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- Togainu no Chi - 10% [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site. It had potential and some of the images were okay. But then. There was an insanely hot Gunzi/Akira that was totally worth visiting the site for all by itself. All the markings and the lack of clothing and the terrible smile and, okay, there are kitty ears, but that is totally made up for by Gunzi being naked if Akira's head weren't in the way. There's. Also. Um. Another naked!Gunzi one crawling around in blood and, asdlfkjasdlfkjasd, it shouldn't be hot, it should be creepy and psycho, but it's still gorgeous instead. ....okay. I'm done flailing over the site. But it was one of the prettier ones I've seen. (....a little bit of a lot of pairings.)

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