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- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was fond of this site early on, there were some really cute sketches on the first few pages and a decent amount of it here, too. A decent variety of characters and enough focus on Liu (who has kind of snuck up on me when I wasn't looking) that I was entertained. And then I kept going. And there was this really nice one of Liu sitting on Luo-Tao's lap and I remembered, oh, right, I kind of ship them with a burning passion already. Which wasn't the only reason I wanted to recommend this site, it's actually a good, solid site for most fans of the game, I'd say, but. I do have my priorities, too. There's also some really adorable hero/Liu art and I just really enjoyed this site a lot. It's been difficult to find Tierkreis sites that I like, but this one totally worked for me. ♥ (Some hero/Liu, some Luo-Tao/Liu, some gen.)

- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site can be a bit difficult to navigate, but I'm really glad I took the time to figure it out, because the art is really pretty good here, one of the stronger sites I've seen in this (relatively) small fandom! The lines are sharp, the details are good, the colors are pretty, everything that it needs to be. The artist has gotten really good over time and I would have recommended it just for that alone, it's totally a bonus that the site is Jale/hero and Luo-Tao/Liu friendly. I wish there'd been a bit more of the latter, but this artist does one of the better Jales out there imo, so it's hard to really complain. Very, very nice stuff, if you have the patience for the site. ♥ (Jale/hero, Luo-Tao/Liu.)

- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, do I wish there'd been more art on this site, because what's here is really lovely and there is makeouts (and a lot more than makeouts). I came here hoping for the Luo-Tao/Liu and was kind of surprised that almost immediately I stumbled over a rather graphic comic for them; my immediate reaction was pretty much, "....OMG FINALLY YAY ♥" but it's not just the content that made me like this site. The artist does really lovely work with Liu's character, very bright and solid colors, very nice lineart, a polished look to everything. Plus, you know. Pairing love. ♥ (Luo-Tao/Liu, hero/Liu, very firmly NSFW.)

- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that took me a bit to figure out my way around, but I'm glad to have kept at it because Luo-Tao/Liu art! There's something that's not... not precisely a rough edge to the style, maybe I should say it's more sketch-like, but. There's a certain quality to the art that works well for this pairing, I felt. The artist has a really solid style, the characters are very recognizable as themselves and I totally wish there were more art here, that the artist spent a bit more time finishing these pieces up. But what is here is really fun to look at and I'm delighted to have stumbled over it. <3 (Luo-Tao/Liu, some gen.)

- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oooh, this one is nice! I came here for the Luo-Tao/Liu fanart but actually wound up staying for everything here. There were a bunch of very nicely done stand-alone illustrations for various characters, there was a pretty Chrodechild/Fredegund illustration, and even some nicely done group stuff. I really love it when a site has some balance to it like that. And yet. My favorites were totally the Luo-Tao/Liu images because they're pretty and the artist really nails the canon style and they're fun and they're just... asl;dkfjaslkj I'm sorry, but I've pretty much spent the whole morning doing fanart surfing and I have been waiting for this kind of site. It was a fantastic site and I totally want more like this. ♥ (Luo-Tao/Liu, some gen.)

- Suikoden Tierkries - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sort of sat on the fence for awhile with this site, because it's mostly sketches and comics and log art. But what won me over eventually was... well, a lot of it was that there was Luo-Tao/Liu and a hint of Jale/hero, so I was easy. But part of it was also that the log art was really cute in places! There was a decent amount of variety of the characters! There was an Asad illustration that I really liked! All things designed to make me weak to a site. XD And ultimately it was a really nice stop this morning when I was looking for a fanart fix. <3 (Some Luo-Tao/Liu, a lot of gen.)

- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I knew I'd probably be caving on this site as soon as I got to the current top illustration of Luo-Tao holding an oversized leaf over Liu's head while rain dripped off it. as;ldkfjasl I am such a sucker for that sort of thing. But what I liked about this site was that the art really was solid and it had a surprising amount of pairings I liked--there was even a Meruvis/Asad image! The comics are also really pretty and I wish there'd been a bit more art here, but the artist's basic lines are really nicely done and her Luo-Tao was hot and even the log art pages were good. All things I love. <3 And omg the human versions of the porpos-kin were kind of seriously awesome. (Some Luo-Tao/Liu, some Meruvis/Asad, some other.)

- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site where there's not a lot of art and I imagine it's probably not going to appeal to absolutely everyone, but... I'm weak to Luo-Tao/Liu makeouts, okay? The colors are soft and pretty, these pretty pastel blues and greens a lot of the time that fit with the Scribe characters' colors and the style is very cute and sweet. I smiled a lot while on this site and that's enough to really charm me, I think. Plus, the comics actually have some pretty nice art and a;lsdkfjaslkj the high school ones are kind of awesome. (Some hero/Liu, some Luo-Tao/Liu.)

- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's really not a whole lot of art here, but I couldn't resist recommending it anyway because... well, the art is actually really solid, I enjoyed the handful of art that's here, even though it's comics, which I usually skip over. It's nicely detailed, the lines are clean and pretty, and somehow it just... well, okay, I know a lot of it is that it's Luo-Tao/Liu friendly, but it's also that there was a Hero/Maybelle image! Not that it's my ship, but I hadn't seen that before! I love new things like that! So, I had to cave. But it really is a fun little site. <3 (Some potential Luo-Tao/Liu, some gen.)

- Suikoden Tierkreis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was randomly in the mood for Luo-Tao/Liu fanart this morning, so I started hitting up the search engines to see if I could find anything new and I think this site is new to me? I've seen some of her art on pixiv before, but not her actual site? Which is weird because this is exactly the kind of thing I love. Her art is very clean and brightly colored, it's got the glossy, slick look of a near professional and there's both gen art and art for Luo-Tao/Liu. And also occasional almost-porn. It's like the artist loves me. There's also occasional hero/Liu and Jale/hero, but it's well-balanced enough that I think you could find satisfaction if you're a fan of any of them--because the artist is just really solid and draws cute art like the characters at the beach or in modern day uniforms or Roberto looking all o/////o which is never not hilarious. Even the sketches are often light, airy, and beautiful. I had fun here this morning. ♥ (Some Luo-Tao/Liu, some hero/Liu, some Jale/hero, some gen.)

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