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- Princess Tutu - pas de deux [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is some of the most stunningly beautiful fanart I've ever seen. *_* It's just... gorgeous. The illustrations are just amazing in their beauty, the ability to capture the feeling of Princess Tutu, and the warmth of the characters. The colors are gorgeous, the lines gorgeous, the soft, gentle feeling of them is gorgeous... guh, I cannot gush enough about this site. Really. And it only gets better that there are some Fakia/Ahiru illustrations on the site that just make me coo with happiness. I know it's early yet for me to be making this proclomation, but I'm pretty sure this is going to wind up being my very favorite Princess Tutu fanart site. *_* (Some Fakia/Ahiru.)

Princess Tutu - Tutu Side [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .....damn, that's gorgeous art. *_* This is the type of art that's so pretty and so lovely and so well-done that it almost looks like official art. The colors and shading are amazing, using soft pastels when needed, darker, richer blues and blacks when those are needed. The Tutu illustrations are just gorgeous, there's one of the most incredible Fakia illustraitons I've ever seen, and OHMYGOD the Fakia/Ahiru one is just... just... damn that's fantastic. The evil-Mute one makes me swoon with how beautiful it is and breaks my heart with how painful it is. The Claire one captures her dark beauty and elegance in just an amazing way. And did I mention I'm in love with the Fakia one? Because I am. *_* Gehhh, I'm incoherent with the fangirlyness again, just... this is an excellent site, one of the best out there. *_* (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not knowing that much about different drawing medias, I can't really say for certain what these were done with, but I'd almost guess they were done with watercolors and they look wonderful for it. The colors are just light and airy enough that I absolutely adore them, but still have color to them. The characters are all sweet and lovely and Ahiru is just adorable, Fakia wonderful, Mute gorgeous, Claire gorgeous, and Tutu beautiful and sparkly. I just... really, really liked this site a lot, it's so very... Tutu-ish. (One or two semi-hint-y Fakia/Ahiru illustrations.)

- Princess Tutu/Wolf's Rain - Friend Ship [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ..... *dies at the beautiful, beautiful Wolf's Rain fanart* Oh, my god are these gorgeous. Just... stunningly gorgeous. *_* The colors are amazing, the lines amazing, the poses/concepts amazing, the very, very, very mild hints of het and shounen ai (if you're looking for them) are amazing, babble, babble, babble. Seriously, I cannot *squee* enough over these illustrations. And then the Tutu illustrations.... *swoons* I love Fakia to little itty, bitty pieces! The first one of him looking so vulnerable with duck-Ahiru in his lap just melts my heart, the group illustration is wonderful, and Fakia holding Tutu/Ahiru in his arms.... It makes me fall in love with the characters/pairing all over again. I could cry without much I love this site. Not that I'm PMS'ing right now or anything. Noooooo. (Some mild het/shounen ai with WR, a little bit Fakia/Ahiru with Tutu.)

- Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that's just fun to go through, the art very pretty and soft and warm; I really enjoyed it a lot. The real highlight of the site comes in the ton of oekaki illustrations the artist has done--several of which are really, really good and just... mm, they've almost got that hazy, romantic look to them that really fits with Tutu. The artist does a beautiful Ruu/Claire, all glossy dark hair and delicate limbs, but without appearing... spindly, much like she does in the anime. The artist also does an adorable Ahiru, and a gorgeous Fakia. And Mute~ *spins* They're all so, so cute. (No real pairings/warnings.)

Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ohhhh, nice CG work here, the colors are lovely, those soft blues and blacks that fit Mute and Fakia so well~ I especially love the way the artist does Mute's hair, it's not overly complex, but it's got that nice layered, detailed look to it that makes him so gorgeous. There's also this one illustration in the gallery of the two of them in their dance outfits (not the practice ones), dancing together that's just... wow, is it pretty. But I love all of them, the warm sense of intimacy and heartache and love there... everything that I feel with Fakia and Mute. *_* (Fakia/Mute.)

- Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *sparkles and twirls* Another lovely site that has some wonderful, beautiful Fakia/Ahiru illustrations that just make me coo with happiness over the cuteness. They're just... so damn cute together!! XD The artist really captures that so well~ There are also a handful of Mute/Claire illustrations on the site, also really getting down that sense of... tragedy and darker tinge to that pairing so very well. But my two favorites were actually ones that were gen--one of Ahiru and Ruu that's just... flat-out gorgeous and one of Ahiru that's so, so cute in the foreground, with stunning Tutu in the background. I love. *_* (Fakia/Ahiru, some Mute/Claire.)

- Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I really, really like the way this artist does black and white fanart, the lines of the characters look fantastic in those. There're even a couple of oneshot comic pages that just look great and duck-Ahiru! *sparklesparkle* Oh, she's so cute!! Duck-Ahiru is probably my favorite from this page, though, the artist draws a nice Fakia, too. And the characters-I-don't-yet-know are pretty, too. Ooh! And there was a kick-ass one of Edel-san! XD The art is very CG-y, but that works well for the artist; it's very cute art. XD (Some Fakia/Ahiru.)

Princess Tutu - Wunsch [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I had to rec this site, because it has some lovely Fakia/Ahiru fanart on the site, some absolutely lovely ones of them in the middle of dancing. Including one where Ahiru's got her leg twisted around in what might be an... erm... difficult... position to get it twisted into, and Fakia is wearing a pleased little smile on his face that set Hana and I to giggling over how lucky Fakia is to have an oh-so-bendy girlfriend and how happy that makes him, too. XD Plus, there's also one of Ahiru dressed as Giselle that's just gorgeous and I swoon over it. And Fakia dancing! *sparkles madly* (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - Lendenbaum [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oohhhh, beautiful fanart again. *_* Right from the very first illustration of Fakia and Ahiru in the school courtyard, where she's looping her arm through his, I knew I would love this site--that illustration's details are wonderful, the colors and lines wonderful, and the feel of it wonderful. *_* The whole site is like that, full of those warm-hearted, wonderful pictures of these characters I love so much, just making me smile over how soft and pretty they are. Then, if you look around enough, you can find the ecchi. *sparkles more* I didn't think I had a prayer of finding Fakia/Mute ecchiness, but wow did I get lucky. *mad sparkling* (Fakia/Ahiru, some Fakia/Mute.)

- Princess Tutu - Field Note [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, the art starts out a little rough on this site, but by the time I was checking through the more recent art, the artist had strengthened up into gorgeous illustrations. She starts out very CG-y, but about halfway through she switches styles and her art gets beautiful from then on out; the colors and lines are these soft, gentle things that I am so very fond of in the first place, but also fit so incredibly well with the fairytale feel of the series itself. Ahiru especially looks amazing, but there's this incredible one of Mute and Rue as well. Plus! She has this page of oekaki illustrations that I'm just madly in love with--Mute with child!Fakia was just touching and there were no words for how much I squee'd over the Fakia/Ahiru kiss. ♥ Really wonderful site that put me back in a Princess Tutu MOOD. *sparkles* (Some Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu/Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I started out with this artist's Gundam SEED illustrations, which were just... WOW. Her basic lines are really nearly on par with the original art itself and she does a tremendous job with the shading and coloring--they look fantastic when she inks them. *happy sigh~* And then you've got the Princess Tutu art~~. When this artist doesn't ink her illustrations, she still colors them amazingly, so you've got this soft, gentle sort of art that's just so pretty. And then when she does ink them? *_______* There's this one on a page of several illustrations with Fakia and Ahiru back to back with each of their expressions sad, Ahiru's head bent forward as tears gather in her eyes, that's just beautiful. And then there's one of shirtless Fakia that I totally drooled over. And then the one of Fakia and Ahiru hugging. You see where I'm going with this. ♥ Wonderful, wonderful site. (Some Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu/Detective Conan - 222 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where I honestly tried to pick out one or two favorite illustrations... and I could not do it, because the artist does this gorgeous work, really capturing the spirit/feeling of the series. She uses these gorgeous, soft colors that work absolutely perfectly for a series like Princess Tutu and she drew the characters so wonderfully, with so much love, I just sighed happily over everything--whether it was Ruu-chan watching duck!Ahiru in the grass or Fakia dancing with Ahiru or hugging her or almost kissing her or holding her duck form or if it was a lovely one of Edel-san or if it was a beautiful illustration of Ahiru's transformation or if it was one of Tutu dancing with the aardvark from episode two. The art was just... everything I want from a Princess Tutu fansite, especially with Fakia/Ahiru. I am completely gone on those two and while I like ALL the characters, seeing those two together... it makes me fall in love all over again. This is one of those sites that just put me into a floaty, happy, fangirl MOOD and I can never ask for more than that from a site. I'm also going to include this site in the DC section because, while it may not have it's own gallery, the art here is FANTASTIC. It's the misc section, but there are a good number of illustrations and some of the coloring and linework is just incredible. (Fakia/Ahiru, some gen.)

- Princess Tutu/Houshin Engi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - OMG, I love this site. The art is just... every so often, an artist comes along who does fantastic things with CG style artwork and colors and the softened filter and this artist is just... some of the illustrations are swoon-worthy, really. Now, it can be a bit of a hunt, but I suggest going through all of the galleries/pages to find everything, because the artist covers a wide range of series (there are also some Bleach and Gundam SEED and Peace Maker and Black Cat illustrations, just not enough to put it in those catagories, I don't think), though, the Princess Tutu fanart is the real highlight of the site, I think. Just... she nails the Tutu style and... I mean... the coloring is really professional looking and the art is good enough that I could have believed it came from one of those CG games that are just so damned pretty. Plus, holy hell, her Fakia is gorgeous. The dark, beautiful hair, the amazingly vibrant green eyes... well, and Ahiru's gorgeous blue eyes or Mute's delicate hair or Rue's beautiful dark hair... I loved it all. *___* PLUS! FAKIA WITH GLASSES OMG SO CUTE. Though, I still say the open shirt one is my favorite. Oh, and the Houshin Engi stuff is darling, too. XD (No real warnings/pairings, maybe a little Fakia/Ahiru?)

- Sailor Moon/Princess Tutu - ~ Brotherhood ~ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, I just utterly fell in love with this site's Sailor Moon art. It's almost like cel-style art, but with lighter, softer colors, so many pinks and purples and blues, all softened and hazy so it almost has this beautiful glow to it. The art of Helios is just lovely, he's just so, so cute... the kind of cute that I can't quite describe without making high-pitched squeaking noises and flapping my hands, despite that he's not really in my top five characters or anything. Just... how could anyone resist the illustration of Helios under the moon, all whites and blues and soft wings and flowing clothes and... *happy sigh* so pretty. It's that the art is so great for the character and his relationship with Chibi-Usa, who is just as lovely, and some of the later illustrations really start to get professional level, especially the one where they're hugging and surrounded by pink petals and a beautifully blue sky behind them and the gorgeous one of Serenity floating in the sky and just enough UsaMamo to keep me happy and just... yes, squee. It's one of the best Helios/Chibi-Usa sites, a not-miss if you're a fan of of the pairing, I'd say. I so, so want more from this artist. ♥ There's also just enough Princess Tutu fanart, especially of Mytho, Fakia&Mytho, and I think I spotted a Mytho/Rue one even! And the artist draws Mytho in that way that reminds me of everything I love about the character, that certain something. *happy sigh* (Helios/Chibi-Usa, some gen for both SM and Tutu.)

- Spirited Away/Howl's Moving Castle/Princess Tutu/Sailor Moon - R.S [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I debated on this site for awhile, I wasn't sure if I wanted to rec it, because many of the illustrations weren't quite to my taste, but... there were just enough illustrations that were ones I really enjoyed that I eventually toppled over in favor of it. The artist has a sort of watercolor-like style (though, I think it might actually be CG of a sort), which is sweet and rather cute--especially her Chihiro illustrations! :D--but there are occasional ones where the artist strengthens her lines and brightens the colors so it looks like more traditional art and I find I really like it then. The artist has a lot of detail in her art, even when the images looked relatively simple, if I stared for a moment, I could start to see that there was more to the art than I'd originally thought. Interestingly, the Howl's Moving Castle fanart tends to be stronger overall and the Princess Tutu fanart is just perfect, the artist's style captures the feel of the series so well and, god, Mytho with Fakia and Rue as kids was the cutest thing ever. For all that I spent half of the rec stalking about Spirited Away, I think it's just as much worth visiting for the Tutu fanart as anything else. (Maybe some pairing implications, but it's largely a gen site, I'd say.)

- Gurren Lagann/Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site probably isn't going to be for everyone, the Princess Tutu fanart is a bit too cutesy for everyone, I suspect. It works for me because the series itself was so cutesy in a lot of ways and so this isn't that much different for me. I like it, though, because the artist shows a lot of potential in the smoothness of the lines and the clean colors... plus, you know, cute Tutu fanart! Always a thing to be celebrated. XD As for Gurren Lagann, there's not a lot of art here, probably not even ten illustrations yet, but the artist is one I kind of want to keep an eye on, since she has this lovely clean CG-anime-cel-esque style that looks very nice. Plus, there's really cute art of Yoko and Nia. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, it's been ages since I went looking for Princess Tutu art and, hell, I hadn't really intended to look at any this afternoon, but somehow I got sucked into this site anyway. The artist starts out a little rough, but she quickly gets very nice, her Fakia is especially good and as;ldkfjkasl; I love her Rue. She also does a great job with Ahiru, all the soft pale pink/peach colors that work so well with her character (and are kind of a must with Tutu fanart XD) and I really like that... the further and further you get into the site, the more solid her artwork becomes. There's not a ton of art here, but there's enough to make it worth a visit. (Some Fakia/Ahiru, some gen.)

- Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - More Tutu fanart! ♥ This artist does start out kind of rough, but it's still very cute art and a nice treat for me since I haven't gone looking for Tutu art in ages. But what I'm really recommending this site for is the art once you get a little further into the gallery, it takes the artist a bit to warm up, but once she does, it's some really adorable, adorable stuff. Fakia with the sleeping Ahiru on his lap while they're in an oversized flower? a;lskdfjalskj I am weak to that kind of thing with this series. The artist also does some lovely art of Ahiru and Rue, then some cute Halloween art of Ahiru, then there's the occasion Mytho/Rue art which a;slkfja;lskj you never find! This site, which I just clicked onto on a whim practically, kind of turned out to be one of my new favorites for the fandom, there's so much here and it's the kind that makes me want to keyboard mash because I love the characters in the same way the artist does and just. Yes. I adore it. ♥ (Fakia/Ahiru, some gen.)

  - Princess Tutu - [ English Fanart Site ] - I definitely came to this artist's gallery for her Fakia/Ahiru art (which is sometimes so adorable that I can hardly stand it, honestly) but she also has some lovely Mytho/Rue art that captured a really neat style with them. I realize that's a lame way to describe it, but the sort of sketch-like quality of several images really charmed me with this artist, it fit the fairy tale setting of the series and style here. Sure, the art is rough at times, but there's that something the artist has that caught me and delighted me while I was browsing through her account--not to mention there's also some adorable Tutu cosplay and that's always appreciated! (Fakia/Ahiru, Mytho/Rue.)

  - Princess Tutu - [ Pixiv Account ] - [The artist also has a deviantART account.] The art here is occasionally a bit on the simpler side with the lineart and there's not a ton of images here, but... I was slowly won over by Fakia and Ahiru with kids and by the Fakia/Ahiru fairy tale ending and pop art style Kraehe and Fakia as the Dark Prince, along with the artist's poster-style images that looked really good and the multi-page comic you can find on her devART account. All of it added up to be this really charming, wonderful trip through the Princess Tutu fandom again, which I adored. ♥ (Fakia/Ahiru, some gen.)

  - Princess Tutu - [ Pixiv Account ] - Again, there might not be a lot of images here, but I don't care because I get lovely stuff like Fakia and Ahiru in swimwear (and in each other's laps, why, thank you, Pixiv) and the two of them as kids and Fakia kissing Ahiru's hand as they fall through the air together. All things I am totally weak to! I just randomly got on this Tutu kick this afternoon after stumbling over an image and this is the kind of artwork that I love to find, the kind that reignites my shipper heart but is also lovely to look at, with cute colors and cute concepts for them. A delight to find today! (Fakia/Ahiru.)

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