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- Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a bit to warm up to this site, but I eventually did because I have a fondness for b&w (or blue&white, etc.) sketches that are very detailed and draw the characters all hot and stuff. The artist's Gunzi is what won me over most of the way, but I have to admit that her Kiriwar is... well, really powerful and intense and hot. But it was Shiki that finally put me over the top and made me wish she'd do more of the other characters, too. Not that I'm complaining when she so often draws shirtless!Gunzi, not at all. *__* Certainly not when he's either just stepped out of a shower or bed or something, so he's all ruffled and stuff. *__* Anyway, yes. Good, solid site with some nice Kiriwar/Gunzi and a little bit of Akira and the others on the side. <3 (Some Kiriwar/Gunzi, some other/Akira.)

- Togainu no Chi - HONDA Pinkish LABRATORY [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You kind of have to hunt and mostly just get lucky (or go through everything) to hit on a lot of the Togainu no Chi fanart on this site, but the gorgeous Gunzi illustrations totally made it worth my while to do so. The three or so proper illustrations (mostly of Gunzi or Kiriwar/Gunzi) were just beautiful. Even the oekaki/sketches are really gorgeous, with this polished sort of style that's so... well, professional. It's exactly sites like this that feed into that growing Gunzi love I have, because how can you not be at least a little fond of him when he's so psychotic and hot? I swear, he's like the Reno of the TnC fandom, you can't not like him! ^_~ And, okay, the other characters show up on the site sometimes (there's a particularily gorgeous Shiki illustration, all shining black leather and glossy colors and yum :9), but mostly the focus is on Gunzi and that's just fine with me. Sometimes. ♥ (Some Kiriwar/Gunzi, some other, some gen.)

- Togainu no Chi - beast [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is yet another example of how a chibi!Shiki fanart combined with a handful of other neat illustrations can rather easily win me over. I'm kind of easy for my favorite characters, as most people have probably noticed by now, but that doesn't mean the site isn't worth checking out. Not everything bowled me over, but there were a handful of illustrations, of just about every character, that are worth visiting for. When the artist wants to, she can draw some really lovely stuff and you can see that in a handful of illustration. There were a couple of Kiriwar/Gunzi that were really pretty, a cute/funny/pretty Shiki/Akira comic, and so forth. A nice little addition to my growing collection. :D (Some hints of pairings, a little Shiki/Akira, Kiriwar/Gunzi, a little gen.)

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