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- Star's Gaze - Same site as the above, but this time I'm referring to the doujinshi section. Ai no Kusabi doujinshi!! And soooo pretty, too. Ooh! And AyaxKen/YohjixKen doujinshi. So prettyprettypretty. *big heart eyes* .... *ahem* Anyway. It should be pretty easy to find from the main page. ^_^v

And on a totally unrelated note, I haven't been able to get Batman #600 yet, which means I can't read the spoiler-laden posts on the Bludhaven ML, and that's making me Very Cranky. The gorgeous WK doujinshi helped, though. ^_^

- Weiss Kreuz - The Broken Silence by Chibi Chiriko - *gasp!* *shock!* *tips over* I... I... I liked a story that was non-yaoi!? God, what have I been reduced to? ^_~

Actually, I shouldn't snark, I like a lot of non-yaoi stories, and this was a really nifty little story about Ken meeting up with Aya-chan and having a nice afternoon with her. Aya-chan has no idea who he really is, and she's still trying to deal with not knowing anything about her brother, which was all done very well in this story. It's not a romance story, it's just sweet and touching and more than little bittersweet. The ending was lovely as well, just right. (No pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Baby Talk by Marty - Normally, I don't like 'The yaoi boys have a baby, settle down, and become a family' type of stories, because they're just so... so... so... ewww. I have little urge to read about pretty boys in domestic bliss. But I liked 'Baby Talk'--it was cute and funny and I couldn't help but be won over. (Much like 'New World Order Arc's' Touma.) It did get a little confusing because it doesn't seem to be in a linear order, but you can usually catch the drift of what goes where by how old Kaori-chan is. I also loved Yohji and Omi's roles in this--Yohji especially made me laugh, and Omi was adorably sweet with Kaori-chan, and I rather like the idea of OmixAya-chan here. All around, just more fun (with occasional doses of angst) like 'The Saga Begins'. (AyaxKen, OmixAya-chan, mentions of YohjixOFC.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Baby Talk by Marty - (Chapters 3 & 4) I really should hate this story, just for the general principle. I mean, a baby!? Ken and Aya raising a kid? It's one of the most over-used cliches in yaoi fanfic. But... argh... dammit... I can't hate the little brat. The story is too funny and charming and in character and fun to not love it. I utterly love the snarkiness of the characters (Ken especially!) and the writing, and while I normally intensly dislike non-linear stories, this one isn't hard to follow at all (just go by how old Kaori-chan is) and it works for the fic. I'm so looking forward to more of this one. (AyaxKen, some OmixAya-chan and YohjixOFC.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Winter Birthday by White Kiss - This story had what is possibly one of the funniest images ever.

Ken frowned, a childish pout covering his features. "Don't you even KNOW what today is?"

Aya looked puzzled.


"Aaagh!" Ken grunted in frustration. Leave it to Aya to put a damper on any occasion. "It's my birthday!"

"Oh." Aya was unruffled. He picked up his plain white plate with the toast on it, and balanced the small white teacup in the other hand. "Congratulations," he said with an unenthusiastic nod, as though Ken had somehow simply qualified for another year of life, and wandered into the other room to have his breakfast by the window.

As he pulled the container of oats down from a shelf, Ken grumbled to himself about how Aya was going to receive the gift of a snowball down the back of his pants one of these days when he wasn't looking.

The mental image of Aya's face after receiving such a gift cheered him considerably. In fact, he had a huge, mischievous grin on his lips when Omi made his way into the kitchen with half a glass of orange juice.

The whole thing was really goddamned hysterical, but the omake was fucking brilliant. The characterizations were solid, it was a nice and happy story without being OOC about it, and the writing fantastic. I loved it. (No pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - If You Were Mine by lorien - *snarf*giggle* Oh, this was funny! Aya-chan lusting after Yohji, Ran chasing after Yohji with his katana for thinking about his sister (which he really wasn't), Yohji lusting after Omi who's now dating Nagi, Ken lusting after Ran and being cute... it was so much fun. And not in a "Oh, my god, that was so bad it was funny!" type of a way, it was meant to be parody-ish, and while it's not outlandish parody, it was just... not-quite-serious fun (RanxKen, Aya-chan+Yohji, Yohji+Omi, NagixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Maelstrom by Sayuri - Hmm, I'm not entirely sure what to say about this fic. Well, first and foremost, Sayuri is a fantastic writer and did a damn fine job with the characters. The Aya/Ken interaction was wonderful and touching and so much 'fun' to read. (Given that it's an angsty fic, 'fun' needed to be in parentheses. *grin*) And Schuldich was also wonderfully in character... except I wanted to kick him and shout, "No, no, no, NO! You don't want Aya, he'd be boring for you after awhile, and there's this gorgeous, sexy American son of a bitch right over there that you could obsess over. Sheesh. Idiot."

But I'm well aware that this is a personal thing. *grin* Actually, the Schuldich/Aya stuff was really well done, woven wonderfully well with the Aya/Ken parts of the story. Her writing is damn good, the prose so very readable and the characters' voices and thoughts dead on. (Well, except for the one thing I wanted to kick Schuldich for above. ^_~) Just... you need to read it, because it's really, really good. And normally I run screaming from SchuldichxAya fics, so that ought to tell you something. ^_~ (AyaxKen, SchuldichxAya, YohjixOmi, mild Yohji+Ken hints. Warning--non-con/rape plays a heavy role in this story.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Bleach by Caspian - I know I read someone making mention of this fic before, but I'd never actually read it until Ruby mentioned it to me tonight. It was really fucking good. It's one of those ones that shows you just how angsty and fucked up the Weiss boys are, but without being cliche about it, making the story work. Caspian captures the characters' voices so damn well, and just has this gift for a turn of phrase. Goddamned good writing. Plus, there were two or three lines that made me laugh out loud even while I hurt for the characters.

Aya, visiting his sister in the hospital: How often do you need to change the sheets to a person in a coma, anyway? Does she still sweat? Have her period? She used to whine about her period, sometimes. I've noticed that that's something that girls do. I wish they wouldn't when I'm within hearing range. *LOL* That was such a guy thing to say.

Just... ya gotta read it. (No real pairings, but whatever you're looking for hints of, you can find it.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Oh, [expletive deleted]! by Felicity Honenburg - There's just something about Yohji and Ken that I adore; something about the way they play off of each other.... And this fic did a good job of capturing that feeling. There's just a certain chemistry there. There were also some very funny lines in this one--Omi's *cough* interest in the hacksaw was funny, as was Yohji hearing nature's call but unable to answer and Ken's reaction to that. It was just a fun fic. Want more. Now. (Eventual YohjixKen, mild AyaxOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - To the End by Gnine and X-Parrot - Wow, this was so good! I love X-Parrot's Gravitation fic, so I was fairly certain I was going to like this one as well, but I was surprised by how much I liked it. It's one of those fics that just nails the interaction between the Weiss boys, weaving in some beautiful lines and character insights. My favorite was this one from Yohji's POV:

It wasn't often that Yohji felt himself to be the eldest of his teammates. What little he had over them in years, they surpassed him in skill, in responsibility, in pain. But they really were only boys. They never had lived as men at all; only as night hunters, dark creatures, and their hard-won wisdom was not the natural education of growing up. Underneath the blood and steel they were boys yet. He heard it in their laughter as they tossed words back and forth, though Omi and Ken's chuckles might be strained, and Aya's laugh was a hidden, unvoiced thing. He would never sound like a kid again. But his youth was there yet, in the back of his violet eyes, in the way he finally allowed himself to relax, seated on the ground with his chin propped up by an angled knee, a boy's pretzel-knot posture.

And he, Yohji, flung his own comments into the stir, and laughed himself, but he could feel a difference in himself the others missed, a more deliberate sense of smiling into darkness. The abyss yawned wide and he could not forget what they were delaying. The difference between a boy and a man is that a boy knows in his heart of hearts that he will live forever. A man understands he will die.

An excellent read. (No real yaoi, but, as the authors say, you can kinda consider it pre-slash if you want.)

- Weiss Kreuz - bko-no-gallery [ Fan Art Site ] - I love this site just for the Omi picture that you have to check out. (In the Nagi gallery under 'special guest'.) That was fucking hilarious. I don't know why, it hit me just right, though. The CrawfordxNagi pictures freaked me out, but there's a really spiffy Nagi/Omi one that I loved, and the DigiCharat!Nagi one sent me into peals of laughter. *giggles* I'm never gonna get that image out of my head. The little comments throughout the page are amusing, too. ^_^v (Some mild yaoi, mostly Crawford/Nagi and Omi/Nagi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Saturday by Gerald Tarrant - It was the sheer mediocrity of one of Weiss' days that makes this fic as powerful as it is. This is normal for them. It wasn't even that anything really bad happened, in fact, it was a "good" day, no missions or anything. It wasn't a perfectly written fic, there were a few bits that could have been smoothed out, but it nailed the most important part: there was a sense to the story that made you ache for them, that this is what their lives are comprised of now.

....yeah. It's one of those fics you just need to read for yourself to really get it. (No pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Seeing the Light by Aoe - I love Aoe's writing, she is so good. Her plots are fantastic and characters wonderful, but what really makes her stories so pounce-worthy are the classic lines she sprinkles them with. The little character moments.... Crawford getting up before dawn to make sure Yohji doesn't drown in a mud puddle because Schuldich doesn't want his favorite 'show' cancelled, Schuldich and Yohji trapped in an elevator while Schulich sings in English, Schuldich playing romance councellor, Brad getting a parking ticket, and, the best part was Drunk!Aya. I laughed like a loon the whole way through. I admit I couldn't really quite take his revelation seriously, but I totally did not care because a) it was such great writing and b) it was so freaking funny. Plus, you know, the YohjixKen/KenxYohji sex was really good, too. *hearts* I love Aoe's writing. (KenxYohji/YohjixKen, hints of Ken+Aya, and AyaxNotTelling. ^_^)

- Weiss Kreuz - Shades of Grey by P.S. Speare - I *heart* Portia's writing. It flows so smoothly and is infinitely readable. But it's more than just that, it's good writing. Anyway, this story was a very cool little concept that I won't give away that I thought was carried out rather well for a "short" story. (I thought some parts were glossed over a little too much and the ending was a bit OOC for the sake of getting the fic over with--which was my major problem with it. I didn't buy the reactions of the characters, that they'd just leave him there, but I'm not really quibbling because this wasn't meant to be an epic. And looking at it from a story level, rather than a character level, I can agree with the judgement call the author made. Which probably makes sense to no one but myself. *sweatdrop*) I really can't say much more without giving it away, but I really liked it; the little details were great, the characters' reactions were cool, and the writing lovely. Definitely worth a read. (Aya+Ken, CrawfordxKen, and hints of CrawfordxSchuldich.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Bishounen Corner [ Fan Site/Fan Art ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site because while I enjoyed a few of the WK fan arts, most of it wasn't to my particular tastes. (I didn't think it was bad or anything, just not the pairings/content I look for when surfing for WK fan art.) Buuuuuut then I stopped by the Yuu Yuu Hakusho fan art gallery and, holy fuck, Red Fox's art is stunning. Just... wow. *drools* Heed the warnings, some of them are very graphic HieixKurama illustrations, but if you're a hentai like me that's just all the more incentive. ^_~

Okay, in the Weiss Kreuz section there are a couple of images by Tulip that I wanted to specifically mention--this one of Brad with a lollipop is niiiiice and in this one he is hot. Wow. Oh, and this one of Ken is coooooool.

So. Anyway. Poke around the whole site, lots of cool stuff. Yaoi, obviously. ^_^ (Mostly Yohji/Aya and Hiei/Kurama with a sprinkling of Aya/Omi, Crawford/Schuldich, Schuldich/Yohji, and a few other pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - [ Russian Fan Site ] - Okay, not one of my typical recs, and the site can be really hard to load, but it's worth it for some of the coolest WK fan art I've ever seen. My favorites are probably Howling Mad's (The Crawford/Schuldich-as-Kunzite-sama/Zoisite one killed me and--big shock here--I absolutely loved the Aya/Ken one.), Jen & Kris so some really freaky images, but some really lovely ones, too (they did a really nice Ken in a couple of their illustrations) and there are some adorable chibis. (Several random yaoi pairings.)

- Weiss Kruez - Weiß Kreuz Fairy Tales by Sakki-san - I do not take credit for finding this one, that goes to her and her genius ability to find things like this. I... uh... how to go about describing this story? It was... insane. And random. And weird. And lots of other things in that general direction. I can't really say why, but the whole thing just amused the fuck out of me--I laughed like a loon many, many times. The story does suffer once Schreient shows up (not just because of them, but because some jokes get recycled way too often), but it's totally worth the read if you're in the mood for something completely ridiculous and off-the-wall, the kind of thing you don't know why you're still reading (it's not the best writing I've ever seen... but the author can spell and the fic doesn't need a good scrub with the grammar sponge... which is more than I can say of a lot of fic out there. It's just... readable, in the good way. Good flow and comedic timing, which is not easy.), but you can't turn away and can't seem to stop laughing. (Pairings... uh... they're all gay, Gay, GAY.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Sinking by P.S. Speare - Normally, I absolutely hate turning characters into products of abused homes, but, like so many of her other stories, I didn't mind so much in this story, because it was written really well. I hurt for Ken where I was supposed to, didn't roll my eyes, and even felt a faint shiver or two at a couple of the chilling lines. (Hopefully you'll know 'em when you see 'em.) (No pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Broken Facades by Yui-Mag - To paraphrase a phrase from Amanda, this fic could have used a good scrub with the grammar sponge, but the characterization of the fic made up for that, making it a good, solid read. Normally, Omi angst isn't really my thing, but this one caught my eye and I had to read it. My heart hurts for him, which is exactly the reaction that was intended. *sniffle* (No real warnings, other than it's a little dark, but so are 90% of the WK fics out there.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Scryed/Houshin Engi - Psychodelic Typhoon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Whoa, you don't see WK fan art sites very often, so I was quite surprised to see these. (Top section on the gallery page and scattered through the gift section on the bottom.) Not my favorite, but they're really freaking cute, recognizable, and there's a Schuldich/Ken one, so onto the recs page it goes. ^_~ But in all seriousness, I do kinda like the style; it's a bit too sketchy for my tastes (the kind I think of as "scratchy" rather than "flowy"), but it's cheerful and cute and I can't hate it. ^_^; And, holy fuck, there's Scryed fan art! *boggle* And this one is really cool. Wai! And a cute li'l Houshin Engi fan comic! ^_^ (No real pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Dance with Me by cwchan - Normally, the minute I see the 'deathfic' label, I turn around and run in the other direction, but... the lovely way the prologue (of sorts) was written, pulled me in. I wanted to see how the dancing was woven into the story, and as I read along, it was written so well that I got pulled into it. Yeah, okay, deathfic, other awful stuff, but pretty words, good, solid story, and AyaxKen! I liked it. ^_^v (AyaxKen, a little CrawfordxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Spy vs Spy by N. Romaine - Hee! This was such a fun little story, very cute and amusing as hell. Weiss on a typical mission that doesn't have typical results... I'm sure there are a million bad WK fics with this premise, but this isn't one of them. I could just see the last part of this fic and I still giggle thinking about it. Also, don't let the funky formatting drive you away, it's worth reading. (No pairings/warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Kissing Frogs is Nasty by Bridget - More fun WK fairy tale fusions that I had much fun reading. The highlights were the end and Schuldich as the fairy godmother. Oh. And Crawford as one of the evil stepsisters was brilliantly funny. (And I love that not one, but two of these have featured Omi in a skimpy bunny outfit. XD) (A little bit shounen ai.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Bury My Lovely by Bridget - Why, yes, I do plan on rec'ing every fic of Bridget's I can get my hands on. ^_~ Normally, I don't care for childhood abuse stories because they're either done right or they're done wrong. If they're dong wrong, I constantly roll my eyes or scowl at the fic because it's clear the author has no idea what abuse does to a person. If it's done right, it hurts. I think the reason I enjoyed this story so much is that it wasn't a long story dealing with the effects of abuse, but a snapshot of what someone's head would be like after that. As badly as I wanted to know what happened with Ken at the end, it was a wonderful little fic that acheived its goal. (No pairings, disturbing content, but nothing really goes beyond a PG rating.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Weiss Kreuz Elementary School by Deena - Well. Wasn't this just one of the most adorable things ever? Weiss-tachi and Schwarz-tachi are adorable as little chibi elementary school kids, and Deena does a really nice job of 'kiddiefying' their personalities to make them recognizable as who they are, but not adults in kid bodies. And the pairing stuff was cute--Nagi and Omi being adorable together, and Ken and Ran being so damn adorable that I want to hug them and squeeze them and love them and name them George. (Not really any pairings, but if you're familiar with Deena's work, you'll probably be able to guess the biases.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Deck of Card by Lady Jaida - It took me awhile to realize that this was a fic about Schwarz's pasts, as I should have read the notes a bit more closely. Eheh. ^_^;; Anyway, I was intrigued by Lady Jaida's take on Crawford and Schuldich's past here, because not many people break away from the stereotypical fanon and create something that's actually interesting. What I liked about this fic was all the little details that were tucked away in this fic, either about their pasts, their presents, or sowing little hints for what was to come all while they're playing cards--and I just love the idea of these two playing cards, too. XD (No warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Damnation by GenX - I tend to let fics by friends slip through the cracks of my recs page because I don't read them in my usual manner. (I've developed my own system of sorts... I'm such a geek.) Which is a shame, because, damn, did I luck out with the friends I have--who're awesome writers, and I'm not just saying that because they're my friends. Anyway. Damnation is... one of the very, very few Dramatic Precious-era fics out there, and thank god it's so good, because I have a desperate need for them. Don't get me wrong, I fell in love with Ken in the original series, but to see him slipping over the edge of sanity... it's fascinating, and this fic is a gorgeous look at that. The author delves into Ken's mindset, the way he's beginning to think, the way he kills the girl... it's heartbreaking and lovely and shiver-inducing.

Lightly, ever so gently, you let your claws rake over her clothing. Another whimper, as you dig in deeper. The cloth takes a second to give, but it does split. Wrong place, wrong time. Fate was cruel to you, why should it be any different for her? I just... she weaves in all these little bits and pieces we know of Ken's character and how he's changing and presents them in a seamless package... and then Aya's subtle concern just ripped my heart out all over again. I... love this fic. Even if it makes my heart hurt. (No warnings/pairings, little bit graphic content.)

- Weiss Kreuz - We Belong by Koumori - Okay, I've got a lot to say about this fic, because I want to--if I'm allowed to be pretentious for a few minutes--put people in the right frame of mind to enjoy this story. GenX pointed this story out to me and was kind enough to listen to me fangirl while I was reading it. (*hugs*) Let me start out with saying that this story is part of a larger arc but can stand on its own--all you really need to know is that Yohji, Ken, and Aya are occasionally involved in a threesome, which doesn't affect the story much at all, except at one point Aya's already with Yohji when Ken comes to see them. (So it's not totally random, is what I'm saying.) I didn't care for the first three stories (as I don't agree with the author's take on Aya--the writing is very good, but just not my cup of tea for the characterizations), and I probably wouldn't have liked the fourth one either except for something GenX said--that she put on her LFN hat and really enjoyed the story.

The basic idea is that Ken, Yohji, and Aya have developed an interesting sort of threesome, Aya's a real bastard, but a pretty one, and Ken and Yohji are starting to form something deeper. (We don't see as much of the Yohji/Aya, since this arc is mostly told from Ken's POV.) Kritiker finds out about it and attempts to put a stop to it, since it's messing with the team's dynamic. Normally, I don't like stories where Kritiker becomes involved with Weiss' personal lives, but when I look at this story as sort of with a La Femme Nikita feel... I really enjoyed it. It was... cool.

I don't know if others would enjoy it without the same hat/glasses I was wearing, but... there are some fantastic lines in this story, I *heart* the Yotan characterization, the YoKen is fucking good, I was so impressed by the explanation at the end, and there's some really, really nice sex. Maybe a little too much sex, but, dude. I am so saving some of those sex scenes for when I need good YoKen sex, because they are. So... yeah. It's one of those stories where it's really up to your own personal preferences, because the writing itself is good. But I liked it a lot. ^_^v (YohijxKen, some YohjixKenxAya, some graphic content.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Regularly Scheduled Programming by Rina Garet and Eidolon Tree - This was... cute. A nice little parody that's very gentle in its mockery, and a cute little take on commercials with the various WK, YnM, Gravi, Etc. characters. I've seen this concept done before, and it rarely works REALLY well, so it's the strength of the writers that made this story as fun to read as it was. Not *LOL*-incuding, but I giggled several times, very fun. ^_^ (Pairings are pretty across the board.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Ten Seconds by YasminM - There's a comment by someone on this post that really kind of nailed what I adored about this fic--the author has captured Ken's 'frank sincerity of [his] last moments down perfectly'. The way the story was written, the style it used was really damn good, it was the exact perfect length, and just... it was well and truly a ride to go on, which is not an easy thing to accomplish with such a short thing. It was one of those little fics that may be short, but managed to accomplish so much (the details were fantastic, the pacing amazing) that I'm gushing. Badly. (Yaoi, you'll see what pairing.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Cat's Cradle by Avium - I admit, that I was very, very skeptical of the idea of Crawford x Ken (despite these two being my favorite characters), but three things saved me from scoffing. One, I deliberately attempted to suspend my disbelief before going in, telling myself to just pay the price of admission for the fic and accept that it could happen. Two, if the author herself hadn't labelled this Crawford x Ken, I doubt I would have called it that, as it's more pure gen interaction than anything. And, three, the fun and humorous lines that were woven into the fic. The way it started, the easy way things moved along, the wonderful, solid writing, the subtle moments made me really like this fic. The author portrayed the characters wonderfully, I could see them, and it was just one of those fics that was fun to read. (Crawford/Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Goraku by Apapazukamori - I admit that I do have one problem with this fic and that it's that the characters... overreacted to the premise, Weiss-tachi were a little too freaked out by the concept of a snuff film for me to really believe it. They've seen far worse in their time and it just struck me that... I could certainly believe they were bothered, but.... I also thought the story jumped into things a little too fast in the beginning that it could have used a little more set up. However, that's where my criticism ends and the praise begins. ^_~

I adored the writing and the incredible attention to detail, especially in referencing Japanese culture and the little details of their jobs. Everything was worked into the storyline, from the polictical references to the reference to Tanabata wish and the flow was wonderful. The premise also wasn't stretched out further than it really needed to be, once it got into the thick of the story, it felt perfectly paced and even included a lot of little character moments that I just adored. Aya yelling at Ken in the background while Yohji berated Omi for pulling a dangerous stunt made me about swoon for the interaction and the way I read a little shounen ai into the interaction. *huggles the maybe-maybe-not RanKen* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - A Small Matter by Cosmorific - It's been awhile since I read any WK fic that I really liked (I like the yaoi, but lately... I dunno, unless it's PERFECT, it hasn't been catching my attention, so I was curious about this fic, since it'd been labelled gen) and just... oh, you can see where the fic is going from a mile away, but that's the BEAUTY of it. Because the writing is smooth and the author writes the story so that you can just PICTURE it in your head and that's perfect for this kind of fic. I smiled the entire way through it and just... EEEEEE OMG CHIBI AYA SO CUTE I WANNA HOLD HIM EVEN IF HE WOULD BITE ME EEEEEE SO CUTE! XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Here and Now by Eleanor K. - Oh. Oh, I am going to pine for more of this story until I get it. Because the writing is top-notch--very smooth, clean, readable, very professional, really. The dialogue and prose are sharp, but still fitting with the style of Weiss Kreuz, the plot is tight (oh, the plot put stars in my eyes), and the characterization just so... real. This is one of those stories that doesn't just hit me and my fangirl kinks (ie, I have the huge thing for Crawford and all), it's really well-written on all levels and is creating a background story for Crawford that I can believe, see, and it makes sense. It's also painful to watch, creeps me out at times, but is always utterly, utterly fascinating. The original characters are just... they're like they actually could have stepped out of the series, they're so fully formed and feel natural to the story, but even more than that, they're sympathetic and real. They're fully-formed. Crawford's introduction into Rosenkreuz is just getting underway at the point I'm at (there are only 13 parts posted so far) and it's everything it needs to be--creepy and awful and interesting and inevitable. The use of Crawford's powers, the way the author explains them is really, really solidly done, too, it all feels... natural, real, and fully-formed. Very... professional, I guess. Plus, the hints of his relationship to Schuldich that'll happen in the future should have been so cliche, but they're not, they really make me excited to read this story! This could very well be one of the best stories in the fandom, certainly one of the best backgrounds for Crawford's history already. So, so much love. (Eventual Crawford/Schuldich, but it centers on just Crawford for now.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Problem With Fortune-Telling by Tari Gwaemir - When Crawford sees the future, he does not see a single definite outcome, or even the most probable one. God does play dice, and the universe is not deterministic. When Crawford sees the future, he sees the weighted sum of all possibilities, overlaid upon one another--the cat crossing the street is both alive, dead, ill, nonexistent, flat, five-dimensional, tabby, calico, purple. Of course, if a car is approaching, the cat he sees is more dead than alive, but nevertheless, in his mind, a second before the brakes scream, the cat is both. The thing that stands out the most in my mind after reading this fic is that I was really impressed by the author's descriptions of Crawford's powers--so often, especially with a series like Weiss, it's all too easy to slip into pretentious writing or where the author is just trying way too hard to be 'edgy' and it misses its mark. But I found the way the author wrote in this fic to be particularily... I dunno. It's something like creepy, it's something like surreal, it's something like absurd, it's something like weighted, it's something like a lot of words I can't quite find. But it worked for me and I really liked both the tone of the piece and the way Crawford was characterized. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Deserted by Eleanor K. - Since Jenn-san has been writing WK fic lately, it's been putting me in an even more WK-ish mood and this little fic just made me even more ravenous for good fic on the series, because it had this well-done atmosphere to the piece, in the sense that... it was very evocative of an emotion (isolation/not-isolation) while still being wonderfully in character. All four scenes were described beautifully, capturing a certain sense about them, especially the emotion behind with without being emotional about it (<---that makes sense to me, that's all I care about >P) and tying everything back together at the end without being obvious. Plus, I have such mad love for Schwarz, I really do. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Five Lives Brad Crawford Never Lived by Daegaer - Oh, these were so cool--five different takes on Crawford's history/potential life, possibilities that could have come to be, but hadn't and each one... just a snippet, but still representing all these different possibilities. The first one is such an intriguing idea, because... it's so smart. Clever, really. And just what you'd expect from a precog. Others in the set were either quietly touching (which you wouldn't expect from Crawford fic, but I found them working), others were as calculating as closer to the character we see, others were just... harsh and almost painful. But they were all fascinating to read, the different paths his life could have travelled, all interesting in their own right. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Death Note - Written On the Air by Yasmin M. - Crossovers, crossovers, crossovers, I'm not sure what it is about them lately... but there have been some rather clever ones lately and this is another one that I was skeptical about before reading, but am so glad I gave it a shot because it's just... everything it needed to be. Painful and sad, but without being overbearing about it. Each section is perfectly done, so sharply in character and just exactly what each character would do, and all four pieces fit together masterfully. Really intense, fantastic piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Enemies and Enemies: Round Two by Jan - I say this a lot, but I still mean it every single time--this is an idea that's clever but could have so, so easily been just horribly parody-ish (in the bad way) or flat and unfunny, but with Jan's writing I laughed the entire way through and sparkled at the writing. Crawford meets his latest dangerous enemy and a long-standing war begins. What's genius about this is that you can SEE it in your head and it strides the line between the good kind of parody and getting all the little character details down so that you see them. But mostly it's the little details of Crawford coming away from the first battle in tatters or Farfello's joining in (and The Enemy's response, the look in his eyes that you can just TELL what he's thinking--I haven't laughed that hard in days *cracks up again*) to just... everything. Fantastic humor fic that's genuinely well-written. WK does not get enough of that. ^_~ (Schwarz, no warnings/pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Summer Camp by starlighter - I think it's been ages since starlighter wrote WK fic and, yet, she's still one of my very, very favorites because she wrote the first RanKen fic that really turned my crank, the kind that was actually really goddamned good, so to see her writing a Ken piece for 31 Days? Squee. To see a Ken piece that's set post-Gluhen, that deals with his mindset, that deals with a Ken who is messed up and yet strangely at peace? It's just breathtaking the way Ken has changed, the way there's such weight to the character here, the way there's something dangerous coiled up inside him now, the way the beautiful writing suits the character and the story absolutely brilliantly. There is precious little Kenfic that's this heavy-hitting, precious little Kenfic that's post-Gluhen, precious little Kenfic that makes me feel like every single word of this piece was perfectly crafted. And the underlying sense here, of what Ken has become, the way others see him now, the way he feels in this piece... it's just amazing. Plus, the hint of Ran in there, the ending... all of it was perfect. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Fractured by Tammaiya - Of all the fics Tammaiya wrote for Christmas (aside from the Gravitation one ♥), I think this is the one I've been waiting to be able to rec the most. ...well, okay, the FMA/HOLiC one I was kind of itching over, too. A lot of this is because there's so little Weiss Kreuz fic out there that really hits me hard and this one wasn't just likable or solid, it was good. The parallels she draws between Schuldich and Yohji are really kind of brilliant, the way she characterizes each of them is just so spot on, the way everything heads in the same direction, even while Schuldich and Yohji aren't quite mirror images of each other, one is jaded, the other is cynical, and there is a difference and it just comes together beautifully. Their relationships with their teammates are worked in beautifully, even while the thread of their similar paths is not lost, and there are a hundred little moments (Schuldich pushing at Crawford, Yohji and Schuldich's thing they have that actually works in this fic, when I'm not usually a fan, Yohji's interaction with Aya and Ken especially), even the tone of this is gorgeous. It's bleak, without being unrelentingly dark, just perfect for the story it was trying to tell. And as if that wasn't enough, she went and threw Yohji/Ken into the mix, made it important in the scheme of the fic while not being the focus, and it was just wonderful and clever and pitch-perfect, both for the story and what I look for in the relationship. I just... vibrate with happiness over this story because it hit exactly the right buttons for me. *blissful sigh* I only wish I weren't quite flailing around so much and could offer more coherent descriptions of it. (Yohji/Schuldich, Crawford/Schuldich, Yohji/Ken.)

- House/Weiss Kreuz - Night Operation by toscas_kiss - Okay, seriously. Weiss Kreuz and House should not blend this seamlessly. If it'd been just about any other author, I may not have given it a shot, but I've always really liked the author's WK fic, especially her take on Crawford/Schuldich, so what the hell, I thought. This story was awesome pretty much from the word go, the brilliant characterization of both House and Crawford as seen through House's eyes. The way it doesn't spell out the canon for you, you have to know what's going on. Right down to the fabulous ending. Just. Wow. It's hard to express in words how much I loved this. (Nothing I'm going to count for pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - You'll Never Tan in this Town Again by lady_ganesh - Oh, how I have missed WK fic that genuinely charmed and delighted me. This fic! With Weiss! All the horror movie cliches! Aya and Omi being the only sane ones! Ken as a vampire! Yohji as a werewolf! The utter hilarity of how the author uses these to make a great little fic that made me LOL the whole way through it. as;ldfkajsdlfkas OH, AYA, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Weiss Kreuz: untitled by voksen - I've been slowly poking around comment_fic and had to stop on this one of Crawford going to visit Baba Yaga. If the idea alone weren't interesting enough, the way it's written is pitch-perfect, the little details woven in making it feel very much like a fairy tale and yet somehow Crawford (and his abilities) fit in perfectly. This was just really cool. (No warnings/pairings.)

Weiss Kreuz: untitled by voksen - I know this is another incredibly short fic, but that's what WK fandom is like a lot of the time. And this fic doesn't need to be any longer than exactly what it is--Crawford and Schuldich in Rosenkruez as they're attaining their final victory over the place and I love just how much is left unsaid here that you can still so very strongly feel. All the emotion that's tied up in the place, all the closed doors and secrets that were hidden there, how much they hated all of it--all as they walk through the empty halls and are smug. ....I'm describing it badly, it's much better written than that, one of those perfect little pieces with these two. (This is gen, but if you like Crawford/Schuldich, you might like this.)

Weiss Kreuz: untitled by voksen - So the summary of this fic is: just after they finish eliminating the last of SZ/Rosenkreuz post-gluhen, one of them suddenly grows wings How could I NOT read it? And it's a great little comment fic and I love how it's just one more crazy thing in the lives of Crawford and Schuldich and there's all these great little touches and just. WINGFIC. I LOVE IT. (This is entirely gen, but I guess you could read Crawford/Schuldich into it.)

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