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- Weiss Kreuz - Freeze My Love by Tori-chan - This is one of the reasons I keep coming back to WK fiction... or at least the reason I keep giving everything I'm midly interested in a chance. If I'd just looked at the fact that this is a songfic, I would have sailed right on past, which would have been too bad, because it's really a very well-written, cleverly cute story. This is why I keep trying stories that don't always catch my attention right away, because I find little gems like these. ^_^v (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - A Certain Slant of Light by Murasaki - Waahhh! This is a lot like one of the plots I dream up in my head as I try to fall asleep at night... only well-written! Ken's losing his marbles (in a very believable way, IMO), he accidentally hurts Omi, things get out of hand with the others, and then things get even more messy from there. I found myself rather liking (in the way that still makes me want to take a baseball bat to the back of his head) Aya's portrayal in this story--he's not that cold and frigid on the inside, he's a lot more emotional than we usuall see him... but if you look at just what he's saying and what he shows others, it looks like the stubborn old Aya we know. And I liked that the two were woven together wonderfully and the ending was niiiiii~ce. I liked a lot! ^_^v (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Little Things by Shine - Despite being the yaoi fangirl that I am, this story was wonderful just for the pure... well, shounen ai-ness of it. I wouldn't have said no to flat-out declarations of attraction/love, but the ambiguous nature of this story was actually better for it--little moments of Aya and Ken making connections as something akin to friends. What really sold me on the fic was that style of characterizations I so adore--the author didn't turn the characters into thinly disguised fourteen year old girls, but they weren't obnoxious and cruel, either. They were just a nice balance of the two with some very solid writing. ^_^v (A little Aya+Ken, but not really.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Requiem by P.S. Speare - I would read anything and everything by Portia, because she has this... gift for writing, and this is a good example of what she can do with that. The basic idea of the story is Ran and Ken meeting up again ten years after Weiss and their (ended) relationshp. With most writers, even as good as some of them are, I would still be stomping my feet screaming at the author to "FIX IT! FIX IT NOW!" But with this story... I found myself going with it, actually agreeing and happy with the way it turned out. I believed this story (the backstory of their relationship was beautifully done *_*) and the way it unfolded. ^_^v (AyaxKen.)

- Gravitation/Weiss Kreuz - Crossroads by Robin Terrae - .............holy shit, a Gravitation/Weiss Kreuz crossover that's not only done really freaking well, but believable?? Damn. I was really quite impressed by this story, it's captured both series very well, and blended them together wonderfully. Not only that, the writing is fantastic, it has my favorite pairings (Waaiii~!), several touches of humor, and it captured my interest. I want to know what the hell is going on and want to know right now, dammit. (YukixShuuichi and AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - When I Was a Fool by la blue kitty - I'm not sure what made this story work for me, because the idea of Yohji turning into a bit of a voyeur (okay, more than a bit... though, he's not any happier about it than I would expect him to be), watching Aya and Ken grope each other didn't seem like something I would be interested in... but I was. I think it helped--for my Inner Fangirl--that Yohji was mostly lusting after Ken, which I don't mind. ^_~

But it was also the descriptions of the two through Yohji's eyes that made it work, too, especially when describing the two types of beauty Ken and Aya had. (AyaxKen, and Yohji liking them both a bit.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Dance with Me by cwchan - Normally, the minute I see the 'deathfic' label, I turn around and run in the other direction, but... the lovely way the prologue (of sorts) was written, pulled me in. I wanted to see how the dancing was woven into the story, and as I read along, it was written so well that I got pulled into it. Yeah, okay, deathfic, other awful stuff, but pretty words, good, solid story, and AyaxKen! I liked it. ^_^v (AyaxKen, a little CrawfordxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Telling Signs by Alexandra Lucas - Anyone who's read my recs before or talked to me about WK for long knows how much I adore Alexandra Lucas' writing... it's just so sparkling. The characters are funny and witty but still themselves, the chemistry between the characters comes through loud and clear, and the humor is just perfect. Combined with wonderful writing and nice little almost-limish kiss and Becky's a happy fangirl. (AyaxKen.)

- Definition of 'Stuff' as According to Fujimiya Aya by Triste - Wheee! Fun fic! Very... just fun to read, cute and humorous. "You went to all this trouble," he murmured. "And I didn't even get you anything," he added guiltily. "I completely forgot that it was our anniversary."

"I know," Aya told him.

"Well you don't have to act so smug about it," Ken said with a frown. Aya smiled slightly and rose from the bed.

"I have something else for you," he said hesitantly.

"Something else?" Ken echoed. "Now you really are making me feel guilty."

"Don't worry about it," Aya replied. "I just...I just wanted to do something nice for you. Now shut up or I'll stab you." *laughs* I loved that. There are lots of other bits I loved, too, but because I'm just trying to rec and not quote the fic verbatim, I'll refrain. Eheh. ^_^;; But the whole fic is filled with little descriptions like that that are just so amusing but without being, like, slapstick comedy type of amusing. I *heart*. (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Soccer Ball Shorts by Chu-chan - This story probably should have had me in a fit, tearing my hair out at the portrayal of Ken, despite being a parody fic, but... it was just so funny! Light-hearted and full of love so that I couldn't hate it, and the ending just totally got me. It was so much fun! (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Hero of the Day and Ramen and Bishounen and Consequences and Delusions and Hate It When You're Right and Pride and Perspectives by marsupial - Ahhh, just what I needed after watching the WK OAVs for the first time--good RanKen. (The OAVs had some cute RanKen moments and made me just crave good fic.) What I liked about this series--other than the good, solid writing--is that it switched things around a bit and while it skirted fanon, it never went for the cliche fanon. Ken was the one to have a bad reaction to a budding relationship and act like a jerk first--I love that they both acted like idiots. I also thought Aya's view of Ken was done rather well; the whole "Ken's such a good person, Ken's so trusting, Ken sees the good in life" was done in a believable way here, still acknowledging the darker side of Ken's personality (which was another highlight for me). The cliffhangers of each part are a little painful, but so long as you have the next part, it shouldn't be too bad. ^_~ All in all, I enjoyed this series immensely. ^_^v (Aya/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Breakdown by Nixerchan and bonnejeanne - (Note: I'm only five chapters in so far, but since when has that stopped me from writing a rec?) I debated on whether or not to recommend this fic for awhile, because it isn't always my cup of tea. The biggest problem I have with this story is that it doesn't quite connect the dots--and by that I don't mean that there are huge gaping plot holes, it's on a much finer level than that. The characters' thought proceses or the directions of conversations don't quite flow naturally, like... the authors had actually planned the whole thing out in their heads, but forgot a step or two along the way. The writing is a bit... off, too, the wording not bad, but a little confusing in places, not quite flowing very well, which caused me to have to stop and back up to reread several times. A lot of background details were left out, too, especially at the beginning--Weiss-tachi suddenly having all these new powers, Kritiker being some sort of huge conspiracy, etc., all felt like it was coming out of nowhere. The writing also spends too much time on the characters' quiet moments when not much is happening, focusing in on the sex and romantic entanglements between the characters, which further makes the overlying plot (Weiss-tachi having supernatural powers) feel even more paper-thin-like.

But at the same time, it's the sex and romantic entanglements that draw me into this story, what kept me reading. There are a lot of things I love about the way the characters are being written--first of which is that, for once, Aya was the one pining for Ken for the last couple of years, with Ken not being aware of his feelings. This combined with how it wasn't an "Oh, woe is me, he could never return my love, for my hands are stained with blood and I am a worthless killer!" type of pining; Aya simply was attracted to Ken, wanted him very badly, but knew it wouldn't happen and continued on with his life. And when they finally do get together, it's not about schmoop, it's about lust and depending on each other in a crisis, but without being harsh or nasty. There are real feelings there, but they're not out of character for the Weiss assassins. The dialogue is often sparkly and the characters have real chemistry with each other and they're both wonderfully in character. Neither is made into a wilting uke character or a cold-hearted bastard.

I like that the story is long and something I can really sink my teeth into (which is part of my disappointment as well, I think, because I keep wondering if the authors set their mind to it, what could they have done with the plot they had set up?) and it leaves me with that satisfied feeling after I've read, that the issues between themselves I want to see the characters deal with have indeed been dealt with. Plus, I've been craving WK lemon and considering there were two AyaxKen/KenxAya lemon scenes in those five chapters, I'm a happy fangirl.

.....I'll probably do another rec once I've read the other chapters. And I reserve the right to take back any of the comments I've just said. ^_^v (AyaxKen, some YohjixOmi, eventual NagixOmi?)

- Weiss Kreuz - Running Away by Kouryuu - I admit, I was skeptical of this story because of the concept--it seemed like it was just going to be yet another cliche fic. Ran in New York, working as a body guard, and is hired by Ken? Uhhh.... But, to my surprise, Kouryuu makes the concept work, makes a genuinely intriguing and interesting fic that I was able to take seriously. After the events of the OAVs, the drama CDs, Gluhen, and now Side B, it was nice to return to the 'old school' WK characterizations, with Ken being his sweet, sane self. But he wasn't boring or dumb as a bag of bricks or an uber-uke, he was sparkling and clever and while not a saint, just a really good, kind, neat person. What really helps this story along is the author's sense of humor--it's not jam-packed with jokes, which makes the delightfully funny moments all that much more fun. The moments of angst weren't forced or manipulative (a pet peeve of mine), and the writing is really quite good. Plus. Dude. The pigeon. I fucking love that pigeon. *giggles* I hope it makes an appearance in the sequel. (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Playing the Part by Deena - Wow, normally, even when I love a story a lot, I can only read about 60 or 70k of one thing at a time before having to check out something else for a bit. (Part of it is also that I like to enjoy the long stories, really savor them), but with this story I sat down to read part one and didn't stop until I'd read everything posted. This was just... fun. It's an AU, so the characterizations are way off from canon a lot of times, but they retain a lot of themselves, so most of them aren't completely unrecognizable. I admit, the various multitude of odd slang threw me several times, but after awhile that became part of the story's charm. There were so many points when I was giggling or just smiling happily because this was such a fun story (I was particularily amused by Ken and Farfello's interaction), but I actually found myself caught up in the more serious moments, too. *sigh~* I'm actually conflicted over this story... do I pull for the super-rare (and, in this case, well-done) Schuldich/Ken? Or do I dig my heels in and pull for the RanKen and Crawford/Schuldich that holds my heart so tightly? At any rate, I need more of this story, yes, I dooo~. (Schuldich/Ken, Aya/Ken, Crawford/Schuldich, some Yohji/Ken, Yohji/Omi, Farfello/Nagi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Constantly Keen by Deena - This was... you know, I don't think I could explain this fic if I tried. It's so on crack. It really is. But the good kind, the kind that makes me giggle and enjoy the hell out of the story. And, actually, the ending of the first chapter struck me just right and I literally had to stop reading for a couple of minutes to just laugh, because I found it that fucking funny. That's what I love about this story, Deena's whacky sense of humor and timing and sheer off-the-wall batshit-crazy writing. And I don't mean that in a "Oh, this is so bad, it's good!" kind of way, I mean it in... yeah, just a whacky sort of way. I want more of this one, too. (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Points of View by Marty - I... okay, I know that sometimes I can get very fangirly, but I try to realize when I'm doing so. This story is... very yaoi-cliche. The recurring chick-with-a-dick-Ken, the crying, the sweet, sweet lovemaking, the simultaneous orgasms.... But, you know what? I *heart* Marty's writing. She has this quality to her writing that makes me not give a damn about those things and just sits back to enjoy the ride and *hanyaaaa~n* at the nice sex scene. It's... sparkly. ^_^v And, hey, Ken does have his moments of aggression! ^_~ (AyaxKen, graphic content.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Red Roses by Rain - This is a pretty standard RanKen fic, but is one of those of the type that made me fall so in love with this pairing in the first place. (The ending was also quite sappy, but not in such a way that it irritated me. And, really, isn't that what's important? That I not be irritated? ^_~) What sold me on this fic, though, was Aya's lack of angsting about it or pushing Ken away. Once he knew Ken had feelings for him, he was perfectly happy to charge ahead with the relationship. *hearts* The writing itself was good, very solid, nicely readable, and there was even sex! I'll give the author points for going with KenxAya rather than the other way around, too, a nice way to seperate this fic from the cliche. (Even if part of me is whining because it likes the Seme!Aya cliche, dammit. ^_~) (KenxAya, graphic content.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Scenes by cheretan - I stumbled over this story by chance, while looking for more RanKen fic to read after my latest resurging interest in WK, and I'm really glad I did. Not a whole lot happens in this fic, the basic plot being that Aya and Ken catch Yohji kissing Omi and Aya kicks Yohji out of the house, and then Omi has to go find him, and... that's really about it. Which actually works well for this fic as it allows the story to concentrate more on the subtle little character moments that are so terribly much fun. I'm not normally much of a Yomi fan, but I found myself really liking it here and there were some great quips by Yohji. (Which I'm not going to spoil for you.) But the real highlight of this fic (for me) were the RanKen scenes, where there was this sort of... senuality to chapter five that I just loved. *happy sigh* Nice little fic that helped with the need for a WK fix. Mmm. ^_^ (YohjixOmi, AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Running Away by Andariel - *happy purr* Mm, Gluhen-based RanKen fic. My first reaction to the airport scene in episode 13 (after I got done *hanyaaaaaa~n*'ing, of course... which took awhile ^_^;; ) was, "That was so like it was straight out of a RanKen fanfic! *hearts*" so to see it actually showing up in fanfic... I am a happy fangirl. I really, really like what Andariel's done with this oneshot, using the evolved characterizations (Aya thawing, Ken's creeping insanity), her writing style very... well, pretty without being overly flowery, yet... capturing the Gluhen feel to a large degree. And! Writing that scene the way almost all of us RanKen fans really wanted to see that scene end. (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - A Definition of Love by Avium - This story... was just what I wanted in a lot of ways. I don't read much RanKen these days as I've gotten a little burnt out on them and my attention has shifted elsewhere, but... every once in awhile I go back because this is still my OTP for the WK fandom and I think it always will be. What I adored about this story was the atmosphere Avium put into the fic, it was... almost poetic, something like lyrical, in that sort of Weiss-y way... only not, you know, pretentious. The fic was from Aya's point of view and in first person and that's not something I usually go for, but... the writing of this story was just gorgeous, it flowed beautifully from one scene to the next, and the angst was just the right level. Never too much so that I was rolling my eyes and getting turned off by the cheesy, manipulative drama, but instead being pulled into the characters' plights and hurt. And... gah, such lovely imagery woven into the fic everywhere, from the plants to the crosses to my favorite--the open book metaphor. I could just... picture that. *_* (RanKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - What Rough Beast by Alexandra Lucas - Have I mentioned my whole psuedo-stalking of Alexandra Lucas yet? I have? Well, how about in the last five recs? No? Okay, time to do so again then. ^_~ Alexandra Lucas is one of the authors that helped take me from liking RanKen, bordering on loving it, into full-out adoration/obsession with the pairing. Her writing is lovely and she writes them like guys and I love. It's just a couple of small moments, but they're the kind I can just see from Omi in the trailer to Yohji flirting with the store clerk to Aya stomping through the brush to find Ken, to the touch of notquiteright in Ken--and, dammit, I want the smut! *cries* (Some light RanKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Temper by Gen X - I swear, Gen X is one of the only authors I read lately, largely because I know I can trust her writing to be something I'll like. I don't have to be cautious with her stories, I can just fling myself into them and know I'll get something wonderful. Even if she does write background Ran/Yohji into a fic. >_o The summary of this fic is Ken yells at a door. Really, I'm serious about that. and it seems like such a simple thing... and in a lot of ways it is, but... it's also one of the most gorgeous pieces of Ken characterization I've read. He's angry, he's hurt, and yet he's still honest and strong (in his own way) and he's still Ken. And when he's angry... this is just beautiful in an intense, awful way. ;__; (Ran/Ken, Ran/Yohji.)

- Weiss Kreuz - A Questionable Word by Idimmu - Ahahahahaha, YES! Side B fic! *SPARKLES* Now, I love Kapital as much as the next WK fangirl, they were what made me fall in love with the characters, but Gluhen and Side B are so fascinating (and Side B especially gives me my wonderful RanKen), so there needs to be more fic based on them. And this fic was adorable, very cute and amusing and a fun, silly little moment that made me sparkle and go hunt down all the info on Side B all over again. (RanKen, some light Free+Michel.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Uke/Seme Dynamics by Celeste - ....I cannot help giggling like mad over this fic. It's just... it's one of those things that's half parody and half regular comedy fic, but manages to find the thin line between them that's a good balance of the two and winds up just being entertaining as all hell. From the baddie in the background practically begging for death because he's been half-clawed open already to the discussion of 'types' and characteristics for seme/uke roles ("Iím particularly interested in these details. What do you mean 'my type,' huh?" / Ken stammered and turned pink around the ears again. "Y-you know! The pretty, quiet ones. The ones that write poetry and read angsty dramas and foreign books and go to art museums and use fabric softener.") to Yohji and Omi chiming in just to torment Aya to the way the fic ended. FUNNY. It's just... this is the tried and true RanKen dynamic that made me such a WK fangirl and that I sparkle so madly over. XD XD XD (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Many Happy Returns by Yasmin M. - Shush, I know it's only a hundred words, but I had to. It's one of those drabbles that accomplishes everything it needs to in such a short time and left me remembering all the reasons why I'm such the RanKen fangirl in the first place. Maybe I was just in the right mood for this to hit me the way it did, but whatever the reason... so much love for this. (Vague Aya/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - History - A story in drabbles by Lady Bast - Oh, this was just... this is what I love getting out of RanKen every so often. The nine 100-word drabbles here are used very effectively to tell a story that spans the WK timeline, from Assassin and White Shaman to Kapital to the drama CDs to Side B, each scene showcasing a particular moment that's heartbreaking in a different way but also showing the progression of their relationship. It's not easy, it's not kind, it hurts like hell, but it's not overdone, the ache felt so much more genuine to me here. The OAV (Verbrechen & Strafe) drabble was a particularily hard hit and the more I think about it, the more it really is a very insightful little piece. I love, love, love that it didn't ignore the darker sides of Weiss Kreuz, but that it didn't turn them into cliches, either. Really good RanKen, I thought. (Aya/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Time to Burn by Mina Lightstar - *sigh* Mina makes me pine for more well-written RanKen fic because... I mean, obviously, I go through a lot of fandoms, but there's always been something about a good RanKen sex scene that makes me happy in a way that's still special, that always seems to manage to pull me back in. And I adore Mina for the way she writes Ken, the little touches of making him capable and not a ditz or a klutz, the way Aya is still reserved, but with that passion that you know lurks under the surface, and the sheer intense attraction between the characters. There's fondness and they care, but it's not schmoop, instead something a little more... well, guy-like. Which does not happen enough with these characters. *__* (RanKen, some graphic content.)

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