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- Studio 60 - Day One by perpet_fic - I will say upfront that I do not mind the idea of Danny/Matt, but I find it difficult to make work and will likely find it frequently jarring. If I could have dropped the slash out of this fic, I probably would have. That said, the writing is so sharp and the dialogue so damn snappy that I fell in love with the author's writing and would probably read just about anything she wrote. From the first scene, hell, the first line (well, two lines), I was completely sold: He skims through the coming week’s rough script, pats himself down, pulls out a lighter, and torches the whole thing. The glares from Ron and Ricky only make it sweeter. “Let’s try this again.” He sees them reach for their legal pads. “We’re using flash paper until you monkeys churn out Hamlet.” It's an excellent bit of additional 'footage' from Danny and Matt's first day back at the job, I really didn't have any trouble picturing it and it was a treat to read. (Some Danny/Matt.)

- Studio 60 - Don't You Know That You're Paid To Be Funny by minervacat - As I've mentioned before, I'm not against the idea of Danny/Matt slash per se, but neither am I in that particular place yet. So when a fic comes along that's mostly only vague implications if you squint, I'm okay with that and it doesn't distract me terribly. The writing of this piece is very solid, dealing with the depth of the characters and the friendship between the characters, all while having sparkling dialogue. I liked the POV from Matt's character, I could definitely see these thoughts roiling around in his head, I didn't have any trouble picturing the scene unfold in my head. Very solid and enjoyable. (Some Matt/Danny if you squint.)

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