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- Studio 60/Sports Night - Five things that happen during the week Dan and Casey guest-host Studio 60 by scrunchy - I really didn't expect to be reading Studio60 fic. But there was a link for a Studio60 crossover fic with Sports Night and I was just so not going to be able to resist that particular one-two punch. And this was just so... fun, entertaining, and a really good fit between the two series. It helps, of course, that they're both Sorkin shows, so the tones would be similar, but the author really was very creative and intelligent about putting the two of them together. She was really good at giving those little moments of insight and emotion to both casts, both of touching drama and moments of bright humor. It's just... a really neat way to start off my Studio60 fic reading. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Studio 60 - Five Things (x2) by scrunchy - Two sets of those "five things" type of stories that I really have fun with. The first is five things that Matt suddenly likes about Harriet now that they're no longer together, which totally strode that line between shipping and the relationship being over that I'm walking, because I'm not sure I want them together or not, so this just sort of played right into that for me. Also, they're five things I really could see Matt thinking about her. The second is just squee-worthy, the idea of Jon Stewart hosting the show and the way the whole cast reacts to him and it's just eeeeee! It would totally go just like that, the cast would react to him just like that. Number one is especially true omg. ♥ (A little Matt/Harriet in the first one, but. Mostly gen.)

- Studio 60 - clock on the wall by estrella30 - I know that fandom as a whole will probably make too much out of the clock. But, damn, when it's just ripe with potential, how could they not? I like that this fic didn't quite demonize the clock so much as... use it in the way the show did. This was a very nice post-second episode piece that I could see fitting smoothly in between the frames of canon, the reactions to their first show being on the air, the board being empty again, waiting for the numbers, the thing with Matt and Harriet, and the friendship between Matt and Danny, all the stuff between them... this fic got it all into under 800 words and wrapped it up with that neat little bow of fabulous dialogue in the tone of the original material. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Studio 60 - That Damn Clock by freedomfry - Okay, now we're going to bring on the Evil Clock stories and I am totally looking forward to those. This fic was so sharp and fabulous because of the way it had become a Thing in Matt's mind, every bit of potential that that moment when he looked at it in the second episode and stared at it for a beat too long and Danny knew that he would endow it with special powers and, YES, this fic capitalizes on it beautifully. Never pushing one angle too much, this fic is perfectly paced, all those different ways that Matt loses time to that evil, evil clock on the wall and, asd;fljkasdfl;kjasldfasldjf, holy crap, funny and terrifying and sympathetic and annoying all at the same time! Brilliant! (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Studio 60 - Chronomentrophobia by trollprincess - I'm amazed that there have been three fics about the clock and yet none of them have felt like they were covering the entirely same ground, each one of them has their own little spin on things. And this was... this was... just... it shouldn't have worked. If you'd explained it to me ahead of time, I probably would have thought it was cute but kinda silly/forced. Actually reading it... there's this sense of fun about it, the author totally knowing she's being kinda silly, and it just absolutely makes it work. Also, trollprincess' dialogue is fabulous here, there are a few lines that still crack me up, even several hours later after I read this. This was great. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Studio 60 - Kismet by Sally R - I'm a little surprised at how much fic Studio60 is getting already... and yet not that surprised. I've been enjoying reading the fic so far, it's attracting a lot of talented authors, and this one was a fun little way to start out the night. It's set just after the first episode, when Matt is still doped up on painkillers and Danny's giving him a ride home and it's just... fun and had strong dialogue. There were a handful of lines that particularily jumped out at me, especially the bit about the 700 Club. A good start for the night, totally. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Studio 60 - Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks by bexatious - I still love fics about the clock. Especially fics that have Matt going completely and absolutely crazy in that way that was practically screaming to get out from the moment he first saw that clock. The impressive thing--well, one of the impressive things--is the way that he's clearly loopy on painkillers yet so completely in character, the way he's kinda going out of his mind, but Danny manages to help reel him back in (because that's the fabulous thing about their friendship) by the end, just by talking with him. That part of the fic actually works, makes me love their friendship all the more. But the truly impressive thing? The dialogue. The spot-on, insanely funny, brilliant dialogue. It's the kind that's not just in character but also shows little insights into the characters, the way Danny kind of has to laugh at Matt being ridiculous about the clock and Matt... oh, Matt. Matt vs the clock is a brilliant, beautiful thing. It's a gorgeous blend of humor and something more meaningful/touching, much like the show itself. I merely wish I could have written a better rec for it. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Studio 60 - Meeting The Constituents by Sam Vimes - More Studio 60 fic that I enjoyed! Sometimes I wonder if I'm not watching the show just so I can read the fic, because... it's not that the fic is better than the show so much as it is... a really satisfying addition to watching the show? This fic is more of that, more of those cute little moments between shows where the rest of the cast screws around with Matt and Danny in that friendly/funny way that makes them so much fun. The little touches with the bumper sticker for President/Vice President that the crew works up, the way Matt tends to get way too up inside his own head with that kind of thing and gets in a tizzy, even the way Jordan was in the fic, all of it was the fun, cute little thing. :D (No warings/pairings.)

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