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- Weiss Kreuz - Deck of Card by Lady Jaida - It took me awhile to realize that this was a fic about Schwarz's pasts, as I should have read the notes a bit more closely. Eheh. ^_^;; Anyway, I was intrigued by Lady Jaida's take on Crawford and Schuldich's past here, because not many people break away from the stereotypical fanon and create something that's actually interesting. What I liked about this fic was all the little details that were tucked away in this fic, either about their pasts, their presents, or sowing little hints for what was to come all while they're playing cards--and I just love the idea of these two playing cards, too. XD (No warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Playing the Part by Deena - Wow, normally, even when I love a story a lot, I can only read about 60 or 70k of one thing at a time before having to check out something else for a bit. (Part of it is also that I like to enjoy the long stories, really savor them), but with this story I sat down to read part one and didn't stop until I'd read everything posted. This was just... fun. It's an AU, so the characterizations are way off from canon a lot of times, but they retain a lot of themselves, so most of them aren't completely unrecognizable. I admit, the various multitude of odd slang threw me several times, but after awhile that became part of the story's charm. There were so many points when I was giggling or just smiling happily because this was such a fun story (I was particularily amused by Ken and Farfello's interaction), but I actually found myself caught up in the more serious moments, too. *sigh~* I'm actually conflicted over this story... do I pull for the super-rare (and, in this case, well-done) Schuldich/Ken? Or do I dig my heels in and pull for the RanKen and Crawford/Schuldich that holds my heart so tightly? At any rate, I need more of this story, yes, I dooo~. (Schuldich/Ken, Aya/Ken, Crawford/Schuldich, some Yohji/Ken, Yohji/Omi, Farfello/Nagi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Eyes on Me by Mami-san - For a long time I resisted reading this story, because of all the hype I see of Mami-san's stories (I troll WK recs and FFNET reviews a lot.) and because the summary didn't pull me in. I'd also read her "Rain" fic, which while good, hadn't blown me away, so I was skeptical. Which is both good and bad in a way, as lately I've really needed some good WK fic to read and this was exactly what I'd been looking for. Mami-san has covered pretty much everything I could possibly want in a WK fic with this story. The plot and overlyine storyline/idea is solid, a lot more interesting than I would have initially thought. (Crawford becomes sick and Schwarz's situation becomes a tightrope act with Estet because of it.) The details of the story are wonderfully fleshed out, the bits and pieces here and there really quite astounding. I was so impressed by the character of Hoffmann--he was genuinely creepy and I had no trouble beliving characters like Crawford and Schuldich would be afraid of him. The descriptions of his power were especially shiver-inducing, too.

The writing itself is lovely, gorgeous, smooth, and easy to read, I wasn't jarred out of the story at any point because of an awkward phrase or incorrect grammar. The other original characters were done effectively--the first fourth member of Schwarz was just as obnoxious and intolerable as he was supposed to be. The second was intriguing and I bought her interaction with Schwarz; she, too, worked exactly as she was intended.

But the real treat of this story? Oh, my beautiful Schwarz, they were so perfectly characterized. From Schuldich's antics with the coffee to his finding Crawford's getting sick so fascinating to his reactions when Crawford was threatened to be taken away from them to Farfello's duelling lucidity and insanity to Nagi's apathy yet still being so young and experience/inexperienced to Crawford's cool, calm and almost unflappable personality. The Crawford/Schuldich relationship isn't even noticeable until late in the story, it builds beautifully, almost sneaking up on the reader just as much as it sneaks up on Schuldich. I... I know I'm babbling, and I don't mean to, it's just that I was so impressed by this story. I'll shut up now. ^_~) (CrawfordxSchuldich, lemon in the last chapter if you want to read it.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Novocain by StaceS - Normally, I have a hell of a time reading pre-WK CrawfordxSchuldich stories, especially stories set during their time in Rosenkreuz and focusing heavily on Schuldich's past. And... this fic has a lot of elements in it that make me not able to concentrate on those other stories... Crawford being referred to as "Brad" constantly, Schuldich being this innocent little thing until Rosenkreuz gets their claws into him, Crawford just unable to help himself when cute little Schuldich develops a crush on him... yet.... I find myself liking this story anyway. I might not have given the fic a chance, but I know the author from her Gravi stories and I rather liked those, and I've been itching for a good CrawfordxSchuldich fic. And her writing continues to be smooth and readable, it just sort of sails right along, pulls me into the story despite my qualms (the romantic part of the relationship does still feel a bit rushed), makes me want to read more. The writer is very good and she weaves in just enough details and little bits of humor (I admit I laughed muchly at the car ride bits) to make this a good read. I sound so critical, don't I? But I honestly liked this fic a lot. (CrawfordxSchuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Midsummer Night's Scheme by Pyrochan and Makoto Kudou - This was... funny. And porn-y. Two of my favorite things~! ^______^ I admit, I went into the fic expecting something more serious, but I'm kinda glad it turned out to be a silly-fic (with porn~!) instead, because... it kind of reminded me of a lot of the fics I read when I was first falling for Schwarz and CrawfordxSchuldich. This will make sense to no one but myself, but it had... sort of an old-school WK fic charm to it; it made me remember a lot of the height of my WK obsession. Good times. ^______^ Plus, did I mention the light porn in here? ^_^d (CrawfordxSchuldich, a little bit of graphic material.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Moment Once a Year by Pyrochan - What I liked about this fic was that... it was the lighter side of Schwarz, showed them in a nicer moment, but it wasn't... sappy or maudlin, because I just can't imagine the characters like that. This was... not terribly dark, but there were power plays, Schuldich annoying the hell out of Crawford, Crawford as outwardly non-responsive as ever, keeping his desires under wraps--and I love it when authors do that. Not thinking, "Oh, Schuldich, I love you so much, but I can never tell you, because I'm not worthy of you!" but just not wanting to give in or get into the whole thing in a Crawford way. Plus, kissing! Yay for kissing! And I can just see the two of them coming to this sort of deal--Schuldich gets his kiss, Crawford gets his quiet time. They both win. XD (CrawfordxSchuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Timor Mortis by P.S. Speare - I've been eyeing this fic ever since the author first started posting it, but I resisted reading it for the very reason I'm pitching a fit right now--WIPs by authors I genuinely like (and often follow regularily) tend to leave me in a screaming fit when I get to the end of what's been posted so far. This time being no exception. What I adore about this story is... well, everything. Right from the start, with the gorgeous lemon scene in the shower (which was beautifully written) to the way I hurt for Crawford's sanity slipping away from him after Schuldich dies to the way Chris tries to figure out WTF is going on in his life. The details are gorgeous and the author doesn't back down from the nastier side of Schwarz, but neither does she use it as a shock tactic, it's just the way they are, it isn't about trying to shock/squick the readers. The storyline itself... gaaahhhh, it has me enthralled and, dammit, I want to know what happened, how the hell everything got to where it did and... just... inarticulate with the wanting, I am. And it was sooooooo good to read a CrawfordxSchuldich like this, a nice, long, satisfying read. I need more of these. ^_~ (CrawfordxSchuldich, some graphic content.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Was Sie benotigen by Tosca - I have found that one of the things I like best about Tosca's writing is that she thinks of these wonderful applications/executions of Schwarz's powers, the way she wrote Crawford choosing which telepath he wanted for Schwarz was just lovely, the kind of use of his power that makes me go *_____*. And after reading several of her fics, I've also come to realize that one of the other things I love about the way she writes is that... she seems to have great affection for both characters. Her Crawford is strong, gorgeous, intelligent, and capable. Her Schuldich is strong, intelligent, gorgeous, and capable. There are definite power plays here, but there's also respect and appreciation and I love that. Plus, you know. Really great writing. *hearts* (CrawfordxSchuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Schuldige Vergnugen by Tosca - And another CrawfordxSchuldich shortfic that I debated whether or not to rec because it was rather short but then said to hell with it 'cause I wanted to rec the prettypretty CxS. And prettypretty CxS it is--I really like the author's Schuldich, the smooth way he thinks, yet laced with just a touch of obnoxious/crudeness, so much the smirky bastard that I love. And Crawford... *hearts* my gorgeous, smooth, nicely dressed Crawford. A smirky bastard in his own right and just gorgeous in the way he moves across a room. Blah. Crappy rec, good fic, go read. (CrawfordxSchuldich, a little bit of language.)

- Weiss Kreuz - spielzeit, wilkommen zur realen welt, and galgenfrist by Tosca - Despite my recent activities appearing to the contrary, I generally don't like to rec short little ficlets, because they're rarely very satisfying to me, but I make exceptions for when I really like something or when it's ultra-rare--in this case, it would be because I haven't been reading anywhere near as much CrawfordxSchuldich as I would like and these were wonderful for that. Schuldich... is a bastard, completely and utterly, but he's a polished, amused sort of bastard and that comes through so beautifully here. The way he goes about his day, the way he messes with people, just the way he thinks was really wonderful. And then the light touches of Crawford+Schuldich made me haaaaappy. (Some CrawfordxSchuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Three by Lady Jaida - Every once in awhile, WK fic gets posted that just makes me insane with glee and it's very often written by Lady Jaida, because I fucking love her WK fic. And this is one of those stories that I found myself in love with because it was just a little unsettling, because it felt believable, because it was beautifully written, because I love this Crawford. Because there have to be points where he's sick of putting up with Schuldich's shit and I can't imagine that there wouldn't be situations like this. *massive love* (Blink and you'll miss the CrawfordxSchuldich hints.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Here and Now by Eleanor K. - Oh. Oh, I am going to pine for more of this story until I get it. Because the writing is top-notch--very smooth, clean, readable, very professional, really. The dialogue and prose are sharp, but still fitting with the style of Weiss Kreuz, the plot is tight (oh, the plot put stars in my eyes), and the characterization just so... real. This is one of those stories that doesn't just hit me and my fangirl kinks (ie, I have the huge thing for Crawford and all), it's really well-written on all levels and is creating a background story for Crawford that I can believe, see, and it makes sense. It's also painful to watch, creeps me out at times, but is always utterly, utterly fascinating. The original characters are just... they're like they actually could have stepped out of the series, they're so fully formed and feel natural to the story, but even more than that, they're sympathetic and real. They're fully-formed. Crawford's introduction into Rosenkreuz is just getting underway at the point I'm at (there are only 13 parts posted so far) and it's everything it needs to be--creepy and awful and interesting and inevitable. The use of Crawford's powers, the way the author explains them is really, really solidly done, too, it all feels... natural, real, and fully-formed. Very... professional, I guess. Plus, the hints of his relationship to Schuldich that'll happen in the future should have been so cliche, but they're not, they really make me excited to read this story! This could very well be one of the best stories in the fandom, certainly one of the best backgrounds for Crawford's history already. So, so much love. (Eventual Crawford/Schuldich, but it centers on just Crawford for now.)

- Weiss Kreuz - V-Day by Eleanor K. - This could so easily have been cliche. Weiss Kreuz and Valentine's Day? Even with a cynical edge, it could have been so horribly cliche. But it wasn't. It was beautifully in character, it was sharp and suitably Schwarz-ish without going anywhere near over the top about it, the Schuldich characterization was excellent, the Crawford characterization was wonderful, and the smut was good. The little things (like with the bunny on Nagi's card or the knife used to pin the note to the door or *sporfles* the note itself) all helped to make the fic come alive and just... it wasn't schmoopy, but it wasn't awful, either. Something like a war, like it always was between them. Schuldig pushed, and Crawford didn't give. And yet... it's right for them. This is my Crawford and Schuldich. <3 (Crawford/Schuldich, NC-17 content.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Thankful by LadyJaida - This was a perfect little treat to read on Thanksgiving day, some Schwarz holiday stuff that's just... sharp and clever. Crawford with his "mean and deathly funny" sense of humor and odd fondness for American traditions, the little details about the way Schuldich eats his food, the way Schwarz relates to each other (especially as seen through Schuldich's eyes--which aren't too crass or snarly, but aren't too fluffy or sappy, either, just that right, perfect balance for me), to the way Crawford and Schuldich's relationship is... whatever it is. Schuldich here is just... this is what I like to read about, when he's trying to explain to Nagi why there is no explanation for his relationship with Crawford or when he's thinking about what kind of person Crawford is or when he's thinking about what kind of person still lurks inside all of them, frozen in place because of Schwarz, and the ending. The ending = <3<3<3 Both for the slight hint of smut and the sardonic take on the characters. >D (Crawford/Schuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Control by insaneidiot - *purr* Oh, now this was nice. Crawford, Schuldich, and the struggle for control, with just a little bit of kink tossed in. I'm... having trouble putting into words what I liked so much about this one, but I think it deserves a good rec--the sex was very nice, that kind that's just a little bit rough and with just enough struggle between two very dangerous people that I liked so much. I liked the touching on the issue of control, I liked that Schuldich thought that Crawford needed to let go of it, because Schuldich wouldn't be Schuldich if he weren't rebelling against their leader. And I liked that Crawford was Crawford--human, wanting the other, turned on by him, but he wouldn't be Crawford if he didn't have that iron grip and even more dangerous edge to him. And the ending? Totally hitting my buttons, this is what I can never get enough of out of Crawford/Schuldich fics. Still, he may have been in charge, but he wasn't exactly in control. If Crawford were in control, this would not be happening at all. *purrs more* And Crawford fucking Schuldich into the mattress? I'll just be over here fanning myself at the pretty mental images, yes. ....shut up, you had to know I go totally incoherent fangirl over these two! XP (Crawford/Schuldich, R-to-NC-17-ish smut, not worksafe.)

- Weiss Kreuz - note in blue ink by ingenius_inc - I'll warn ahead of time that this fic leaves off in a very nasty place, though, hopefully there'll be more of it soon. I liked this story, despite the use of the fanon nicknames (Schu, Farfie, etc.), it was a good, solid take on Schuldich's character, of the line between uncaring asshole and someone who genuinely does care on some level about Crawford. The pacing is lovely, sliding along at just the right brisk pace to keep the story moving but without skimming over too many details. Hell, I didn't even mind the clubbing stuff (short as it was), when usually that kind of thing bores me to tears! The way Nagi's growing up in this story, the way Schuldich puts up a good front about not caring what's happening to the team (that you're never really sure if it's false or actually true), the way Crawford's absense makes their lives different... it was all very nicely done. ...jeez, bad rec, good story, you go read now. (Some Crawford/Schuldich, some Schuldich/Nagi?)

- Weiss Kreuz - Einundzwanzig by tosca - *shimmers* Oh, dear lord, I have such love for this author's take on the characters, I adore the universe she's setting up here so much that I wound up going back to reread all of the stories in this universe again before settling into read this one. Her Crawford and Schuldich are just... sharp and clever and not pulling their punches and the writing says so much without having to say it and the whole entire thing just has this bite to it that I love. Plus, I love Schuldich's reaction to his present, when Crawford tells him why he got it for him, that's just... that's pure Schuldich. Oh, and the ending made me go all fluttery, too. ....holy crap, I knew I was a fangirl, but... man. *slinks off* (Crawford/Schuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Whiplash by Talya Firedancer - Mmm, Crawford and Schuldich like I like them, more than just a touch of insanity, cruelty, and dangerous, lethal attitudes, but something so charismatic and attractive in there, too. Sex that's not nice or pretty, but it's good, too, so very good and in tune with these characters, this harsh sex in Paris after a kill. Okay, I lie about the pretty, it's so very pretty, but not shoujo pretty, not kind sex, but not cruel sex, either. It's... well, what Schwarz should be. Intense, hot, and a very good fuck. >D ....okay, see, that was a terrible rec, very nearly pretentious or just bad, but people should go read the fantastic Crawford/Schuldich sex anyway. (Crawford/Schuldich, NC-17.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Job Perks by tosca's kiss - Another fic I know I've read but can't find on my lists. I really am growing to be very fond of these 'multiple drabble' style fics, where it's several drabbles written together, but each about a different moment in the overall scheme. It shows a progression of Crawford and Schuldich's "working" relationship, from the first sparks of conflict and control to the sexual tension between them to the way neither of them is exactly what the other expects. It's also the kind of Crawford/Schuldich I like SO MUCH, because each character is brilliant, Schuldich always defying authority, Crawford always one step ahead. The last two (well, actually three) pieces of the story are just awesome for the sharp, brilliant characterization. ♥ (Crawford/Schuldich, not entirely work safe, though, nothing actually happens.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Shit of Empires by LadyJaida - Admittedly, there are a lot of awkward/oddly worded sentences in this one that I had reread a couple of times to get what the author was trying to say, but few do Crawford/Schuldich like Jaida, few authors make me sit down and read the whole thing in one shot because it's just so damn much fun. Because she captures the contradictory chaos and intelligence and capability and fuck-up-ery that is Schuldich. And her Crawford is a bastard, but he's a competent bastard who doesn't tell Schuldich why they're going to Scotland or why he's cracking Schuldich's head open on a rock and Schuldich doesn't ask, either, because Crawford always has a reason and there's this beautiful fucked-up relationship between them. It's full of those little details and moments that create a larger whole with the couple, full of Schuldich swearing but I believe it, I believe this characterization, and, wow, this rec sucks, so just go read the fic. (Crawford/Schuldich, graphic content in the form of sex and lots of swearing.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Three Days by ingenius_inc - I really liked this, it's one of those fics that doesn't really pull its punches on the characters, but doesn't go over the line, either. I love the way Crawford is willing to let Schuldich go, the way he has to be disciplined by Rosenkreuz, the way there's no hesitation in his steps as he's walking out and the way he's just so... Crawford about the whole thing. Especially as the ending of the fic hits. >D (Crawford/Schuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Believing in Fates by ingenius_inc - This fic officially got my stamp of approval at the description of Crawford: He looks like a gentleman, but really, once you peel back the tailored suits and expensive shirts, hes nothing but a street boxer, all raw and bloody and waiting for the next time he has the chance to break something under his fists. And that's what I like about the author's writing, there's a certain harshness or rawness to the writing that fits so well with the characters and is exactly what I crave when looking for fic with these two. The relationship between the two of them, as Schuldich is messed up and wanting Crawford in that dangerous way and Crawford is dangerous and there's nothing particularly nice about this, but it works for them somehow, they couldn't be anything else. ....which is such a generic rec for a fic that had that something special I'm always looking for, so you go read it now anyway. +__+ (Crawford/Schuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Fractured by Tammaiya - Of all the fics Tammaiya wrote for Christmas (aside from the Gravitation one ♥), I think this is the one I've been waiting to be able to rec the most. ...well, okay, the FMA/HOLiC one I was kind of itching over, too. A lot of this is because there's so little Weiss Kreuz fic out there that really hits me hard and this one wasn't just likable or solid, it was good. The parallels she draws between Schuldich and Yohji are really kind of brilliant, the way she characterizes each of them is just so spot on, the way everything heads in the same direction, even while Schuldich and Yohji aren't quite mirror images of each other, one is jaded, the other is cynical, and there is a difference and it just comes together beautifully. Their relationships with their teammates are worked in beautifully, even while the thread of their similar paths is not lost, and there are a hundred little moments (Schuldich pushing at Crawford, Yohji and Schuldich's thing they have that actually works in this fic, when I'm not usually a fan, Yohji's interaction with Aya and Ken especially), even the tone of this is gorgeous. It's bleak, without being unrelentingly dark, just perfect for the story it was trying to tell. And as if that wasn't enough, she went and threw Yohji/Ken into the mix, made it important in the scheme of the fic while not being the focus, and it was just wonderful and clever and pitch-perfect, both for the story and what I look for in the relationship. I just... vibrate with happiness over this story because it hit exactly the right buttons for me. *blissful sigh* I only wish I weren't quite flailing around so much and could offer more coherent descriptions of it. (Yohji/Schuldich, Crawford/Schuldich, Yohji/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - You Can Call Me Al by lady_ganesh - Ooh, how interesting. I don't think I've ever seen this plot done with a Crawford/Schuldich fic before--Schuldich absorbs a personality from someone else for a little while and Crawford has to deal with him like this without making too much of a mess of the whole thing. It's really kinda hot, Schuldich with the personality of a popstar in his head, Crawford musing to himself even as he keeps a strong script in his head, a whole lot of UST strung tightly between them. There's some very nice banter here and a couple of genuinely funny moments. Very, very nice. (Crawford/Schuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - A Change in Perspective by lady_ganesh - asd;lfkjasldkj Crawford and Schuldich wake up in each other's bodies and it's beautiful. I don't know what the best part of this fic is, the banter, the way Crawford's power is a bitch to someone who can't control it like he can, the way Schuldich's power gives Crawford a new, uh, appreciation for knowing just what kind of internet porn Nagi likes (a;dsflkjasldkjas I kind of died a lot right there), and then Schuldich realizing, OH HEY GUESS WHAT I HAVE NOW. :D All of it was fantastic! (Crawford/Schuldich.)

Weiss Kreuz: Teamwork by lady_ganesh - Oh, man, I haven't read WK fic in ages, but I was lured in by the promise of Crawford/Schuldich. What I got was actually even more fun than that--though, still my favorite, don't get me wrong XD--because it was a pre-series fic about the formation of Schwarz and it's not really about any specific event happening aside from how Crawford and Schuldich first started sleeping together, almost more like a slice of life in their crazy lives, but I liked it all the more for that. It was solidly written, solidly paced, and really enjoyable for everything the author built here, I could totally read more in this universe. I especially enjoyed the use of the background OCs and Schuldich's characterization, I loved how much younger they were here, yet still very much the people they would settle into being. Just. as;dlkfjasl;kj man I still love WK. XD (Crawford/Schuldich.)

Weiss Kreuz: untitled by ingenius_inc - Every so often I come across a WK fic that catches my interest and I saw Crawford/Schuldich and NC-17 on this one and had to click. It's a short ficlet, but it's a fun little one that's not quite nice, but shows what a functional dysfunctional relationship they have. I-- I kind of really loved this portrayal of Schuldich and the hints of smut were very nice. *__* (Crawford/Schuldich, NSFW.)

Weiss Kreuz: untitled by voksen - I went looking for WK fic (well, any fic on comment_fic, but especially WK fic) and found this delightful Schuldich piece where he's so... he's got such an attitude about life in Estet, but he's not mindless about it. He's such a sharp character here and it's just a short scene of him and Crawford on the beach, a brief look into Schuldich's mind that I really liked for the way he pushes just a little at everything, especially Crawford, and the tension that runs through both of them/everything. (Crawford/Schuldich.)

Weiss Kreuz: untitled by voksen - More Crawford and Schuldich! The fic starts with this line: They've been a long while on the road - long enough for Schuldig to prop his legs up on the dashboard out of the need to stretch them rather than the need to annoy - and Crawford still shows no signs of wanting to pull over. which is indicative of everything I like about this ficlet and the author who writes them--it's the little, casual details worked in that make these characters so sharp to me. Even when Schuldich is offering to blow Crawford on the road, they're both so... themselves about it. XD (Crawford/Schuldich.)

Weiss Kreuz: untitled by voksen - I know this is another incredibly short fic, but that's what WK fandom is like a lot of the time. And this fic doesn't need to be any longer than exactly what it is--Crawford and Schuldich in Rosenkruez as they're attaining their final victory over the place and I love just how much is left unsaid here that you can still so very strongly feel. All the emotion that's tied up in the place, all the closed doors and secrets that were hidden there, how much they hated all of it--all as they walk through the empty halls and are smug. ....I'm describing it badly, it's much better written than that, one of those perfect little pieces with these two. (This is gen, but if you like Crawford/Schuldich, you might like this.)

Weiss Kreuz: untitled by voksen - So the summary of this fic is: just after they finish eliminating the last of SZ/Rosenkreuz post-gluhen, one of them suddenly grows wings How could I NOT read it? And it's a great little comment fic and I love how it's just one more crazy thing in the lives of Crawford and Schuldich and there's all these great little touches and just. WINGFIC. I LOVE IT. (This is entirely gen, but I guess you could read Crawford/Schuldich into it.)

Weiss Kreuz: Elusive by fireun - It's always interesting to see fics about characters with powers that have been worn out because of them, especially when they used to be such vibrant characters, but you have to write that kind of fic carefully or else it's just not that fun. Something about this fic was really interesting, though, especially set from Crawford's point of view, where he doesn't really show concern about it, except he sort of does at the same time. All the little things that go unsaid or the little touches the author puts in are very solidly, nicely done. (Crawford/Schuldich.)

Weiss Kreuz: Inconsequential by fireun - I haven't read as much WK fic lately as I'd like, but then this one came along and I couldn't resist clicking onto it. I like that it's not really a very nice fic, that this thing they have isn't quite so nice underneath the polished suits and the devilish snears, that it's maybe not such true love and all that. Which seems obvious, but it's actually not something I usually seek out--yet it works in this fic. I really like what it says about Schuldich, the way he reacts to what he finds when he looks in places he shouldn't, how this isn't quite the dynamic he thought they had. It was really interesting and a nice read. (Crawford/Schuldich.)

? Alles Schwarz by Mami-san [ Weiss Kreuz ] ? pairings/characters: Crawford/Schuldich eventual (gen focus for now), with some OMC/Crawford, nsfw for violence, torture, abuse, non-con, 90k+ ? summary: A very controlled advisor for Rosenkreuz's Far East division and a half-mad telepath that Rosenkreuz's most dangerous Talent seems to hate: together they are destined to become one of the most powerful teams at the school's disposal, if they can survive each other. ? rec: I somehow found myself sucked back into the WK fandom when I was looking to broading my reading a bit lately and I remembered, oh, I had never properly finished this series! So, while this is just the first in the series, I want to write a rec for it individually before diving into the other fics in the series. Because this fic by itself definitely deserves it, for building this entire background for Schwarz in a series like Weiss Kreuz, which, honestly, was dumb at the best of times. There's so little we know of Schwarz or Rosenkreuz or Estet, as they were never the focus, and often times what little information was available at all was even more difficult to get in English and, frankly, Weiss Kreuz is a terrible series. You don't get into WK for the show itself, you get into it because of the fandom. (Or the voice actors attached to the project because, well, how many of us have gone through a Koyasu phase in our lives? Shhhh, most of us have been there.)

So, it's a difficult thing to build a background that's brilliantly done and fits together with what we actually see in the series, but this fic does it. Crawford's time at Rosenkreuz and the formation of Schwarz--well, his introduction to Schuldich, at this point--is brilliantly told here, the complex series of events that lead up to everything we see in the series. Why Schuldich is the way he is, laying the foundation of their motivations and actions later in the canon events, building so much more around those complications with incredible deftness, to make it feel like this is a natural building up/extention of the canon itself. I would have read this fic just for the plot itself and what it does to give incredible depth to these characters!

But it's also the characterization that kept me enthralled the entire time, how these are younger versions of the characters but, oh, you can see the people they'll turn out to be, the relationships they'll turn out to have. The author never, ever lets up on the brutality of their world, the constant knife's edge that Crawford walks and cannot always keep himself from being cut, the horror of how broken Schuldich is here even when you rarely see it directly. Her original characters are absolutely necessary and feel like natural parts of the canon--if you didn't know better, you wouldn't know which was which most of the time. Her primary antagonist is genuinely terrifying and all too believable, which is why the character resonates so well, because you can believe this is a character that would exist. For all that Weiss Kreuz was a ridiculous series full of ridiculous elements, this fic takes all that and makes something breathtakingly good out of it.

The writing is absolutely readable, the kind that sucked me in and kept me going until I had to get up to leave, but always able to pick it right back up again, no matter how complex the plot was, I didn't have trouble keeping track of it. There's so many scenes that can be difficult to read, but the author finds that balance between brutality for the shock value and pulling her punches--so the fic never delves into either, but instead finds that perfect place in between the two. And, for all that I'm definitely a shipper of the characters, I completely agree with this fic not being at all about a romantic relationship between Crawford and Schuldich, because that wasn't the point and it would have been far too soon. This is truly an epic fic that takes things in their proper order and time, and things have only just begun for them here.

If you read one fic in this fandom, for all that I love many things and many fics, I think this series is going to be the one for me.

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