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Suikoden Tierkreis: Matchmaking Music by Kitchuu - Oh, I have such a fondness for Ramin because he's such an annoying little psychotic fucker and this fic uses him kind of beautifully. I love the concept of it, Ramin creates a new song, that kind of song, and plays it around the castle and the fic writes it wonderfully, it's all short bursts of chaos that you can just see and the writing style reminded me of the game and I don't think I stopped grinning the whole way through this fic. Very cute and funny! (Far too many pairings to list.)

Suikoden Tierkreis: untitled by chibimazoku - [Note: I'm not sure how many spoilers there are in this fic, just pay attention to the warnings, I guess?] This is a post with three short fics, but I'm going to group them together to make it easier on me. I was drawn here for the Tierkreis fic (which is extremely rare to find in English) and was utterly delighted to find three wonderful little scenes that were all perfect the way they were. The Luo-Tao/Liu one was perfect and said so much without having to say it, everything that happens after the events in the Scribe Village. But then it also used the image at the end that's been rolling around my head as well and had been dying to see in fic but didn't think I was ever going to get. ♥ Then ROBERTO. Oh, I love him and his spazzy obvious feelings for the hero and that one nailed both their characters wonderfully. And then Atrie, oh, how I love him, too. Just. Each of these did a fantastic job at the characters they were writing about and were these wonderful little moments that make me feel better about this fandom. Or at least less antsy about needing fic. ♥ (Luo-Tao/Liu, Roberto --> hero, and gen, in that roder.)

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