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- Sluggy Freelance [ Webcomic ] - Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious is what this comic is--and it's also created some of the best characters I've seen in a webcomic. The author also updates regularily, pretty much a new strip every day, which makes this one such a treat to follow and get sucked into if you've got a few months to catch up on. There's a reason I'm putting it first on the list. ^_~ (Straight, but that's not really the point of the comic.)

- Arcana [ Webcomic ] - I stumbled over this webcomic because I was looking for Yami no Matsuei fanart and decided to give the artist's original webcomic a shot because the art is gorgeous and because the characters kind of looked like Tsuzuki and Hisoka. It was an interesting sort of Elseworlds in a way, but I quickly (as I spent a few hours combing through everything she had done so far) grew to like the characters for themselves as well as continuing to marvel over the gorgeous art. (Shounen ai.)

- Penny Arcade [ Webcomic ] - I am about as far from being a gamer as you can get while still being a geek, but that does not detract from my enjoyment of this series in any noticable way. Because I still laugh my ass off whenever I go through the archives to catch up on the comic--and this is the one comic I keep up on pretty regularily, actually. I never get more than a month behind on it because it's just... it's just fun to go read, there aren't really any story arcs, it's just some funny, funny stuff. (Some het, sooooo not the point of the comic.)

- The Gay Baker [ Webcomic ] - I followed a link to this webcomic because Fox posted a link on her blog and made it sound interesting, and I'd always kinda liked babypen's art from her Gundam Wing stuff. And, oooh, I spent several hours tearing through this comic and is the one I keep semi-frequently updated on the second most, this one I love enough to actually remember to go back and look at it. The art is just absolutely gorgeous, the characters a treat to watch partly because they're beautiful and partly because I laugh my ass off half the time, because they're so funny. (The other half of the time I'm going *_______*.) I just... love. And, wow, am I ever with the love for Francis. *____* (Shounen ai/yaoi.)

- user/bin/w00t/ [ Webcomic ] - This one I got pulled into because of the Fangirl character, linked on a blog/journal once and was muchly amused, so I spent a few hours going through the archives and was hooked because of the hysterical humor. It's just one of those comics that I really kinda liked, that entertained me while I was reading it, and made me laugh out loud at several points, and I genuinely like the main character. That doesn't happen often enough. ^_^v (Some het, not the point of the comic.)

- Boy Meets Boy [ Webcomic ] - Probably the second webcomic I liked well enough to tear through the archives (and there were a lot, even back when I first stumbled over it) over the course of a night, because the humor and the characters really endeared themselves to me. (And I still like Mikhael. XD) This is one of those that's inspired enough of a fan-following of its own to actually have fanfic for it, and you know the author's doing something right then. ^_~ (Shounen ai/yaoi.)

- Clipped Wings [ Webcomic ] - This comic is one of those that has pretty much everything I want--gorgeous, gorgeous art (both in the drawings of the characters and the beautiful layouts/designs the artist uses), wonderful, interesting characters, sparkling humor that makes me laugh, and some shounen ai hints~! Oh, and a storyline I'm actually interested in. That almost never happens. @_@ So... I am just filled with the love for this comic and covet moremoremore of it~~ (Some shounen ai/yaoi, not really the point of the comic.)

Webcomic: Fallen Moon - I was browsing devART for... well, I don't remember now, probably Avatar art or something, but stumbled across this artist's work and was struck by how gorgeous her original stuff was. I clicked out of curiosity, seeing that she had a webcomic. Well, if her art for it was this pretty, I wanted to give it a shot. And it honestly took me about three pages into this webcomic to totally love it. The art is lovely and I really like the site it's set up on, the flash animation with the falling snow really set a cool atmosphere and the colors are gorgeous, the kind that nearly glow, and it took me all of five second to fall for the main girl. Even the clothes on the characters are gorgeous. *__* The only downside is that it's very short so far, hardly more than one full chapter has been done so far, but it's just. It really delighted me, so I had to recommend it anyway. And, hey, on the bright side, the artist does a lot of art dumps for the comic, which gets some gorgeous stuff. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Webcomic: Honeydew Syndrome - Admittedly, I've wandered away from this comic once the focus was taken away from Josh and Metis, but this webcomic is still one of those rare ones where it created some sort of magic that actually got a fandom going for it. I've done a handful of fic recs already (and intend to do more as soon as I get my attention span back) and I sat and read through the entire storyline in a single night because I just. Could not stop reading. It's cute and charming and whatever faults you could potentially find with it are--at least for me--overshadowed by how much I simply had fun with it. I laughed in the right places, I was intrigued by the characters, I liked the sharp dialogue, I liked the two boys falling in love, I liked the way their relationship progressed, I just liked all of it. It's the kind that stayed with me as well, enough that I sought out fandom for it! And I'd love to see, like, some fanart sometime, too. Even though I really like the art style of the comic, it's just sketchy enough to be interesting, just pretty enough to keep me happy. It was a delightful read, I totally want more people to get into it. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

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