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Weiss Kreuz - Sunde / Zeit / Versagen - by Sidara - If you're a WK fan and you haven't heard of Sidara's work by now, shame on you. Really.

Hmm, where to start? There's a lot I like about Sidara's writing, one of the main things being the rich backstories she comes up with for the Schwarz characters. They /fit/ so well with the characters we see on screen, showing how these people could come to be killers who very nearly revel in the deaths of others, but still making them human and sympathetic in their own ways. Even with all the nasty shit they do, you want them to be happy.

I read Zeit first (out of order, I know, but I was jonesing for Aya/Ken fic....), and I hated Schuldich for what he did. Or at least came close. And this is /during/ my Schwarz fascination period. Then I read Sunde.... And now I don't know /how/ to feel. (And keep in mind that I /love/ Ken. I'll break off anyone's arm and beat them over the head with it if they try to hurt him.)

The Transcendence Arc (which all these stories are a part of) is very dark in nature, but it suits the tale being told and the characters here. The writing is excellent, the dialogue wonderful, and overall, it's very enganging. (I've hardly read anything else while going through these stories.)

I don't find the idea that fanon characterizations of Schuldich were based off Sunde to be at all surprising. It's just that believable and that good.

See? Not insightful at all. Still working on the short and mildly amusing. (AyaxKen, CrawfordxSchuldich, other pairings, dark material warning, especially rape and violance.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Storm by Alexandra Lucas - With all the BradxSchu stuff I've been reading lately, I needed /some/ AyaxKen to balance it out. And Storm fit the bill perfectly--both Aya and Ken were themselves. I cannot express enough joy that neither was a weepy uke stereotype, and I didn't have to question either's gender even a little bit. Ken gave as good as he got here, he was... was... was... just such a /guy/. That doesn't happen nearly enough. (But, then, I've been reading a ton of CLAMP fanfic lately. And, dude, some of those guys might as well be girls.)(Not that I'd change them for the /world/.) Nobody even came /close/ to crying! The prose was also lovely, without being overly flowery, very suitable for the narrator of the fic. And the sex scene was /nice/. *shivers happily, then sighs* Crap, I was trying to keep this short. Okay, summing up. Great writing. Aya/Ken fic. Great characterization. Great sex. Go read.

- "Uncle Yohji's Book of Love" by durendal and the Beef Chick - No matter how many times I read this I still cackle madly. Not a lot of authors can convey a sense of perfect comedic timing through writing, but this fic does--one of the funniest things I've ever read. (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi, OmixNagi, CrawfordxSchuldich, Yohjixeveryone)

- Weiss Kreuz - "Dream Lover" by Roo - I love Roo's fiction (Thank god for her two Ai no Kusabi fics; I would have gone insane after watching AnK if I hadn't had those to read. >_<)! Funny, sweet, romantic and really, really good sex. I honestly can't ask for more than that. (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi)

- Weiss Kreuz - LN Tora's profile at FFNET - "Suihou Suki" could have been over-the-line sappy and cotton-candy-ish, but I thought it was just fluffy enough. The bubbles thing was so adorable and the writing sharp and clever. I loved Ken, Yohji, and Omi playfully sniping at each other! The sequel is just as much fun. ^_^ (AyaxKen)

- Weiss Kreuz - "New World Order" - and - "Old Souls" by Aoe - I think the only thing that keeps this series from being my favorite WK fic ever was what happened to Brad in the stories. His fate... was not a nice one. Otherwise, this fic has /everything/ I want. Superb writing, snappy dialogue, fantastic setting/events that happen in the story/plotting/etc., and really great sex. It's also got almost all my favorite pairings. (Pairings: Ran/Ken, Nagi/Omi, Yohji/Schuldich, and mentions of Aya-chan/Nagi/Omi and Crawford/Schuldich.)(I also consider Yohji/Omi to be one of my favorites, but I oscillate between it and Nagi/Omi. One makes me about as happy as the other.)

The stories are in a Divergent Timeline, taking off after the final episode, where Schwarz /did/ bring the Ancient into the world... only it didn't turn out like they thought, and pretty much everything goes to hell. Weiss and Schwarz have to pick up the pieces, and there's no way that's gonna be an easy ride. Which it isn't, but it's sure as hell an enjoyable one, with some really /great/ character moments. (Plus Touma is cute. In a non-obnoxious sort of way. And I can't help it; I /like/ Eiichi!)

I did have one question, though... if Aya-chan has this ability and even managed to pass it along the family tree... wouldn't it be likely that Ran had some sort of ability lurking in his genes as well? Not a big quibble, just a curiosity.

Shoori's stories in the same universe also help to further expand said universe, and together the two authors have a really cool universe to play in. (They wrote in a few new characters, whom I actively like. And normally, I /intensly/ dislike new characters.)

Again, this series is right up there among my favorite WK series, though, Crawford fans should beware. (AyaxKen, NagixOmi, SchuldichxYohji, and references to a few other pairings.)

- WK - Open Your Eyes by Yasmin M - This story is very, very ouchy, but so very well-written. Yohji is just... perfect. It made my heart hurt to read this and yearn for a perfect ending, even though I knew perfectly well it wasn't coming. *sniff* Ow. But so good. (Aya/Ken implied.)

- WK - Blackwake Manor by Deena - Despite reading this in the middle of the day, some of the imagery in this fic still gave me the shivers. Other than that, it was a highly fun read, Yohji and Ken being freaked out as hell in the haunted mansion, constantly trying to Get The Hell Out Of There, clinging to Omi and Aya, and losing it every other scene. The part with Schwarz was great, too. There's no outright yaoi here, but there are hints of AyaxKen and YohjixOmi, but I'd also take on a warning for some graphic imagery. *shivers*

- Weiss Kreuz - One Last Breath by Solaris - Sometimes I'm just in the mood for, in the author's own words, "a typical Ken-gets-hurt-and-Aya-confesses-his-love fic". That's all I was looking for with this story, and I happily got it. (My biggest quibble is how quickly Ken's emotional issues were dealt with. One minute he wants to die, the next he knows he'll be okay. Even with a boyfriend as cute as Aya, deathwishes don't go away that easily. Still... minor quibble, and it's not like it completely went away. *ahem*) So, uh, yeah. If you're looking for sweet, uncomplicated RanKen candy, this should fit the bill nicely. ^_^v (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Babylon by Nataku's Ribbon - (Made up of Friday, Saturday, Saturday Night, Sunday, and Weekend.) Another really spiffy YohjixKen fic that does justice to both of their characters, no shoujo-ization here. (At least no more shoujo than they are in the series itself, na?) My only complaint about this story is as a AyaxKen-fan-first-and-foremost. *sniffle* Aya confessed (off-screen) that he loved Ken, but Ken didn't love him back. *sulks*

However, I'm aware that this is a personal complaint and certainly not a slight against the story itself. It was well-written, I even liked the original characters (who weren't in it all that much), the fan girl was hysterical and Cole was interesting. Good story. (YohjixKen, hints of Aya+Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - BWP - /Bed? What Plot?/ by Aki-niichan - Uhn... yum. As the title implies, this is pretty much a completely plotless fic to write about the Weiss boys having sex, and it does its job damned well. Yum. One thing was weird, Omi calling everyone '-niichan' (maybe he does that in the manga? I didn't think so....) when it should be '-kun', but other than that.... It's a little on the rough side, so if you like hyper-shoujo, flowering romance, 'I wuv oo's every other sentance, and boys crying joyously in the middle of sex, you might want to skip this one. But I tend to like sex with a sharper edge, so the AyaxKen scene here totally did it for me. Yum. (YohjixOmi and AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Saga Begins by Marty - The beginning of this story is a little rough, so I thought it might be one of those stories where I ended up just skimming it for the highlights, but there was some rather funny dialogue and the more I read, the more I liked it. Ken's adorable when he starts being sarcastic and mouthing off! And Aya.... I *heart* Aya in this fic. He knows that he wants Ken, he's not afraid to say it, not afraid to keep pushing Ken a little bit farther, but also respects Ken's feelings and reactions. I also was very thankful the "Oh, god, I'm in love with another man, does that make me gay?/this is wrong!" was kept to a minimum and Aya didn't seem to have a problem with it at all. (I believed Ken's hesitation, and I liked the way it was handled.) The dialogue continues to be cute and funny, and the sex is good. Yum. I had a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to more. (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Baby Talk by Marty - Normally, I don't like 'The yaoi boys have a baby, settle down, and become a family' type of stories, because they're just so... so... so... ewww. I have little urge to read about pretty boys in domestic bliss. But I liked 'Baby Talk'--it was cute and funny and I couldn't help but be won over. (Much like 'New World Order Arc's' Touma.) It did get a little confusing because it doesn't seem to be in a linear order, but you can usually catch the drift of what goes where by how old Kaori-chan is. I also loved Yohji and Omi's roles in this--Yohji especially made me laugh, and Omi was adorably sweet with Kaori-chan, and I rather like the idea of OmixAya-chan here. All around, just more fun (with occasional doses of angst) like 'The Saga Begins'. (AyaxKen, OmixAya-chan, mentions of YohjixOFC.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Series of Unfortunate Incidents by Marty - As funny as the first part of this story was (and a little bit touching/sweet, too), the second part just killed me, I laughed so hard. Aya is especially... enthuisastic... during sex (in a position they don't often do), and manages to practically have a seizure, breaking Ken's nose in the process. Once things have calmed down a bit... (Aya POV.)

He smiles up at me sweetly, but much of the charm is lost due to the rather crusty nosebleed still in residence on his face. I try not to burst into laughter. His hand reaches up, touching my chest, teasing my skin. One- track mind.

"Can we have sex in the shower?" he asks bluntly.

Like I said, one-track mind. I sigh and duck my head. "Ken, I just broke your nose. Don't you think we ought to call it quits before one of us looses a limb?"

"No… it'll be nice. I want you to make love to me… to make up for breaking my nose. So you can't say no, because you owe me. No sexual deviation, I promise," he says softly. "You can treat me like a fucking princess, and be so gentle and so sweet that I'll cry like a pussy like I always do. Because I know that's how you –really- like it."

That is why I love Marty's writing. (KenxAya.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Baby Talk by Marty - (Chapters 3 & 4) I really should hate this story, just for the general principle. I mean, a baby!? Ken and Aya raising a kid? It's one of the most over-used cliches in yaoi fanfic. But... argh... dammit... I can't hate the little brat. The story is too funny and charming and in character and fun to not love it. I utterly love the snarkiness of the characters (Ken especially!) and the writing, and while I normally intensly dislike non-linear stories, this one isn't hard to follow at all (just go by how old Kaori-chan is) and it works for the fic. I'm so looking forward to more of this one. (AyaxKen, some OmixAya-chan and YohjixOFC.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Something Me in You, Deep Inside of You, and The Space Between by Aoe - If ever there were a fic (series) that could make me believe/like Yohji/Schuldich this would be it. (Or the New World Order series by Aoe as well.) The characterizations are excellent (Except for Crawford, I disagree that he's that much of a heartless bastard. A cold, calculating bastard, yes, but not as much as this story makes him out to be. Still, I don't find fault with the writing itself, that's excellent.), the writing wonderful, so infinitely readable, the humor genuinely funny, and the plots nicely woven. The series doesn't rush anything, it takes the time it needs to properly tell the story, but at the same time never feels drawn out. That's not always an easy balance to strike.

I admit, I tended to skim some of the Yohji/Schuldich stuff because as fantastically done as it is, it's just not my cup of tea, but the Aya/Ken stuff (and the Yohji/Ken friendship!) was wonderful. My heart hurt for Aya and Ken and how much of an idiot Aya is being and how sweet and adorable and Ken-like Ken was being. Loved the Yohji/Ken friendship, that alone would have made the story totally worth reading.

Uh... yeah. Good fic, all-around excellent writing, some really cool character moments, and I'm going to shut up now before I say anything else inane. (SchuldichxYohji, CrawfordxSchuldich, AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - chapter six of The Saga Begins was posted and this made me happy. Yohji's utter glee at finding out about Ken and Aya was so much fun, and I wish that the 'confrontation' scene could have been more fun as well, but the angsty turn it took was a perfectly valid road as well. And it did give us some good Omi stuff, feeling hurt that his best friend wouldn't tell him about his new relationship with Aya. I'd quite like to see a scene with Yohji discussing the matter with Ken as well. (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Silent Night by White Kiss One of my favorite lines from this fic: Trying to get Aya into personal worries while on a mission was like trying to tell a mother lion not to protect her cubs. You were likely to get your face bitten off, and then spit back at you. I'll admit that the premise is a little cliche (almost everyone has done one of these stories by now, ne? *grin* Doesn't mean I don't keep looking for more. ^_^v), but the atmosphere the author creates and the clever lines more than make up for it. (Eventual AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Eight Years in the Making by Shoori - I know I've babbled about the New World Order arc in general before, but for such a complex universe, it's not that much babbling. So I wanted to comment on Eight Years in the Making seperately since I just finished it. It's... really damn good. I'm terribly impressed with this fully-realized alternate universe--such an interesting concept that allows for so many things to be played with... and they are touched on. The insights into the characters are wonderful, the character moments alone worth reading the fic for. And the chapter where the Weiss boys decide to get plastered... I don't think I stopped giggling once while reading it. And my beloved AyaxKen is treated so, so well in this series--they're so good together, both so fucking perfect in both their good qualities and their flaws. Gah. I'm such a drooling fan girl. -_- (AyaxKen, OmixSakura.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Saga Begins (chapter 7) by Marty - Got a chance to read the final chapter today, and it's as much fun as the previous chapters. Ken and Yohji really needed to have that discussion after the way he blurted out the truth Ken and Aya's relationship in the previous chapter, that really was a stupid thing for him to do like that.

So after Yotan's done being a jerk, he and Ken have a serious discussion: (I had to quote this!)

"Alright, now cut that out, I'm trying to be nice here. Listen, Ken, Aya told me what a hard time you've been having with this, and worrying about us knowing. So I want to say that if it's for real, and you and Aya really have found love... then... that's great. Good for you. I admire you for putting yourself thought that kind of emotional hell with Aya... no seriously... Ken," he says, looking up, making eye contact. "If you and Aya are truly in love with each other I want you to know that I accept and support you 100%." He smiles.

I look down. "Thanks, Yotan," I say quietly. "It really means a lot to me to hear you say that."

"I know. That's why I said it," he replies. "Just don't start crying or anything. Ugh."

I chuckle. "Don't worry, Youji, just because I take it like a girl doesn't mean...." Where the hell did that come from?! I cut myself off and bite my lip.

Youji is staring at me with huge eyes and then he bursts into laughter, holding his stomach. "I can't believe you just said that out loud!! Oh my god, that was priceless!" he cries between chuckles.

*LOL* (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - I'll Share Hell with You by Furher - This is shaping up to be a fun story--well, I should probably put "fun" in quotation marks, since it is rather angsty. But in the "fun" way. ^_^;; Ken is injured on a mission (in a way I liked--it's a little different from usual, and I thought the details concerning the chemical were nicely done) and has to spend a couple of weeks resting, and during this time he and Aya come to act on their mutual feelings for each other. But it wouldn't be a Weiss Kreuz fic if there wasn't angst and complications along the way. *grin* The writing is solid, the characterizations solid as well, and the plot good. There's just the right amount of humor in the story--the author's notes are quite funny in places, too. I liked it. ^_^ (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - As Time Goes By by Tschubi-chan - Okay, there were things I could nitpick about this story (especially Ken's uber-uke, he's-so-fragile-and-innocent, everyone-adores-him-and-wants-to-take-care-of-him presentation), but, well, I thought it rather worked for the story. It's a fairy tale fusion, which means it doesn't have the same Weiss atmophere and characterizations. With fairy tales there's usually a need for the delicate princess (in this case, prince ^_^) character, it's an important part of the story and adds to the charm of the fairy tale fusion. I tend to think Ken's better suited for the role than Ran, and plus, it gives the story a chance to add in some really spiffy YohjixKen hints ^_^ The story was just... charming. (RanxKen, YohjixKen allusions, and hints of YohjixOmi.)

- - *fweeee* New chapter of 'Baby Talk'. The 'I can't believe I like this as much as I do, I really should hate it, gyah, so freaking CUTE! in the good way!' fic. One of the other things I really like about this series that every character gets a chance at the spotlight; this chapter is made up of four scenes, each one from the various Weiss boys, each with their own little sub-plot, but all connecting together. Very cool. Oh, and Omi and Aya-chan are CUTE. And, dammit, I also couldn't hate the OFC Yohji married. She's cool. (RanxKen, OmixAya-chan, YohjixOFC.)

Weiss Kreuz - If You Were Mine by lorien - *snarf*giggle* Oh, this was funny! Aya-chan lusting after Yohji, Ran chasing after Yohji with his katana for thinking about his sister (which he really wasn't), Yohji lusting after Omi who's now dating Nagi, Ken lusting after Ran and being cute... it was so much fun. And not in a "Oh, my god, that was so bad it was funny!" type of a way, it was meant to be parody-ish, and while it's not outlandish parody, it was just... not-quite-serious fun (RanxKen, Aya-chan+Yohji, Yohji+Omi, NagixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Cat Came Back by Eeyore - I went into this story expecting it to be rather dumb. I mean, Yohji comes back as a cat!? But somehow Eeyore manages to pull it off, and write a good story around the concept. Yohji looking after Ken (they were lovers before Yohji died), missing him, wanting to comfort him, Ken still missing Yohji so much, unable to completely, 100% give himself to Aya because he can't let go, Aya wanting Ken, trying to be understanding, hurting because he genuinely loves Ken, neither of them having any clue Yohji is in the body of the cat now, being so close, but still so far away... all of it hurts for the crappy situation they're in. I know the premise sounds silly, but it's good. (YohjixKen, AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Parts We Play by P.S. Speare - ....ow. God, there are times when I want to give Yohji a hug. A really big hug. This was one of those times where some really needs to glomp onto him and not let go for a year or two. The concept of Yohji being in love with a clueless Ken who's in love with Aya isn't new, but, dammit, this was just so damn good. The author nailed Yohji's inner voice and the way he would look at Ken. As much as the ending hurt, in a way, I'm glad it went in that direction because the way the story was set up, Ken didn't feel the same way and it would have only lead to heartache if Yohji had said anything. I *heart* Yohji in this fic. So, so much. ;_; (Yohji+Ken, Ken+Aya.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Maelstrom by Sayuri - Hmm, I'm not entirely sure what to say about this fic. Well, first and foremost, Sayuri is a fantastic writer and did a damn fine job with the characters. The Aya/Ken interaction was wonderful and touching and so much 'fun' to read. (Given that it's an angsty fic, 'fun' needed to be in parentheses. *grin*) And Schuldich was also wonderfully in character... except I wanted to kick him and shout, "No, no, no, NO! You don't want Aya, he'd be boring for you after awhile, and there's this gorgeous, sexy American son of a bitch right over there that you could obsess over. Sheesh. Idiot."

But I'm well aware that this is a personal thing. *grin* Actually, the Schuldich/Aya stuff was really well done, woven wonderfully well with the Aya/Ken parts of the story. Her writing is damn good, the prose so very readable and the characters' voices and thoughts dead on. (Well, except for the one thing I wanted to kick Schuldich for above. ^_~) Just... you need to read it, because it's really, really good. And normally I run screaming from SchuldichxAya fics, so that ought to tell you something. ^_~ (AyaxKen, SchuldichxAya, YohjixOmi, mild Yohji+Ken hints. Warning--non-con/rape plays a heavy role in this story.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Morning Of by Lilas - Another Ken-birthday fic that's just a cute little read. Just sweet, happy, mildly sugary fluff and I liked it. ^_^ But, then, I'm a sucker for kittens and Aya giving Ken a kitty for his birthday made me melt. *hyuuu* (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - White by Lilas - I don't know what it is about Ken that makes him so pretty when angsts, but does it so well. All the Weiss boys do, really. (And, of course, they were quite literally created to angst, I'm sure. *grin*) I liked the different spin on Ken's previous life here; rather than having a family still out there missing him, they died long before he 'died', which only seems to make things worse for the poor kid. My heart went out to him sitting on the porch of his old house, remembering his family. Owwie. And on his birthday, too. Much angst.

What was he doing there anyway? Hadn't he promised himself he wouldn't dwell in the past? That he would only live in the present and look forward towards the future but never call up his past? It's not that he wanted to forget... He just didn't want to think about it.

The ending was lovely as well, Aya's gift was perfect. Thank goodness. ^_^ (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Captain of My Soul by Chibi Chiriko - I wasn't sure what to make of this AU at first--Weiss boys in whorehouses aren't really my thing, but Chibi Chiriko's writing was good enough for me to give it a shot, plus, hey, I could be interested for AyaxKen. ^_~ And I did like this one, the writing was good, Ken was cute, Aya was cool, and the sex was good. I rarely ask for more. There are only two parts unfortunately, and I'd really like to know where this was going to go, though, in its own way, the open ending of the second part can stand on its own as an ending. A cool little fic. ^_^v (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Matters of Principle by Chibi Chiriko - This story played out an interesting concept that I'm surprised hasn't been touched on more often--Weiss is on another mission, to kill two drug lords and their daughter witnesses the act. Aya feels they have to kill her as well, since she's a witness, but Ken won't let him, standing between the girl and Aya. There were only two problems I had with this story--one, the nickname "Kenny" (or 'Kenny-boy') for Ken was just... engh. That's a personal thing, though. ^_^;; Second, given Aya's later actions and his own past, having his parents murdered, I'm not sure why he wasn't more sympathetic towards the girl that night. (Though, I really liked his speech later on and what he tells her later.) Oh, and three, the fic felt a little disjointed, like the storyline and characters completely changed directions 180 degrees in the middle.

Other than that, this story was pretty damn cool. I loved Ken standing up to Aya over the little girl, and the way Yohji and Omi looked away when Aya was trying to kill her/Ken was looking to them for support broke my heart because they weren't being heartless, they didn't like it, but it had to happen. Ouch. And once Aya stops being a prick, he's cool--I loved the scene in the church. ^_______^ And not just for the sex, either. But that didn't hurt. And, finally, the little mini-Yohji/Ken scene kicked ass. I love their friendship. (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Under Rug Swept (part 1?) by Marty - I like Marty. Big shock, I know. But her writing just makes me smile so much, get a little bouncy and there's usually at least one thing that makes me giggle in each story part. This one was no exceptions--schmoopy Aya and Ken:

Tightening my arms around him I pull our bodies closer. We lie curled up on his bed, fully clothed, but so close it makes my whole body tingle. We've been like this since we got off our shift. It's been hours. Just us, for hours.

"You know, koi, as much as I love being here next to you… I'm kinda hungry," he says at length.

"What, love alone can't sustain you?"

"Mmm… my love is very potent, but not that potent. My metabolism is not programmed to process obsession into a usable form of energy. I'm still hungry… I know, I know, I'm a selfish bastard...."

Mmm. Just a fun read. (If angsty in parts. But that's part of what makes it 'fun'! ^_^) (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Night Path by skandrae - With some series I like odd AUs, and with others they don't really seem to mesh. Usually, I'm not that crazy about vampire (at least I think Ken is a vampire....) AU WK fics, but this was was written so beautifully, that I was immediately caught up in it. And it's not just beautiful writing, it fits the style of the story it's trying to tell... vaguely old world-ish and lovely. I want the rest of the story now. (Eventual AyaxKen, I think.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Secret Diaries: Arc I by lorien - *snort!* I love lorien's sense of humor, this was so, so funny. Aya keeps a secret journal, commenting on the nutjob-ness of the other Weiss members. I, of course, loved his clueless comments about how Ken was always so klutzy around him, always tripping onto him, spilling things on him, bumping into him. Heh. Like 'If You Were Mine', this was just plain fun to read! (AyaxKen, probably others later on.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Rain by Mami-san - I almost didn't read this one because you can tell pretty early on that it's a deathfic (the author's notes and prologue give it away, so I don't feel I'm spoiling that for any potential readers), and for every deathfic you read, you need five happy fluffy fics to balance it out. But the writing seemed good and it was nice and long, so I was hoping for some cute moments before one or both of them died. And the story was pretty good, there were several cute moments, lots of angst (almost always a good thing ^_~), and I admit the ending got to me. Wah. ;_; (AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Shades of Grey by P.S. Speare - I *heart* Portia's writing. It flows so smoothly and is infinitely readable. But it's more than just that, it's good writing. Anyway, this story was a very cool little concept that I won't give away that I thought was carried out rather well for a "short" story. (I thought some parts were glossed over a little too much and the ending was a bit OOC for the sake of getting the fic over with--which was my major problem with it. I didn't buy the reactions of the characters, that they'd just leave him there, but I'm not really quibbling because this wasn't meant to be an epic. And looking at it from a story level, rather than a character level, I can agree with the judgement call the author made. Which probably makes sense to no one but myself. *sweatdrop*) I really can't say much more without giving it away, but I really liked it; the little details were great, the characters' reactions were cool, and the writing lovely. Definitely worth a read. (Aya+Ken, CrawfordxKen, and hints of CrawfordxSchuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Hero of the Day by marsupial - Ahh, I have a great love of little fics like this one. The ones that are well-written with solid characterization and just flow so nicely that you don't think about anything but the fic as you're reading. Maybe the idea isn't the most original (so many WK fics have been done that it's damn near impossible to be original anymore), but that wasn't really the point. The point was to put her own spin on the idea and it was a great read for that. (Aya/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Ramen and Bishounen by marsupial - Sequel to 'Hero of the Day', this was just adorable! Not in that cutesy sort of way, but the way the WK characters are sometimes just... non-angsty. Well, there was angst in this one, but it was kept to a minimum and wasn't just angst for angst's sake. >_>;; The thing with the instant ramen was perfect and I loved the ending, a great tie in to the first fic in the series. (Aya/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Belonging With You by varon - I really liked the writing of this one, it had some really solid character moments and the writing was also just... good.

The first year is always the hardest, isn't it? Ken thought. It's the time to get too much of each other, and the time to fear you'll lose the spark, the attraction that easily. Within that first year is a series of moments, shaping the couple's faith in each other and deepening the trust and respect they hold for the other. These things would later be looked back on either as memories or regrets, laughed at merrily or bitterly recalled.

And that says it better than I ever could. ^_^ (Aya/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Black Gold by Marty - Again, Marty's little bits of humor just totally make her fics for me. Weiss in Texas? That so should not have worked, but I absolutely adored it here, and all the little bits with the natives... I laughed a lot. What's nice about her stories is also that all of Weiss gets a little bit of the spotlight, there isn't focus on any one or two single characters and the others just chew the scenery. Plus, I *heart* her Aya and Ken. Like, a lot. (A little bit of AyaxKen, but it's not the focus of the story.)

- Weiss Kreuz - What Took Forever to Find by P.S. Speare - I'm always wary of original characters, because they can seem so very, very Mary Sue-ish, even when the writing is very good. However, I liked this one, she was more than tolerable, rather likable, even. It's not a long story, I suppose that helped, as it was just an interesting, "What if Yohji had a daughter...?" idea with a little bit of a mystery thrown in. It was... just a good read. ^_^ (A little AyaxKen and YohjixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Cover Me by silvershadeus - Wheee! Fun, light-hearted AyaxKen that I had the dorkiest little grin on the whole time I was reading! ^_^ It's a sequel to Skipping Stones, so that one should be read first, but it's also not completely 100% necessary. This was a nice break from the usual angst, but without being OOC, it was just... nice. One of the good days. And those two are so cute together! *hearts* (Yes, I know this rec sucked. >_<) (AyaxKen)

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