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watch me stumble over and over + i never liked the quiet before by QueenWithABeeThrone, anakin & kylo & luke & leia & han, 4k
    "You tried," says Leia, flatly, when Anakin shows up to tell her of his efforts after telling Luke, "to hit my son on the head." or: Anakin Skywalker during The Force Awakens, the not-completely-serious edition.
    You know what I need a ton of? Fic that makes me laugh, that makes the movies just a little easier to bear, especially all the pain these characters have to live through. Anakin's Force ghost tries to kick Ben back onto the right path, but it's still Anakin, so it goes about as well as expected, then you add in Han's ghost and it's totally silly but also totally great. I needed the laughs, but it's also sweet at the right moments, they're all a family and sure they're super fucked up, but they're also full of love and I totally would read a dozen more of these fics!

strike me down by Merricat_Blackwood, kylo ren & han & obi-wan & others, 6.2k wip
    wounded by his loss and haunted by an old foe, Kylo Ren deals with the fact that his father is dead, but not gone.
    Obi-Wan's Force ghost haunts Ben Solo and then drags Han Solo along to haunt him as well and it's just... a great digging into the angst of Kylo Ren's character, just how hard he tries to ignore the light inside himself and to deny that Ben Solo still exists. It's everything I wanted after walking out of the theater, it's everything I love about this emo trash child that I love so much, because he's such a child in his view and yet the fic doesn't shy away from that he's doing legitimately horrible things, it really satisfied me for how determined he is to walk this path, how angry he is, without being too over the top about how ridiculous he is. The two chapters (at the time I read it) captured the feeling of the character from the movie, exploring the struggle in him that I'm still super hungry for. I absolutely want morrrrrre of this one.

Visiting Hours by TheDarknessFactor, rey & poe & finn & leia & kylo, 6.6k
    They all have their ways of recovering. Rey uses her hands to build and repair. Poe flies away from his dreams. Kylo Ren sits in a cell and tries to ignore the woman who calls herself his mother. Post-TFA, AU.
    I didn't know I needed this AU so badly until I got it. Where Kylo Ren is taken back by the Resitance and everyone just tries to keep moving after everything that's happened. The amount of tension here, the sheer weight on all of these characters, is beautifully done, it's so heavy but without being melodramatic, it fits with the movie itself. The scenes between Leia and Kylo are absolutely perfect, but so is absolutely everything with Rey as she figures out where she's going next and she's just so very Rey. It's a look at the moments in between the bigger events, the aftermath and the slow beginnings of whatever comes next, and it's so very, very satisfying for that.

Pretty Good: 5 Times Han Solo Came Home by Dorasolo, han & everyone, 2.3k
    Han knows that his life is flashing before his eyes and he lets it, lost in memories, hopefully just the good ones. His brain starts playing tricks on him, unspooling like a highlight reel of days gone by from an ancient holofilm. He is 65 years old and he feels every beat of every dance he’s done with death over his life, too many to count, blood pounding through his veins.
    Another bittersweet piece about the moments in Han's life over the last thirty years, contributing to how I felt like... Han's story had an arc, it felt like a good ending point, it felt narratively satisfying, and this helped further flesh out the details, helped to show that there were so many good moments that mad everything worthwhile, even when there's so much heartache in the canon itself. Fluff and angst side by side, both worth reading for.

Lucky by cyaneidae, kylo ren & everyone, 1.3k
    5 times people tell Ben Solo how lucky he is, and 1 time he actually believes it.
    This is one of those fics that I've been itching to read--just little snippets of his life growing up and a good future for Ben. The ways he was born into a lucky life, the way it built an anger in him, and how he eventually came around. It's very short, I'd have loved to have seen it expanded more, but this is definitely the vein of fic I'm looking for in the fandom, bless.

heroes and fools (heroes are fools) by cywscross, han/leia & kylo ren & ocs & everyone, 4.1k
    Han Solo doesn’t die. Instead, he wakes up in medical with his wife beside him and his long-lost daughter’s voice still echoing in his head.
    I didn't think I would need much OC fic in this fandom, at least not this soon, but I was intrigued by this fic and I wound up really adoring what the author did with it. A sister to Ben, one that was loved but overshadowed by just how much presence Ben took up in their parents' lives, who left to find herself, and everything is... difficult and a little bitter/resentful/awkward but also so much love and I liked this OC and the relationships she had with the people around her. It helps that it's a bit of a fix-it, just a little, and that both Solo children are brilliant and complicated, the characterization of Han and Leia was great, and this fits together with the canon really well. I'd absolutely read more from this universe!

Try Another Day by nymja, rey & kylo ren + luke + snoke, 3.8k
    A meeting between two disciples of the Force.
    Oh, I loved this so much. I'm never quite sure how to articulate what I want from fic that deals with Rey and Kylo, but this fic really hit on whatever it is. There's a connection there, one that's both good and bad, it gets across that there's something there, but it's not really easily labeled, that this isn't about a pairing and not really precisely about family (though, Kylo's family is obviously deeply ingrained in him), but some other Force-drawn connection that works so well. There's so much anger at her and, oh, Rey, standing up in the face of that, determination to stay on her path, the incredibly solidity of her character, how difficult this for her at times, but she stays on her path, it's all just gorgeous.

where the current and the heavens collide by plinys, kylo ren & force ghosts, 2k
    Five ghosts that visit Ben Solo, and one that cannot.
    I want so many Force ghosts stories, even if they break my heart like this one did. Each little scene is heartbreaking in its own way, as little Ben Solo grows up and winds his way down the path to Kylo Ren. These people he doesn't really know, some trying to help him and some not trying to help him, are all lovely to read, but that last one is just a real kicker and gave me so many ouchy feelings.

left me blind by ZeGabz, kylo ren & rey & luke & poe & finn, 14.5k
    A scavenger turned Jedi and the Sith acolyte desperate to surpass her in power. Theirs is a tale of tragedy, darkness, and family. Their stories are the same. The endings have yet to be written.
    This is a series of four fics that I'm recommending together (despite that I loved them all enough to have recommended them separately) that look at the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren, that look at her journey to becoming a Jedi, and it's all wonderfully written. I could hardly tear myself away from the series until I'd finished it, especially the gorgeously tense meetings between Rey and Kylo over the years, the heartbreak of seeing what they could have been like if things hadn't gone to shit, the balance between family and enemies. Rey finding her way, finding her family, that it's never easy, her father and her cousin are such intense presences, but she's more than a match for those presences, and I just. Really, really loved this series.

Keep Trying by nymja, luke & kylo ren, ~1k
    The first training session between Master and student.
    SO MUCH CUTE. I never knew how badly I wanted bb!Ben beginning his training with Luke so badly, not until I read this and just fucking melted over the whole thing. So goddamned precious.

legacy by apricots, kylo ren & han/leia & luke, 14.4k
    Two questions followed him his entire life: What is wrong with him? Why is he like this?
    I was a little wary that this fic would end up woobifying or justifying Kylo Ren's atrocious actions because of his horrible childhood with uncontrollable Force sensitivity and how he couldn't stop the terrible things from flooding into him as a child, but I honestly didn't get the sense that the fic was saying what he became was justified or okay. It definitely piled on the angst and showed that Ben Solo was failed by a lot of people, but using that to show what a monster he became and not try to soften the edges of that, was absolutely worth the read. It's an ouchy piece, but I have Ben Solo feelings and this fic knew exactly how to get at them, by piling on the physical and emotional whump like it was going out of style, which I ate up like delicious candy.

Generational mistakes by owlet, leia & kylo ren & rey & luke & cast, 17k
    With all the loss Leia Organa had known, she did not expect to feel to completely gutted by the sight of her son in chains.
    I feel like, yes, this is the fic I have been waiting for ever since I saw the movie. Ben Solo comes home and it's not easy and there's so much hurt and anger and pain wrapped up in him, but it's hopeful at the same time, it's balanced between not being too easy but not breaking my heart along the way, either. The fic is centered on Leia, so of course it's also centered around her relationship with her son, but I got such a strong, solid presence of her character here, even beyond her relationship with Ben and it was so, so good to read for this character that I've loved for so long. The other characters (like Luke and Rey especially) are there as well, even if we don't see those scenes as much, that it takes all of them to start putting things back together again. But where the fic really shone for me was in the way it didn't shy away from how much hurt there is for everyone here, that these are complicated characters all the way around, that mistakes were made but in the way I believed for each of the characters.

I'm so hungry for "Ben Solo comes home" fic, but it can't be easy, it can't be other people's fault too much, but neither can it be inexplicable what happened to him, I desperately want it to balance the new characters with the old characters, and this fic achieved all of that. It achieved it and maybe made me mist up once or twice during the emotional parts because I could feel the absolute weight of all their grief, it was such a solid hit to my feelings place that, yes, this is everything I wanted. It's redemption for Ben Solo in the way my heart wants and my head will accept, which is not an easy thing to do, but this did it.

a light beckons home by todreaminscarlet, luke & rey & kylo ren & leia & snoke, 6k
    It ends in flashes of light, and in the wreckage, hope is found. // or, the final battle between the dark and the light, and the immediate fall out
    Oh no feelings. This was a bittersweet look at a possible final showdown with Snoke, between him and Rey and Kylo Ren and Luke, one that felt like I could believe it would go this direction in canon, especially with the gains/losses that happen here. That's what SW is for me often times--it's not all dark, but there's always loss to go with the victory. I got swept up in this one, just as I was supposed to and basically just had a lot of feelings about it.

Second Chance by rollingturtle, leia & rey, 1.2k
    "Leia braids/styles Rey's hair for her (because if that flashback was any indication, Rey's been wearing the same style of updo for years). Rey absolutely melts under the gentle touch, so Leia starts finding excuses to pamper Rey and give her those little comforts." - SWKinkMeme
    I am absolutely here for more Leia and Rey interaction, whether they're related or it's only hinted at or not or whatever. Just that someone touches Rey gently and with care, just to braid her hair or comfort her, in that way that Rey probably never had nearly enough of, so that she builds yet another good connection in her life. Seeing that happen with Leia, especially after all Leia has lost and how isolated she could have become, but still keeps reaching out, oh, it does many things to my fannish heart.

To be a Good Dad by Yunagirlamy, han/leia & ben solo & anakin & luke, 7.7k
    Han takes his son, Ben, on a trip with him on the Millennium Falcon. Things start off well, but then Han puts the ship on autopilot so he and Ben can get some rest. Ben can't sleep, though... and things just go downhill from there.
    I am starving for pre-TFA fic with bb!Ben and his parents, so I snatched this one up to find something that was really, really cute, with Anakin never having gone Dark Side, so their family is much more domestic and it's fluffier, but in that way that I really wanted. Especially because little Ben is still a bit of a terror, he still throws tantrums and trashes things and explodes in a nasty way, but he's a little kid and maybe this universe might be different for him. So, it was this really solid combination of domestic fluff (GIVE ME ALL OF IT) with how Ben still felt like Ben to me and that's all I can ask of fic.

the voices speak too loud by todreaminscarlet, ben solo & han/leia & luke, 2.5k
    Ben honestly can’t remember a time when the voices didn’t rattle in his brain. OR, Snoke speaks to Ben early, and the voices grow increasingly harder to ignore.
    Another pre-TFA fic where Ben hears voices through the Force in his head, ones that slowly manipulate him in ways that he's vulernable to, that isolate him from his family by making him suspicious of them, by encouraging his worst traits, by preying on a kid who is weak to him. And it's a lovely fic in the way that everyone really is trying, there's no villains in here except the obvious one, but you can see exactly where this is all going, and it's sad to watch.

disturbance by Merricat_Blackwood, han/leia & ben solo, 2k
    “I was scared, Dad,” he says in a confessing tone, as though even at four he feels he shouldn't be afraid, that he should somehow be bigger and better than all the things that scare him.
    Yes, give me all the pre-TFA fic that doesn't 100% break my heart. Just. Like. 50% breaks my heart. Wee little bb!Ben having nightmares and his dad comforting him in the middle of the night, talking to him about things, and making it better and it's lovely for that, it was wonderful and sweet, but then you remember that it's not going to be enough and nothing is ever not sad again. Just as it should be.

Stars to Guide You Home by Sholio, rey & luke & finn & poe, 3.6k
    Rey gets migraines. Back in the desert she used to just put up with them.
    I enjoyed this one a lot, too! Rey with terrible headaches that she soldiers on through, I love the balance of her being an iron woobie but in a way that's not overly dramatic, it just felt like Rey to me. All the more so because she's such a solidly good person who is ready to make emotional connections and she actually does lean into those when the chance comes up, making me love her all the more.

Programmed Through by reserve, general hux/kylo ren, NSFW, 3.5k
    For the first time, Hux wishes he were a larger man.
    I had sat sort of on the fence about this pairing for awhile--I liked the art, but I wasn't really sold on it until I read this fic. It hit my buttons just exactly the way I wanted it to: Messy and angry and spoiled Kylo Ren and strict but intelligent General Hux, it's this blend of something maybe not horrible with all the ways they irritate each other, yet there's also a pull there. And also the sex, not quite hatesex, but not gentle either, was super hot, making this just... well, this is a terrible rec, but it's absolutely the fic I was looking for and, shit, now I'm onboard.

Ten Times General Hux Could Not Kriffing Believe He Was Fucking that Undisciplined Skywalker Scum by matchsticks_p (matchsticks), general hux/kylo ren & poe & finn & snoke & leia, humor, 2.4k
    General Hux has workplace issues. Meaningless sex does not help solve them.
    This was the second Hux/Kylo fic I read and it was the perfect follow up punch to my resolve, because it was just joyfully funny to me. Every time Kylo is such a spoiled brat and Hux has to deal with trying not to show how furious it makes him that this little shit is spoiled and, no, fucking him isn't helping, I just cackled all over again. If you want to win me over to a ship, make me laugh and this fic achieved that in spades. Especially the final scene. What I wouldn't give for what happened next.

untitled by anonymous, general hux/kylo ren & han & finn & rey, NSFW, 2.2k
    Ren has gone missing. Hux is at his wits’ end. Reports from officers are sounding more and more absurd: he hears of fast-approaching X-wings. A force-sensitive girls traipsing around the base. And now apparently a rebellion general has infiltrated their ranks and a wild Wookie is skulking about, ripping off people’s arms.
    Oh my god, I was in tears by the end of this fic because it's so hilarious and perfect. The absolute, utter quality of being so fucking done that Hux is, the way everyone around him is absolutely batshit, especially Kylo Ren, who sits on his lap and rides his dick after being found, then everyone else (of the good guys) comes in, including Kylo's father, who is trying to be supportive, meanwhile Kylo is absolutely losing his shit about everything, and oh no I'm cackling again just thinking about it. The fic has beautiful comedic timing, it has some lines in it that made me have to pause in my reading to just laugh, and look just. This is everything I want in fic, okay.

Empty Touch by EmpiresofExtimacy, general hux/kylo ren, NSFW, 1k
    General Hux is a disciplinarian. He is exact, demands precision of his Stormtroopers just as from every officer under his command. It is stunning in a way Kylo knows he should not entertain.
    I am pretty much here for dubcon porn with these two and that is exactly what this fic gave me. It's not really nice, but it's something they both want, even as they intensely dislike each other, and porn where it's just this side of hatefucking is delicious candy to me.

cliff's edge by captainphasma, general hux/kylo ren, 1k
    First, there's hatred. Then, something else. It's almost discernible amidst the cold words and cutting remarks.
    This is a short piece, snippets of scenes spread across the time from when they're introduced up to canon, the tension between them, the complicated and twisty pull that's there, and that's exactly what I'm after with this pairing.

A Chill in the Cosmos by mechafly, general hux/kylo ren & leia, 6.4k wip
    Hux and Kylo Ren's shuttle is captured trying to escape the destruction of Starkiller planet. They are taken, alive, to the heart of the Resistance. There, the pair must put aside their mutual loathing and stay alive by convincing the Resistance that they're star-crossed lovers who have abandoned the First Order.
    Yessssss, I am weak to fake dating tropes and I am forever hungry for Ben being forced back to his family, so this combines the best of both worlds. The fic is only just getting started, but it's pretty joyful for me so far and it's got its hooks into me and I am eagerly awaiting each new update!

Choose, You Don't Wanna Lose, You're On My Radar by citizenjess (givehimonemore), general hux/kylo ren, matt the radar technician, NSFW, 1.6k
    Matt the Radar Technician has a corrective meeting with General Hux.
    Fandom running with the SNL skit is always a delight, but then this fic adds in some nicely satisfying porn and so I was entirely happy to read it, especially for how kind of fucked up in a fun way they were.

Of Soft Things and Light by swankypickle, general hux/kylo ren, NSFW, 1k
    Hux is grey walls and tight, impersonal air, but Kylo is the type of cold that burns.
    I enjoyed this one for the mix of porn and characterization, that Hux is softer with him in order to be that much harder on him, that they could kill each other is an undercurrent of the whole thing, that the entire thing is fucked up in the way I like.

worlds to conquer by zamwessell (greencarnation), general hux/kylo ren, NSFW, 2.4k
    PWP. Kylo Ren reveals that he's a virgin just before that was about to change. A slightly insecure Hux makes some adjustments. There may be feelings?
    Oh, no. Awkward virgin Kylo Ren who is super insecure and needy, while Hux is so annoyed but maybe might have a soft spot for him, no, don't do this to me. Except I am totally delighted by this fic, especially with the super satisfying porn, thank you.

in the right measure by robokittens, general hux/kylo ren, NSFW, 1.7k
    Fucking Kylo Ren is an exercise in patience.
    I am also super, super here for Hux slowly, slowly taking Kylo apart by opening him up and then stopping any time Kylo moves or makes a noise, to force him into better control of himself, and then Hux being an absolute bastard about it. It's a super tasty mix of fucked up porn and whatever it is that this hate fucking between them satisfies. So good for me.

A Proper Education by Coolguyreiner (luciferswhiteloafers), general hux/kylo ren, NSFW, 3.1k
    Once Kylo has burned himself out on traditional training methods, he seeks out General Hux to help him relieve some of his tension. The good General can always be counted upon to provide a rigorous course of study. PWP.
    Another fic where Hux and Kylo have something of a dom/sub relationship, where it works to rein Kylo back in, even with all that power he has, he's still such a mess that he needs to be taken in hand, which Hux's order and precision gives him. Add in some very nice porn to the mix and I really enjoyed this one, it was pwp but did a lot for me with their relationship dynamics right along with the smut.

Through A Cat's Eyes by Sath, general hux/kylo ren, 2k
    Millicent the cat, as the most important person in Hux's life, relates all that really matters about Hux and that horrible interloper, Kylo Ren.
    DELIGHTFUL. From the pov of Millicent the cat, which takes a deft hand to make work, the balance between humorous touches (the things cats do/how they see the world) with the underlying Hux/Kylo relationship is struck in exactly the way I wanted. I love how annoyed or put-upon everything in this fic is, how the Kylux dynamic shines through even the cat's eyes, and it's just hilarious and a great read.

reyes by Elizabeth (anghraine), ben solo & han/leia & luke, 6.6k
    A young Ben Organa comes to terms with his family's legacy.
    Ben learning about Alderaan and bits and pieces of everything that happened with it and how difficult that is to explain to a child, but everyone is trying really hard and they do manage to explain a lot of it, but more than that they show how much they love Ben and how much a part of their family he is. The fic balances all the painful, horrible things that have happened (or will happen) in this universe with the good moments, the time Ben spends with his parents or with Uncle Luke, the adorableness of them working on speeder together or Leia shoving her kid over to crawl into the bed with him after he's had a nightmare. It doesn't forget where all of this is ultimately going, though, so it made a really satisfying read for me and I tore through the whole thing despite that I was supposed to have been sleeping at the time. I'm definitely ready for more of this one!

BB-Gate by ignitesthestars, nymja, jessika/rey & finn & poe & luke & leia & obi-wan & anakin & general hux & kylo ren & bb-8, 5.1k
    Jessika and Rey attempt to solve one of the galaxy's greatest mysteries: was BB-8 giving a thumb's up or the middle finger?
    This was a delight! I couldn't stop smiling the entire way through it, it has such a light-hearted touch and is genuinely funny, I enjoyed the side each person took in the argument about whether BB-8 was giving a thumbs up or a middle finger. I love how many characters got involved in it, from the TFA characters to the OT characters to the PT characters even, as many people as the fic could cram in there reasonaly, it did, and it was just hilarious for it. A total charmer that I loved!

green in the galaxy by the_dala, rey & han + finn/rey + luke, 1.4k
    "Family. I don't even know what that means." "Sure you do." Han visits Rey aboard the Falcon.
    Ahhhh, I love this a whole lot, I love that Rey dreams of Han, that she doesn't know if it's really him or just her imagination, I love that it doesn't really matter, because it's about Rey trying to deal with everything from the film and more, dealing with learning about her family. I love how sweet the Finn/Rey moments are, I love how there's such hurt in Rey after all she's been through, but she's also so good and how there's just... still so much of an epic journey in front of her still. I loved all of this.

A Thousand Words for Water by victoria_p (musesfool), rey & luke & chewbacca & finn & poe & jessika & leia, 2.9k
    Chewie howls something that translates to, "Just throw her in and hope she floats," and Artoo trills in disapproval of that strategy. "She's a Jedi," Chewie replies. "She'll be fine."
    This was a lovely look at Rey's character, as well as her relationship with water on various worlds. I really enjoyed both the look at Rey (who I always want explore more!) as well as the sense of all the traveling and all the worlds out there. But also just I will read so many fics about desert babies and their relationship with water!

But All The Thorns Remain. by Lanna Michaels (lannamichaels), luke & leia & han & kylo ren, 3.1k
    Ben Organa died during the destruction of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy. Ten years later, a man arrives on Coruscant, claiming to be Leia Organa's son.
    When I picked this fic up, I wasn't sure if it was going to be an AU or canon-compliant or what (it's canon-compliant), but I was intrigued and, oh, it was an absolutely lovely story. It's centered on Leia, told from her POV, about the losses she's faced in her life and what it would mean to get them back and how she knows that it wouldn't be the same, that it doesn't work that way, nothing does. It's beautifully understated when it comes to her pain, because she's such a strong person and keeps moving forward, even as she's entirely human, and I would have loved it just for Leia alone. But it was such an interesting look at how Kylo Ren could have come about, how he could have been used, and the fic really didn't pull its punches, even as it offered a little tiny crumb of hope, which was perfect for a Star Wars fic. This was really, really good and I'm so glad I read it!

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