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One Piece - Group:
    Shanks and Luffy piling onto Ace, who is totally thrilled right along with the both of them, really.
    The Whitebeard pirates with cake is kind of delightful.
    The Strawhats in various fusion outfits which are totally cute.
    The Strawhats again in highschool clothes and with cellphones--so cute!
    Zoro and Sanji and Chopper all in cowboy-themed outfits.
    Fantastic group image and I really loved all the clothes on every one of them.
    The monster trio in their Strongworld clothes and looking hot again.

One Piece - Luffy:
    Cute image of Luffy from Strongworld.
    Luffy from Strongworld and looking intense as hell.
    Sketch of a surprised Luffy that's also really nicely done.

One Piece - Ace:
    Really nicely done Ace image with a nosebleed; the lines of this are really good.
    Black & white image of Ace taking off his hat.
    Ace with his fist on fire and this is a nice little image.
    Determined Ace who's got his fire flaring up around him.
    Kidlet Ace in this black & white image is just too adorable.
    Another black & white image where he's just so damn hot, Aaaaaace!

One Piece - Zoro:
    Zoro in a warm coat and he looks really nice here.
    Black & white Zoro image from Strongworld that looks hot, too.
    Zoro in a suit with a sharp expression is really hot, too, mm.
    Zoro with sharp lines where he looks nicely intense again.

One Piece - Nami:
    Adorable Nami image with her Strongworld outfit.
    Beautiful image of Nami in a black dress with a flower in her hair.

One Piece - Sanji:
    Sanji in a black suit with white undershirt and glasses looks nice.
    Battered Sanji looking serious is really hot, too.
    Sanji in a cowboy outfit is kind of really neat.
    Sanji in pink and black with an unreadable expression is nice, too.
    Various outfits for Sanji--including a Chinese dress and a loose sweater and glasses and more--are kind of fantastic.
    Sanji looking over his shoulder is really kind of a hot image.
    Black & white Sanji in a cowboy at and smiling.
    Sanji with a pink shirt and black vest again, which looks really good on him.
    Nicely drawn image of Sanji in a green shirt and gray vest.
    An image of Sanji with his shirt half undone is lovely, too.
    Sanji in black & white that's really kinda hot.
    Sanji and chocolates for last year's Valentine's Day.

One Piece - Other character:
    Ivankov in (mostly) b&w and, man, I am kind of totally enjoy art of her.
    Beautiful image of Hancock with some fantastic detail and surprisingly sharp lines.
    Cute image of Vivi with some nice pale blues for her hair.
    This Lucci image is pretty awesome, even if I still think he can just go DIAF already.
    All the different colors on this image of Aokiji are really kinda (ha ha) cool.
    Another beautifully done image of Aokiji by this artist.
    Yeah, he can still go DIAF, but this image of Lucci is also really good.
    Another one from this artist of Trafalgar Law this time.
    Crocodile image that I couldn't resist linking, despite that I'm still not real fond of him, either.
    Vivi's dancing outfit has some really lovely details on it.

One Piece - Luffy/Nami:
    Nami pulling on Luffy's face which is kind of awesome.
    Nami hugging Luffy in a really super adorable way, aww!
    Luffy giving Nami a piggyback ride while she holds a drink up for him, both in their Strongworld clothes.
    Nami pulling on Luffy's face again which is still really damn cute.
    The two of them in doggy costumes which is also really, really freaking cute.
    Luffy and Nami chibis and I'm really kind of impressed and the smoothness of the lines. And how cute it is!
    More chibis of Luffy and Nami as she sleeps against his shoulder and he snores away.
    Still more chibis of them, this time with the most adorable scarves ever.
    More chibis, where Nami has Luffy's hat and won't give it back--this is really cute.

One Piece - Ace/Luffy:
    Multiple scenes with the brothers and it's kind of amazing how much detail there is in this.
    Luffy giving Ace a hug that just flings himself at Ace, which warms my heart.
    The lineart of this image is really fantastically done and, oh, the Ace/Luffy hug is wonderful.
    Ace and Luffy are all happy smiles in this black & white image.
    Ace and baby Luffy, also with Garp and Tsuru-chan, and it's the responses that really make this one.
    Luffy feeding Ace for Valentine's Day, who has this great blissful expression on his face.
    The brothers in a hug that's really cute here, too.
    Both of them in modern clothes and smiling so brightly, it's so cute.
    Another fantastic image of Luffy and Ace hugging and smiling hugely.
    Another Valentine's Day image with Luffy stuffing his face and Ace smiling at him.
    Ace hugging Luffy from behind as Luffy sits in his lap, which is adorable.
    More Valentine's Day art with them both stuffing their faces with chocolate.
    Standing side by side, facing away from us, this one looks really cool.
    Black & white image of the brothers hugging, eating, and drinking. And smiling hugely.
    Ace and Luffy in coats and scarves wrapped around them and Ace is pressing a kiss against Luffy and d'awww.
    The brothers side by side, both of them ready to fight.
    Ace giving Luffy a hug as they're both battered, bruised, and tearful. My heart.
    Both of them as kidlets with a giant pirate king coat draped over their heads--so cute!
    Halloween art for Luffy and Ace, with pumpkins and doggy tails and ears.
    Ace with kidlet Luffy when they were both younger and d'aww is it cute.
    Another awesome image of the brothers ready to fight side by side.
    Luffy wearing Ace's hat while Ace leans over him.
    Ace ruffling Luffy's hair and I'm really fond of the artist's shiny colors.
    Fighting side by side again, which is the kind of art I doubt I'm going to get tired of any time soon.

One Piece - Zoro/Sanji:
    High school AU for Valentine's Day, with Zoro and Sanji? Yes plz.
    Zoro and Sanji sharing chocolate for Valentine's Day.
    I'm weak to this kind of thing, the two of them in modern clothes and holding hands. Shut up.
    Nicely done Sanji image where Zoro's hand is reaching towards the back of his head.
    Both of them smoking is kind of hot, too.
    Zoro and Sanji in the bath together is kind of hilarious, even aside from Chopper being there.
    Another high school AU with Zoro and Sanji where they both look really good.
    Sanji in an animal hood while Zoro looks like "wtf" at him, is cute.
    Zoro feeding Sanji and I might have gone "...." over this image, but it's got such pretty colors to it!
    It's also the responses to this ZoSan comic that is adorable.
    Zoro hugging Sanji from behind with some really beautiful colors.
    Sanji and Zoro sitting next to each other and I really like this artist's style.
    The lineart here, as Zoro pulls Sanji back, is really nicely done.
    Devil horns Zoro leaning into Sanji's back and then the comments with the rest of the story is kind of great.
    Oh, this almost kiss with Zoro and Sanji is nice, too.
    Zoro and Sanji in cowboy outfits is kind of really neat, too.
    Black & white image of Zoro and Sanji in black suits.
    I'm weak to high school uniforms, like the ones in this black & white image.
    The clean, simple lines on this image are nice to see sometimes, too.
    In each other's faces and still being snarly, as they are wont to do.
    Almost kiss image that's nice to see this kind of thing sometimes, too.
    Sanji tying Zoro's tie when he wears a suit and, yes, I am totally weak to this kind of thing.
    Dressed in black and white and sharing food is kind of hot, too.
    Sanji leaning on Zoro's shoulder while Zoro puts a hand on his head. You all shut up.
    Zoro pushing Sanji up against the wall and pinning him there while pulling his tie off with his teeth? Japan likes me.
    The two of them in close together and Zoro's hand on Sanji's head and cranky look are kind of awesome.
    Zoro's arm around Sanji in this image is kind of nice.

One Piece - Other pairings & duos:
    HOMG Kidlet Ace getting a shoulder ride from Roger and, homg, my heart.
    Ace and Rouge this time and, GOD, MY HEART, and that was before I got to the responses.
    Rouge with baby Ace is a wonderful image, too.
    Sanji and Chopper in tiger outfits and, holy crap, they are so freaking cute.
    Viv and Nami shopping is totally an adorable girly image!
    I can't say this would have occurred to me, but this image of Trafalgar Law/Bonney is kind of really neat.
    The uses of red, black, and tan on this Mihawk/Hanock image is really nice.
    Eustass Kidd and Bonney is another odd pairing, but this image looks really cool.
    Eustass Kidd and Trafalgar Law image that has some really surprisingly good detail on it.
    What I like about this Zoro/Nami image is the really bright, almost glowing colors of their hair.
    Roger kissing Rouge's temple and, holy shit, I would read a whole lot of fic for these two.

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