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- Studio 60 - Other Things the Road to Hell is Paved With by severuslovesme - Despite that Studio60 fic has generally been pretty high quality from what I've read so far, I'm still wary of people writing the Jack/Jordan pairing because it's still such a fragile thing for me and I wasn't sure that it would come across well in fic. But, holy christ, am I glad I read this fic because it's gorgeous and everything the pairing should be. The way you see the characters through the eyes of the rest of the cast, the way everyone can see something there, the way the author shows the attraction through those sharp, snarky comments, the arguements the two of them have, it's all just gorgeous. It's messy and complicated and angry and hot and gorgeously told through various POVs and I cannot recommend this fic highly enough. (Jack/Jordan, light R content maybe.)

- Studio 60 - Win the Battle by severuslovesme - He analyzes the substance of her comment and discards it. What strikes him is the way she says his name. Jack. Like she's defining him, like she knows him and understands him. It might be described as one of her charms. Where perfect!Jordan makes me a little wary in the show, in this author's hands, the way Jack doesn't particularily like the perfection of Jordan McDeere, yet there's still that hot hot chemistry between them, it comes across as absolutely smokin'. The banter, the kiss, the verbal sparring, the victory and defeat of the battle but not the war, all wrapped up in lovely, snappy dialogue that has a crystal clear image in my head. Yeah. I think I went from "Maybe OTP" to "HOLY SHIT YES OTP" with this pairing after reading these fics. (Jack/Jordan.)

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