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- Tenshi ni Narumon! - Kiseki o Sagashiteiru by Kourika - There aren't very many Tenshi ni Narumon! fics around, which is a shame, because I liked the series so much. This was a sweet little fic about Raphael/Mikael and what that means for Sara. The only quibble I had was that I think Mikael could touch Raphael just fine (I'd have to rewatch the series sometime to check for examples, so I might be wrong.). But the fic was so damn sweet and cute that I didn't really care very much at all. ^_^ (RaphaelxMikael.)

- Tenshi ni Narumon! - Summer Snowstorm by Kourika - This one reminds me of the idea someone once mentioned about Raphael possibly being half-Fallen, because he had only one wing, and if that's true, there was some interesting characterization in this one. I don't necessarily subscribe to the half-Fallen idea, so I thought the actions were a little... harsh... for someone who's an angel and while, yes, Mikael seemed nervous around Raphael, it was from embarassment rather than fear. Still... I liked this fic. It was nicely written, and any story that gets Raphael and Mikael into bed together is good by me. ^_^v (RaphaelxMikael.)

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