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- Odin Sphere/Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know if I would have recommended this site if I were only here for the Odin Sphere art, because there are only three or four regular images (plus a handful of doodled comics) and as lovely as they are (especially the artist's Velvet, who is really beautiful here), I wasn't sure I could justify an entire rec for them. (Though, there are more really pretty images in the oekaki board.) But then I started going through the Tales of the Abyss images and they were lovely, I only had to see two of them (one a beautiful Ion image, the other a really cute and pretty Luke image) before I knew this was going to be a site I loved. The artist uses soft, bright colors a lot, almost like the feel of a painting and makes it really work for her images. Some are melancholy, some are happy, some are kinda creepy, so many of them putting in a surprising amount of emotion. Plus. You know. So pretty. *__*<3 (Maybe a little Peony/Jade or Jade/Luke, but the majority of the site seems very gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Howl's Moving Castle - NEST OF NO.35 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here seeking fanart for something else (possibly Reborn! or Bleach or something) but got totally distracted by the Tales of the Aybss fanart. It's not something I would have sought out myself, but the colors are so lovely and the detail is really fantastic and the artist is just really talented. Her Jade is really, really pretty and her Anise is just lovely and there are comics making fun of Dist! How can I not love a site that teases Dist? Actually, the artist draws a really gorgeous Dist, but she totally teases him in much the same way the game teased him and I love that. ♥ The site mostly focuses on Jade and his relationships with the people around him, but you also get the occasional Luke/Tear image or a beautiful pin-up style sexy pose Natalia that I was not object to at all. Much the same can be said about the HMC art, it's all this really detailed, beautifully colored art that's often kind of stunning to look at. (A fair amount of Peony/Jade, some potential Jade/Anise, maybe a little other, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I love sites like this. While there's not a lot of non-sketch illustrations in these galleries (if any at all?), it totally makes up for that by drawing a ton of art and all of it's light and airy and really cute to look at. It also helps that the artist is very fond of Dist and the rest of the Keterburg gang, which makes me happy because I've become rather fascinated with that bunch. The illustrations of older Dist are fun, but asdlfkjalskfalksjd the ones of all of them as kids! Little kidlet Saphir and everyone is always kinda mean to him in that way that makes me love him so, so much. ♥ The artist uses a lot of pastels or just a hint of light purple or sometimes only colors their eyes or just does b&w and I wouldn't say any specific one image blew me away (though, I was severely delighted by the handful of Asch/Natalia images on the site), but the whole of the site was fantastic. (Jade/Dist, Peony/Dist, a lot of gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have long had a weakness for cute chibi-esque art, especially when it involves some of my favorite characters/pairings. Dist art is semi-rare, just enough that I'll give sites a chance that I might not have with other series, but I enjoy them honestly and genuinely. I really like this artist's bright, soft colors, they work well with the chibi-esque style she has going on here. Plus, you can tell how much she likes Dist because the others tease him a lot or glomp onto him or he's put in really cute little clothes. I am all for this with Dist fanart, especially if it involves Peony and Jade both going >:D at him. XD (Some Jade/Dist, some Peony/Dist, some gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Okami - Rock Rock Rock [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is definitely not going to be for everyone and I'm not even sure I can articulate why I like it so much, but... it's mostly scribbly art and very stylized, which is cute as it is. But what caught me about this site is that... the more I clicked through the gallery, the more and more I found myself smiling in amusement or thinking a particular illustration was cool. There's Nephry fanart! There's an image of the Keterburg kids burying Saphir in a snowman shaped just like him! There's some really cool Natalia art! Anise is super-cute! There's some really kinda cool Legretta fanart! Asch often looks hot! There's a handful of Asch/Natalia images! The site as a whole managed to win me over with enough illustrations that were just adorable enough to add up to a fun total. As for the Okami art, it's more of the same--I'm not sure how to describe why it's so cute, other than to flail over Waka being a dork or Sakuya being pretty or how some of the Princess Fuse fanart is actually kinda pretty or how Kai is super-cute. It's just a site that's adorable and makes me happy. XD (A little bit of a lot of different things. Probably the most prominent were Luke/Tear, Asch/Natalia, Peony/Nephry, Sync/Arietta. Nothing I'm going to count for Okami.)

- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni/Tales of the Abyss - Replay [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I haven't seen this style in ages, this particular kind of CG style and I didn't realize that I kind of missed it. It works especially well with a series like Higurashi and a character like Shion, she looks so pretty in all of the illustrations. The colors are the lovely darker pastels (shut up, that totally makes sense) or those brighter, cheerier pastels that the series uses so much of. The illustrations are just cute and if there were more Satoshi/Shion like this artist, I might actually fall for the pairing. (Not that I have any shipping preferences in Higurashi.) The one of all the girls glomping onto each other is probably one of my new favorites in fandom. ♥ As for the Tales of the Abyss section, I was originally going to skip recommending it only because I wasn't sure there was actually going to be enough to recommend. But then I kept going through the site and... there's still not a ton of art, but it's that CG style I like so much and the colors are so pretty and I love the artist's Dist a whole lot. ♥ (A little bit Satoshi/Shion, but mostly gen. Some Peony/Jade/Dist in varying combinations and some gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is set up a little bit differently from a lot of sites I've visited, so it only looks like there's not a ton of art here, but it's a site that's made up of several littler illustrations grouped together on a single page. So you have about four pages, but the first one has about 40 small images on it, which is a lot of art, even if I wish the illustrations had been bigger. But the artist has this wonderful style, it's warm and soft and sweet and you'd think that wouldn't work with characters like Jade and Dist and Peony, but it's often set when they're younger or just cute enough to pull the style off. Some of them are really kind of gorgeous even and this wound up being the kind of site that makes me want to dive back into ToA fanart again. *___* (Some Jade/Dist, some Peony/Dist, some gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Phoenix Wright - ohige [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't remember how I stumbled across this site, if I was looking for PW art or ToA art or was even on a site for something else entirely, but I'm glad to have found it. I always like having more Abyss art, but I've not really dove into PW (Or GS, I suppose I should say in the case of the j-fanart sites) art much, especially if they give me pairings or characters I've been and, well. One of the most recent images on this site is a naked professor Nebilim molesting a half-naked Dist and it's... not a pairing I ship, but I am ALL FOR Dist being drawn all soft and pretty as people stick their hands all up in his personal space. A lot of the art isn't perfect, but there's one of Jade and Dist in lab coats while working on something together that totally made the site worth visiting! As for the GS fanart, it's that cel-style coloring that looks really good and some of the illustrations could almost pass for professional. There's one of Kyouya that is kind of ridiculously hot and there is Kyouya/Housuke that is just fantastic (and might quite possibly be my favorite pairing in the series >__>) and generally just one of the best sites I've seen. ♥ (Some pairings for both, a lot of the Keterburg characters for ToA and various for GS.)

- Tales of the Abyss - Little by Little [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is pretty cute and solid, more adorable than anything else, but... what got me to cave was that there were a handful of the Keterburg characters as little kidlets and, holy shit, am I ever weak to that. Especially if you've got Peony beaming at Nephry or little Saphir obviously being tortured like you know he was. For the most part, the site is a general mix of most of the cast, semi-chibi-esque art to the style, lots of soft colors, often verging into pastels, but the artist clearly improved over time and once in awhile something really struck me. It's worth a quick skim through and, hell, if nothing else, the Keterburg kids made me really happy. ♥ (No real warnings/pairing themes, maybe a smidge of Peony/Nephry.)

- Tales of the Abyss - Chicory [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really wish there'd been more art on this site, because I'm weak to this kind of stuff. And if it'd been just about anything else with this series, I don't know if I'd have caved on recommending it, but... the very first illustration! Of Nebilim with baby Jade and baby Saphir! So weak. Plus, half of the art on the site was all about the Keterburg characters and, well. Any site that has Dist illustrations on them, I'm going to be all over. There's not a ton of art here and it's not going to be for everyone, but I enjoyed it as a quick site to give a whirl this morning. (Possible pairings with the Keterburg characters, but I'd say no real warnings/pairings.)

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