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- X-Men: Evolution - A Brother's Love by Black Flame - I... am not sure what to think about this story. The reason I'm rec'ing it is because it's a Pietro/Wanda/Magneto fic and it's well-written and I'd yet to come across one of those until now. It's just a short little Pietro POV piece, I assume set after "The HeX Factor", because the characterization is... off. I assume it's pre-"Day of Reckoning" because Pietro absolutely, utterly hates Magneto in this story, and it doesn't mesh with the ending of DoR. I also don't agree with the characterization of Magneto being physically abusive. Negligent? Oh, yeah. He wasn't winning any father of the year awards at any point, and I don't doubt that he was emotionally cold towards both his kids, but I don't think he was deliberately cruel. So, in summation... good writing. Not so crazy about the characterization.

- X-Men: Evolution - All That Glitters by Daine - *eyes widen* Holy fuck, I think I did it. Found a good post DoR, Pietro-centric fic. Not much has happened in the first two chapter so far, it's mostly set-up, but it's good and I think it's going to deal with the issues I'm most curious about. I especially want to know her take on the Brotherhood's reaction to Pietro siding with Magneto. (Which I'm sure Wanda didn't keep quiet about... though, I have no idea if they know Magneto is their father or if Wanda kept that to herself.) I also want to know what's going to happen with Wanda and Pietro in this fic and, grrr, I just need more of it right now! Good writing! No pairings! With an Evo fic! *boggles* I was beginning to think such a creature didn't exist.

- X-Men: Evolution - Paternal Domination by Daine - Surprisingly, this is my least favorite of Daine's writing, because while the idea is solid, the writing isn't as good as her other pieces. Magneto is a little harsher than I would have liked as well. But, still. It's one of the better Evo fics out there, and I liked Quicksilver's smart-ass mouth and the little details of the fic, like the thing with the cellphone. It's nice to see more non-pairing fics that are meant to be woven into canon and to help make sense of events. (Like how the broadcast of that soccer game never made it to the air waves.)

- X-Men: Evolution - When There's No Place to run by Daine - Okay, this is what I'm talkin' about. A fic with an actual plot, deals with Pietro's issues (Christ, when did he become a favorite character? I'm a sucker for that family issues stuff. -_-) while mixing it in with human/mutant issues, and good writing. The confrontation scene with Magneto was beautiful as was the scene afterwards between Pietro and Professor X. The characterization feels a bit dated, given Pietro siding with Magneto in DoR, but they're not completely divorced from each other... they could be woven together, especially if Magneto had done what he'd done.

Which brings me to one final thing... I'm not entirely sure I could see Magneto doing that. Maybe... I dunno. I think... I think he would do it, but he would feel badly about it, but never let that 'weakness' show. My take on Magneto is this... he's a man who's incredibly powerful and intelligent, but because life handed him a crappy hand, he's had his perspective warped. It's not that he's an unfeeling monster, it's that he believes certain things have to be sacrificed for the greater good. He's not insane, he's just a little off his rocker. A little. His worldview doesn't quite mesh with others'.

Anyway. I'm using this fic as a springboard for my own Evo soapbox and I'm going to stop now. I *heart* this fic, it was fantastically written, wasn't about pairings, the characterization was great, focused on the things I wanted to read about, and was just a damned solid fic. Pietro's conversation with Xavier at the end was wonderfully insightful, and I got the impression that Daine really knows her characters.

- X-Men: Evolution - On A Cold Winter's Night by Red Witch - I have a soft spot for Pietro-centric stories, ones that AREN'T romantic, and are well written. This one helped scratch that itch for me--it was just a cute little story about one night with the Brotherhood and the way they can sometimes be really... well, adorable and heartwarming for a bunch of misfits who found a family in each other. (Eugh. The story was much better than this review, honest. >_>)(No pairings.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Quality Time by Red Witch - Summary: Magneto finally decides to spend time with his son by teaching him how to drive, and gains new respect for Mystique. This fic wasn't quite all it could have been (it was a little forced in places), but it was actually genuinely funny and I giggled the whole way through--the ending was especially nicely worded. I had a lot of fun reading it, and it really helped scratch that non-'shipperfic itch I have when it comes to Evo and it's nice to see fic about two of my favorite Evo characters. (No warnings.)

- X-Men: Evolution - For the Best by Gale - .....oh. This was absolutely stunning. Just... amazing. (You can tell by my lack of thoughtful words to describe it. ^_~) This is quite possibly the single best written Evo fic I've ever read, most certainly the one who crawled inside Magneto's head the best. A story set just after having taken Wanda to the asylum, both Pietro and Erik's reactions were absolutely perfect, and the writing was gorgeous. Probably my very favorite Evo fic now. *hearts* (No warnings.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Father Son Quarrels by Becs - You know, I don't know what to say about this fic. Other than it was on CRACK. The really powerful stuff. The... SUPER!CRACK. But... it was the fun kind of SUPER!CRACK. The ending of the story just cracked me up, and I had a lot of fun reading it so... there ya go. (No warnings. Except for the SUPER!CRACK.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Scarlet Witch: Diem Natelem by Christy S - It's a shame more writers don't try to tackle a Wanda story like this--it was a lovely little oneshot that showed her anger and longings at the same time, without being overly melodramatic about it. I could just hear her snarling certain lines and being just a little bit wistful on others. A wonderful Wanda-fic. (No warnings.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Fantasy by simmysim - Wow, this story kicked ass. Not only is it post-DoR (which means it fits in with current storylines), but it's a Brotherhood (especially Pietro) centric fic and the author treated Scott right. Scott was in character. *boggle* That's one thing that gets me about a lot of Evo-fic--the authors are only a fan of one set of characters, so they have to put the other side down. But this story didn't~! Wheee~!

*ahem* Now that I've gotten that out of my system (god, I swear, this show makes me act just like one of the little hormone-crazed freaks some days -_-), I really, really like where the plot is going, the details about Pietro's rescue of Wanda and about his powers felt real, not just some nonesensical babblings used as a convenient plot device. Wanda's reactions were nicely in character, not completely cold and cruel, but hardly a ball of sunshine, either. Just... dude. Excellent fic so far. (No warnings.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Melting Point by The Phantom - The first two lines of this fic gos Boom. The thunder, rolling in cacophonies of sound across the heavens, gently shook the house as efficiently as if two great hands had seized the building and were testing it like a Christmas present, eager to discover what gifts lay hidden inside. I knew I was going to like it right from that moment, such a neat little metaphor. For awhile, the fic took a turn into the weird, and I began to wonder if the character was supposed to sound like he was only a few days away from the men in white coats with the huge butterfly nets, but I stayed with the fic and I'm glad I did, because the second half was a lovely Pietro/Wanda moment. It wasn't perfect, and there was no way it could last, but for a little while it was heart-warming to see the two siblings just being brother and sister. The atmosphere was genuinely effective and there were some great bits of description in the story and it was neat that the story never mentioned their names, but we knew exactly who they were. (No warnings.)

- X-Men: Evolution - A World Sliced Through by worblehat - It's been ages since I've touched the Evo fandom (most of it scares me or just makes me tired, honestly) but I've been scouting high and low for Maximoff family fic and if Evo fic will give it to me... well, that's fine by me. I adored Evo. It's a bit strange to go back to those characterizations after all this time with the comics, but the author writes a really lovely Wanda, there's so much anger and hurt there, without having to hammer it into the reader's head. It's simply there and you feel it, the jagged pieces of her life, the sudden rush of intense anger as she gets out of the asylum. It's a gorgeously written piece and the ending is heartbreaking and fabulous and completely fits with the surprising depth/shades of gray of the Evo characters. (Implications of Pietro/Wanda if you squint.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Time To Celebrate by worblehat - Continuing with the not!suck of Evo fic (I'm as surprised as anyone to find more than one fic that doesn't suck, even if they're by the same author)... hell, it's not even not!suck. It's good. The characters practically sparkle here, I can hear/picture them with sharp clarity and I love that it takes place after Wanda's rearranged memories. There's something that's not quite right with her, there are still all these feelings that want to push their way to the surface or things that should feel familiar instead feel new again and Pietro's kind of an idiot sometimes, but he seems to genuinely care about his sister and it's just... they go to dinner. And it's perfect. And I love this fic. (Implications of Pietro/Wanda.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Pushy by worblehat - One more Evo fic for the night, this time an actual Pietro/Wanda fic and I wondered if I would find it weird to actually go all the way across the line (rather than flirt with it the way the canon so frequently does with the various versions of these characters) and I found that I really liked this. It helps that the author has a very solid grasp of who these characters are in the Evoverse, the kind of dynamic they would have, the way Pietro is arrogant and Wanda is angry, but they still have that connection. There's also a really great use of Pietro's powers, the sex is actually very nicely written and I could see them both acting this way. I adored this fic. (Pietro/Wanda, verging on NC-17.)

- X-Men: Evolution - little steps by acesodapop - This was a nice, fun little well-written piece of fic post-Mesmero-messing-with-Wanda's-mind. The author did a really nice job of weaving little details with breakfast into the story that created this air of... you could feel the rest of the household almost holding their breath to see if Wanda really was different now, if she really was calmer now, which is fabulous. The sense of something having shifted dramatically, even while things are still vaguely the same is one of the best things about this piece, I think. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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