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- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know what this artist does? She draws Asch and Luke in cat ears. She has a very nice use of color and adorable line art and everything looks really well-put together and then she puts them in cat ears and I have to have all integrity fly out the window because they're so adorable. Especially when they're in little chibi form. The little chibi Luke leaning against the little chibi snowman version of Asch? SO CUTE I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. ♥ I just... there's not much to say about this site other than: *FLAIL* So much cuteness! So much pretty color! I love it! XD Oh, and also. The comics are excellent, I love the clean, yet sharp lines of them, so very pretty. (....nothing I'm going to warn for, it strikes me as a gen site? Though, if you like Asch/Luke, you'll like this site.)

- Tales of the Abyss - Suespo [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to cave on this site, because it's not that it wasn't pretty, it's just that I wasn't sure it was my thing... until I got to the image of Asch, bloody and beaten against the stone wall, with the spectre of little Natalia kneeling beside him that I start to really crumble. Then, I kept going through the gallery, the artist really started to get amazingly good with her art, and then... there was a cute chibi Luke/Tear image. Then Tear in a really cute cat-style costume. Asch with little doll!Natalia! SO CUTE. And that's what I really liked about this site, that the overall effect wore me down until I was kind of quietly heartmarking all over the place. (There's a little bit of a lot of things, some Asch/Natalia, maybe a little Luke/Asch, a little other implications, a lot of gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. I was trying to remain strong with this site, there were only a handful of images in the main gallery, despite the utter cuteness of Jade and Dist (I think?) as kids in this really pretty light, airy watercolors style. But then I was going through the oekaki section and the artist had drawn pretty much everyone and her Asch was really cute and her Luke and Tear images were cute and then... as;dlijflaks dammit! Asch/Natalia! My weakness! Really cute, pretty Asch/Natalia art, too! And then one of Ion and Anise sitting next to each other with their hands on top of the other's! So cute! I have a weakness for a bunch of oekaki images dropped onto a page and the sum total of the site wins me over. So. Yes. Pretty art in the main gallery, fun oekaki, nice use of colors, and there's just enough of my preferred pairings to totally make me cave. XD (Some Asch/Natalia, some Asch/Luke, some other het, some other yaoi, a lot of gen, too.)

- Tales of the Abyss - CYBER-GLOVE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have very firm pairings in Tales of the Abyss, but with fanart... I'm pretty easy, as long as something is pretty, I'm generally pretty happy to look at it. And I really liked the artist's take on the characters on this site, her Guy, Luke, and Asch are all very pretty and have that clean cg-style coloring that I like so much. The early art does start off a little shakey, but by the time I was halfway through the gallery, I knew I was going to be won over by the site. I also really like the artist's take on the characters (well, mostly Guy) in modern clothes, they're really pretty illustrations. A nice little fix for my ToA fanart cravings. :D (Luke/Guy, Asch/Guy, Jade/Guy, everyone/Guy, a smidge of Asch/Luke, and a smidge of gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss - BEAST-SIDE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Jade/Luke isn't a pairing I gave a lot of thought (though, I can see where the potential came from in the game) and I even started out with the sketches on this page (working my way backwards instead of forwards) but I was immediately taken with how beautiful the sketches were. The lines are soft and elegant and make the characters look utterly fantastic. Everything is about these long limbs and soft clothes and intimate poses and it just works. As for the regular art, it's even more gorgeous, full of the same lovely lines and now even prettier, soft, warm colors. And, yes, the majority of the site is Jade/Luke, but every so often the artist does Asch+Luke or a group image or one of Peony in formal clothing and they're so great. I loved the site a lot. (Jade/Luke, some Asch+Luke gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - For once, I'm actually not all that fond of the oekaki on this site, I don't think. You can see the artist certainly has talent and a lot of potential, but it's in her gallery proper stuff that you can really see how pretty her drawings are. (Well, there's a difference between the oekaki and the sketches. The sketches are lovely and I enjoyed going through all of them.) They've got very nice, fine lines and soft, warm colors and a very light, airy feel that has a polished sort of feel, rather than feeling unfinished. I especially love the way the artist draws Luke's hair, it looks so vivid and yet soft, the colors practically glow. Her Asch is pretty damn gorgeous as well... hell, all of the galleries were a delight to go through. *__* (A lot of gen, maybe a smidge of Asch/Luke.)

- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The thing that this site has going for it and what ultimately won me over, I suspect, is that the colors are just so bright and vivid, the reds of Asch's and Luke's hair just shines right off the screen. I'm weak to that sort of thing. And not everything on the site is perfect, but there are a handful of illustrations that are just lovely--Tear in a field, Asch kissing Luke's face, Luke with a bird perched on his shoulder--and make the site totally worth visiting if you're into fanart. Or, you know. Maybe I just have a weakness for the two of them in uniform. >_><3 (Some gen, some Asch/Luke.)

- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sort of hesitated over this site for awhile, mostly because I wasn't sure I was in the mood for ToA fanart at the time. But I kept clicking randomly through the gallery and, the more illustrations I saw, the more I was slowly won over. There's a really great one with Luke in a white version of a God- Generals outfit and a really cool one of Luke and Asch in modern clothes and some nicely done genderswapped illustrations and a really gorgeous Guy illustration and a pretty Luke/Tear one and some very pretty Guy/Luke and well. Eventually, even if it's not perfect or not everyone's cup of tea, there were a lot of images I really liked on it and I thought the style was well-done. There's also some cute stuff on the oekaki section--including an Asch/Natalia one that I wish had been bigger and wolf ears on Luke and a Peony/Luke sketch--rounding out the site nicely. (Some gen, some Guy/Luke, some Asch/Luke, some other, some gen. Watch out for the genderswitch in some galleries.)

- Tales of the Abyss - MKO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, after awhile, you see enough Asch/Luke fanart and it all starts to look the same, there's usually only so much you can do with the two characters. What this site did to catch my attention instead was that it started out with a couple of really cute group illustrations, then I was curious enough to keep clicking through the galleries. And they are the main focus of the site, most of the art is centered around the two of them, but the artist does a really lovely job, with the warm colors and pretty lines, making it fun to look at the art, then following it up with getting some variety sneaked in once in awhile. (Usually of Ion or sometimes Guy. The girls started showing up a bit more in the later sketches.) Most of it's in the log pages and, MAN, are some of those sketches pretty as hell. There's also kind of a lot of art here, so, you know, I was totally going to cave eventually. XD (Asch/Luke, a smidge of Guy/Luke, maybe a smidge of gen if you step carefully.)

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