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- Trigun - The Aftermath by Trillions Tomo-chan - This story breaks my heart. As much as I love Wolfwood and Vash, some days I think Knives and Vash are the heart of what keep me (occasionally) coming back to Trigun fic. And this story wonderfully portrayed the conflicting emotions Vash had for Knives during that time after the ship crashed and Knives' own reaction towards his brother as well. How different they are, yet how alike they are in that they'll always be brothers and it just makes me hurt knowing what's coming and how they'll continue to always be brothers. Wah. ;_; (No warnings.)

- Trigun - Someday by Trillions Tomo-chan - There was a line in this story.... Knives begins to set into motion the events that land the Seeds ships on Gunsmoke, [....] if Rem saw it, it would tear her apart- and he would never admit that some small part of him didn't want Rem to know what he had become. What he was about to do. Knives was hardly feeling guilty in this story, he's hardly the misunderstood hero, but that one small line stuck with me, because it showed that Knives isn't pure evil and there was good in him, it was just overshadowed by other things. I admit, a part of me roots for Knives because he loves his brother and wants to... partly show him the truth, partly 'save' him, and mostly just wants to be with him. As misguided as he is, I can't help but love him. *_* (No warnings.)

- Trigun - My Other Half by Trillions Tomo-chan - I smile at him. For a moment he stares in confusion, but a second longer and he smiles as well- it's shy, small, but on his face it's like the suns are bursting through the clouds above. That smile means he trusts me. That smile means that despite all the words in the past, I still have my Vash. Vash and Knives are one of the reasons that I find myself not minding twincest and even seeking it out on a few occasions, because their relationship just isn't like normal people's/twins'. This is a gorgeous little vignette of a story that helps scratch that Knives/Vash itch I have and even tosses in some wonderful characterization bits--I love that no matter how crazy Knives is (and Tomo never seems to shy away from that), you can always feel how much he loves his brother. (KnivesxVash, twincest, though, PG-rated.)

- Trigun - Bending the Rules by Trillions Tomo-chan - This is one of my absolute favorite Trigun fics as far as Knives and Vash are concerned. The twincest is nice, but what really gets to me is that they're... they're brothers, no matter what else is between them, Knives loves his brother and Vash will forgive Knives. There is one line in here that just causes me to melt every time I read it: "I'm starting over. We're starting over. Together."


Nodding happily, Vash buried his face in his brothers chest and laughed, the sound bouncing off the walls of the room and making his shocked twin look down. "You and me, and the whole world. You tried it your way, now we'll try it mine- and Knives, I'll show you your Eden." I loved that last line so very much. ;_; (Li'l bit Knives/Vash.)

- Trigun - Lovers in the Darkness by Trillions Tomo-chan - Normally, I'm not crazy about Midvalley or Midvalley/Wolfwood, but I found it inexplicably intruiging in this story, what hints there were of it--I liked the way Tomo used the various characters to show how everything was spiraling out of control and using that to show what kind of people they were and, dammit, just making me hurt for so many of them--especially Wolfwood and Vash and Knives, because it just couldn't end well for any of them, it never will. Wah. ;_; (Wolfwood/Vash, hints of Midvalley/Wolfwood, Knives/Vash, and Knives/Legato.)

- Trigun - Vanilla by - This was... adorable, I guess is the word for it. Post-anime series, Vash introduces Knives to the concept of ice cream. Despite being almost a purely fluffy fic, this take on Knives is one of my favorites, it wasn't too extreme in anything and was believably... well, almost sweet. ....gah. It sounds like I've gone all mushy on Knives, but I haven't! Not really! It's just... being alone with Vash in a quite little setting like that... I bought it in this story. And it made me happy. I can only take so much Trigun angst before I need fluff. *pets the story* Good fluffy, too. (KnivesxVash.)

- Trigun - Her by Kira Douji - It was the end of this story that got me, made me fall in love with the character all over again. A story that skims over Knives' emotions throughout the Trigun timeline, vaguely covering his reactions to Vash, Rem, the humans, the Angel Arms, and everything else. The author writes well enough that the story has a very good flow to it, rather than being choppy like it might have been with another author, as well as capturing Knives' personality so well. The weaving of Rem's words of advice into the storyline worked wonderfully, too, creating a lovely little story. (No real warnings, I don't think.)

- Trigun - Jealousy by White Cat - Knives, thinking about what he'd done with the Project SEEDS ship: And though, in the end, the strategy had backfired, he could not regret his choice of action: if there had been only the slightest chance he could make Vash understand...

Because he knew, oh, yes, he knew, just how much it hurt to have the one you loved so much turn their back and ignore you. Not to imply that Knives is all that soft-hearted in this story, because he's not, but... White Cat weaves Knives' contradicting personality traits together here, making a seamless whole, and capturing the very reason I've fallen for Knives so hard in the first place. Just summing this story up as Knives thinks about Vash and all he's done to get his brother back doesn't seem fair, I got much more out of the story than that. (No real warnings.)

- Trigun - Marksmanship by Eleanor K. - The apple on Vash's head is as red as his coat and nearly as shiny. Spikes of hair curve up around it as if it's a bird, nesting there. Wolfwood blinks at it for a second and then lets his sunglasses slide down his nose so he can meet Vash's eyes.

"What...exactly is that doing on your head?" I adore this story because it says so much about Wolfwood in such subtle ways. Hell, it says so much about Vash without really having to say it, either. Just in the way they interact, why it's so painful to watch them sometimes, the way Wolfwood knows he shouldn't feel anything for Vash, but can't really stop it, the way Vash is just such a good person and you can't help but be drawn to that, the way they both know and yet... just a lovely little story that hurts and makes me happy at the same time. (Wolfwood/Vash.)

- Trigun - No Luck by WhiteCat - I don't read much Trigun fic, but because Terra wrote it... and I'm so glad I read this one, because she really knocked this one out of the park, it's just... it's so powerful and everything Vash feels and goes through (despite that it's mostly just memories of happier times and ruminating on grass and sand) felt like it'd hit my like the proverbial ton of bricks. Everything in the story is so finely crafted that I just sort of sit here and go, "" Even the little touches between Vash and Wolfwood, never very obvious or grandiose, carry such meaning with them. There are so many lines I wanted to quote from this story that I couldn't even pick one, so just... go read it. <3 (Vash/Wolfwood.)

- Trigun - Ecclesiastes by ladysisyphus - [Note: There will be some manga spoilers in this fic.] It's also been forever since I read any Trigun fic, but since I was enjoying the author's work so much, I figured what the hell. And this is why I loved Wolfwood/Vash in the first place, this kind of harsh tone between them despite that they're friends, both of them so jaded, yet still an unshakable wanting to believe in Vash, you can feel it in Wolfwood. Even just the implications of smut are very hot here, the whole piece is almost quiet except it's more of a moment in a lull between chaos, like the Trigun series is so full of. Also, check out the gorgeous drawing by Sakki in the comments below. *__*♥ (Vash/Wolfwood.)

Trigun: darklight by timmesque - I haven't read Trigun fic in ages, but this was posted recently springkin, so what the hell, I figured I'd give it a shot. It's another fic that I'm glad I did this with because it's short, but it has some really great imagery. It's bitter and dark, all the things a character like Wolfwood should be, but without being emo about it. It's just... unhappy and miserable, in just the right amounts. Very, very nice. (Vash/Wolfwood.)

Trigun: The Still Before by fireun - I almost passed this one by because it'd been so long since I read any Trigun fic, but then thought, aw, what the hell. I am really glad I did because this is a fantastic look at Wolfwood and Vash on the eve of their big showdown, all the more bittersweet because we know how things turn out. The way they both see right through each other but pretend they don't, the way they both have all this depth hidden under their surface personalities, all without breaking the almost light-hearted air on the surface, while they try to get some sleep, it's spot on for me. (Wolfwood/Vash.)

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