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- X-Men: Evolution - That Ball and Chain by Julia456 - This story started off a little rocky, I wasn't really feeling it the same way I felt the author's other writing, but it was well-written enough that I kept reading. The author has this very... smooth style that I find very soothing to read, it just flows well. And then around the halfway point, something in the story tightens up and it becomes awesome, just gorgeous characterization of Remy and Rogue that's sharp and CLEVER. The jokes are funny, the snarking GENIUS, the action FANTASTIC (OMG an Evo fic with FIGHT SCENES, how much is my glee right now?), and the adaptation of comic book characters done RIGHT. There were about six or seven points in the final chapter where I was practically bouncing out of my chair with glee and spamming poor Amanda's AIM window with snippets and cooing, but that's how much this fic appealed to me. Rogue is a character that can get on my nerves when a lot of writers write her, because she becomes either too whiny or some sort of perfect author avatar sort of character, but here... oh, man, she's perfect. She kicks ass and she's smart and capable and THIS is the Rogue I love. Plus, the ending of this? *SQUEE* Ahahahaha, I am an obnoxious Remy/Rogue fangirl, yes, I am~ (Some Remy/Rogue, but about the level of what you'd get in the series itself.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Broken by edanielrya - *taps fingers on the keyboard in thought* I... have a few issues with this story. The two major things that pop out at me are 1) that Rogue (and Remy, to a lesser extent) get the favoritism treatment--the world practically revolves around them, to a degree further than I would have taken even a story that's about them. (This is especially apparent with Logan's treatment of both characters, the way Rogue is a much, much bigger influence in his life than I got off the series itself.) And, 2) Remy was loyal to Rogue way too soon, the feelings (or attraction, I suppose I should say) were snapped into place a little too soon for me to 100% believe. So why am I rec'ing this story anyway? Because I made it all the way through the nineteen chapters that have been posted so far, because the characterization is really solid, because the author takes her time with the rest of the story and does a Good Job with it, because the dialogue is really good, and there were several scenes that made me sparkle.

The real strength of this story is that it deals with some of the issues that the characters need to deal with, especially Rogue. Her tendency to isolate herself is addressed and dealt with, her relationships with the characters around her are developed and insightfully written about, and while I may quibble with other parts, Logan's dressing her down for the way she's been behaving, getting across that he's mad at her, but only because he cares/is worried about her was wonderfully done, I was really kind of squeaky fangirl over that. Plus, her Gambit and Rogue really did have chemistry together and the relationship wasn't just immediately tossed into boyfriend/girlfriend mode, the author developed them carefully over the course of a fairly long story. It wasn't even until chapter 19 that they really GOT much of anywhere, which impressed me. The writing is smooth and solid, I had no trouble continuing to read it, despite my usual terrible attention span. ....I feel so mean being harsh like this, because I think most people would love this story to tiny, tiny little pieces and I did like it a lot. Just... eh, maybe I'm oversensitive to some of the issues that come up in Evo fic a LOT. Eheh. ^_^;;; (Remy/Rogue.)

- X-Men: Evolution - From the Shadows by Black Queen - *sigh* I try so very hard not to play favorites with the Evo characters because it just winds up with me looking like so many of the masses of the little hormone crazed freaks of the Evo fandom, but... when a story like this comes along, my biases smack me in the face all over again. It's embarassing, but I've developed a fondness for Pietro, Wanda, and Magneto, so whenever they're not treated exactly the way I think they should be treated, I get a little twitchy. Which is embarasssing. I keep wanting to kick the characters for being so mean to Pietro, because, yes, he did betray them, I can understand why he did so. I don't see Magneto as the heartless and evil abuser a lot of fans do (not to imply that's the way he was portrayed here--Magneto is actually quite fairly written in "From the Shadows"), and he's really the only person Pietro has in his life. Magneto is his father, Magneto raised him, Magneto is his entire family, especially after Wanda turned her back on him. Forced into a choice between the two, I can't blame him for choosing his family.

Not that I think the X-Men should forgive him for just because of that, but it always frustrates me to see people be mean to him because of that. Pietro doesn't exactly have a great life, and I hope that as the story progresses, it shows more of that.

Okay. There. Do you see what Evo has reduced me to? It's pathetic.

Anyway, I will now move on to the actual point of the story, which is a post-Day of Reckoning Divergent Timeline, taking a much, much darker turn (at first, anyway), and slowly moving Evo more towards the comic events--especially introducing a slowly building Gambit/Rogue relationship (which I actually really like, it's slow and I probably wouldn't even have recognized it if I hadn't gone into the story knowing about it already--at least not until chapter 12, which sped things up a little more than I would have liked), and giving Rogue Carol Danvers' powers. The writing is smooth and readable and really enjoyable, the writing very reminiscent of the Evo feel, and doesn't skimp on the details needed for a plot like this.

The fic centers on Rogue, but shows her connection to all of the people around her. While I would have liked to have seen more of the other characters interacting with each other and not just Rogue, that's a minor quibble, because this story does an awesome job of showing why each relationship is important to her.

The one thing that kind of bugs me is Remy referring to himself in the third person, which is a fic-trait that drives me nuts. He doesn't do that. The only time he even occasionally did was in the X-Men:TAS series, and... well... as fun as it was, as neat as it was to watch, it did twist some things around.

But I'm digressing. Badly. Up to part 11 or so, the fic is driven more by the plot and situation the X-Men find themselves in, but after that it delves more into the romantic stuff, which, I admit, made me lose my interest a lot. One thing that I can't really fault the author for, but turned me off was that she was clearly trying to bring the Evo characters to the original comic characters. Rogue called Remy "swamp rat" and started using the term "sugar", Remy started calling her "chere" and "p'tite" a lot, and they started acting like the comic book characters. (Well, before Claremont matured them.)

Which is a perfectly valid story direction to take and the fic does it really well, actually. But... I wanted an Evo fic, you know? Not the comic book characters in the Evo setting. Evo appeal lies in its balance between respect of the original characters and its desire to show a new beginning for the characters. This fic has a lot of respect--which is the more important of the two, imglo, and why I do enjoy it so much--but not so much of the new beginnings for the characters.

And, man. I didn't mean to write a whole essay on this fic, but that tends to be what happens when I'm conflicted about a fic. At the very least, I don't fault the author on the writing, it's damn good. Readable and the parts just sail by when you get sucked in. The characters are believable and natural, they're recognizable as the characters we see on the screen. (Some Remy/Rogue.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Soft is the Dawn by SlverShdws - Since watching the end of season three and the beginning of season four of Evo recently, I've re-fallen in love with the show and, on a whim, decided to seek out some of my favorite authors to see if they'd updated and I was pleased to see a new fic by SlverShdws, given how much I liked her other stories. I will admit that I'm a little wary of the fic and the fanon in it (Remy referring to himself in the third person, Kitty saying "like" every fourth word when she barely says it in the show, the RogueRogueRogueROGUE-ness of the story), but... I also find the author's stories to be genuinely funny, clever, and intelligent. I love the way she weaves little details into the story (like the way Rogue moved across the room while Remy watched), I love the smooth, well-written flow of the story, and I love the sparks of chemistry that fly between Remy and Rogue, because you can really see why I love this pairing so much. *fangirls* Wonderful writing, really. (Some light Remy/Rogue.)

X-Men: Evolution: 52 Explosions by Tamarai - So, I go looking for movieverse fic and... somehow wind up reading Remy/Rogue Evofic. All right then. But it's hard to complain when this fic was so damn much fun, it was a great Rogue narrative and voice. I love that there's the bickering and banter between them, but that they're not stereotypically stubborn, the back and forth is part of what they enjoy and know they enjoy it. I love Rogue thinking so much of everything is silly and yet she's clearly enjoying it and I adore this author's Remy, the perfect balance between being a charmer and being a "bad boy" and being someone actually pretty stand-up. I adored the dynamic between them, it showed so much of why these two work and how much fun they are. a s;dlfjkasl;kj terrible rec, but go read the fic now. (Remy/Rogue.)

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