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    Manaril placing a crown of flowers on Sophia's hair, cute.
    Cute, sweet, and simple Lathilda that I really liked.
    Asad with some solid lineart.
    FANTASTIC Ramin image, seriously one of the best ones on the site.
    Another super fantastic Ramin fanart, I love the use of swords here.
    A bit more sketch-like this time, but the lines of this Ramin piece are still fantastic.
    Another really lovely Lathida, which is seriously raising my interest in her.
    Cute, solidly done Nhazu.
    Autor and Chien, SO ADORABLE, I love both of them tons and this is great to see!
    Really solid lineart and the flat colors work for this Minen image.
    It might be a bit rough around the edges, but this Liu image has some really solid lineart going on.
    I really like the color highlights in this Manaril image.
    Another fantastic Ramin image, the o_o expression is great.
    Minen again, solidly done. And another one.
    Another pretty Lathilda.
    Nicely done b&w Taj, whom I've seen surprisingly little of so far.
    Lycia with some nice detail.
    Chrodechild that's not too bad at all.
    I-- I have to admit, I have a growing fondness for Ramin images like this one. And this one, too.
    Meruvis sketch that I really liked.
    Cute Liu image, the clothes are surprisingly well detailed.
    THIS is why I hit up the tegaki images, for Chrodechild and Fredegund images that look amazing.
    Tierkreis girls and again the flat colors work really nicely here.
    Fantastic Mubal and Manaril, which I also have a growing fondness for.
    What made me cave on this image was the surprisingly good detail on Liu's clothes.
    Sphiel and the hero, pretty pretty colors and really solidly done.
    Buches that has some sharp lines that I liked.
    Citro Village characters and some great lines on it.
    Another nice Ramin image, light and airy colors. And another one.
    Adorable hero asleep and just about drooling on himself.
    Tsaubern and Buchse, I-- I could learn to ship that.
    Buchse with nice lines to it.
    Cute Minen image.
    Roberto and the hero back to back.
    Various expressions on the hero's face, some really nice lines here.
    Liu image with nice, clean, slick lines that I liked.
    Cute group image with the Citro Village characters.
    Chibi Liu on a broom is really, really cute.
    Nicely done Conon image, his face and hair are especially good.
    Luo-Tao and Liu that is really well done.
    I love the sharp lines of this image of the hero, the use of flat colors is nice.
    Cute Liu image with some nice detail.
    Roberto image that's really nicely done.
    Tsaubern and Buchse with some very pretty lines and colors.
    Cute hero image while staring at the sky.
    Roberto with very blue eyes and almost a cel-style image.
    Adorable Liu image with some fantastic details on it. Same for this one.
    Hero image with his updated clothes.
    Jale eating and it's really nicely done.
    Hina and Xebec being very cute.
    Tsaubern clasping Buchse's hands with a really cute style.
    Liu image with minimal color, mostly on his hair, which is really nice.
    B&w Jale and hero with a yellow background.
    Liu and the hero with some nice detail.
    Pretty Felecca image and I really like the way her clothes look.
    Liu image with pretty greens and yellows. Same with this one of him, too.
    Mubal and Manaril adorableness.
    Beautiful lineart on this Nhazu image.
    Liu image with nice use of seagreen shades.
    Liu, Jale, and hero that's pretty cute.
    Atrie and hero in nice black, white, and reds.
    Liu and Jale that kinda reminds me of the cover of the game, which I really liked.
    Luvais image that's nicely done.
    Semi-chibi group image of the chibi Citro Village characters.
    Liu and hero image that's cute.
    Another pretty Asad in the desert image.
    Manaril b&w lineart that's really cute.
    Hey! Yovel art that's actually pretty nice!
    Luo-Tao sitting on a tree stump, I like the detail on his clothes and tattoos.
    Ramin cuteness, his light, light blue hair contrasts nicely against the gray.
    Lathilda with pretty yellows and purples.
    B&w Liu image that's really nicely detailed.
    The three pirate siblings, a little too much red for me, but very nice.
    I'm just really fond of Yula's eyes here.
    Yovel and Morrin, I almost never see art of those two together.
    Two part Fredegund and Chrodechild prettiness!
    Amazing Ramin close-up.
    Cute Liu image with bright colors.
    Hero and Nhazu in mid-battle.
    Solidly done Roberto image.
    It's the comics on this Liu one that really sort of made it for me.
    Chrodechild pulling Fredegund close. *beams*
    Luo-Tao holding Liu up and sure it's cute but also: lol.
    Hero weilding dual swords.
    Asad weilding a broom, really fantastic and bright colors.
    Luo-Tao giving Liu a piggy back ride and asdl;kfjaslkj my OTP senses are going into overdrive, crap.
    Luo-Tao and Liu sketch with just hints of color that are really nice.
    Shams and Manaril where they're both smiling cutely.
    The lines of Dirk's face are really kind of fantastic.
    Shams image that's pretty simple, but it's cute and reminds me that I like the character.
    Beautifully done Sisuca and Hero as a kidlet who's trying to stop crying over a small injury.
    Buchse image that's really smooth and pretty.
    Beautiful portrait of Marica from the other world.
    Very nice b&w image of Fredegund.
    Hero and Manaril smiling brightly and blushing, very adorable.
    Pretty Minen image.
    There's something about the lines of Liu's eyes that I really like here.
    Marica and Marica from the other world.
    Moana sketch in green and white.
    Cute doodle of Liu.
    Younger looking Dirk and Sisuca showering gifts on him that totally revs up my shipper heart again.
    Ahahahaha, Jale dragging Maybelle away! Lolz.
    Ritterschild characters group image in b&w.
    Colorful Dirk image that still somehow works.
    Pretty Roberto sketch.
    Hero asleep + extra comics with Liu and Roberto that really make it.
    Dirk and Sisuca as kids is the cutest thing just about ever, holy crap.
    Jale image in b&w (well, brown and white, I guess) that looks really good.
    Liu and Hero in a rainy forest using oversized leaves for umbrellas, awww.
    Marica in a lot of greens.
    Cute Hero image.
    Fantastic Diulf and Megion image.
    More fantastically done Ramin art!
    Lots of pretty reds and purples with this Asad image.
    Liu in a puddle soaking wet.
    Cute Liu image.
    B&w on a pink background Ramin image, very pretty.
    Beautifully drawn Luo-Tao/Liu black-white-blue image.
    Luo-Tao and Len-Lien image.
    Chibi Luo-Tao with mini-Liu on his head and it's adorable.
    Liu on a broom which is very cute.
    Pretty Liu image.
    Hero and Atrie just outside the forest on a pretty path.
    Brightly colored Asad in reds.
    Ramin portrait that I really liked.
    Luo-Tao picking Liu up and shipper overdrive mode has once again been engaged. :|b
    Luo-Tao and Liu ages reversed, very cute.
    Another sketch with Liu and Luo-Tao again.
    Ramin image where he looks really cute.
    Liu image that's kinda pretty.
    Liu sleeping on the desk.
    Liu sketches.
    Tsaubern/Buchse again.
    Liu and Nimni cuteness.
    Cute Sphiel image.
    Jale that's a little sketchy, but very nice.
    Group image with a bunch of cute match-ups.
    Ramin image which I never get tired of.
    Pretty Morrin image.
    Super cute Manaril image in winter clothes.
    Cute Sisuca smiling image.
    Liu image that's really cute.
    Fantastic Roberto image in b&w, very impressive.
    Luo-Tao b&w sketch.
    Luo-Tao with swords! :D :D :D
    Sharply detailed Jale image.
    Luo-Tao and Liu walking in the forest, very nicely done b&w image.
    Brightly colored Liu image of him smiling/laughing adorably.
    Colorized image with Luo-Tao kissing his scarf, I may have really liked this one a lot.
    Shams, Taj, and Manaril weaving flowers together outside, beautifully done.
    Zenoa looking very nice.
    Morrin getting a shoulder ride from Yovel and they are both super cute.
    Nicely detailed b&w Liu image.
    Liu reading a book, the image done in purples and greens.
    Asad with a broom and then his little sadface in the background, so adorable.
    Citro Valley characters group image of them trying to be one big pile. XD
    Chrodechild and Asad... sigh, yeah, still kind of shipping them.
    Another cute Liu image. And so is this one.
    No compliation of tegaki links is complete without still yet more cute Liu images.
    Adorably cute Rufa image.
    I like this cute one of Marica.
    Pretty Zahra and Eunice image.
    Sisuca image that's kinda pretty.
    Cute lineart of Liu again.
    Fredegund sketch that's cute again.
    Chrodechild and Fredegund as kids, all bright and sunny and cute.
    Hero taking a flying leap towards Couger.
    Group image that's cute, but it was the comics below that really won me over--holy shit, look at all those characters the artist worked in! And each one got better and better as it went along!
    Pretty Len-Lien image.
    I really like the strong lines of this Jale image.
    Another really pretty Rufa image.
    Luo-Tao and Mubal image.
    Another pretty Jale image.
    Pretty Sisuca image with thoughts of various Citro Village characters.
    Cute Liu image again.
    Meruvis and Asad sketch! :D
    Pretty, light Tsaubern sketch.
    Yovel and Morrin again, a pretty b&w sketch with light colors in the background.
    Mubal, Hotupa, and Guntram in the library.
    Cute Roberto image semi chibi-esque with bright colors.
    Pretty Erin image.
    Liu with a book, a sketch but a nice amount of detail.
    Liu working late at night at a desk, some cute detail to it.
    Pretty and detailed Chrodechild image.
    Lineart of an interesting mishmash of characters with some really nice detail.
    Morrin image with some really pretty details on it.
    Beautifully done Mubal image.
    Rufa and Kow-Low and Auter which is super cute!
    Jale squishyhugging Hero. XDDD
    Liu glomping onto Couger.
    Cute Liu, Hero, and Jale image.
    Another super cute Rufa image.
    Hero and Liu and I'm just really fond of the colors.
    Liu and older Liu.
    Pretty Ramin image with pretty blues and reds.
    Cute Roberto image.
    Marica with a crown of flowers in her hair.
    Liu image that's light and airy, nice whites and greens.
    Interesting style on this Fredegund image.
    Beautifully sharp Diiwica image, she's so pretty.
    Yellow & white sketch of the Archivists.
    Gorgeous Dirk image with beautiful lines and colors.
    Super cute Hero and Liu all smiley and happy.
    Roberto image that's really sharp and detailed, nice.
    Cute Moana image.
    Pretty Roberto image.
    Sisuca and Ramin, very nice details and it's really cute.
    Cute Ramin chibi lineart.
    Pretty lineart of Tsaubern.
    Group hug with the Citro Village characters.
    AMAZING detail on this battle with the Citro Village characters.
    Cute Shams image.
    Oh, man, I love this one of Asad and Manaril, it's gorgeous for the colors and the details.
    Pretty Chein image.
    Sweet Hero and Cougar.
    Pretty colors on this Yula image.
    Liu image that has some really nice details, especially on his hair.
    Another cool Yula image, I kind of love her.
    Another cute Liu image.
    B&w Jale image with some great lines.

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