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    Gorgeous Dino, current and TYL.
    Hibari this time, really solid amount of detail, nice. And another with even more detail.
    Dino and Hibari as chibi bees should not be this cute and yet.
    Hibari faces, surprisingly well detailed.
    More Dino and Hibari chibs, super cute.
    Dino/Hibari, cafes and cupcakes themed and really pretty.
    Gorgeous Byakuran and Shouichi, both with the colors and details.
    Cute KHR chibis.
    Fantasy-style KHR characters.
    Mukuro with really nice details and kitties!
    Mid-action pose Dino image.
    Dino and Hibari cowboys? DO WANT.
    Pretty Mukuro and Chrome.
    Maifa boss Tsuna, the background is kind of fantastic.
    Mukuro image that is really solid, I love how pretty this is.
    Beautiful Hibari and I-Pin in Chinese clothing.
    Tsuna in Dying Will Mode , very pretty.
    Xanxus image with some really nice black and red colors.
    Really cool Squalo cover-style image.
    Tsuna with Xanxus in the background.
    Yamamoto and Squalo in that same rough but with pretty colors style.
    Byakuran image that I liked.
    Adorable Tsuna with chibis spilling all over his lap.
    Gorgeous use of yellows and blacks with this Dino/Hibari image.
    I love the almost glossy feeling to this Dino/Hibari image as well.
    Adorable pre-teen group Vongola image.
    Another hot Dino/Hibari with an almost-kiss this time.
    I know I probably shouldn't, but I kind of love this Dino with baby Hibari.
    Omfg, smoking hot Dino with glasses.
    Dino and Hibari tied together with red string, I always love that.
    Glossy, shiny Dino and Hibari with glasses, gorgeous coloring on this.
    Dino and Hibari phone call comic.
    Amazingly sharp Byakuran image.
    Gorgeously done Lal Mirch and baby Colonello.
    Various mafia bosses group image, it just looks really cool.
    Dino and Hibari at sunset (sunrise?) on a rooftop, I like the style of it.
    Super cute Mukuro and Chrome.
    Gokudera that is so cute I can hardly stand it.
    Another Dying Will Tsuna, I like the almost messy quality of it.
    Awww! Adorable Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto trio image!
    Yamamoto and doggy are so cute I could just explode from it.
    Dying Will Tsuna in his underpants again. XD
    Gokudera and Uri, both of them super cute.
    Current and TYL Gokudera, I think I might be a little taken with this artist's work.
    There's a really fantastic use of reds in this Yamamoto image.
    There's some amazing detail on this gorgeous one of Dino and Hibari in kimono.
    Chinese clothing and baby I-Pin? Yes plz.
    Serious faced Gokudera with glasses and gorgeous green eyes, this is why I love fanart.
    Beautifully done Hibari image, I really like the colors. Ditto for this one of Hibari as well.
    Gokudera flopped over a giant Uri.
    The vivid colors of this Gokudera image are amazing.
    Pretty Dino/Hibari again.
    Gold dog and black cat, hee. ♥
    Not going to be for everyone, but I was kind of charmed by this Lisa Frank-esque D18 image.
    Mukuro leaning on Chrome, very pretty.
    Really pretty Chrome image.
    Another pretty Mukuro/Chrome with great use of purples.
    Chrome and Nagi, very pretty.
    Dino and Hibari semi-chibi cuteness.
    Dino/Hibari hug with soft, light, airy colors.
    Gorgeously colored older Lambo.

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