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- Princess Tutu - Destiny's Waltz by Teno Hikari - Awww! This was the first Princess Tutu fic I'd ever read and it just made me... happy that someone else liked the Fakia/Ahiru dynamic and that there was a little bit of fic for it. I really liked the way the author captured that sort of... spark-filled chemistry they have, bickering between themselves, but there's a sort of gentle understanding and respect between them, too. And I really just loved the last few lines of this fic! XD (Fakia/Ahiru-ish.)

- Princess Tutu - Pas de Deux by Fushigi Kismet - *___* This story was... well, it was like a fairy tale almost, weaving the Tutu themes into it just beautifully. Story and dance and fairy tales and princesses and knights and just... guh. I loved. The writing is beautiful and sparkling and the characterizations wonderful and just made me... happy to read this fic. These characters have come to mean a lot to me, so beautiful, sparkling, intelligent, wonderful, elegant, and sweet--and this fic captured that about them, complete with gorgeous imagery. Meh, I cannot praise highly enough. ^_^; (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - The Untold Story by vvoltaire - I... am not sure what to say about this story that would not give it away. Instead, I am merely going to say that I was skeptical about it as I was reading, but that I kept going because it was short and the writing was smooth and easily readable. I'm a sucker for that. =^_^= And then... by the end... I reacted exactly the way the author wanted me to; I loved this fic and I definitely recommend it just for that. Very, very nice little fic and it's wonderful to see more Tutu fic. *sparkles* (Some graphic language.)

- Princess Tutu - Entertaining the Old Man by usomitai - This was... well, surreal, in that sort of way that every time Drosselmeyer was on the screen was surreal and this fic oh so beautifully captured that sense of that character. It's hard to explain without giving away the entire story, but this is one of those that captured the feel of Princess Tutu for me, yet didn't feel repetitive of the series or unnecessary. Drosselmeyer's voice as he was watching Mute dance was spot-on, the feelings he has for his characters, the sense of a story within a story, Mute's very nature as a character in this story... it all wove into a perfect little story. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Princess Tutu - Epilogue by canis_m - [Warning: SPOILERS for the end of the Princess Tutu series.] Link nicked from tin/obakesan~ Despite that I haven't actually seen the end of the anime, I pretty much know what happens and I still read the occasional fic. When tin linked this fic, I had to wander over and read because, dammit, there is not enough Fakia/Ahiru in existance and I know Kristin writes lovely fic. And this one is wonderful, it captures that whole fairy-tale-yet-with-a-twist-on-a-twist feeling that's so perfect for the series. And, oh, how I loved the little snippets you catch through the writer's speech and the use of grammar rules and just... you can insert a lot of cute flapping of hands in love here. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - Aftermath by thornsmoke - [Note: There will be some spoilers for the ending of the anime.] I noticed this fic while browsing 31_days on my flist, stopped to read just the beginning of it and immediately got sucked into the narrative. The way the author writes Fakia interests me a lot because I could feel the emotion coming off him, feel the desperation and hurt underneath the frustrated anger. The way he treated Ahiru spoke volumes about his character as well. But the main reason I like this fic is the almost-meta content of it, the way a Knight is trying to become a Storyteller, but it's not easy, the words just aren't coming quite yet and that's... so true. The author uses really pretty imagery (the descriptions of Mytho were especially lovely, almost haunting), the little touches of description that make it fit well with the series. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - Curiouser and Curiouser by ghilledhu - I got the link for this off of velvetpaws' journal as well and just... *dies* this was fabulous. I love two things about it--the conversation as Rue runs past the other students is that quirky sort of dialogue that fits so well with the series' whimsical sort of storytelling. And the second thing is the shard of Mute's heart and the way it reacts and Rue realizing it and... ahahahaha, this was tremendously clever and fun, I adored it. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Princess Tutu/Shoujo Kakumei Utena - With No Companion by gaisce - The second I saw these two series crossed over, I knew that it was a fic that needed to exist! They both have such an allegorical nature, both depend on stories/fairy tales in their narratives and themes, both deal with heartbreaking yet oh-so-shoujo-esque issues of princesses in stories that it just... it was a gorgeous fit. And the author puts in all these fabulous little connections and comparisons, the way Anthy wanders through the story and into Rue and Mythos' lives for a short while, the way she's been through so much, the way Anthy herself is a fragment of a story, the way she recognizes what Rue is, what she could/will become, the way all of this is heartbreaking and yet still so lovely... it's a really, really fantastic fic that deals with the themes and elements of both worlds in an awesome way. *fangirls* And the ending, what Anthy tries to show Rue is just... perfect again. (Some Mythos/Rue, but it's not really the point.)

- Princess Tutu - The Heart's Garden by gaisce - Like the author's previous Tutu fic (the crossover with Utena), there is a quality much like a fairy tale or some surreal dream to the writing of this piece that makes it perfect for a series like Princess Tutu. I love that it shows what Rue goes through, shows what makes me love her character so, so much more than I ever thought I would at the beginning of the series, shows all the heartbreak and loneliness she went through while not over-sympathizing with her character. The way she wishes so desperately for Mytho, the way he never says what she wants to hear, the way the story ends on a painful (for Rue) note, it's just... it's quietly breathtaking and gorgeous. I love Tutu fic like this. *__* (Mytho/Rue.)

- Princess Tutu - The Night Winter Ends by X-parrot - There is something about post-series Tutu fic (which means SPOILERS if you've managed to avoid the ending even now) that I desperately crave, despite thinking the ending was as it should be. Because a writer can make nearly anything happen and why wouldn't he and yet it could so easily be such a bad fic with that concept, but this... this was perfect. So much grace in the images and descriptions, so much emotion woven into every little gesture they made, such a beautifully written background scenery, all of it fitting with the series. It's one of those stories that makes me feel like... well, it's not that I'll never seek out Tutu fic again, because I obviously will. But there's still a sense of satisfaction that I get from stories like this, one that keep the feeling of Princess Tutu yet still give me what I want in a beautiful, beautiful way. Okay. I'm done gushing now. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - Grazioso by silverfyshxin - 31_days is one of the few theme comms that I keep coming back to because it continually brings around such lovely fic like this one, a Mytho/Rue fic that's just as lovely for the word usage, the imagery of ballet and dancing, as it is for the emotion Rue goes through, the two elements combined beautifully here. There's something very graceful about this piece, which is entirely appropriate given the characters and the series as a whole. I only wish there were more like it. ^_~ (Mytho/Rue implications.)

- Princess Tutu - Frightening Things by Mithrigil Galtirglin - I am not sure what to say about this fic, other than that the author has a certain style that works well with the series. It's not something I can put into words, it's similar to the style she uses for her FFXII fic, the kind that leaves me with a certain feeling of detail and loveliness, but that's about where my words fail me. Which is my fault, not the author's, because this is a lovely piece with so much going on underneath the surface of it, so much that's left unsaid that's expressed more through the story Fakia is writing and the things that happen in his life, rather than being directly said. Very nice, I hope to see more Tutu fic from the author. ♥ (Some Fakia/Ahiru implied.)

- Princess Tutu - Carnival by Katharos - I love stories like this, ones that can seem almost deceptively simple, yet contain layers of meaning underneath something so simple as Mytho and Fakia going to a carnival in town. The characterization is lovely, from Mytho's lack of response to most things, to the one thing he does have a quiet reaction to, to the way Fakia treats him, even as he's still a child. The writing is lovely, the details and tone of the fic fit together with Princess Tutu as a series so well, you can see who these characters will grow up to be, already sensing the fairy tale quality of the story in this fic. I loved this a lot. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Princess Tutu - between stories by thornsmoke - No matter how much the fandom is steadily growing, I still have this feeling of holding a treasure in my hands every time there's a new Princess Tutu fic that has a lovely style to it, that actually uses the literary themes, much less one that's post-series with Mytho and Rue. This is a lovely Rue piece, very much like a fairy tale story in the telling of it, as she travels with Mytho through the woods and meets a stranger in a tower. It's almost simple, almost vague, and yet that works so well for the fic, as it's more about implications and things unsaid and flashes of imagery than anything else, I think. At any rate, it's a very nice piece to add to the Princess Tutu fandom. ♥ (Mytho/Rue.)

- Princess Tutu - Meta- by Mithrigil - This was a fun, interesting story, half a conversation between Fakia and Autoa, half a take on the meta aspect of Princess Tutu as a story. What really makes this work for me is the way it's a story about a story, which is addressed in the conversation Fakia has, that quandary about what they were written to do and what they're doing of their own selves and it's kind of greatly amusing to watch Fakia tie himself into knots trying to work it out in his head. This is why Princess Tutu, for all that it's rather small-ish a fandom, is kind of one of my favorites, because it produces stuff like this, stuff that's actually kinda very cool. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - Dalliance with a Dance by Silvie - I believe I was browsing through 31_days this morning and stumbled over this fic, which was a lovely little piece on Fakia after the end of the series. Between the imagery used (there was something almost creepy about the statue, but in a very pretty way) and the turns of phrase from the author, this was a lovely written story. There's a sense of dance to this fic, both graceful and wobbly in places, the image of the characters dancing coming perfectly to mind. Very nice. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - The Paper Ballerina by Silvie - I used to think that I wasn't that into reading Tutu fic, aside from the occasional fic here and there. But something about the way this author writes the characters, especially a post-series Fakia and the way he starts to think about writing a sequel to the story, the way he talks to Autor about it, it makes me want to dive right back into the fandom. There's something in this fic that really brings back my fascination with the series, as well as a potentially-happy-ending done-in-a-believeable-way post-series fic which are always welcome. It's something in the turn of phrase or the way she writes Fakia or the metaphor with the little tin solider that's lovely. It all hits me just right. ♥ (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - What Better Than Call a Dance? by Sophia Prester - This is a lovely piece by Sophia, set post-series and her use of language, the imagery she weaves, the use of dance throughout the short fic is both lovely and fitting with the series, I could see every little piece of it clearly in my mind. It's also an intriguing scene/take on the character, it's certainly something I could see fitting together with the series so very well. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Princess Tutu - could not erase it by allira_dream - This is a really lovely little piece on Rue, there's almost a dream-like quality or maybe something like a fairy tale with a twist, whatever the tone is, it fits with the series and the character so well. Told in short flashes of moments, almost more like you're feeling the events than seeing them, it's a great little take on the character and the Mytho/Rue pairing. Which clearly doesn't get enough in fandom ever. ♥ (Mytho/Rue.)

- Princess Tutu - My Smallest of Dreams. by allira_dream - I love Tutu fics that have the sort of fairy-tale-esque quality to them, even post-series, especially with Fakia and Ahiru. The imagery in this fic is lovely, there's something very sweet and peaceful about it, something that feels very calm and gentle (even if it has Fakia in it ^_~) and I love how warm and happy it makes me feel as well. I'm not explaining this fic very well, but it's a marvelous little read. ♥ (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - The Soldiers by Silvie - This is a beautiful little fic set pre-series, mostly when Fakia was a little kid, so much happier and carefree, but you can still see the character he's eventually going to grow into. I love the narrative tone with this story, how it does feel much like an old children's tale and how much like a self-aware fairy tale it is, so much like the series itself. Fakia's seriousness, even while he's such an adorable little kid, is lovely, the protectiveness he has for Mytho is just as lovely, and it's a terribly charming little piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Princess Tutu - Simple Magics by Silvie - I admit, I fell behind a few times with this story, the imagery is very dense and goes from one image to the next, but I still really loved the fic, because the images themselves are very pretty and feel very at home in a Princess Tutu series. It's a very... visual fic, I think, the words are creating something like paintings (even aside from the actual painting in the fic) and it's got that fairytale-within-a-story feeling that I liked so much about Princess Tutu. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

- Princess Tutu - Mirror Image by selecetiales - This is a really lovely look at the duel nature between Rue and Kraehe, it's so easy to see the mirror imagery that the author uses, the girl on one side, the princess on the other, the girl not sure who this other girl is, but slowly being taken over anyway. The mood of the piece is really pretty, the author does a lovely job with Rue's emotions and makes her very empathizable, really shows what she was going through and how much she suffered, too. The ending is lovely, the writing is lovely, and the characterization is beautiful. A wonderful gem to add to the all-too-small collection of Princess Tutu fic. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Cardcaptor Sakura/Princess Tutu - All That's Best of Dark and Bright by allira_dream - I saw the link for this, a crossover between CCS and Princess Tutu, written by allira_dream, the two main characters being Clow Reed and Drosselmeyer, and I clicked on that link absolutely immediately. The fic doesn't disappoint, it's this... almost whimsical, but with something not precisely sinister lurking underneath it, which fits a character like Drosselmeyer so well. The little touches, with the cards, with storytelling, with wish-granting, with the clocks, it's all fantastically done. I love the contrasts against these two powerful characters who manipulate events from afar, how utterly different they feel, even when they're simply having a conversation, it's a really insightful piece, I thought. (No warnings/pairings.)

Princess Tutu: Occam's Razor: The Simplest Happy Ending by LunaSphere - I'm snatching the link for this fic off Aishuu's rec because I was in a Princess Tutu mood tonight. I agree with Aishuu's take on this one, while the idea in the fic is parody (yet could have almost read as a serious piece), it's an interesting one nonetheless. A very short fic, but an intriguing one. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

Princess Tutu: forget the goddamned title, justójust get out of my head by Mithrigil Galtirglin - I admit, this fic was a little hard for me to follow, but it was also 6:30am and I was rather sleepy at the time I read it. But, by the time the action picked up, instead of just narrative, it was easier to get what the author was showing with this fic--which was a fun little meta-in-disguise-as-fic type of story, which fits with a story like Princess Tutu, a story within a story type of meta, sort of. It's an interesting look at Fakia especially and worth a read, just to see what you make of it, a creative little piece, I thought. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

Princess Tutu: untitled by Yati - I feel like something about this author's username or the way the fic was framed is familiar, like I've read it before. But I don't remember it and I can't find it on my list anywhere, so I'm going to assume I haven't. And if I have, then it's worth a reread, because it's a beautiful Mytho/Rue piece that's set in three scenes, each one starting off with the question of if Mytho loves her. Each scene is beautifully done, the writing is so pretty and there's a certain loveliness that I saw in the original series. But mostly it's the way... it captures what these two go through together so wonderfully, what each little snapshot in time captures about their circumstances, all wrapped up in pretty imagery. It's a beautiful, touching piece about these two and, oh, now I want more so badly. (Mytho/Rue.)

Princess Tutu: Another Story by etothey - I picked the link for this story up from rilinafic's links and it was a gorgeous read. Princess Tutu is a series that can attract a lot of meta-esque stories to it, which I actually really like, but this one tells a whole extra fairy tale layered into a fairy tale layered into a fairy tale and feels like it could fit together with the original series seamlessly. I love the writing of this fic as much as I love it for the meta aspect and the really, really fantastic ending. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Princess Tutu: Whatever Way Our Stories End by sinbani - This is an interesting take on the Tutu series and the use of fairy tales and the meta aspect of the whole series, but the writing was clean and smooth and I liked a lot of what it did. I liked the use of Fakia as a writer in the town and the connection he has with the young girl who wants his autograph and just. The way it unfolds from there. It was an interesting little fic and I'm glad to have read another Tutu fic this morning. ♥ (Fakia/Ahiru.)

Princess Tutu: untitled by rilina - This was a short little fic set post-series, with Fakia and Rue and Rue's daughter and the lovely sense of how... how things are peaceful now and calmer now and their stories have finished and they've moved on, but there's still... that wariness that never goes away for them. It was a short read, but pretty. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Princess Tutu: Possible Miracles by allira_dream - This was a really delightful pre-series piece that I loved for the interaction between Fakia and Mytho, the language of it is just beautiful and the legend of In some countries it's believed that during Christmas, Saint Nicholas gifts the animals the right to speak like humans do, just for a day. not turning out like I thought it would and just... Fakia is such a Scrooge about happiness sometimes (despite being a good-hearted little bastard) that it just. Makes me want to squish him up in a hug a whole lot. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

Princess Tutu: Piano Sonata No. 23. by allira_dream - Oh, this was a beautiful story, the little details of it just so... so lovely and bittersweet and perfect. It's not an unhappy story, but Autor's love for Rue could never be returned and yet she's happy with Mytho and Fakia and Ahiru have their own relationship and it's just. It's hard to describe, but it's really lovely and does a fantastic job with Autor. (One sided Autor/Rue.)

Princess Tutu/Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Evolving Archetypes by Aishuu - I really like the concept of having Tutu/Utena crossovers and Aishuu plays on what makes them interesting--they're both stories that played with fairy tales and archetypes on something of a meta level. I really liked all that was said about these types of stories as Fakia and Ahiru continue on their journey and meet a character from the SKU story, about how these kinds of things work. It was a fun little story that I really enjoyed. <3 (Some Fakia/Ahiru and implied Utena/Anthy.)

Princess Tutu: Monsters by Laurus Nobilis - Oh, this was a great Rue piece. Well, Mytho/Rue, as well, but also a great look into Rue's character and her feelings when Mytho is twisted around during the series. I love it because of the really beautiful imagery that fits with this series and this take on Rue and how... surprisingly painful this series can be at times. A really nice piece for these two. (Mytho/Rue.)

Princess Tutu: Good Girls Don't by athousandwinds - I was sort of wary of reading this fic at first, because I wasn't sure a series like Princess Tutu needed NC-17 fic. And yet, I was attracted to the fic for the same reason. What I got was... something that was deliberately creepy and effective at the painful mood it was trying to create, something that really hurt from Rue's point of view, and yet was beautiful in that same way that the series itself was. It nailed exactly what it was trying to do and was gorgeous for the look at the darker side of the relationship between these two. (Mytho/Rue, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Princess Tutu: The One Who Causes Darkness. by allira_dream - There have been several Rue fics on the comm lately and it's put me in the mood for them and this series again, so I kept reading them as they came out. And then along came this fic, which was gorgeously written and a perfect addition to the original canon, it fits so beautifully with the source material, and it's... it's everything it was attempting to be. An amazing look at Rue's character, both the dark sides of her and the better sides of her, all of what she goes through and what makes her so fascinating a character. It's intense and has a meta aspect and a fairy tale aspect all woven together and just. It was a gorgeous read, already one of my favorites in the fandom. ♥ (Mytho/Rue.)

Princess Tutu: The Little Bird That Kept So Many Warm by silverfyshxin - I love post-series fics for Tutu because they so often get into all this interesting meta stuff about stories and words and endings, while still giving you an actual story. I adored that about this piece, that it felt like a natural progression of the meta aspect of the series and where Fakia and Ahiru would go after the ending. I love that it's not very easy for them afterwards, I love how spot on both characters felt, and I loved all the details of the background world and the various ways Fakia tries to turn Ahiru back into a girl. This is the kind of fic I feel like I could read forever with this fandom. (Fakia/Ahiru.)

Frame Story by jibrailis, fakir/ahiru, post-canon, 9.7k
    Becoming a girl was easy. Staying a girl, ah! Now that was the hard part.
    This was a perfect post-series fic that played on the story within a story aspect, the fairy tale aspect, and worked to give Fakir and Ahiru their happy ending in a really lovely way. The prose is incredibly smooth to read, so I read the whole thing before I even realized it and everyone is wonderfully written and just... I wish I could write a better rec for this because it's the post-series fic of my heart, ahhhh. It's gorgeous and the story woven in amongst Fakir and Ahiru's lives is perfect and the feelings between these two kids who don't know how to properly communicate, oh, it's just. Perfect all the way around.

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