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- Tenshi ni Narumon!/Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *_* Other than maybe a handful of pictures here and there, I don't think I've ever seen Tennimon fanart--much less quite a lot of it and so very pretty. *_* The colors are just soft and pale enough to be gorgeous with the shoujo tones of the series, plus, the characters are lovely, the poses/concepts of the illustrations are fantastic, and there's a big focus on Raphael and Mikael. I knew right from first seeing the illustration of Raphael standing over Mikael sleeping at the window that I was going to love this site and I was so not disappointed. Gorgeous, gorgeous art and of a series I don't see enough of. I love. +_+

I also really liked the Naruto illustrations on the site, there are some nice Haku and Zabuza illustrations here and I always have a soft spot for those two. Haku is lovely in his solo illustrations, but I think it's the second Zabuza/Haku illustration, the one of them standing back to back that's my favorite, it's just beautiful. *_* (Some Raphael/Mikael and some Zabuza/Haku.)

- Tenshi ni Narumon! - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *squee!* More Tennimon fanart! Such lovely colors for Mikael and Raphael, too~ *sparkles* My favorite, favorite, favorite part of the site was the comics, though, the second one is just gorgeous and the kissing and sliding off of clothes made me a very, very happy fangirl. *_* Also, the sketches in one of the other sections, the hint of lime to them also made me a very happy fangirl, as they're also just lovely. And, of course, I'm always, always happy to watch Raphael glomp onto Mikael and just generally be pretty. ^_^v I love this site. *_* (Raphael/Mikael, some lime content.)

- Tenshi ni Narumon! - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *sparkles more* Tennimon fanart~! Whee~! My favorite thing about this artist is how cute the characters are, how much I want to just scoop them up and carry them around with me all over the place, but I also really like the colors--I notice that each time I look at a new illustration, my eyes are usually drawn to Mikael's hair (or Raphael's eyes, occasionally Mikael's eyes as well) and I really like the way it's drawn and colored. I also find myself very fond of the Silky that pops up once in awhile--oh, and there's this darling one of chibi-esque Mikael and Noelle that just melts my heart. *_* (Some Raphael/Mikael.)

- Tenshi ni Narumon! - 10m [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the Gundam 00 art, so imagine my surprise when I lucked into Tennimon art! *__* There wasn't a lot here, just two illustrations plus one page of log art, but! The art was really pretty and the proper illustrations are some of the best stuff I've seen in the fandom and I would totally love to see more from this artist. *__* Also, Raphael/Mikael! My favorites! *__*♥ (Raphael/Mikael.)

- Tenshi ni Narumon! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - as;dlkfjal;skj I seriously did not expect to find new Tennimon art today, certainly not more Raphael/Mikael art! But! Even if this site isn't that much bigger than the last (at least not in the main page gallery, once you get into the illustrations page, it's much bigger), it has some seriously adorable art on it! The colors are light and often pastel, fitting with the original series nicely, but also it's stuff like Raphael watching Mikael sleep against the window sill or draping an arm over his shoulder or sliding his hands up under Mikael's shirt. I liked that last one a lot. *__* I'm just. I'm practically bouncing in my seat with all this renewed love for these two characters, because this site is fantastic. ♥ I mean, not everything's perfect, the older stuff is a bit rougher, but the current stuff? *__* (Raphael/Mikael, not quite SFW.)

- Tenshi ni Narumon! - angelos [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - asdl;fkjasl;kjd eeeeeee! Okay, admittedly, the early art on this site is a bit rougher, but there's a fair amount of it here, and it was so worth the time it took to go through the gallery. ♥ I first clicked on the most recent illustration, the one of Raphael and Mikael in bed, only a sheet around them, Raphael feeding Mikael chocolate and I was SOLD. What I did was start with the earliest links and worked my way forwards after that, seeing how the artist progressed over time, which I think it was a good move for me. And I adored this artist because she wasn't shy about drawing kisses, sometimes really passionate ones, sometimes gentle ones on the cheek, but all of them filled me with that warm glee of a shipper getting what she wants from fanart. By the time I was getting to the current stuff again, I was ready to plunk myself down in front of the entire series again, because this site made me fall in love all over again. So pretty sometimes and just. Seriously, this may just be my favorite Tennimon site ever. ♥ (Raphael/Mikael, sometimes NSFW.)

- Tenshi ni Narumon! - Angel's Act* [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure this site will be for everyone, but any site that has Mikael dressed in Raphael's jacket and a sheet draped over his lap and nothing else, while Raphael sleeps on his lap is getting the thumbs up from me. :Db Not to mention there's sketches of an onsen visit and you have no idea how delighted I was by that, too. :D :D :D I actually really liked the artist's sketches a lot and then there's this one chibi gift art that is the cutest fucking thing just about ever, making the site really a fun visit, all in all. ♥ (Raphael/Mikael.)

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