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Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Deep Forest - Another Kain doujin, yes, but a;slkdjfalskj I love her work so much because I become acclimated to the art style and it just works for me, plus I love love love the quiet understanding between Tezuka and Fuji. The things that don't have to be said, because even if they're not entirely similar, they're both insightful enough and open enough with each other to understand. It's one of the things that I harped on a lot back during my time in the fandom and it's so satisfying to see it reflected in a story like this. It's another pretty simple concept--Inui plans to win against Tezuka in the upcoming ranking tournament and wants Fuji to show him his serious side if he does, which doesn't precisely unsettle Fuji, yet... it doesn't not affect both Tezuka and Fuji. Plus asl;dkfjals;kj I loved that Tezuka/Inui match so much, because Tezuka just wiped the floor with Inui and I love the implication of why that this doujin presented. (Tezuka/Fuji, implied one-sided Inui/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Let's Go - [Note: You'll have to scroll down a little to find this one.] ....y-yes, I am going to rec pretty much every TezuFuji doujinshi on this post, at least from the circles I recognize. And B.S.CO is one of my favorite circles because... her art isn't flashy in the usual way, but it's got a wonderful smooth, clean, and surprisingly detailed style to it. It's the little details that really make me appreciate her work the most, but... w-well, it's also that... there are only a few doujinshika that could make me read a doujin where Fuji cross-dresses and this is one of them because he is so clearly having fun fucking with everyone over it. I love it because the OC (the girl who's in charge of the cafe with them and lent Fuji and Eiji the dresses) is great, I love it because Eiji tries to whine his way out of it, but that doesn't work, I love it because Oshitari makes a cameo and it is pure fucking LOL because he's just that much of a dork and foul-mouthed Fuji is so awesome, that I believe it would go just like that. And then Atobe shows up and I just spend the entire rest of the doujinshi shrieking with laughter. ....shut up, I like this kind of thing, okay? It makes me laugh when done this well. Same for little teddy bear Fujiko, who is actually PURE EVIL when it's anyone other than Tezuka and I just. as;ldkfjask shut up, I love it, okay. Fuji fucking with everyone just makes my day complete. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji. Implied-but-not-serious Oshitari/Fuji and Atobe/Fuji. The doujin is mostly PG-rated, except for the last couple of pages, which are a hard R.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Gekokujou Prince - [Note: You'll have to scroll down quite a ways for this, so I suggest just Ctrl+F'ing for it. Also, there's not a direct download link here, but you can find the doujin in the group's Mediafire folder.] There is so very little MomoRyo doujinshi out there (at least in comparison to other pairings) and this was done by Yuubinbasha, that I had to pounce on this one when I saw it. I'm not sure the art will be for everyone, it is kind of messy and the thing is less than 10 pages long, but I've liked this artist for awhile (she does lovely FFVII stuff), but it's this super cute story about Momo getting Ryoma to help him with English homework and then an adorable ride to school and then even a single insert page with Tezuka/Fuji art! It's like the doujinshika knew how to make me happy. ♥ This was totally a fun read, especially if you like MomoRyo. (Momo/Ryoma.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Tezuka Busoku - Okay. A couple of things are going to keep this doujinshi from appealing to everyone. First off, the first story is TOTAL CRACK. Like, it's not even pretending to be serious. It's Tezuka IN A BUNNY SUIT spying on tennis practice and running into all of the regulars having sex in the bushes. And if it had been during the day or any time but the middle of the night when I read this, I don't know if I would have been kind of totally cracking the hell up like I did in the middle of the night. The second story is about Inui giving Tezuka a special drink mix which makes him more, ah, energetic, so he and Fuji have a marathon in a deserted classroom, which is pure straight pwp. The second thing that might keep people from enjoying this one is that it's D-Amb/Chitose Piyoko and I imagine her style isn't for everyone. But I like her work and I enjoyed the hell out of this one and the total lolz it brought and the porn it gave me. So, well. XD (Tezuka/Fuji, NC-17. Background Oishi/Eiji, Momo/Ryoma, and Inui/Kaidoh, but they're not even close to the point.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - White and Black - Another D-Amb doujinshi that might not be for everyone, but. a;sldkfjalksjlkj I was kind of crying my way through this because, oh, god, I love Fuji so much. The little stress meter to show how stressed out he was, the way he lashed out when things didn't go his way, the way he calmed himself down, it was just a;sldkjas;lkja LOL FOREVER. The Tezuka/Fuji stuff was adorable (if fluffy, but not the super-sappy kind that I can't stand, just medium sappy ^_~) and there was also MomoRyo! I love Chitose Piyoko's MomoRyo SO MUCH, they're adorable around each other and such boys and still so new to this, but also really, really funny. It's a pretty straightforward concept--there's a "training camp" with the tennis team and it becomes a comedy of errors for Fuji, who totally steals absolutely every scene he's in. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji, Momo/Ryoma.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Shishunki Hatsukoi Kataomoi - I suspect that you'll have to already be a fan of MomoRyo to like this doujinshi, because the art is very rough and the artist could probably use some more practice. Plus, it's a fairly simple slice of life style of story, not particularly dramatic or humorous, just... Momo and Ryoma, the way they probably are with each other most times. They're studying for class, each of them good at something (Ryoma with English, Momo with numbers) and they're just sort of hanging out and somehow it's laid-back even when Ryoma is being Ryoma. XD Being a fan of the pairing, I liked it, though, and the ending was so totally pure Echizen. XD (Momo/Ryoma.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (raw) - Electra - Okay, you have to understand something. I used to browse a crapload of Japanese fanart sites for Tenipuri, which meant I eventually hit upon the Jiroh x Oshitari sites. At first, it was kind of head-hurting because... really? Jiroh x Oshitari? Really? I... didn't know what to do with that. Either the pairing or the order. But you see enough of these sites and your brain starts shutting off and you start getting used to it and you start kind of liking it. So I dunno how much other people are going to like this one, but I loved the hell out of it, because it was totally on crack. It starts out with Oshitari witnessing Atobe/Jiroh in the bushes (as;dflkjaslkj so hilarious) and Jiroh notices that Oshitari is acting weirdly afterwards, so... he ties Oshitari down in the middle of the sidewalk, complete with a tie wrapped around his hands, and has his way with Oshitari right there. I-- a;sdlkfja;lskj SO MUCH CRACK and just. LOL. Especially when Jiroh starts taking pictures. as;ldkfja;slkj god, Jiroh/Oshitari is one of the best things Japan ever came up with. And the Atobe/Jiroh that is the rest of the doujinshi is cute as well, I really had fun with this. XD (Jiroh/Oshitari, some Atobe/Jiroh, maybe some Oshitari+Gakuto, NC-17)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (raw) - Kyou no Dekigoto - Okay, one more for today because a;lskdjflskj I can't resist. Yagyuu and Niou! I developed such a hardcore fondness for those two! The art of this one is very rough and very simple, the doujinshika is not very strong at this, but there's potential here and some of the panels look pretty good (her chibis are really good, her style works well with them) and the lines are clean and she's putting in a decent amount of detail. Also, porn! And the cover is pretty! And it's Yagyuu and Niou! That's all I ask for, so this was a nice little doujinshi to make a quick trip through. <3 (Yagyuu/Niou, not quite SFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Stray Sheep - As I've mentioned before, Jiroh/Oshitari is one of those pairings that Japan gave me and I kind of grew to like it and I really kind of can't help it. But it gets some really cool art for it and OMG DOUJIN SCANSLATION EVEN. This is a pretty simple story, just Jiroh sleeping through class (or pretending to sleep) because he doesn't know how to act around Oshitari, who somehow winds up staying overnight and things go about as you'd expect. Except minus the porn. Which made me a little sad-faced, but this was still a really cute/fun doujinshi to read, a light little thing that I enjoyed a lot. <3 And I like the rough art style of it, I thought it was kind of pretty in its own way. (Jiroh/Oshitari.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (raw) - Sun Room - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] Oh, man, Strobo:H's art might be a bit of an aquired taste, but I've been following the site since it was into Tenipuri and now here's a Yagyuu/Niou NC-17 doujinshi by the artist just laid neatly at my feet? I totally snatched this thing right up. And you know what? Sometimes I really want just straight-up porn, which this doujinshi provided nicely and I really like the art, the shading and cleaning on this one is lovely, all the messy lines and details that work well together, and Yagyuu is really gorgeous here. Very, very nice. <3 (Yagyuu/Niou, NC-17.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - To you, to me, to you! - a;lsdkfja;slkjaslkj oh my god you would not believe how much I loved this doujinshi. Of course I was pre-disposed to like it as soon as I saw the artist, because that is my FAVORITE TENIPURI SITE pretty much ever, it's like the artist was MADE FOR ME because she draws pretty Tezuka/Fuji and Tezuka/Atobe. So, seeing she had a doujinshi? That was scanslated? Omg DO WANT. And the art did take me a bit to get into, but the artist draws some really pretty stuff (her color work is even better, though) and some truly hilarious stuff. I was kind of crying with laughter at the various schools' attempts to kidnap Tezuka and give him to Atobe for a birthday present and just. All of their attempts slid right off Tezuka. And there's even Tezuka/Fuji interaction that's kind of fabulous, plus Fuji being mishcevious, and the Tezuka/Atobe relationship is well-done. The cover is kind of totally gorgeous and just. There was SO MUCH LOL in this doujinshi, it totally put me back in the mood for them. Of course fandom totally fails at TezuAto, SIGH. (Tezuka/Atobe.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (raw) - Sofa - I did try to at least scout around for a little more TezuAto before I gave up for the night and hit on this doujin sharing post and a;sldkfja;slkdjalskj as if the previous circle having a doujin shared wasn't enough, then there was STROBO:H doujin? DO WANT DO WANT DO WANT. I really fell in love with STROBO:H's art, even if I know it's not going to be for everyone, there's a really detailed and pretty tone to it, among the messy sketches feel. (Which actually works for me, too.) Plus the story is pretty simple--Tezuka and Atobe hanging out on a couch (well, Atobe is more like lounging all over the couch and Tezuka's lap) and then makeouts! Which are kind of super hot! It doesn't need anything more than that to be perfectly satisfying for what I wanted. ♥ (Tezuka/Atobe, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated): Rainbow Rainbow - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] I have this thing with InuKai, where I ship it, but it's hard to find something that resonates with me. But I have a basic fondness for Jet Monster, so I clicked onto this and decided to read. Even though it's pretty much just an excuse to get Inui and Kaidoh into a rainy lockerroom and then have sex, somehow this is what works for me. I really like this Kaidoh a lot, even in just a handful of pages, his relationship with Inui, often overwhelming and a little uncomfortable, but something he accepts and wants, is what I look for. Plus, man, the artist draws them both really pretty while still being recognizable. (Inui/Kaidoh, NC-17.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (raw): The Secret Garden - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] Oh, man, yes. I have an eternal soft spot for Yuuta/Mizuki (especially in that order) and this doujinshi absolutely provided that for me. As the scanners note, it's rare to find this pairing done well, especially in an R-18 book, but this one is definitely a treasure. I imagine a lot depends on the dialogue, but you can see the doujinshi imitating the manga's art style and succeeding pretty well at times, plus Mizuki is... his usual fruit loop self and I adore Yuuta here and I love the brief moments of the Fuji family or Mizuki's flashbacks. This was a fantastic find today. ♥ (Yuuta/Mizuki, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

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