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- Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter/Inu-Yasha/Trigun - Honey Hachi [ Thai? Fan Art Site ] - Wheee! Lots of different series that I like here! ^_^v The art is very nice, and while I don't care as much for the Harry Potter color art (the doujinshi look great, however), the artist's style works very well for the anime fanart. I adore the Inu-Yasha and Hikago fanart. ^_^v And the doujinshi were a lot of fun to go through (the Trigun one is especially pretty!) as well. (Yaoi-friendly, no single pairing theme.)

- Fruits Basket/Trigun - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I am in utter love with this site, and I just can't say enough good about it. What struck me right away is that the art is very much in the original style of Fruits Basket, that sharp, point look that's actually very pretty. The next thing to strike me was how lovely the colors are, they're very just beautiful. And, third, ShigurexHatori!!! *hearts* Oh, how I love you, Hatori. +_+ I'm a fan of pretty much any combination of the Mabudachi trio, but the ones with Hatori are my favorite. *happy, happy fangirl* Anyway. I think I could definitely put this up there with my favorite Furuba fanart sites. *coos* There are also somet lovely Trigun illustrations, though, this is primarely a Furuba site. Oh! And a kick-ass Scryed illustration in the "other" section as well. (ShigurexHatori... HatorixShigure...? Whichever. ^_^ Some WolfwoodxVash.)

- Trigun/Weiss Kreuz - windward [ Fan Art Site ] - Thanks to Di-chan for pointing this one out to me. *drools all over herself* Oh, my god, the Trigun art here is flat-out amazing! These could pass for official art, I swear. Just... the skill, the coloring, the shading, the poses... damn. (And there's one of Knives, too!! XD) The Farfello one is... wow. I have no words for how amazing I find this art. And the Vashu sketch... one of the most beautiful Trigun pieces of art I've ever seen. +_+ (No warnings.)

- Trigun/Gundam Wing/Dragonball Z - Chaotic Equlibrium [ Fan Art Site ] - Whee! This is one of those sites that has such a solid amount of skill to it that a lot of the illustrations really get up towards official art style. It's not my all-time favorite, as I personally prefer a more delicate manga approach, but that's a personal choice, and they've done a terrific job with the anime-style they went in the direction of. The Vash image in the colored section is gorgeous, too. +_+ (No warnings.)

- Trigun/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers - PFSA [ Japanese Fan Art Site } - Okay, the YST fan art-fan art didn't do much for me (not bad, just not particular striking to me), but the YST fan-comic was really pretty and Seiji looks absolutely gorgeous on this page of the comic. *drools* After finishing with the YST section, I headed over to the Trigun section and, holy crap, those Vash/Wolfwood images are lovely. The colors, the smoothness of the drawings, the utter adorability of them.... *happy sigh* So much prettiness. (Touma/Seiji, Wolfwood/Vash.)

- Trigun - Magic Capsule [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Dude. Wow. This artist can do some amazing details on their illustrations along with some kick-ass poses. There's one of Wolfwood and Vash driving away on a motorcyle and a side car that just completely blew me away with how good it looked. But what I really liked most is how they captured the kick-ass feel of the Trigun series with the illustrations--that's always impressive to me, when you can capture that indescribable quality a series has in your fanart. ^_^ (No real warnings.)

- Saiyuki/Trigun - Yomiuri Kawaraban [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The Saiyuki illustrations on this site seem very familiar to me, so I'm wondering if I've rec'd this site before (or at least visited it), but I can't find it on my list of recs, so... well, here goes anyway. ^_~ The Saiyuki illustrations on this site are amazing, the artist has really captured the feel of Minekura's style, putting what I love about the mangaka's work into the fanartist's illustrations down to an amazing level. Everything is amazing about them, from the amount of details to the lines to the shading to the use of colors to the fanservice poses, really one of the better artists for the series I've seen out there. Plus, the Kenren and Tenpou favoritism REALLY didn't hurt my feelings. ^_______^ The very last illustration in the Trigun section was wonderful and there's some nice Trigun art in the presents section. (Kenren/Tenpou and WolfwoodxVash.)

- Trigun - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It took me about five clicks to fall in love with this artist, because her art is just so damned pretty. Her colors are vivid without being gaudy (I lovelovelove how Vash's light blue eyes stand out in so many of the images; she really captures the reds and oranges of the series so very well), her details are fantastic, and her poses are kick ass. There are some illustrations on the site that I was just stunned by, that I just had to stop and stare at because they were so gorgeous--like the one of Vash grabbing Wolfwood's face in the snow. God, the details were incredible. Some of the art is honest-to-god on par with the original/official art of the series, I think, that's how good it is. And the further you get into the gallery, the more amazing her work becomes; I'm in love. *swoons* (WolfwoodxVash.)

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