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- X-Men: Evolution - Becs [ Fanfiction Author ] - This is a little bit different than how I usually rec, which I'm doing because Becs has written so many stories that I couldn't possibly think of things to say about them all. The other reason I'm doing it this way is because these stories are all part of a larger universe, and it's that larger universe that I'm addicted to.

Okay. How to explain this... the author continues to be on CRACK. But the fun kind. Let me get my problem out of the way--while I realize this is a Brotherhood-centric series, I got a little twitchy at the X-Men bashing, especially of Jean. I just don't get the concept of not liking Jean. She's Jean! She's one of the nicest characters around and she's just... she's the mother of the group! How can anyone not love her? Anyway.

So, the charm of this series? It's actually funny and wacky in the good way. The Brotherhood aren't all sappy and schmoopy with each other, but you get a real sense for their familial unit without it being bashed into your skull. It's just the way they are, even when they're annoying the hell out of each other. The situations are genuinely funny, I get cute Lance/Kitty scenes, and, despite my best efforts to the opposite, I actually really like the original characters. The girl, Mel, isn't annoying and kinda fun (it helps that she's not romantically involved in any of the Brotherhood) and I've become inexplicably fond of Toby. I want to at least be lukewarm towards him, but... I can't. He's just so cute.

Anyway. What drew me into the series was that it was made up of all these little moments that contributed to a greater whole, and never took itself too seriously. It was fun! And once I started reading I couldn't stop clicking through. *sigh* I read pretty much everything in one morning. -_- (Teeny bit of slash.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Tick, Toc, Goes the Clock by SlverShdws - I tried quite hard not to like this fic, because apparently the author's not that fond of Quicksilver, and Evo's melted my brain to the point where I've gone all little-hormone-crazed-freak on myself. -_- Anyway. That was not to be as this fic has some of the funniest lines in it that I've read in an Evo fic. The writing itself is smooth and readable, but it's the little bits of funny and cleverness that really make it--I especially enjoyed the meeting between Gambit and Rogue. And it felt like Evo! The fic rarely has more than two or three characters in a scene, which really helps bring out the personalities and dynamics of the characters, which is the highlight of the fic. Though, there's an actual plot here, and I love that it's dealing with the upcoming Apocalypse issue. I really hope more of this is posted soon.

Oh, and? Author’s note** I have to apologize for my excessive use of the comma. I love the comma and consider it one of the finer forms of punctuation. I'll try and restrain myself. I knew there was a reason I loved this author. ^_~ Oh, hell. I have to quote at least part of this fic, because it was so much fun.

          Shifting so that she was sitting up (there was no way she was talking to him lying on her back), Rogue rolled her eyes and thanked god when the motion when unnoticed by her head. "Gambit? Is that what ya call yerself? Or did yer mama jus' not like you?"

          His eyes flashed briefly and she noticed for the first time that his irises were deep red on pools of pitch black. Ah bet the guys who develop his pictures have a hell of a time figurin' out what they did wrong.

          "My mama, she like Gambit jus' fine. You got a name, cherie? Gambit’d sure hate fer dis to be a one-sided exchange."

          Rogue frowned and studied him while she tried to think of all the possible reasons he could be there. The Institute had exploded again. All the other X-men were drugged. The government had come and dragged them all away. Professor X had finally had enough of everyone’s bickering and crushed everyone’s minds into jelly.

(No real warnings or pairings yet.)

- X-Men: Evolution - The Age of Apocalypse by King of the Worthless - Okay, let me get one thing out of my system first. *stomps foot* What have people got against Jean? *fumes* I don't get it! She's not stuck up, she's not mean, she's not snobby, or any of those things! Jean is nice! She's Jean, for Christ's sake! *ahem* Sorry. I don't mean to lash out at this fic, that was more a comment on the Evo-fandom in general. That out of the way, I found myself really liking this fic, because it does a lot of what Evo does--it mixed things up, it gave the characters new origins and while I don't really agree with all of them, I really liked the feel of the story. The author didn't just change them back into the original comics versions, these characters are completely different from both those versions and the Evo versions and I really appreciate that.

AoA is a storyling that deserves a lot of time devoted to the plot and while not much happens in the first three chapters, there's some really good set-up stuff and I'm very curious to see where this goes. The opening chapters had some really neat lines, I especially liked the description of the evolution of humankind over the years and how that led to the current state of affairs. (No real warnings, but a lot of things are mixed around here. Some Jean-bashing.)

- X-Men: Evolution - little steps by acesodapop - This was a nice, fun little well-written piece of fic post-Mesmero-messing-with-Wanda's-mind. The author did a really nice job of weaving little details with breakfast into the story that created this air of... you could feel the rest of the household almost holding their breath to see if Wanda really was different now, if she really was calmer now, which is fabulous. The sense of something having shifted dramatically, even while things are still vaguely the same is one of the best things about this piece, I think. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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