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- Tales of Vesperia - Stephanie [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - asd;fljka;lskjal;skjalkjs AUGH. 1) Do you know how long it took me to find a Vesperia site that had more than three images or so on it? AGES. Despite that I've hit up the Tales of Search and everything! 2) OF COURSE IT'S WHEN I'M LOOKING FOR GUNDAM 00 ART THAT I FIND IT. *gives the hell up on Japanese Tales fandom* Okay, tantrum aside, a;lsdkfjals;kj omg this is some seriously pretty Yuri/Flynn art and it makes me pine that I can't properly play the game because I waaaaaaaaant iiiiiiiiiit. The colors of this artist are gorgeous and her lines are so smooth and clean and there's actually quite a lot of art here, not just doodles or comics, but an actually decent sized gallery proper! And, man, is this ever the kind of site that makes me remember why I love j-fanart so much. XD (Yuri/Flynn.)

- Tales of Vesperia - Hasta La Vista [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, still not having played Vesperia and still not really sure of the characters that much, I still pine to be able to play and I'm soothing myself with fanart, shut up. This site's main gallery has a decent amount of images of Yuri and Estelle, but I knew I was really going to cave on recommending the site when I started getting further into the Yuri/Duke art. But-- so pretty--! All that hair and the pretty colors the artist uses! I'm easy, okay? Shut up. But, god, the artist draws a beautiful and/or SUPER ADORABLE little chibi Duke There's even the occasional hint of porn at times! And, yup, still easy for that kind of thing. (Yuri/Duke.)

- Tales of Vesperia - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - What's this? Another Vesperia site that I really like? And it hasn't been two months since the last time? M-maybe Vesperia is finally getting a fandom, though, I'm not sure I quite dare hope just yet. Anyway, this is a lovely site, right from the first couple of illustrations I clicked onto, I really liked this one. They're vivid and glowing colors, the kind of thing I'm weak to, and Yuri and Flynn were totally cute--especially when the artist draws them as little kidlets. There's a surprising amount of art on the site and the lineart is that kind that's sharp and clean, then uses pretty colors to win me over even further, some of the blues are really kind of stunning at times. Just. A very nice site. (Flynn/Yuri.)

- Tales of Vesperia - Kevin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And another! Vesperia fandom might not actually be so bad! Looking at the game, I suspect I would ship Yuri/Estelle, but... all this pretty Yuri/Flynn art is kind of winning me over, especially when they're both in knights clothes and looking so beautifully drawn and detailed. Not everything on the site is perfect, but when the artist really wants to, she can draw a very nice, clean, smoothly detailed piece of art. I do wish there'd been a little more art here, but... well, when I poked around more, there were illustrations of Yuri with bunny ears and even some adorable little sprites. And, well. I'm weak. XD (Flynn/Yuri, maybe a little other.)

- Tales of Vesperia - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was only intending to sort of skim this site, there didn't look to be a whole lot of art here and I wanted to focus on bigger sites. But I figured I'd at least collect a little for my own personal collection and... about four links into the gallery section, I was kind of making a lot of *__* faces because the artist got kind of really quite good. There's still not a lot of art here, but it's really solid, good-looking stuff that nails an anime or CG styling and some of the images are surprisingly detailed. I don't want to say they look like promotional art, because it's obviously still fanart, but... with a little time and diligence, I think this artist could get there. Maybe someday. At any rate, it's worth a quick whirl through, imo. And browsing the Symphonia art (which I am going to play someday, I swear), you can see it even more strongly, some of those Kratos illustrations are fantastic. (Various pairings/implications of pairings.)

- Tales of Vesperia/Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And I'm back to Yuri and Flynn. But I certainly can't resist when the artist has such a soft, pretty style that I'm weak to--none of the illustrations have very solid coloring, but it works because the pastel colors are lovely and she's got a solid grip on the characters. I'm also weak to art of Yuri and Flynn as kidlets or the way Flynn looks almost sunlit, even in the more angsty illustrations. I dunno, the artist just made this one work for me somehow. Also. You know. Makeouts and stuff. :D The same (except maybe minus the makeouts) applies to the Abyss art--lots of bright, airy colorings and a bunch of added chibis. I dunno if I would have stuck around on this site if it didn't have the Vesperia art that I'm hungry for, but it was a really interesting, fun site for the Abyss as long as I was taking the time to go through the site. ....e-even if there was Van/Luke there. (Flynn/Yuri for Verspia, mostly gen for Abyss, but some Van/Luke.)

- Tales of Vesperia - Xenolith [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've been to this site for the Abyss art before, but I came back today because I was following Vesperia links and... well, there's not as much as I'd like, but it's really solidly decent stuff. The artist has this CG style that I might not have otherwise liked, but it's got a lot of detail in it and the colors are really richly done, and the images are just really pretty. The Yuri/Duke pairing isn't my favorite, but this artist kind of wins me over a lot, especially because there's one or two in here that's just a gorgeous illustration of the Duke. Her Yuri is nice as well, but. You're really going here for the Duke art. XD (Some Yuri/Duke, some gen.)

- Tales of Vesperia - Vesper [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - At first I thought this site was maybe a little plain, but... I dunno, the further I got into it, the more the artist tightened up her work and started adding in more detail and coming up with some surprisingly good stuff. I appear to be stuck in a Duke circle of the Japanese fanart corner, but I don't particularly mind, because he does get some really beautiful stuff on these sites, this one no exception. Occasionally the artist will also do semi-chibi-esque stuff and it's kind of really cute and it's one of those sites where... it added to the overall sense of satisfaction I'm getting from the Vesperia fandom lately. (Duke/Yuri.)

- Tales of Vesperia - MKO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know I already recommended this site for the Abyss art, but I'm going to recommend the Vesperia art separtely because I didn't want to crowd the two recs into the same one, it always feels half-finished to me that way. Plus, different audiences usually, I figure. Anyway, I do wish there'd been more art here, there were only a handful of proper illustrations and then several comics (which I tend to skip a lot, unless the art is super gorgeous) but what was here was kind of really fantastic. The almost!kiss with Flynn and Yuri? Oh, man, so pretty! Even the log stuff looked really fantastic! And, hell, for all that I often tend to skip over the comics, these actually were very nicely drawn, the level of detail was really nice. (Flynn/Yuri, a smidge of gen if you step carefully.)

- Tales of Vesperia - Rin2 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to find a lot of the good art on this site--there's a recent illustration of Estelle in full color that's just gorgeous as all get out, but beyond that, it looked mostly like sketches and doodles. Which weren't bad, but weren't blowing me over, either. But I kept poking around and eventually I did find the other color illustrations that the artist did and realized that the site was a nice little treat to find this afternoon. When the artist does for a more traditional anime-cel-style look, she's really pretty good at it, the colors are vibrant and so vivid, everything is so clean and there's a ton of cuteness here. <3 (Some gen, some Flynn/Yuri, a smidge of Duke/Yuri.)

- Tales of Vesperia - Tuonela [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really went back and forth on this site for awhile, the color art wasn't bad, but it wasn't quite fully catching me. But then I got to the "nightmare" comic and a;lsdkjalsjkaslkj it was kind of really pretty! Comics are almost never what ultimately catches me with a site, they're usually the ones I skip over the most, but these... they really showed what the artist could do. Raven/Yuri isn't my pairing of choice so far, but the artist made it work pretty well here, if you don't mind it. Also, some of the later color art is definitely worth taking a tour through, it gets much prettier as it goes along. <3 It was, overall, a fun and interesting site. (Some gen, some Raven/Yuri.)

- Tales of Vesperia - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's possible that I am re-recommending this site, but. Well. I (re?)fell in love with this site pretty much instantly, just for the colors, which are really vibrant and pretty to look at. I really like the sketch-like style the artist has, where she puts in a lot of nice detail and is pretty disciplined, but it's the bright, vivid colors that go with them so well that really makes it. Her Flynn is especially pretty, but I love that there's also a handful of illustrations of the female characters. It's one of those sites where... I haven't looked at Vesperia art in awhile and maybe Yuri/Flynn isn't my first pairing, but it's the kind of site that revs me back up for this fandom and reminds me of why I do kinda ship these characters, too. Plus, it's just plain old gorgeous art. <3 (Yuri/Flynn, NSFW.)

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