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- Studio 60 - Five Things (x2) by scrunchy - Two sets of those "five things" type of stories that I really have fun with. The first is five things that Matt suddenly likes about Harriet now that they're no longer together, which totally strode that line between shipping and the relationship being over that I'm walking, because I'm not sure I want them together or not, so this just sort of played right into that for me. Also, they're five things I really could see Matt thinking about her. The second is just squee-worthy, the idea of Jon Stewart hosting the show and the way the whole cast reacts to him and it's just eeeeee! It would totally go just like that, the cast would react to him just like that. Number one is especially true omg. ♥ (A little Matt/Harriet in the first one, but. Mostly gen.)

- Studio 60 - in my heart, one hundred times by hobviously - I've been waiting for there to be some Matt/Harriet fic because I could never quite decide if I actively shipped them or just liked them on the show. Reading this fic, I think I'm slipping a little more towards active shiping, there was just something so... hazy, almost surreal and dream-like about this piece, a fog of "Percocet and Vicodin and Neurontin and sleep dep" that permeates the whole thing in just the way it should. (Matt/Harriet.)

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