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- "Uncle Yohji's Book of Love" by durendal and the Beef Chick - No matter how many times I read this I still cackle madly. Not a lot of authors can convey a sense of perfect comedic timing through writing, but this fic does--one of the funniest things I've ever read. (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi, OmixNagi, CrawfordxSchuldich, Yohjixeveryone)

- Weiss Kreuz - "New World Order" - and - "Old Souls" by Aoe - I think the only thing that keeps this series from being my favorite WK fic ever was what happened to Brad in the stories. His fate... was not a nice one. Otherwise, this fic has /everything/ I want. Superb writing, snappy dialogue, fantastic setting/events that happen in the story/plotting/etc., and really great sex. It's also got almost all my favorite pairings. (Pairings: Ran/Ken, Nagi/Omi, Yohji/Schuldich, and mentions of Aya-chan/Nagi/Omi and Crawford/Schuldich.)(I also consider Yohji/Omi to be one of my favorites, but I oscillate between it and Nagi/Omi. One makes me about as happy as the other.)

The stories are in a Divergent Timeline, taking off after the final episode, where Schwarz /did/ bring the Ancient into the world... only it didn't turn out like they thought, and pretty much everything goes to hell. Weiss and Schwarz have to pick up the pieces, and there's no way that's gonna be an easy ride. Which it isn't, but it's sure as hell an enjoyable one, with some really /great/ character moments. (Plus Touma is cute. In a non-obnoxious sort of way. And I can't help it; I /like/ Eiichi!)

I did have one question, though... if Aya-chan has this ability and even managed to pass it along the family tree... wouldn't it be likely that Ran had some sort of ability lurking in his genes as well? Not a big quibble, just a curiosity.

Shoori's stories in the same universe also help to further expand said universe, and together the two authors have a really cool universe to play in. (They wrote in a few new characters, whom I actively like. And normally, I /intensly/ dislike new characters.)

Again, this series is right up there among my favorite WK series, though, Crawford fans should beware. (AyaxKen, NagixOmi, SchuldichxYohji, and references to a few other pairings.)

- Weiss Kreuz - If You Were Mine by lorien - *snarf*giggle* Oh, this was funny! Aya-chan lusting after Yohji, Ran chasing after Yohji with his katana for thinking about his sister (which he really wasn't), Yohji lusting after Omi who's now dating Nagi, Ken lusting after Ran and being cute... it was so much fun. And not in a "Oh, my god, that was so bad it was funny!" type of a way, it was meant to be parody-ish, and while it's not outlandish parody, it was just... not-quite-serious fun (RanxKen, Aya-chan+Yohji, Yohji+Omi, NagixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - bko-no-gallery [ Fan Art Site ] - I love this site just for the Omi picture that you have to check out. (In the Nagi gallery under 'special guest'.) That was fucking hilarious. I don't know why, it hit me just right, though. The CrawfordxNagi pictures freaked me out, but there's a really spiffy Nagi/Omi one that I loved, and the DigiCharat!Nagi one sent me into peals of laughter. *giggles* I'm never gonna get that image out of my head. The little comments throughout the page are amusing, too. ^_^v (Some mild yaoi, mostly Crawford/Nagi and Omi/Nagi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Good Little Boy by Denise and Whitney R - Like a lot of the Technomancy role playing stories, this one follows their basic formula--awkward writing at the beginning (which is natural given the way the story was written and isn't supposed to be a fic-fic), better writing once they get into the story, little touches of humor that are a lot of fun, a really fascinating concept, and really hot sex all mixed in together. This time it's just a short little fic centered on Nagi who gets bored with the meeting between Schwarz and Takatori Reiji, he goes exploring, meets up with Takatori Mamoru, they flirt for a bit, they have sex, which they both enjoy for its own sake, and trade smirky banter all the while. A fun read. ^_^ (Takatori MamoruxNagi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Without Words by Daegaer - Jesus, apparently it's my day to get back into WK fic. But! I couldn't resist the lure of a post-Kapitel (not sure if it's post-Gluhen or not?) fic with Nagi and Mamoru, who are this really interesting mix of their younger selves and their older selves, Omi/Mamoru especially. He's still a little unsure of himself in this new role as a Takatori and Nagi is so closed up and almost icy until they have a moment alone and he shows why he's that way, strengthening Mamoru's own resolve. The way they're stronger together, the way they can still be so very lethal even when they're just facing a tribunal or the press, the way they're still surprisingly adorable together, it's really lovely to see. Especially after pining away for good Nagi/Mamoru fic for so long. (Nagi/Mamoru.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Real Thing by Daegaer - Speaking of Nagi and Mamoru fic, here's another one I greatly enjoyed. Because there's so much casual violence in their lives, I love that Mamoru doesn't even blink at the casual tone Nagi uses to describe what he did to one of their targets, just that it's one less dark beast in the world. And two seconds later they've switched to playful mode, yet still these dangerous, powerful people, Nagi with that deadly talent of his that he knows how to weild so well, Mamoru with an inability not to play with fire, and it's so... cute and hot at the same time. And kinda creepy. All things these two should be. (Nagi/Mamoru.)

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