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- "Uncle Yohji's Book of Love" by durendal and the Beef Chick - No matter how many times I read this I still cackle madly. Not a lot of authors can convey a sense of perfect comedic timing through writing, but this fic does--one of the funniest things I've ever read. (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi, OmixNagi, CrawfordxSchuldich, Yohjixeveryone)

- Weiss Kreuz - "Dream Lover" by Roo - I love Roo's fiction (Thank god for her two Ai no Kusabi fics; I would have gone insane after watching AnK if I hadn't had those to read. >_<)! Funny, sweet, romantic and really, really good sex. I honestly can't ask for more than that. (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi)

- WK - Blackwake Manor by Deena - Despite reading this in the middle of the day, some of the imagery in this fic still gave me the shivers. Other than that, it was a highly fun read, Yohji and Ken being freaked out as hell in the haunted mansion, constantly trying to Get The Hell Out Of There, clinging to Omi and Aya, and losing it every other scene. The part with Schwarz was great, too. There's no outright yaoi here, but there are hints of AyaxKen and YohjixOmi, but I'd also take on a warning for some graphic imagery. *shivers*

- Weiss Kreuz - BWP - /Bed? What Plot?/ by Aki-niichan - Uhn... yum. As the title implies, this is pretty much a completely plotless fic to write about the Weiss boys having sex, and it does its job damned well. Yum. One thing was weird, Omi calling everyone '-niichan' (maybe he does that in the manga? I didn't think so....) when it should be '-kun', but other than that.... It's a little on the rough side, so if you like hyper-shoujo, flowering romance, 'I wuv oo's every other sentance, and boys crying joyously in the middle of sex, you might want to skip this one. But I tend to like sex with a sharper edge, so the AyaxKen scene here totally did it for me. Yum. (YohjixOmi and AyaxKen.)

- Weiss Kreuz - I'll Share Hell with You by Furher - This is shaping up to be a fun story--well, I should probably put "fun" in quotation marks, since it is rather angsty. But in the "fun" way. ^_^;; Ken is injured on a mission (in a way I liked--it's a little different from usual, and I thought the details concerning the chemical were nicely done) and has to spend a couple of weeks resting, and during this time he and Aya come to act on their mutual feelings for each other. But it wouldn't be a Weiss Kreuz fic if there wasn't angst and complications along the way. *grin* The writing is solid, the characterizations solid as well, and the plot good. There's just the right amount of humor in the story--the author's notes are quite funny in places, too. I liked it. ^_^ (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - As Time Goes By by Tschubi-chan - Okay, there were things I could nitpick about this story (especially Ken's uber-uke, he's-so-fragile-and-innocent, everyone-adores-him-and-wants-to-take-care-of-him presentation), but, well, I thought it rather worked for the story. It's a fairy tale fusion, which means it doesn't have the same Weiss atmophere and characterizations. With fairy tales there's usually a need for the delicate princess (in this case, prince ^_^) character, it's an important part of the story and adds to the charm of the fairy tale fusion. I tend to think Ken's better suited for the role than Ran, and plus, it gives the story a chance to add in some really spiffy YohjixKen hints ^_^ The story was just... charming. (RanxKen, YohjixKen allusions, and hints of YohjixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - If You Were Mine by lorien - *snarf*giggle* Oh, this was funny! Aya-chan lusting after Yohji, Ran chasing after Yohji with his katana for thinking about his sister (which he really wasn't), Yohji lusting after Omi who's now dating Nagi, Ken lusting after Ran and being cute... it was so much fun. And not in a "Oh, my god, that was so bad it was funny!" type of a way, it was meant to be parody-ish, and while it's not outlandish parody, it was just... not-quite-serious fun (RanxKen, Aya-chan+Yohji, Yohji+Omi, NagixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Maelstrom by Sayuri - Hmm, I'm not entirely sure what to say about this fic. Well, first and foremost, Sayuri is a fantastic writer and did a damn fine job with the characters. The Aya/Ken interaction was wonderful and touching and so much 'fun' to read. (Given that it's an angsty fic, 'fun' needed to be in parentheses. *grin*) And Schuldich was also wonderfully in character... except I wanted to kick him and shout, "No, no, no, NO! You don't want Aya, he'd be boring for you after awhile, and there's this gorgeous, sexy American son of a bitch right over there that you could obsess over. Sheesh. Idiot."

But I'm well aware that this is a personal thing. *grin* Actually, the Schuldich/Aya stuff was really well done, woven wonderfully well with the Aya/Ken parts of the story. Her writing is damn good, the prose so very readable and the characters' voices and thoughts dead on. (Well, except for the one thing I wanted to kick Schuldich for above. ^_~) Just... you need to read it, because it's really, really good. And normally I run screaming from SchuldichxAya fics, so that ought to tell you something. ^_~ (AyaxKen, SchuldichxAya, YohjixOmi, mild Yohji+Ken hints. Warning--non-con/rape plays a heavy role in this story.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Matters of Principle by Chibi Chiriko - This story played out an interesting concept that I'm surprised hasn't been touched on more often--Weiss is on another mission, to kill two drug lords and their daughter witnesses the act. Aya feels they have to kill her as well, since she's a witness, but Ken won't let him, standing between the girl and Aya. There were only two problems I had with this story--one, the nickname "Kenny" (or 'Kenny-boy') for Ken was just... engh. That's a personal thing, though. ^_^;; Second, given Aya's later actions and his own past, having his parents murdered, I'm not sure why he wasn't more sympathetic towards the girl that night. (Though, I really liked his speech later on and what he tells her later.) Oh, and three, the fic felt a little disjointed, like the storyline and characters completely changed directions 180 degrees in the middle.

Other than that, this story was pretty damn cool. I loved Ken standing up to Aya over the little girl, and the way Yohji and Omi looked away when Aya was trying to kill her/Ken was looking to them for support broke my heart because they weren't being heartless, they didn't like it, but it had to happen. Ouch. And once Aya stops being a prick, he's cool--I loved the scene in the church. ^_______^ And not just for the sex, either. But that didn't hurt. And, finally, the little mini-Yohji/Ken scene kicked ass. I love their friendship. (AyaxKen, YohjixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - What Took Forever to Find by P.S. Speare - I'm always wary of original characters, because they can seem so very, very Mary Sue-ish, even when the writing is very good. However, I liked this one, she was more than tolerable, rather likable, even. It's not a long story, I suppose that helped, as it was just an interesting, "What if Yohji had a daughter...?" idea with a little bit of a mystery thrown in. It was... just a good read. ^_^ (A little AyaxKen and YohjixOmi.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Hat Trick: Yohji in Bitterland by Bridget - This is another one of those stories that I can't believe I ended up actually liking. A WK/Alice in Wonderland fusion with Yohji as Alice. I would have thought I'd have been bored to death, but I really liked it. It was funny enough to keep my attention, I was honestly curious about who would be cast as who (the Mad Hatter especially amused me), and I admit the image of Omi in that outfit... wasn't bad at all. >_> (A little bit Yohji+Omi, but barely so.)

- Weiss Kreuz - Breakdown by Nixerchan and bonnejeanne - (Note: I'm only five chapters in so far, but since when has that stopped me from writing a rec?) I debated on whether or not to recommend this fic for awhile, because it isn't always my cup of tea. The biggest problem I have with this story is that it doesn't quite connect the dots--and by that I don't mean that there are huge gaping plot holes, it's on a much finer level than that. The characters' thought proceses or the directions of conversations don't quite flow naturally, like... the authors had actually planned the whole thing out in their heads, but forgot a step or two along the way. The writing is a bit... off, too, the wording not bad, but a little confusing in places, not quite flowing very well, which caused me to have to stop and back up to reread several times. A lot of background details were left out, too, especially at the beginning--Weiss-tachi suddenly having all these new powers, Kritiker being some sort of huge conspiracy, etc., all felt like it was coming out of nowhere. The writing also spends too much time on the characters' quiet moments when not much is happening, focusing in on the sex and romantic entanglements between the characters, which further makes the overlying plot (Weiss-tachi having supernatural powers) feel even more paper-thin-like.

But at the same time, it's the sex and romantic entanglements that draw me into this story, what kept me reading. There are a lot of things I love about the way the characters are being written--first of which is that, for once, Aya was the one pining for Ken for the last couple of years, with Ken not being aware of his feelings. This combined with how it wasn't an "Oh, woe is me, he could never return my love, for my hands are stained with blood and I am a worthless killer!" type of pining; Aya simply was attracted to Ken, wanted him very badly, but knew it wouldn't happen and continued on with his life. And when they finally do get together, it's not about schmoop, it's about lust and depending on each other in a crisis, but without being harsh or nasty. There are real feelings there, but they're not out of character for the Weiss assassins. The dialogue is often sparkly and the characters have real chemistry with each other and they're both wonderfully in character. Neither is made into a wilting uke character or a cold-hearted bastard.

I like that the story is long and something I can really sink my teeth into (which is part of my disappointment as well, I think, because I keep wondering if the authors set their mind to it, what could they have done with the plot they had set up?) and it leaves me with that satisfied feeling after I've read, that the issues between themselves I want to see the characters deal with have indeed been dealt with. Plus, I've been craving WK lemon and considering there were two AyaxKen/KenxAya lemon scenes in those five chapters, I'm a happy fangirl.

.....I'll probably do another rec once I've read the other chapters. And I reserve the right to take back any of the comments I've just said. ^_^v (AyaxKen, some YohjixOmi, eventual NagixOmi?)

- Weiss Kreuz - Scenes by cheretan - I stumbled over this story by chance, while looking for more RanKen fic to read after my latest resurging interest in WK, and I'm really glad I did. Not a whole lot happens in this fic, the basic plot being that Aya and Ken catch Yohji kissing Omi and Aya kicks Yohji out of the house, and then Omi has to go find him, and... that's really about it. Which actually works well for this fic as it allows the story to concentrate more on the subtle little character moments that are so terribly much fun. I'm not normally much of a Yomi fan, but I found myself really liking it here and there were some great quips by Yohji. (Which I'm not going to spoil for you.) But the real highlight of this fic (for me) were the RanKen scenes, where there was this sort of... senuality to chapter five that I just loved. *happy sigh* Nice little fic that helped with the need for a WK fix. Mmm. ^_^ (YohjixOmi, AyaxKen.)

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