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    Messy but really kinda pretty Warrior of Light.
    Onion Knight and Terra, super cute and nicely detailed!
    Warrior of Light and Terra, also nice amount of detail and pretty style.
    Pretty Bartz image, the consistency of the detail is terrific.
    Gorgeous Sephiroth image with beautiful use of silvers and greens.
    More gorgeous Terra art, I love her clothes especially.
    Cute Cloud and Tidus with pretty light colors.
    Sephiroth and Cloud in soft grays, I especially love their eyes.
    The lines of this Cloud image are fantasticly solid and strong, he looks really good.
    Terra image with lovely soft colors and she is so cute.
    Gorgeous detail and color on this Sephiroth and Cloud image. *__*
    Sephiroth again, the shiny colors and solid lines are fantastic.
    Chibi group image, which is super cute.
    Beautiful silvers and purples with this Sephiroth image.
    Amazing detail on this Zidane and Kuja.
    Pretty Cecil image.
    Adorable Squall, Bartz, and Zidane image, which I am growing increasingly fond of.
    Squall poster-style image with some really pretty colors.
    Cloud giving Bartz a piggy back ride which is nicely detailed and super cute.
    Another nicely detailed Zidane image.
    Cute Terra image.
    Squall and Onion Knight, not a lot of color but really cute.
    Gorgeously done Warrior of Light, the details are fantastic. Same for this one.
    Cloud image that's really solid and pretty.
    Beautiful colors on this Squall image, there's something about it that I really like.
    Gorgeously done Cecil image with pretty blues and whites.
    Another gorgeously done Warrior of Light with amazing details. And yet another one.
    Pretty b&w Cloud image with a startling shade of blue for his eyes.
    Adorably cracky and cute Sephiroth and Cloud, all smiley and happy.
    Cloud and Zidane, very nicely detailed and pretty.
    Super cute Cloud and Zidane close-up.
    Sephiroth with a rough style but I really like it.
    I really like the b&w + highlighted use of color in this Sephiroth image.
    SUPER CUTE Terra and Moogle on a Chocobo, so adorable!
    Pretty Tidus image with nice detail.
    Terra and Onion Knight almost chibi-esque and really cute details to it.
    More beautifully done Sephiroth with chibi Sephiroth. <3
    Still more adorable and pretty chibis.
    Beautifully colored Cecil and Firion
    Really pretty blues and whites and purples of this Cecil image.
    Cute image of the Onion Knight.
    There's really kind of some fantastic detail on this Onion Knight image.
    Same for this Firion image, it has some really fantastic detail on it.
    Pretty colors with this Bartz image.
    Super cute Terra and Onion Knight again.
    I really like the shades of blue in this Sephiroth vs Cloud image.
    Amazing Jecht image.
    There's some amazing detail on this Ultimecia one as well.
    Oh, christ, Japan is going to make me ship Terra and Onion Knight, aren't they?
    Another pretty Squall image.
    Squall leaning on Bartz is kind of great.
    Squall being totally thrilled to give Bartz a piggyback ride is still hilarious, yes.
    Cloud/Cloud, I think? It's pretty at any rate.
    Omg, little bitty Sephiroth clinging to little bitty Cloud, why so cute?
    .....yeah, Cloud in a dress (with Terra also in a dress) is still great to me.
    Also a little rough, but I really like this sketch of Squall.
    Bartz is a little scraped up, but still with a huge grin.
    Squall with a gray lion draped over his shoulder, very nice.
    High school AU with the 589 trio? Do want.
    Well, there's also pretty Squall/Cloud in high school uniforms, too.
    Very cute image of Tidus.
    Cecil and Squall. Not a combination I would have thought up, but it's good.
    Squall doesn't know these idiots even in the high school AU.
    Onion Knight, Tidus, and Zidane... sitting on the side of gym class, I'm guessing?
    Beautiful image of Firion and Bartz, wow.
    Rather pretty image of Squall and Firion.
    Another pretty Squall image, those are always welcome.
    I love this artist's take on Squall especially but her Zidane is nice, too.
    Several characters from the heroes side, I really like the colors of this.
    Another one of several of the heroes done in prettypretty lines and colors.
    Oh, hey, finally! 589 art on tegaki!
    Zidane and Tidus being cute with paintbrushes.
    Squall and Bartz sitting on a stone ledge together.
    Image of Cloud, Squall, Zidane, and Tidus that's really nice.
    Squall pressing a kiss to the crown of Tidus' head was nice.

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