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- Weiss Kreuz - Pulse by Tenshi no Korin - Almost everyone has heard of Tenshi no Korin and llamajoy by now, and as well they should have. These two writers are extremely talented at getting inside of characters' heads, writing them in character, and just writing well. Pulse was no exception; I love their Ken. He's not a whiney, whimpy, clutzy idiot--and I love that he was able to lie smoothly to Aya and Omi, without skipping a beat. Yohji was also nicely in character, he has hidden depths that he keeps from the world, but he's not all... shoujo-y here. That annoys the crap out of me.

My, I'm practically ranting here. Anyway, good YohjixKen fic, very nice. Read it. (YohjixKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Babylon by Nataku's Ribbon - (Made up of Friday, Saturday, Saturday Night, Sunday, and Weekend.) Another really spiffy YohjixKen fic that does justice to both of their characters, no shoujo-ization here. (At least no more shoujo than they are in the series itself, na?) My only complaint about this story is as a AyaxKen-fan-first-and-foremost. *sniffle* Aya confessed (off-screen) that he loved Ken, but Ken didn't love him back. *sulks*

However, I'm aware that this is a personal complaint and certainly not a slight against the story itself. It was well-written, I even liked the original characters (who weren't in it all that much), the fan girl was hysterical and Cole was interesting. Good story. (YohjixKen, hints of Aya+Ken.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Up in Smoke by White Kiss - White Kiss has a gift for getting to the darker side of the characters without making them all cliche-like. As much as I wanted a 'happy ending' (Not a perfect, "Gosh, everything is right with the world now!" ending, but at least ending on a positive note.), the story that unfolded here called for something more depressing. The different personalities of the two characters were played beautifully against each other here and characterization just spot on. You wanted to give them both a hug and knock both of their heads against the nearest blunt object. Gorgeous little insightful piece. (Some YohjixKen/KenxYohji.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Hanging by a Moment (chapter 01) by Shoori - As soon as I saw a new fic from Shoori, I pounced on it, being a big fan of her other WK stories and I certainly wasn't disappointed. She does a wonderful job of getting inside Yohji's head (she nailed Yohji's 'voice'), showing how he could settle into a relationship with Ken without really fully realizing it, something small setting him off and freaking him out, something big smacking some sense into him, and how they manage to patch things up again. No one thing is dwelled on for too long, which works for this story, because unlike the NWO-universe stories, this isn't supposed to be an epic, this is just a one-shot, and it's a really, really good read for that. (YohjixKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - As Time Goes By by Tschubi-chan - Okay, there were things I could nitpick about this story (especially Ken's uber-uke, he's-so-fragile-and-innocent, everyone-adores-him-and-wants-to-take-care-of-him presentation), but, well, I thought it rather worked for the story. It's a fairy tale fusion, which means it doesn't have the same Weiss atmophere and characterizations. With fairy tales there's usually a need for the delicate princess (in this case, prince ^_^) character, it's an important part of the story and adds to the charm of the fairy tale fusion. I tend to think Ken's better suited for the role than Ran, and plus, it gives the story a chance to add in some really spiffy YohjixKen hints ^_^ The story was just... charming. (RanxKen, YohjixKen allusions, and hints of YohjixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Cat Came Back by Eeyore - I went into this story expecting it to be rather dumb. I mean, Yohji comes back as a cat!? But somehow Eeyore manages to pull it off, and write a good story around the concept. Yohji looking after Ken (they were lovers before Yohji died), missing him, wanting to comfort him, Ken still missing Yohji so much, unable to completely, 100% give himself to Aya because he can't let go, Aya wanting Ken, trying to be understanding, hurting because he genuinely loves Ken, neither of them having any clue Yohji is in the body of the cat now, being so close, but still so far away... all of it hurts for the crappy situation they're in. I know the premise sounds silly, but it's good. (YohjixKen, AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - The Parts We Play by P.S. Speare - ....ow. God, there are times when I want to give Yohji a hug. A really big hug. This was one of those times where some really needs to glomp onto him and not let go for a year or two. The concept of Yohji being in love with a clueless Ken who's in love with Aya isn't new, but, dammit, this was just so damn good. The author nailed Yohji's inner voice and the way he would look at Ken. As much as the ending hurt, in a way, I'm glad it went in that direction because the way the story was set up, Ken didn't feel the same way and it would have only lead to heartache if Yohji had said anything. I *heart* Yohji in this fic. So, so much. ;_; (Yohji+Ken, Ken+Aya.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Oh, [expletive deleted]! by Felicity Honenburg - There's just something about Yohji and Ken that I adore; something about the way they play off of each other.... And this fic did a good job of capturing that feeling. There's just a certain chemistry there. There were also some very funny lines in this one--Omi's *cough* interest in the hacksaw was funny, as was Yohji hearing nature's call but unable to answer and Ken's reaction to that. It was just a fun fic. Want more. Now. (Eventual YohjixKen, mild AyaxOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Seeing the Light by Aoe - I love Aoe's writing, she is so good. Her plots are fantastic and characters wonderful, but what really makes her stories so pounce-worthy are the classic lines she sprinkles them with. The little character moments.... Crawford getting up before dawn to make sure Yohji doesn't drown in a mud puddle because Schuldich doesn't want his favorite 'show' cancelled, Schuldich and Yohji trapped in an elevator while Schulich sings in English, Schuldich playing romance councellor, Brad getting a parking ticket, and, the best part was Drunk!Aya. I laughed like a loon the whole way through. I admit I couldn't really quite take his revelation seriously, but I totally did not care because a) it was such great writing and b) it was so freaking funny. Plus, you know, the YohjixKen/KenxYohji sex was really good, too. *hearts* I love Aoe's writing. (KenxYohji/YohjixKen, hints of Ken+Aya, and AyaxNotTelling. ^_^)

- Weiss Kreuz - Never Say No to a Dance by Yoippari - As the author points out in the notes, this is not a lengthy character piece, this is a PWP, nothing more, and that's what I loved about it. Nice sex, and it wasn't completely random in terms of characterization, they were still recognizable as themselves. I'm not sure how I felt about Aggressive!Ken, but I wasn't jolted completely out of the story by it, either. All in all, it was exactly what it aimed to be and worked on that level, combined with some really nice writing, very sharp and clever. Yum! (KenxYohji.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Heartbreaker by Koumori - Story five in Koumori's arc, which can also stand on its own, but is probably helpful if you've at least read "We Belong" first. This one is pretty much pure WAFF, but such entertaining and good WAFF. There are several bits in here that just totally crack me up (the thing with Aya's car, Ken watching Yohji when he first wakes up, etc.), the sex is good, the writing solid, and I *heart* the characterizations. One of my favorite bits: Ken fastened his seat belt tightly, and sighed. There weren't any more protests he could make, so he just mumbled "This is Aya's car."

"Huh. So it is."

"Does Aya know you have his car?"

Yohji started to move the car out into the street. "Well, I did ask him."

Ken eyed Yohji, feeling the beginnings of a smirk pulling at his mouth. "What'd he say?"

Yohji hesitated a moment, then said blithely "'Touch my car and die.'"

Ken laughed in spite of himself. "So of course you took it." (YohjixKen, some graphic content.)

- Weiss Kreuz - We Belong by Koumori - Okay, I've got a lot to say about this fic, because I want to--if I'm allowed to be pretentious for a few minutes--put people in the right frame of mind to enjoy this story. GenX pointed this story out to me and was kind enough to listen to me fangirl while I was reading it. (*hugs*) Let me start out with saying that this story is part of a larger arc but can stand on its own--all you really need to know is that Yohji, Ken, and Aya are occasionally involved in a threesome, which doesn't affect the story much at all, except at one point Aya's already with Yohji when Ken comes to see them. (So it's not totally random, is what I'm saying.) I didn't care for the first three stories (as I don't agree with the author's take on Aya--the writing is very good, but just not my cup of tea for the characterizations), and I probably wouldn't have liked the fourth one either except for something GenX said--that she put on her LFN hat and really enjoyed the story.

The basic idea is that Ken, Yohji, and Aya have developed an interesting sort of threesome, Aya's a real bastard, but a pretty one, and Ken and Yohji are starting to form something deeper. (We don't see as much of the Yohji/Aya, since this arc is mostly told from Ken's POV.) Kritiker finds out about it and attempts to put a stop to it, since it's messing with the team's dynamic. Normally, I don't like stories where Kritiker becomes involved with Weiss' personal lives, but when I look at this story as sort of with a La Femme Nikita feel... I really enjoyed it. It was... cool.

I don't know if others would enjoy it without the same hat/glasses I was wearing, but... there are some fantastic lines in this story, I *heart* the Yotan characterization, the YoKen is fucking good, I was so impressed by the explanation at the end, and there's some really, really nice sex. Maybe a little too much sex, but, dude. I am so saving some of those sex scenes for when I need good YoKen sex, because they are. So... yeah. It's one of those stories where it's really up to your own personal preferences, because the writing itself is good. But I liked it a lot. ^_^v (YohijxKen, some YohjixKenxAya, some graphic content.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Fantasy by Yuuki Miyaka - I liked this Yohji POV story because... well, I have a strong fondness for YoKen, of course, but also because it sort of strides that line between a huge amount of angst and just being Another Day, because it felt like Yohji in that sense of... wanting something but thinking he could never have it, fantasizing about Ken (which I normally don't go for in fic, but it worked for me here), and just never making a move, defeated even before he tried... that's just so Yohji-like to me and as much as I'd like to kick him in the ass for it, this was a lovely little fic. (Some light-ish YoKen, I wouldn't even give this a content warning.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Fractured by Tammaiya - Of all the fics Tammaiya wrote for Christmas (aside from the Gravitation one ♥), I think this is the one I've been waiting to be able to rec the most. ...well, okay, the FMA/HOLiC one I was kind of itching over, too. A lot of this is because there's so little Weiss Kreuz fic out there that really hits me hard and this one wasn't just likable or solid, it was good. The parallels she draws between Schuldich and Yohji are really kind of brilliant, the way she characterizes each of them is just so spot on, the way everything heads in the same direction, even while Schuldich and Yohji aren't quite mirror images of each other, one is jaded, the other is cynical, and there is a difference and it just comes together beautifully. Their relationships with their teammates are worked in beautifully, even while the thread of their similar paths is not lost, and there are a hundred little moments (Schuldich pushing at Crawford, Yohji and Schuldich's thing they have that actually works in this fic, when I'm not usually a fan, Yohji's interaction with Aya and Ken especially), even the tone of this is gorgeous. It's bleak, without being unrelentingly dark, just perfect for the story it was trying to tell. And as if that wasn't enough, she went and threw Yohji/Ken into the mix, made it important in the scheme of the fic while not being the focus, and it was just wonderful and clever and pitch-perfect, both for the story and what I look for in the relationship. I just... vibrate with happiness over this story because it hit exactly the right buttons for me. *blissful sigh* I only wish I weren't quite flailing around so much and could offer more coherent descriptions of it. (Yohji/Schuldich, Crawford/Schuldich, Yohji/Ken.)

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