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Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - B-Talk (Boys Talk) - You know what else I haven't done in ages and I always meant to go back and do? TezuFuji doujinshi recs. Because I still OTP them and there's some fantastic doujinshi out there and a lot of it will be scanslated now! \o/ At the time I was most active in the fandom, I'd seen most of these floating around, of course, but they hadn't yet been translated, which is one of the nice things about going back after all this time. I chose a Kain doujin first because I really liked her work, she's one of those artists where... when you just look at her art quickly, you sort of wonder what the fuss is about, I suspect. But the more you look at her work, the more you kinda fall in love with it. I think this is one of her older ones, but it still has a ton of details and she does a fabulous job at the surprisingly subtle tone to the Tezuka/Fuji pairing, even when it's something as simple as a group fireworks party on a summer night, just the four of them, then just the two of them alone, her characterization is lovely. Tezuka is serious but not emotionless, Fuji is playful but not evil, the two of them quietly intimate with each other. And also the sex is really pretty, certain panels are just lovely. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji, not hardcore, but definitely NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Cotton Life - Another doujinshi by Kain and, well, I imagine that you're probably only going to like Kain's doujinshi if you're open to the idea of Tezuka/Fuji in the first place, but. Man, am I ever. I love her art, I love how much detail she puts into her books, the backgrounds look amazing, the clothes look amazing, and I really do love the long-limbed look she has for the characters, I can believe they're athletes. This doujinshi is also somewhat simple in concept--Tezuka is still keeping an eye on the tennis club while he's working on his own separate regime for his arm, then invites Fuji over and it goes about where you'd think it would go. I still love her characterization, the way they're slightly different around each other because no one else is watching and they can be open about it, but they're still themselves. Also, porn is awesome. \o/ (Tezuka/Fuji, not hardcore, but definitely NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Deep Forest - Another Kain doujin, yes, but a;slkdjfalskj I love her work so much because I become acclimated to the art style and it just works for me, plus I love love love the quiet understanding between Tezuka and Fuji. The things that don't have to be said, because even if they're not entirely similar, they're both insightful enough and open enough with each other to understand. It's one of the things that I harped on a lot back during my time in the fandom and it's so satisfying to see it reflected in a story like this. It's another pretty simple concept--Inui plans to win against Tezuka in the upcoming ranking tournament and wants Fuji to show him his serious side if he does, which doesn't precisely unsettle Fuji, yet... it doesn't not affect both Tezuka and Fuji. Plus asl;dkfjals;kj I loved that Tezuka/Inui match so much, because Tezuka just wiped the floor with Inui and I love the implication of why that this doujin presented. (Tezuka/Fuji, implied one-sided Inui/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Favorite Winter - [Note: You'll have to scroll down a little to find this one.] D-Amb is another circle that you probably have to be open to the idea of Tezuka/Fuji first and is a bit of an acquired taste, I suspect. But... scenes in the snow! Fuji putting a scarf around Tezuka's shoulders while snow falls around them! I have my needs, okay. The story is pretty simple--Tezuka and Fuji aren't going to the same school once they graduate, which sends Fuji a little off-balance, until he realizes that Tezuka will be lonely, too, and then porn. \o/ Which is really all I'm looking for from doujinshi a lot of the time. The art isn't my absolute favorite, but I like it and certain panels are lovely, plus the omake comic is kind of super great and it was a nice addition to my TezuFuji fix for the day. (Tezuka/Fuji, somewhere around NC-17.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Let's Go - [Note: You'll have to scroll down a little to find this one.] ....y-yes, I am going to rec pretty much every TezuFuji doujinshi on this post, at least from the circles I recognize. And B.S.CO is one of my favorite circles because... her art isn't flashy in the usual way, but it's got a wonderful smooth, clean, and surprisingly detailed style to it. It's the little details that really make me appreciate her work the most, but... w-well, it's also that... there are only a few doujinshika that could make me read a doujin where Fuji cross-dresses and this is one of them because he is so clearly having fun fucking with everyone over it. I love it because the OC (the girl who's in charge of the cafe with them and lent Fuji and Eiji the dresses) is great, I love it because Eiji tries to whine his way out of it, but that doesn't work, I love it because Oshitari makes a cameo and it is pure fucking LOL because he's just that much of a dork and foul-mouthed Fuji is so awesome, that I believe it would go just like that. And then Atobe shows up and I just spend the entire rest of the doujinshi shrieking with laughter. ....shut up, I like this kind of thing, okay? It makes me laugh when done this well. Same for little teddy bear Fujiko, who is actually PURE EVIL when it's anyone other than Tezuka and I just. as;ldkfjask shut up, I love it, okay. Fuji fucking with everyone just makes my day complete. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji. Implied-but-not-serious Oshitari/Fuji and Atobe/Fuji. The doujin is mostly PG-rated, except for the last couple of pages, which are a hard R.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Loveholic - [Note: You'll have to scroll down a little to find this one.] This portrayal of Tezuka may not be to everyone's taste, I have to admit that it gave me pause several times, that Tezuka would let his jealousy rule his emotions so thoroughly like that, to the point that... well, he wasn't forcing Fuji, who was willing enough, but it wasn't the usual dynamic either. What saved it for me was the aftermath, when Fuji finally answers Tezuka's question and then wants to know why Tezuka was acting like that, which he has the right to know... and Tezuka agrees. It's obviously a little uncomfortable for him, but he's direct about owing that to Fuji and a;sdlkfjalskj yes that's the Tezuka I know. Also, Tezuka being in a foul mood and scaring the crap out of Eiji and the seriously long as hell sex scene and then Kain's art and it was, like, sixty pages long for the whole doujin and yet it just sailed right by... this is why I read doujinshi. *___* (Tezuka/Fuji, NC-17.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Panic Box - [Note: You'll have to scroll down a little to find this one.] a;sdlkfjal;ksjaslk oh god as if I didn't love Kain enough before this, she just randomly gives them cat ears and tails, then gets them to have sex. That's the entire point of the doujinshi and it's really kind of super-awesome because her art has gotten even hotter and the cat ears/tail really do suit each of them and the sex is very sweet and pretty and it's just. Look. Okay. I know that sometimes I'm That Fan, but I can't help it, especially when it's something really fun and awesome like this. I-- I really can't express how gleeful this doujinshi made me. CAT EARS AND PORNO. IT'S LIKE JAPAN LOVES ME. (Tezuka/Fuji, somewhere around a hard R/NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Red - [Note: You'll have to scroll down a little to find this one.] After the other doujinshi I read from the same post, it's kind of marveling to go to a more traditional-looking doujinshi where there's almost no backgrounds, there's more white space than just about anything, and everything is really soft and only lightly detailed. I'm getting spoiled by other circles, I imagine. But I wanted to rec this one anyway because there is never enough porn in the world, especially not when the drawings are pretty and it's with Tezuka/Fuji and a sweet little story about their first time together. Probably not going to be for everyone, but if you like them as much as I do, you'll probably enjoy it. (Tezuka/Fuji, NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Neo Venus 1 - Akira Hojo is another doujinshika that is most likely an acquired taste, her art might not impress on first look at it, but it eventually grew on me, at least. The art is very sharp, possibly a little too sharp (though, I like her color art a lot), but she also puts in a lot of detail in the backgrounds and her close-up panels tend to be really kind of great. What you really read Akira Hojo doujin for, though, are the stories. The things that aren't said because they don't have to be, the tension that is an undercurrent through everything in the storyline, the subtle quality that this pairing has. You read her stories because they're more serious, they're not always happy all the time, because they're kind of painful at times. Like, when Fuji keeps saying to Tezuka that he likes him, but even in the middle of sex, he knows that he's not the reason Tezuka is staying and that this is an end for them. a;slkdjfalkjs as much as I want to go, "OMG YOU FIX IT RIGHT NOW, MISSY" at the doujinshika, I have to love the way she can do an intense scene. (Tezuka/Fuji, NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Neo Venus 2 - [Note: This is a sequel to Neo Venus 1 and will not make much sense without having read that one first.] What I said about Neo Venus 1 continues with the second part here--it might not be the style that'll work for everyone and I can't say I'd blame people for not caring for the art (even if I'll semi-defend its merits by pointing out the level of detail and that it fits the story being told, which I think is important XD), but the story is deliciously angsty and bittersweet without being too emo tragic. It's a really difficult line to walk, but Akira Hojo is a master of it. Fuji is now settling in at Hyoutei, but is still off-balance and I love the insights we get into his character, the painful realizations, the wistful thoughts, the flares of anger.

One of the best scenes in this doujinshi is when Fuji goes to see him at school and calls him on how Tezuka always fits other people into the mold he wants them to be in, which is incredibly egotistical of him in a way. And asd;lfkjaslkj yes that is one of my favorite things about Tezuka and his flaws. I went on about that a lot during my time in the fandom, that he didn't consider other people's feelings, he just went right ahead and molded them into what he wanted and it was kind of a real character flaw and made him all the more interesting to me. I wish more people had picked up on that in fandom, because it was interesting--that part of Tezuka's inescapable control on the situation around him was actually kind of unfair. Sure, ultimately, it turned out well, the people did want to become better tennis players, Ryoma did want that fire lit under him to come to love tennis for its own sake. But Tezuka never asked, he just steamrolled right over them. ....and this is one of the other reasons I love Akira Hojo's doujinshi, because it gets me going like this. *__* (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Neo Venus 3 - [Note: This is the third part in a series and will not make much sense without having read the first two.] And, again, I love Akira Hojo's doujinshi. Everything I said about the other two applies here as well just as much as ever, because I really love these characters and I love her take on them, love her take on the subtle, hidden meanings in everything they say and don't say. Hell, I even love that this doujinshi caused the translators to stick in an extra note about how hellish it was to translate this (they did a gorgeous, gorgeous job of it, though). I loved the resolution of this, it wasn't a fluffy happy ending, but it was satisfying and very much what my shipper heart wanted. Plus. Omg, I think there was an implication of Tezuka <-- Atobe? It's-- It's like she's in my head and writing the doujinshi I would write! Because yes. Especially the way Atobe was just as brilliant as the two of them and was insightful enough to see his role in this and a;sdlkfja;lskj the thoughts in his head aslkjalksj holy crap I love Atobe Keigo A WHOLE LOT, too. While these doujinshi are for the Tezuka/Fuji fans, as someone who loves Atobe and TezuAto with a burning passion, that just made these doujinshi even better. They might not be for everyone, but I cannot keyboard mash over them enough. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Haitoku no Sora no Shita de - More Akira Hojo doujinshi, though this one is much sweeter and fluffier than her usual fare. And also a lot shorter, this one is only about a dozen pages long, where usually they're about 30 to 40 pages long. Which is actually probably a good thing because if she'd tried to draw this out, I don't think it would have worked nearly as well as it did. And, yeah, it's on the fluffy side, rather than the more serious, slightly darker side, but I like a break from that sometimes, too. It's just a simple story about Tezuka leaving for Kyuushuu and trusting Fuji to act in his stead, a pretty little thing that made me happy today. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Nichijou x Hinichijou - This was just a short little doujinshi, less than 20 pages or so, not my usual style of what I pick to read, but still an interesting one. The art is interesting to look at and there are several panels that are very pretty and it's just... very solid all the way around. I don't have a whole lot to say about it, I can't say the doujinshika immediately won me over, but she didn't really have much time for it. And what few pages there were were very solid and enjoyable, I had fun with it. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Tezuka Busoku - Okay. A couple of things are going to keep this doujinshi from appealing to everyone. First off, the first story is TOTAL CRACK. Like, it's not even pretending to be serious. It's Tezuka IN A BUNNY SUIT spying on tennis practice and running into all of the regulars having sex in the bushes. And if it had been during the day or any time but the middle of the night when I read this, I don't know if I would have been kind of totally cracking the hell up like I did in the middle of the night. The second story is about Inui giving Tezuka a special drink mix which makes him more, ah, energetic, so he and Fuji have a marathon in a deserted classroom, which is pure straight pwp. The second thing that might keep people from enjoying this one is that it's D-Amb/Chitose Piyoko and I imagine her style isn't for everyone. But I like her work and I enjoyed the hell out of this one and the total lolz it brought and the porn it gave me. So, well. XD (Tezuka/Fuji, NC-17. Background Oishi/Eiji, Momo/Ryoma, and Inui/Kaidoh, but they're not even close to the point.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - White and Black - Another D-Amb doujinshi that might not be for everyone, but. a;sldkfjalksjlkj I was kind of crying my way through this because, oh, god, I love Fuji so much. The little stress meter to show how stressed out he was, the way he lashed out when things didn't go his way, the way he calmed himself down, it was just a;sldkjas;lkja LOL FOREVER. The Tezuka/Fuji stuff was adorable (if fluffy, but not the super-sappy kind that I can't stand, just medium sappy ^_~) and there was also MomoRyo! I love Chitose Piyoko's MomoRyo SO MUCH, they're adorable around each other and such boys and still so new to this, but also really, really funny. It's a pretty straightforward concept--there's a "training camp" with the tennis team and it becomes a comedy of errors for Fuji, who totally steals absolutely every scene he's in. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji, Momo/Ryoma.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - The Stockholm Syndrome - As the warnings mention, this is kind of a complicated, confusing doujinshi and you may need to read it more than once to get what's going on. I think I understood it the first time through, but it is one of those that I think I could reread for the story and the complicated emotions that Fuji is going through. Also, I like the final scene, as odd and possibly abrupt as it is, because it felt like a breaking point to me and I think that's what it was supposed to feel like. This doujinshi is also nearly 50 pages long and I seriously think it might be one of those most satisfying I've ever read, I really liked the tone the author set, the emotion in everything around Fuji, the darker tone to this one that's not about angst so much as painful feelings. But the real highlight of the doujinshi is the art, I think. It's gorgeous. It starts out pretty enough, but by the middle of the doujinshi, there have been some utterly stunning pages and... it reminds me of a cleaner, prettier Obata/Death Note style, actually. Several times I thought some of the panels of Fuji would be not out of place at all in Death Note or the later volumes of Hikaru no Go. And I mean this as a compliment, because the artwork is seriously one of my favorites ever, the characters are amazing and Tezuka is smoking hot and Fuji is beautiful without being too girly (not that I mind, you get used a lot, after you've seen as much fanart as I have, but I do prefer this) and the detail on this was amazing. I just. I cannot keyboard mash enough over how much I loved this doujinshi, both for the art and for the allegorical nature of what was happening here and there's even perceptive Eiji. as;dlkfjasljk fuck yes. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Gisou Koui - I wasn't sure what to make of this doujin when I first read it, it's the usual kind of thing I go for, it's not the usual dynamic I go for. But... I don't know, I found Fuji's unwillingness to respond to Tezuka's declaration of love to be intriguing because he pointed out very valid reasons--they're so young, how can they really know what love is? Yet, at the same time, it's obviously something very deep and powerful between them, something that affects both of them. I don't know that I'd want to read a lot of doujinshi like this, but this one was interesting and the art was servicable. I'm glad I read it. Also, hey, porn is porn. XD (Tezuka/Fuji, NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Love Line - Oh, god, crying. Crying so hard. It's another D-Amb doujinshi and I was wondering how this was going to go, not much had really sparked me with it... until I got to page 13. Where I promptly started choking with laughter and didn't stop for ages. Tezuka and Fuji decide to have sex! But they don't know quite all that's involved for two guys! So, naturally, they go look it up on the internet. as;ldfkjaslkj crying. And it's nice to see one that doesn't quite go perfectly (though, mostly it was great for the lolz) and Chitose Piyoko's art is as pretty as ever (if you like her style, which I've warmed up to greatly since I first saw it) and just. I'm really glad I read it. (Tezuka/Fuji, NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Mamemitsu 1 - This is one of those concepts that I wouldn't have known what the hell to make of it if you'd told me about it beforehand, but just diving right in, I just... sort of rolled with it. Fuji gets a mysterious package in the mail and it's this bizarre little Tezuka-shaped doll that seems to be alive. And it's HILARIOUS because the thing is so damn cute so of course everyone coos over it and I was laughing in all the right places and for the right reasons. The art is decently pretty, occasionally really cute and occasionally very nice, the storyline is adorable and amusing, plus the ending is totally lolarious and actually really sweet. Plus, I think I may have cooed a little too much at the bath scene. >__> (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Mamemitsu 2 - [Note: This is a sequel to the previous Mamemitsu doujinshi, it would help to have read that one first.] asl;dfjkaslkj oh god as if the first Mamemitsu doujinshi wasn't great enough, this one was even better. I laughed so hard at just the right points and was totally cooing at just the right points and appreciative of the art at just the right points--which still kind of keeps surprising me. I kind of want to just chalk this doujinshi up as a gag one that wouldn't have very good art, but there are actually several panels of Fuji that are really pretty. Still. I read this one for the humor, because little mini-Tezuka meeting the real Tezuka? The hijinks this causes? a;sdlkfjasl;kj LOL. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Mamemitsu 3 - [Note: You'll have to scroll down about three pages to find the link for this fic, as it's not on its own separate page. Also, it is the sequel to two other doujinshi in this series, it would help to have read those first.] And as;dlkfjasl;kjs this series just keeps getting better. The art improves with each one, the beginning panels of Fuji were really pretty and I totally sighed happily over the kiss in this one, not just because of the sense of, "Oh, finally. ♥" but also because it was really pretty. Ryoma looked really nicely drawn in this series as well, I loved the scene of little Mamemitsu "painting" on his face! Plus, OH MAN Mamemitsu continues to be SO DAMNED CUTE and I just-- I just want to pick him up and hug him, too! asldk;fjals;kj SO MUCH FUN and getting to be SO PRETTY and FINALLY MAKEOUTS! \o/ I couldn't ask for much more. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Mamemitsu 4 - [Note: This is part of a series, it would help to have read the previous Mamemitsu doujinshi to understand this one.] So. When you read a summary in the doujinshi that's like, "In this book, Fuji gets turned into a girl!" you mentally prepare yourself for the worst and kind of start cringing already. I liked the previous doujinshi, where Fuji was put into a girl's outfit for their festival cafe and wasn't secretly thrilled with it, I liked when he protested (after being mistaken for a girl and getting groped on the bus) that he didn't look like a girl, but I didn't have all that high of hopes for this one. Still, I liked the series a lot, so I kept reading. And, sure enough, Fuji was turned into a girl. But that's when it got interesting. Fuji's immediate reaction to Inui's juice turning him into a girl? OMFG CHANGE ME BACK RIGHT FUCKING NOW. And when Inui protested that he couldn't do it? Shoving him down onto the floor and threatening him! And when Inui tried to make a comment about the size of his chest to distract him away from the topic? HAULED OFF AND PUNCHED HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH A KILLER RIGHT HOOK. OMFG there should be more suddenly!girl fics/art/doujinshi where that's the person's first reaction, to PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FACE, YES. Not cry or get depressed or get all "Nyaaaa~~" about it. No! PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FACE.

And, really, that's what I liked about this series, that... okay, yes, it falls into a lot of stereotypical cliche traps and it's not anywhere near being a serious story. It's meant to be amusing and you'll still have to shut your brain off a little to reconcile it with canon. But it also takes those cliches and turns them on their heads a little and it was so fucking fabulous for that. Then you add in the art getting even more beautiful in this doujinshi and Mamemitsu being just as adorable as ever and Ryoma is SO GREAT in this and I love the whole of Seigaku and asl;dkfjaslkj Hyoutei and asdl;kfjasl;jk AHAHAHA Jiroh. God, I loved this one. I want mooooooore. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Vermilion - I am really not sure what to think of this doujinshi, because it... I don't know, I felt like the first half of the doujinshi didn't really have much characterization, it was just Tezuka and Fuji discussing whether or not they were friends, then they decided to have sex, then Tezuka left for Kyuushuu and they had to deal with the separation. It felt... I don't know, kind of weird, like something wasn't quite hitting the right mark. On the other hand, the art was pretty enough in several places (the covers are especially nice) and I liked the tone of the relationship (if I'm not fully onboard with Fuji here, who was much more subdued than usual), the way it was casual and didn't need a lot said, yet there was so much more going on underneath the surface. I kind of loved everything after the sex, when Fuji doesn't call Tezuka, so Eiji takes the decision out of his hands and the rest of the doujin felt nicely TezuFuji proper for me. XD (Tezuka/Fuji, NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (raw) - Gekkou - You know, for all that I almost never read AU fanfic, I'll totally go for AU doujinshi, there's something about the visual aspect--especially when it's a fantasy-style setting like this one is--that makes it work for me. Plus, well. I always did like Criss Cross' style, I remember liking the art on her site a lot and fantasty style AU with porn? Yes plz. And the art is very pretty, all that lovely hair and the pretty backgrounds and beautiful eyes and OMFG SAKUNO MAKES A CAMEO. YES. Excellent! And, really, the art is nicely done enough that this could almost be a professional manga (I've certainly read manga that's not nearly as strong as this) and, hey, did I mention porn? There should be more of that, too. (Tezuka/Fuji, NSFW.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Cute - Oh, god, I love B.S CO's work. When you just look at the basic art, it's all right, really solid and looks like it'd make a decent manga, but not the super-bestest in the fandom. But what totally makes her work for me is how much I just totally LOL my way through her doujinshi, this one being no exception. I love how much she totally fucking panders with utter glee, too, like Tezuka and Fuji each have to bring their little cousins along and they're like little mini versions of Tezuka and Fuji themselves and I should be going, ugh, ew. Instead I'm going AWW SO FREAKING CUTE and LOL LOL LOL. Possibly I am easily amused when it comes to TezuFuji or this doujinshika's work. But. I really did have fun with this one and just totally dissolved into giggles at the Fujiko story. I just. as;dfkljaslkjslkj scheming!Fuji in whatever circumstances never fails to be funny. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated) - Endless King (Anthology) - You know, this brings back a lot of memories, because I remember practically frothing at the mouth waiting for this anthology to come out when it was first announced--so many of my favorite doujinshika at the time were taking part in it! It's kind of wonderful to be able to get to read them again. This one is a doujinshi by Kain and then an even shorter one by Pink Panthers, but they're both really cute. Kain's story is almost plotless--Fuji asking what Tezuka wants for his birthday... just after he's gotten Tezuka all worked up by surprising him with a kiss. Then Pink Panthers with this super adorable Fuji narration where he wants to walk closer to Tezuka, but thinks he'll be pushed away and then Tezuka surprises him in that way Tezuka has and a;lsdkfjaslkj I love both circles and this was just really fun and put me back in the mood for these two. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Endless King (Anthology) - asdl;fkjas;lkjaslkj I love this anthology so much. I was a little wary of the first story, because the art wasn't my favorite and was really rough on the first couple of pages, but the story totally won me over. Fuji trying to wheedle more time with Tezuka and of course it always ends up being trouble for Tezuka. I lol'd at the ending. The second story was much cuter, the art is still obviously doujinshi, but it's adorable and the story is asl;dfkjas;lkj so cute. Fuji steals Tezuka's glasses, who plays back with him for a few moments and then Fuji is adorably clingy. Plus, omg, those quiz answers at the end are really fascinating to read. *__* (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi (scanslated): Non-Harmonic Note - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is freely joinable.] I'm unsure how to write the rec for this doujinshi. Because there are aspects of it that would drive a lot of people nuts, I suspect. Fuji is drawn very delicately and the sex scene is a little questionable on consent (there's the usual "wait! stop!" and nobody actually stops, but it's not really an issue for the characters) and I feel I should only like this as a guilty pleasure. At the same time, the focus of the doujinshi is on how small and delicate Fuji is and how much that really makes him angry and he hates it. The art is very much about making the characters thin and whispy, but there are certain panels that are genuinely just lovely and I wound up kind of adoring the art genuinely. Did I enjoy this doujinshi? Hell yes. I found this take on Fuji really interesting and I like this Tezuka (except maybe during the obligatory sex scene) and it's close to my preferred dynamic for them. Just... with some caveats that I kind of pretend aren't there. >_> All in all, though, I loved this doujinshi a lot. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

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