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- WK - Yueki's Fan art (Or alternately, her own page which has even more of her art.) - Damn. That picture of Crawford is gorgeous! Well, all the art is gorgeous, really, but I especially liked that one and the Yuki one. Preeeeetty. There's also lovely Yami no Matsuei art (I love, love, love this Tsuzuki/Hisoka one), and even one of Botan (from YYH)! Also, check out the various guest galleries, there's some lovely stuff there as well.

- Weiss Kreuz - Yuri Kudou's Artwork - I loved the "Get a Room" one, it was so funny! But the real highlight is the 'Schwarz as girls' fan art--normally, that kind of thing drives me nuts, but I really liked these images. GenX commented that she'd be scared if the artists genderswapped Weiss, which immediately burned itself into my brain. I promptly said, "I can't picture that at all. Well, maybe Aya. He's pretty enough already anyway. ^_~" She responded that "Omi would be so kawaii." I said, "I just absolutely can't picture Ken as a girl. The closest I can get is his male self in drag." And then we agreed to try to bend our brains back into their proper shapes. And before I shut up, the Yohji/Omi image is freaking adorable, too.

- Studio Dink - Go to the gallery, then the fan art section, and hunt down the WK fan art. The first one is stunningly good--I swear it could almost past for official art, it's that good. The "white shirt" series is gorgeous and as GenX mentioned, the cool thing about the images is that their clothes match their personalities. ("yohji's shirt wide open, ken wearing layers" etc.)

- CLAMP/Other - Sakura [ Fan Art Site ] - Apparently, I wasn't done with Sakura's site yet. I continued on to the Old Archives section, poking through the Weiss Kreuz and Cardcaptor Sakura sections. The CCS art is adorable (I love the Yukito-centric ones, with all the people in his life centered around him. Pretty. *_* Also, the two with the rubber duckies and Yue's expressions.... Hee.) and the WK art focuses a lot on Ken, which makes me happy. ^_^ I think my favorite is the "Card captor... Omi?" one; it was hysterical. "SD Weiss-tachi" was adorable as well. Oooh, and I loved the Tokyo Babylon art. *_* "Memory of Ueno Park", "#1 Crush", and "Tobira" are my favorites, and I'm sure you didn't sense a theme there at ALL. I can't help it; I thought they captured the elegence (and angst ^_^;; ) of Seishirou and Subaru so well. Plus, y'know, pretty. And before I shut up.... "OOC! Offstage!" in the X section was too damn cute.

- WK/Utena/YnM - [ Fan Art Site ]! *fweee!* The Weiss Kreuz images are pretty (I especially liked the Schuldich one. *_*) as are the Utena ones (Saionji! Mikage! *big, heart-shaped eyes*), but my favorites are the Yami no Matsuei ones. I'm very quickly warming up to Tatsumi/Watari, and this just helped it all that much further along. Mmm.

- Trigun/Weiss Kreuz - windward [ Fan Art Site ] - Thanks to Di-chan for pointing this one out to me. *drools all over herself* Oh, my god, the Trigun art here is flat-out amazing! These could pass for official art, I swear. Just... the skill, the coloring, the shading, the poses... damn. (And there's one of Knives, too!! XD) The Farfello one is... wow. I have no words for how amazing I find this art. And the Vashu sketch... one of the most beautiful Trigun pieces of art I've ever seen. +_+ (No warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Hunter x Hunter/Fruits Basket - Fake Vision [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *coos* Oh, you beautiful, beautiful site! Not only do you have Weiss Kreuz fanart, but you have a pretty Aya/Ken fanart! *hearts* And, wow, those Schwarz illustrations are some of the best I've ever seen! +_+ Okay, obviously, I'm in complete lust with this site, because the illustrations are just... cute! *happyhappyfangirl* For the other series... there're a couple of cute Gon (HxH) illustrations and while there's only the one Furuba illustration, Kyou is so pretty that I had to include it. ^_^; (Yaoi-friendly, but not exclusively.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Fruits Basket - Capricious Kitten [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to include this site because Japanese WK fanart is so rare and the artist seems to be a Sohma Kyou fan~! ^_^v The thing I liked about this artist is that they had some really cool concepts for their illustrations, and while they may not have as much skill as some others, I found myself really enjoying them, which is far more important. ^_~ The Kyou illustrations were adorable, I loved the one of the different views of Kyou, and the one with Kyou and Hatori, and, ooh!, the Mabudachi Trio one! Ooh! Train-san (from Black Cat) fanart! +_+ Plus, AyaxKen illustration~! Yay~! (Little bit yaoi-friendly.)

- Weiss Kreuz - TAK [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wai~! More Weiss Kreuz fanart~! While I'm not crazy about some of the earlier works, the artist definitely grows into her style and produces some gorgeous stuff~! It's a little more CG-y than I might like, but the artist does beautiful eyes and very lovely colors... but the best part of the site is the YohjixKen section that made me a happy, happy fangirl. ^_^v (A YohjixKen section, but that's about it.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Scryed/Gundam Wing/Saiyuki/Hikaru no Go - Wind Climbing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeee! So much cute art for so many series~! I don't even know where to start... but the art is really good and there's quite a bit of here. My favorite is probably the Scryed art, the artist did some gorgeous ones of Xeres and Mimori and a lovely one of Ryuhou and Kazuma. +_+ There's also other stuff here--a couple of really pretty Saiyuki illustrations, and, ooh~! Lots of prettypretty Hikago illustrations, too~!

.....aaaaaand I just found the WK section~! Ooohh, and good stuff here, too--probably one of the best Japanese WK sites I've seen. The artist has a lot of skill and does some really solid work with the colors and... it just makes me happy. (There's a really cute Ken one in the gallery that I quite liked. ^_^ Oooh, and preeeeetty Schuldich.... +_+) ....and I'll move on now. ^_~ (No real warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Invisible One [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ara~~ The art on this site is definitely this side of the skinny-stick-spider-freak-yaoi style, but I found myself not really caring much, because... YohjixKen~! *hearts* The newer ones are definitely better, they get less... pointy... but the coloring is pretty good throughout the entire gallery. And, y'know. Cuteness. (Oooh, the 3131 kiriban illustration is niiiii~ce.) ^_^ (YohjixKen.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho/Hunter x Hunter/Weiss Kreuz - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Mmmm, nice YYH art. +_+ Kurama especially looks beautiful and the HieixKurama illustrations are hot. I absolutely adore this site's Hiei as well... he looks like he can be such a mean, nasty little bastard. *hearts* .........and I'll just ignore Kurama in the Bridesmaid's Dress from Hell illustration. -_- And, eee! If it's possible, the HxH art is even cuter~! And pardon me while I gush over the WK art... so very, very pretty. There're a couple of lovely Omi and Yohji (together and seperate) that I just adored. *hearts* Lots of gorgeous art~! (Some yaoi/shounen ai.)

- Weiss Kreuz - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I was sold on this site when I saw the adorable Inu-Aya and Inu-Ken illustration~! Such cute art can be found here--it's not all that way, but the galleries are worth going through everything to find the adorable stuff. ^_^v (No real warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Mmm, I really like this site--some of the illustrations are just plain pretty and others are so cute they make me squeak and act even more dorky than usual. Especially the neko-Kens. Those are too adorable for works. +_+ There's also a gorgeous Aya/Ken illustration, a very prettypretty Yohji, and some wonderful Gluhen-based art as well. Just... yum. :9~~ Also? The second mini-comic made me laugh so much. (No real warnings.)

- Weiss Kruez - Yukio Crawford [ Fanartist ] - Damn, does Crawford look cool when Yukio draws him, and I am in awe of her talent. My favorite is probably the RPG-style Crawford, it's gorgeous. The drawing, the colors, the shading, the details of the clothes, the layout of the entire thing... I'm so impressed that I'm babbling~. ^_^;; Crawford in the suit is nice, too, though. +_+ Anyway, Yukio's drawings are definitely some of the best out there and while I've seen some of her work elsewhere before, I don't think I'd seen any of the art that's up on, so it was a happy little surprise for me. ^_^v (Li'l bit CrawfordxSchuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Discord [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, Noel and I were spamming fanart links back and forth at each other last night and to my immense surprise, there's actually WK j-fanart in existance! It's surprisingly pretty, too, considering I didn't have very high expectations. This site doesn't have a whole lot of fanart, but there are a handful of illustrations that totally make the trip worthwhile, especially the group ones. I started off with this site by seeing a really cute one of Manx and Birman that just had some nicely thin lines that really work for the series. The Schwarz group one is the other illustration that makes the site worth visiting, it's very much in the style of the original art itself. Then there's pretty Aya, there's Manx and Birman in bathing suits, there's Side B RanKen that totally made me squee (best image on the site ♥), a fabulous group Side B illustration, and it was just... a nice, cute little site. (Mostly gen, with a faint hint of Aya/Ken if you squint really hard.)

- Weiss Kreuz - FAKE VISION [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site Noel found first and it's one I kept coming back to, no matter how many times I would wander off onto other sites, I kept clicking on the banner for this one because it looked so shiny. And it's one of the most solid sites I saw in my tour of the WK j-fanart web and, zomg, Ken-friendly art! Not just Ken-friendly, but RanKen-friendly and there are several of the images that are just adorable and the group art totally makes me spaz. I just... really like the way the artist draws the characters' hair, I've always got a weakness for the sharp, thin, pointy lines with hair in a series like WK and when you add some really nice coloring (I like the way the characters' eyes stand out) and a good selection of art... yeah, this was one of my favorite ones because it offered a good base of art to get me started and a couple of images that were just downright pretty. There's a more recent one of Yohji that has this softener filter used and it's so lovely. Also, it has the cutest Schwarz chibis in the world. Oh, oh, and! In the AkAR project, there's an illustration of kitty!Aya hugging kitty!Ken and holy shit is it ever fucking CUTE. And pretty. Just... fwee, I had fun! :D (Some RanKen, a lot of gen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *vibrates with happiness* YoKen art! Pretty YoKen fanart! Fanart that's got that certain something that makes it really hot and sexy and pretty, because there's a certain intimacy and charged air that you can pick up just by looking at the images. It doesn't help that Ken is often naked or Yohji's often not wearing a shirt and there's these fabulous expressions on their faces. XD As if that weren't enough, the art is really pretty, it's some of the best stuff I saw all night and, oh, it hits right where I want YoKen to hit, the lines of the characters are just gorgeous, enough detail but not overburdening, so there's a lighter feeling to the images, but they're still very solid. Sort of like color doujinshi, I suppose. Ken's got this gorgeous, lush hair, Yohji has that slinky vibe he has going on, and just... zomg, yay! ♥ (Yohji/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Psychedlic Typhoon [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I strongly suspect that I'm rec'ing this site for about two images, but... well, there's not a lot of WK fanart out there in the first place and those two images are just REALLY FREAKING CUTE. They're two little chibis, one of Yohji and Ken, one of Aya and Omi, and they are just utterly, perfectly adorable as they shovel snow and Yohji looks at Ken in this great smiley-annoyed look because he's been doing all the work apparently and then the Aya and Omi one has Aya totally falling on his ass and it's all just SO FREAKING CUTE. Mixed in with the rest of the art are a few good illustrations, there's one of Ken I really liked and FUFUFUFUFU, there's little sprites at the bottom of the gallery page as well! <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

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