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- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi - Alice+ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's really difficult for me to do art recs right now as I'm without my regular computer (which means I can't really save anything), but measuringlife has been tossing a few Gakuen Heaven art links at me here and there. I itched to dig into a lot of them, there were some pretty images here and there. And then I hit this site. This site with it's gorgeous, professional-quality art and beautiful characters and I knew I couldn't not rec it immediately. I started to cave a little at the soft, lovely, gentle pastel one of Kaoru-chan, colors that really suit him. But then it was the really, really hot one of Nakajima with his shirt half undone and his tie about to slide off his fingers and a sly look on his face that just completely did me in. Also? There is Omi/Nakajima and asdflkjasdlfkjasldfj I kind of love that pairing a lot. It's only the one illustration but that is all I need. It's mostly a general sort of site, there are far more single-character illustrations (of almost all the characters) than there are any pairings (there are only one or two maybe?) so it's a good site to visit no matter what your pairings are, I think. As for the Togainu no Chi side of things... well, given that I'm only vaguely familiar with the game, I can't really say much other than that the art is really kinda gorgeous. (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi - Antique Silver [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The first image on this site made me think I would pass it by. But the subsequent images appealed to me a lot more, you could see that the artist really was talented and could do lovely images when applied in a certain style. What I mean is that when she uses too many colors it takes away from that her basic lines are really good, so her b&w stuff is almost better than her color art. But then she starts using a softener filter and, oooh, that's so pretty with her work. There's one of Keita that's lovely, and then one of Kazuki in the rain, and a seriously hot b&w sketch of Kazuki with his shirt half undone (Yum. :9) and more and more and more gorgeous Kazuki. The comics also illustrate this really well because you can see what beautiful lines and shading she does. Keita's eyes are just stunning in certain panels and Kazuki continues to be gorgeous and their hair is just so soft and pretty. I also find I really love the artist's take on Keita when she draws those multi-toned highlights in his hair and... okay, I admit. When Kazuki/Keita is done like this, I warm up to the pairing even more. As for the Togainu no Chi art... well, there are only seven images on the board, but they're pretty enough to warrant a link, in my opinion. The details on the images, in clothes and hair and faces, is tremendous and beautiful, you can really see how talented the artist is. But, okay, mostly it was because the first one is a super, super hot one of Shiki. I'm weak. ♥ (Kazuki/Keita, but worth visiting for the Kazuki gen. No Togainu no Chi pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came to this site for the Togainu no Chi fanart, but wound up staying for the Prince of Tennis site. I swear, whenever I try to look for Tenipuri fanart anymore, I can't find anything I like. I try to look for other series and, bam!, up pops a really pretty Akazawa/Mizuki site. The art is really soft and pretty, the artist uses a lot of bright CG colors, but in the way that actually makes them work. The Togainu no Chi art is much the same, you can see how talented the artist is with her basic lines and details, but the colors just make it that much prettier. Also, her Gunzi really hot and I really like that about her site. ♥ And the dog/Akira one? adlfjalsdfjlasdjf, SO HOT. There are also insanely good Kiriwar and Gunzi images, there's a bunch of cute (and at least one very disturbing) Keisuke/Akira and just... man, overall, this is a fantastic site. (Akazawa/Mizuki, several different Togainu no Chi pairings.)

- Togainu no Chi - 10% [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site. It had potential and some of the images were okay. But then. There was an insanely hot Gunzi/Akira that was totally worth visiting the site for all by itself. All the markings and the lack of clothing and the terrible smile and, okay, there are kitty ears, but that is totally made up for by Gunzi being naked if Akira's head weren't in the way. There's. Also. Um. Another naked!Gunzi one crawling around in blood and, asdlfkjasdlfkjasd, it shouldn't be hot, it should be creepy and psycho, but it's still gorgeous instead. ....okay. I'm done flailing over the site. But it was one of the prettier ones I've seen. (....a little bit of a lot of pairings.)

- Togainu no Chi - CAVALRY [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a strong weakness for bright, clear, sharp CG styles with this series because I found the original game art to be just so insanely beautiful that I love when artists can capture a little bit of that in their art. Well, and the first image I saw on this site was Shiki/Akira and I hadn't seen much Shiki art at all, so I was pleased and won over a little bit with the site. Not all the art is at the same level as some of the other stuff I've rec'd, but it's a pretty, solid site that's worth your time. It's got pretty much everyone/Akira and at least one utterly adorable illustration of Rin and that's about all I needed. XD (Everyone/Akira, some gen.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was pretty sure I was going to like this site, just from the current top illustration of Akira crying in the rain. But then I went poking through the gallery and there was adult!Rin and OH MY GOD SO HOT. The artist's work is lovely, she's got that solid sort of style that gets across the intensity (or whatever that certain something this game has) and gorgeousness of the art, but... asdlfkjasdfja, adult!Rin. So hot. And then immediately after that is another insanely hot one of Shiki and it's like the artist is trying to make my brain explode. In the good way. ♥ There are also more insanely gorgeous ones of Akira and there's a couple of really hot Shiki/Akira and... okay, I am totally failing in writing a proper rec. I think my brain has melted. (Motomi/Akira, some Shiki/Akira, a little gen.)

- Togainu no Chi - web18 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I am weak to a couple of things. Shiki illustrations and decent group illustrations. The art doesn't wow me like it does with other sites, but the artist shows progress and there were enough that I genuinely liked that I wanted to put it on the list of recs. Though, I have to admit, the one of Shiki and Akira in black t-shirts and a cross necklace was really kinda hot looking. A nice little site to have rounded out my night tonight. (...a little bit of several pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was pretty well immediately won over by the chibi Shiki/Akira illustrations, both because I genuine like the clean CG style the artist uses (the almost liquid sort of coloring that I favor) and because the pairing is growing on me. The artist really is talented, I really do like her style, but... yeah, okay, the chibis so make it tons better, how can you resist cute little puppy!Akira with his cute little tail wagging? You just can't. XD And then there's the Final Fantasy art. *__* Which has the same pretty CG style, but now applied to Sephiroth/Cloud and the very first image I saw? KH!Cloud biting the tip of KH!Sephiroth's finger while he leaned in close. asdlkfjalsdkfjalsdjf, way to hit me where I live. ♥ AND THEN THE CHIBIS, GOD. And Cloud in a winter coat with fur trim and wolf/fox/whatever ears and asdlfjkasldfkja it's like the artist is trying to destroy me with the cute. Non-fans might not be as hyped up about the site as I am, but it is a nice site with some really pretty art regardless. (Several/Akira, Sephiroth/Cloud, a bit of gen... sort of.)

- Togainu no Chi - INSIDE+sd [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Aaaand once again I prove that I am a h0 for a hot!Shiki. Of which this site decided to provide me with plenty of. And the hot!Gunzi didn't hurt either. *__* Or the hot!Akira. Or-- ....well, you get the point, yes. The artist uses those almost-glowing-yet-dark CG colors that I find so attractive, so there's all this black to set off the colors and it does a really fantastic job of capturing the feel of the original game while still being fanart. And... man, I really can't describe how hot some of the characters on this site were, how gorgeous the art is, how detailed the artist gets at times, how beautifully she does game art-style poses for the characters, how fantastic some of her concepts are, and how much her Shiki/Akira made me melt through the floor because it was so hot. This one deserves a better rec, it's beautiful. (Pretty much Everyone/Akira, but lots of Shiki/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - BATTEN CLUSTER78 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The first few images on this site are a little bit off, the CG style itself is gorgeous, but the proportions needed a bit of tightening. The cool thing, though? The artist does that within a few images and then her work gets to be really quite stunning. By the time I was halfway through the gallery, I was kind of drooling on myself a little because the art is just so lovely, her attention to detail is fantastic, the way she captures the feel of the original art so well that I could almost mistake some of them for official art, the way her smut is hot in the same way the original game was hot. There are several pairings and they all are really beautiful to look at, but... I admit, her Shiki/Akira, especially the one on the bed, just... asldfjkasldkjf, brain melting. Though, I also have to admit... her Ema was hotter than a hot hot thing. And the Nazi uniforms were hot. And-- asdlfkasldkfj, brain melting now. ♥ (Everyone/Akira, but especially Motomi/Akira and a little Shiki/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - raido [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Even from the current top illustration of Keisuke, I was pretty sure I was going to rec this site. The art is really, really strong and the colors are gorgeous and the details around their eyes is fantastic and the clothes look great. But I got a couple of links in and there was a really beautiful one of Shiki and, yeah, okay, definitely going on the recs list. It's not perfect art, the artist has to work up to getting really good, but it's solid and the kind of art that I don't really mind not being perfect because it hits the right vibe. She uses all these dark backgrounds (when she's not using white ones for single character illustrations) to get the feel of the series down and as she goes along she gets even better. A nice little site to round my night off. :D (Some Keisuke/Akira, some Shiki/Akira, some gen.)

- Gakuen Heaven - sacrifice [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, I'm recommending this site for one particular section and because I'm rather desperate for art from the Niwa/Kaoru-chan pairing. But I was actually slowly beginning to appreciate the art for it's own sake--it's very rough, very sketchy, very raw, surprisingly intense. It fits Nakajima pretty well and looks surprisingly good on Niwa... which is a pairing that's growing on me, Niwa/Nakajima. It was kinda hot here, especially since the artist draws her oekaki-style art all pr0ny. (I'm really curious as to what her regular art would look like with these characters.) I was a little "...." over the Nakajima/Shinomiya, but I didn't mind, either. And then. Then there was Niwa/Kaoru-chan and it was actual pairing art and it was pr0ny and I was all, "OKAY. YOU GET A THUMBS UP NOW." So, the site appealed to me mostly for that, I suspect you have to be a fan of the pairing to really enjoy it like I did, probably even had to spend quite a lot of time looking for art to appreciate what there is, but... yeah. It's King/Queen. I am deteremined to find it all. I liked this site. Good enough. ♥ As for the Togainu no Chi fanart, it's a bit sparse and it has the same rough style as the Gakuen Heaven art, but I liked it well enough to toss it in. It's better if you're looking at a bunch of sites all together, it's better as one amongst many, but the artist shows a lot of promise/talent with certain images of hers, so... well, yes. Good enough for me again. :D And, actually, her Kiriwar is really quite hot. *_* (Niwa/Nakajima, Nakajima/Shinomiya, Niwa/Kaoru, some other.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi - MXM SOUND [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a lot of art here, probably less than twenty images total, but I felt like I had to rec it anyway because it was a pretty site and worth a quick look around. The artist has a really nice style, something light and airy, except not, because it's Togainu no Chi and there are a lot of dark colors used. A bit like paintings, I suppose. But it's pretty and that's all that counts, really. XD I also liked that there was an illustration for just about every major Akira pairing in the artist's galleries and they were all really pretty, even the quick sketches in the rakugaki section. It was a nice way to start off my fanart hunt for the night. As for the Gakuen Heven art, it starts off a little shakey, but the artist quickly finds her feet and does some really nice, pretty stuff. She uses a lot of reds and oranges and other warm colors and I actually kinda like her style with it, it works well. Another site where she does pretty much Everyone/Keita, but since I don't mind that, it's a fun site for me. (Everyone/Akira, Everyone/Keita pretty much.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi/Prince of Tennis - + robot heaven + [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist starts out a little rough. But I was willing to keep going because of a potential promise for Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart eventually and the Niwa/Nakajima fanart was really kinda interesting in the meantime. The artist was shakey at first, but you can see her slowly tightening up the characters until they both start to look really kinda hot. She's especially good at drawing Nakajima in this way that totally hits his stereotype and why I love it--tall, hot, glasses, broad shoulders, looks good in and out of a suit. Yum. And then she draws Niwa with his shirt off a lot and tattoos on his arms or a necklace around his neck and, again, omg, hot. There's almost a raw sort of quality to the art that gets better and better as she goes along. *__* Even her Kazuki/Keita is really kinda hot in this style--while it's certainly better suited to characters like Niwa and Nakajima, I found I actually liked her KazuKei as some of the best art I've seen for that pairing. The Togainu no Chi fanart is pretty much the same way, it starts out rather rough, but gets better as the artist goes along, so that a few of the later images look really good/hot, especially with the way the artist sticks to b&w a lot, which she's really good at. As for the Tenipuri art... admittedly, it's a bit difficult to find and there's only about ten illustrations on the site, but... there were two or three of them that I found I really liked and thus wanted to list it. It might not be worth visiting for just that, but it rounds out the site nicely, especially when the artist does a really hot Atobe, a nice Oshitari/Gakuto, one of the prettiest Fujis I've seen in awhile, and some rather hot Tezuka/Fuji. ♥ (Niwa/Nakajima, Kazuki/Keita, some other. Several pairings with TnC, but no real themes. Tezuka/Fuji and mostly gen for Tenipuri.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is yet another site I debated about on for awhile, the art is solid and interesting to look at, but I'm not a huge fan of Keisuke. It's not that I have anything against him, he's a fine character, just that... well, my interests lie elsewhere. But the site is one I think would be good to add to a collection of sites and... okay, the real reason is that there's a Gunzi/Keisuke image on the site and I almost never see stuff like that, so the sheer novelty of it put me over the top. XD This isn't to say it's a bad site, I happily collected the art, just that it's not going to be quite like other sites. Though, I do wish the artist had done a few more comic/doujinshi-like pages, her art was really quite pretty in them and her Shiki/Akira was, um, kinda hot. *_* (Mixed pairings, some Shiki/Akira, some Keisuke/Akira, some other.)

- Togainu no Chi - The 4th Division [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I fell in love with this site practically as soon as I clicked onto it; the art here is absolutely lovely. Rich, lush, full of detail, interesting patterns and effects that often make them look like paintings. Not all of them, there are a couple of chibi illustrations (that have the same bright, vivid colors, which makes them so incredibly adorable) or simpler line art illustrations, but... after that, you'll wander into the comics section and asdlkfjaldskfjals, if this artist isn't drawing doujinshi, there's no justice in the world. Her comics have these beautiful lines in them, sharp and detailed and clean. Not everything on the site impressed me, but when the artist really puts a lot of work into it, it shows. *_* There are a handful of Akira illustrations that are just stunning. (Everyone/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - STROBO:H [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I recognize the name and style of this site, which used to be one of my favorite Tezuka/Atobe&Prince of Tennis sites. Sadly, most of the TezuAto fanart seems to be down now, but... there's TnC fanart up instead and I still really like the artist's style. It's very rough and oekaki, but that's part of the appeal of it, there's a certain intensity to it that would be taken away if the images were more polished. It's just... well, hot the way it is and it totally does not hurt that the artist seems at least somewhat fond of Shiki/Akira. Especially the doujinshi cover that's just... asdlfkjalsdfjasldj, so pretty. The site might not be for everyone, but it's one that totally hits me the right way. *_* (Pretty much everyone/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a bit to warm up to this site, but I eventually did because I have a fondness for b&w (or blue&white, etc.) sketches that are very detailed and draw the characters all hot and stuff. The artist's Gunzi is what won me over most of the way, but I have to admit that her Kiriwar is... well, really powerful and intense and hot. But it was Shiki that finally put me over the top and made me wish she'd do more of the other characters, too. Not that I'm complaining when she so often draws shirtless!Gunzi, not at all. *__* Certainly not when he's either just stepped out of a shower or bed or something, so he's all ruffled and stuff. *__* Anyway, yes. Good, solid site with some nice Kiriwar/Gunzi and a little bit of Akira and the others on the side. <3 (Some Kiriwar/Gunzi, some other/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - 406 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Like so many of the other sites, there are a handful of illustrations that don't do much for me, a handful of illustrations that are really quite solidly good, and a handful of illustrations that totally sent me over the top because I was weak for the hot Shiki/Akira (or of them seperately) fanart. There was even a Keisuki illustration that I found really hot or interesting perspective/crops on a Gunzi illustration that really focused on the artist's strength (she can do terrific details and has really strong lines) and I like when artists can do that, maximize what they can do with an image. ....but, yeah, Shiki in all black, something like a softener used on the image, the vivid bright red of his eyes, everything all sleek and sexy? That does it for me every time, even if it's just one or two images. (Everyone/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - usapla [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, am I ever sorry that there's not more art on this site, because the artist does a beautiful job with the characters. Her style is a bit like a watercolor painting in the way they're light, warm colors, but instead of feeling airy because of a strong use of white, there's color all over them, so they end up feeling like very detailed paintings or some such. ....I realize that I'm being horribly armchair artcritic here, but I'm not really sure how else to describe the style the artist uses, other than just saying, "It's pretty!" for about the millionth rec in a row. Anyway, yes. Lovely illustrations, a really gorgeous Akira, great color choices for all the characters, a site I definitely hope will have lots more art to come. ....the Shiki/Akira really, really didn't hurt, either. >:D (Some pairings, nothing enough to really count.)

- Togainu no Chi - nikuniku [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So how many times have I said that it just takes one illustration to put me over the top, especially if it's of a character I particularily like? I was definitely leaning towards this site with the same cool, clean, vibrant, almost glossy colors and the clean, smooth lines, but it was a hot!Shiki that finally won me over yet again. But, really, it's not the only reason I liked this site, immediately afterwards, there was a gorgeous one of Rin, all details and bright clothing against the dark background or the bright, vivid one of Kiriwar and Gunzi yelling at each other (well, Gunzi yelling, Kiriwar grinning like an idiot XD), and beautiful, beautiful oekaki images that have been softened so they totally make me go *__* at them. A lovely site to add to the collection. ♥ (Hints of pairings, but nothing enough to really count.)

- Togainu no Chi - Ganet Aria [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist can draw the characters off some of the time, but she does well with the softened CG style like in the original game and Shiki/Akira in black leather and being all hot together? Well, that's all I needed to sign up. The slightly risque Keisuke/Akira didn't hurt, either, despite that it's not my favorite pairing. There's also some nice ones of Gunzi and stand-alones of Shiki and... okay, the art isn't perfect. But the colors are bright without being too gaudy and I mentioned the black leather with Shiki and Akira, right? Okay, good. Not a perfect site, but one worth visiting for the handful of illustrations, especially if you're going on a spree. (Some Shiki/Akira, a little other.)

- Togainu no Chi - milk cloud [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I suspect that this site will not be for everyone, as some of the early art shows a very definite stick-leg!Akira, but... I dunno. It's a certain style that I see with j-fanartists a lot and I've grown to be rather fond of it, at least when it's not in extremes. And the artist totally does a hot!Keisuke with dog ears and half out of a bloodied yukata (I think) and I shouldn't find that attractive but the not-quite-crazy look on his face is kind of awesome. ....actually, the artist seems rather fond of crazed!Keisuke, which didn't work so much for me in the game, but is really well done here and it actually makes him look more attractive. The blood splatters are really, really well-done and totally help make the images look even more hot and, yes, I realize what I've just said there. Also, I totally wtf'd at myself for it, but puppy!Akira is the cutest thing ever. And, finally, there's Shiki fanart which is really hot and HOLY CRAP that's one of the best Kiriwar/Gunzi illustrations I've ever seen. Totally worth the trip. And I will stop abusing the word "totally" now. Srsly. XD (Keisuke/Akira, a little other.)

- Togainu no Chi - cobinrobin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The artist here, too, can be a bit off, but I found I didn't really mind when she drew the characters as being so very hot or when she drew these adorable, adorable little chibi almost-sprites of the characters. The artist's work is generally at her best when she's doing lighter images, ones that use mostly faded pastel colors or when she really, really concentrates to make her art detailed and finely drawn (like the one of Gunzi yanking Akira up by the hair and sticking his tongue out at the 'camera'), but generally everything is worth a look. It helps that there are a lot of quick little sketches tucked away that show off the artist's genuine talent; the further you get into the gallery, the more you can see she tightens up her lines and there's a lot of detail being put into the right places with those sketches. Some of the half-naked Akira or even Keisuke/Akira being sweet and quiet were really very, very pretty. (Mostly Keisuke/Akira, a hint of Shiki/Akira, a little other/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - HONDA Pinkish LABRATORY [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You kind of have to hunt and mostly just get lucky (or go through everything) to hit on a lot of the Togainu no Chi fanart on this site, but the gorgeous Gunzi illustrations totally made it worth my while to do so. The three or so proper illustrations (mostly of Gunzi or Kiriwar/Gunzi) were just beautiful. Even the oekaki/sketches are really gorgeous, with this polished sort of style that's so... well, professional. It's exactly sites like this that feed into that growing Gunzi love I have, because how can you not be at least a little fond of him when he's so psychotic and hot? I swear, he's like the Reno of the TnC fandom, you can't not like him! ^_~ And, okay, the other characters show up on the site sometimes (there's a particularily gorgeous Shiki illustration, all shining black leather and glossy colors and yum :9), but mostly the focus is on Gunzi and that's just fine with me. Sometimes. ♥ (Some Kiriwar/Gunzi, some other, some gen.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know what it is about this style that attracted me to this site, it's not one I usually go for, but somehow... the atmosphere of the illustrations just worked for me. The almost sketchy style mixed with rich colors mixed with frequently bloody imagery... I dunno, maybe I'm just craving something a little different from usual, so this site appealed to me. Maybe it's better than the sum of its pieces/aspects. Whatever the reason, there are some really cool, effective pieces here that I'm glad to have stumbled across. And, okay, the handful of Shiki illustrations, once again, didn't hurt. <3 ....neither did the surprisingly cute chibi oekaki of Kiriwar and Gunzi. XD Or Shiki and baby!kitty!Akira being so freaking cute. (Implications of pairings, but no real consistency.)

- Togainu no Chi - beast [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is yet another example of how a chibi!Shiki fanart combined with a handful of other neat illustrations can rather easily win me over. I'm kind of easy for my favorite characters, as most people have probably noticed by now, but that doesn't mean the site isn't worth checking out. Not everything bowled me over, but there were a handful of illustrations, of just about every character, that are worth visiting for. When the artist wants to, she can draw some really lovely stuff and you can see that in a handful of illustration. There were a couple of Kiriwar/Gunzi that were really pretty, a cute/funny/pretty Shiki/Akira comic, and so forth. A nice little addition to my growing collection. :D (Some hints of pairings, a little Shiki/Akira, Kiriwar/Gunzi, a little gen.)

- Togainu no Chi - TOBAKO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It really didn't take me long at all to fall in love with this site, the way the flat colors are used to really neat effect (it's a style I really like, but only by certain people, this artist does it well, in my eyes) and everything is so... slick and glossy. It's also one of those sites where there's a ton of art of different characters/pairings, so I can find something I really want (Shiki/Akira ♥), but also look around for some other stuff so I don't get bored. Just about everything on this site is really pretty, there are a handful that leave me staring all *__* at the art because of the deft, almost delicate lines in some places, cooing at the cute chibi-esque illustrations in other places, and just a quiet appreciation of good art in others. All around, it left me with a very satisfied feeling, a good place to stop for awhile because I'd found what I was looking for. (Pretty much everyone/Akira, some gen.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It can be a bit of work to find the TnC fanart on this site, but it's worth it because the artist has a cute, clean style with bright, glossy, shiny colors that I really like. Sometimes the art is super-cute, sometimes it's kinda hot and I have great affection for sites that can give me a little of both. I also like that the artist seems to have genuine affection for Akira's character and the entire cast of the series, not just one or two pairings, even as she tends to make Shiki/Akira stuff the absolute prettiest. But even more than that, there was just something about this site that left me feeling... I'm not sure. But fond towards the series all over again, enjoying the series/fandom and feeling happy about being able to look for art from it. Maybe that's just me, but the art is worth checking out regardless. There are several illustrations that are totally worth picking up for just about anyone. (Everyone/Akira, a little more than usual Shiki/Akira and Nano/Akira, occasional not-safe-for-work content.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm generally not that fond of this style of art (you'll see what I mean if you wander through the site a bit), I probably skipped about half of the illustrations here. So why recommend it anyway? Because the other half... there's a certain something about them. Part of it is that I love the Shiki/Akira pairing. Part of it is that the author has a certain sort of appeal, a certain something about a bloodied Akira being curled up against Shiki's side or holding a gift in his arms with the pissiest/most embarassed expression ever or the incredibly adorable set of chibis or Shiki just generally being hot or Akira in the Nazi uniform that shouldn't be as hot as it is or a bunch of other illustrations. The site isn't perfect, but the artist manages to create a handful of illustrations that I totally enjoyed going to the site for, <3 (Mostly Shiki/Akira, a little other.)

- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I totally only had to get to the second Akira illustration on this site to go, "Whoa, that's pretty. *_*" when he's all decked out in black leather that's... well, slinky is the only way I can think to describe it. I have a weakness for Akira in those sort of clothes. As well as when he's holding Shiki's long katana and the background dark teal and black clouds are beautiful and just... mmm. :9 That is one of the artist's specialties, she can do gorgeous colors to go with the intense looks on the characters face, colors that are dark while still being bright, much like the game itself. (That makes sense in my head, okay?) Her Akira is gorgeous. Her Shiki is glossy and smirky and gorgeous. Her Gunzi is hot and crazy and then hot again. Her Shiki/Akira is bloody and hot. Her Rin/Akira is light, airy and beautiful. In short... asldfkja;sdlkjasdlfj, I love this site. (Shiki/Akira, a little other.)

- Togainu no Chi - Oz [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Well, I was certainly enjoying this site, the sharp lines and artfully messy hair, even the one of Akira in a cute pink apron while Shiki leaned over him. But then the artist went and drew older!Rin x Akira and he was so pretty and hot that I knew I was sold. The artist really makes the bright colors work for her, contrasts them with a lot of darker colors so they end up with these really neat effects. Which I mostly just go, "Oooh, pretty!" over, mind. Again, not everything on the site is perfect, but when the artist uses the softener filter or the glossy CG colors, she turns out something that's really worth visiting the site for. (Everyone/Akira.)

- Bleach/Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I was looking for more Aizen/Hinamori fanart sites... and somehow wound up on a Gin/Kira site. Not that I'm really complaining, I don't mind that pairing, and the artist does a really nice Kira and a really cool Gin. She's got all these sharp lines and toned down colors that give it a cool look and... while I enjoy pairing fanart a lot, I think I wound up liking the single character illustrations even more. I love how... almost kind of creepy (or horrified) they so often look with this artist, it definitely fits with the tone of the pairing and I love how often she draws Gin with a fox mask tilted over his face, that's great. There's also some art of a lot of the other characters, there's some cute Aizen/Hinamori art, there's some adorable academy days trio (with Renji + Kira + Momo) art, there's even some really adorable Shinji/Hiyori art. Even the comics are really cute and fun to go through, this was a nice little site. As for the Togainu no Chi section, it took me a bit to find and there's not a super-ton of art or anything, but it's all really solidly done stuff and it's nice to have a TnC site to visit after so long. ♥ (Gin/Kira, some other het potential, some gen. Most canon pairings from Togainu no Chi, but no real theme.)

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