, then the brief meeting later, it doesn't have to be huge or epic to strike at my feelings the way it did, it just meant something and that was gorgeous.

Sibling Revelry by frodogenic, anakin & luke & leia & cast & ocs, 25.5k
    After Bespin and before Endor, Darth Vader is shocked to discover that Luke and Leia are twins. He's even more shocked when Imperial Intelligence reports that Organa and Skywalker are, erm, a tad closer than previously suspected.
    This was totally cute and fun! After Bespin, one of Vader's underlings accidentally finds out that Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa are siblings, which sets off a chain of events where Vader's trying to find his children and warn them that maybe they shouldn't get involved with each other, but Luke's not ready to deal with him and the Rebellion's not going to let Vader anywhere near enough to deliver his message, and so a spy is sent to break them up and it goes exactly how you think it's going to go. It's cracky, but deliberately so and just wholly embraces that it's a humorous romp and has all this charm and charisma to it, it's delightful to see Luke and Leia plotting together, it's delightful to see Vader losing his goddamned mind (and every single time that voice that sounds suspiciously like Obi-Wan Kenobi pops up with commentary in the back of Vader's head, it's EVEN MORE of a delight), and I just had such a great, fun time reading this!

Not Placid Stars But Singularities by iceplanet, anakin & cast (obi-wan & luminara & ahsoka & darth plagueis), 6.2k
    In the weeks after Mustafar, Vader must come to terms with his new body and the remnants of his past. In the process, he has a few conversations that he does not expect.
    This was a heartbreaking but beautifully written piece about Anakin in the weeks just after Mustafar, the fic capturing the sense of so much pain and suffering but almost in an understated way, in an almost numb sort of way. The pain is there, the prosthetics Vader is fitted with hurting because Sidious would hardly want him comfortable, because Vader hardly cares much about himself anymore, the sense of loss just this giant maw that can never be bridged anymore. As he makes his way through the Jedi temple to clear out everything, getting it ready to be Sidious' new palace, conversations Anakin Skywalker had come flitting back to him, each one building up the tension a little more, until he snaps when he remembers a conversation with Obi-Wan. Oh, my heart hurt for this trash lord who brought this on himself, who I wanted to shake when he just keeps walking this path, when he won't leave it, when he just digs himself in further when meeting the spectre of Darth Plagueis at the end. Lovely and heartbreaking, as this time period always is.

Father's Heart by FernWithy, anakin & leia & ocs, 38.8k
    During Princess Leia's teenage years, she discovers a friend in an unlikely -- and disturbing -- person: Lord Vader.
    This is an excellently written Vader & Leia fic, it's the best I've found in the fandom for their interaction before they know who they are to each other, it's absolutely everything I wanted from a fic like this! It's gorgeously characterized, the fic really does a lovely job with Leia's character, her passion and fire, as she grows up from a pre-teen to a teenager who has to decide what path she wants to walk in life, but it's also a fic that understands Darth Vader, that writes him perfectly, both stand-alone and in context of the relationship he has with her. I loved that the fic pulled off their interactions, why they would gravitate to each other, someone like Darth Vader and the young princess of Alderaan, without making it seem forced or weird. I believed that they would be nudged together by chance or maybe the Force, it doesn't really need explaining, it's the perfect blend of him almost being a bit fatherly towards her with that they're slowly falling onto opposite political sides.

There are some non-canon elements (Leia's mother was Sache here, instead of Breha) but I found that I didn't mind because the spirit of the story was still intact, it's still a fantastic read for both of these characters and how you can see the parallels between father and daughter, despite that they know nothing of their deeper connection to each other. This is a story about something like friendship between them, but not quite, it's a story about Leia growing up and becoming the person she was meant to be, it's about Darth Vader and what he's trying to accomplish, how he looks at the galaxy and how he both is and isn't a monster, which the fic does so very well. This is it, this is the Vader & Leia fic I've been searching for and it was so lovely to read.

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