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- X-Men: Evolution - Cookies and Milk by Julia456 - Another fic that Amanda found (well, the author) and say, "Hey, this author looks like she has potential." I saw that she had a semi-short Scott/Jean fic that I could read as sort of a "test" (especially since SO FEW people write about them with any sort of talent) and... fell in love. The writing is lovely, clear, and smooth, very, very easy to read and just sails right along. Her characterization and character insights are fabulous, the little touches of the way Scott and Jean subconsciously interact with each other, the way Ororo looks at them, the way Ororo and Logan talk afterwards... these ARE the characters I remember from the series. My Scott/Jean fangirl is happy AND my Evo fangirl is happy, because they both got something GOOD to read here. *attempts to devour the rest of the author's work* (Scott/Jean.)

- X-Men: Evolution - Living in the Past by Julia456 - I've mentioned that good Scott/Jean fics are hard to find, right? Much less ones that practically sparkle and make me wibble with love over them. In this one, Jean provides the tools for Scott to build a mental version of the mansion to say goodbye to it, after the episode "Day of Recovery" (so it's a bit AU) and he skips over the windows while recreating the entire place. This story was a gorgeous little thing that captured the feelings of the characters, of Scott's attachement to the Insititute, but without being sappy about it. Captured the quiet, but so strong and steady relationship between Scott and Jean without ever having to tell us anything, it showed us. And when Scott does fill in the windows? My little fangirl heart turned over with love. you can tell, this totally put me in a 'shippy mood 'cause THIS is how to do 'shippy fic and do it RIGHT. (Scott/Jean.)

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