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- X - Tears of Mitsumine by Goldcouch - There are a few problems with the story, a few mistakes in the writing here and there (typos, mismatching verbs, words repeated a little too often, etc.), but the basic story itself is pretty solid, and the style (I seem to be stuck on that lately....) is befitting a CLAMP fanfic. There isn't much for Yuzuriha and Kusanagi out there, but I've been in the mood for them this week, so it was nice to see a fic for them, and... I liked it. (KusanagixYuzuriha.)

- X - Nagisa - A Shrine to Yuuto Kigai [ Fan Site ] - YUUTO! I *heart* Yuuto. This is a beautiful website, the water motif not overpowering, but just enough to fit the subject matter. The information sections are very helpful, the gallery had several gorgeous pictures I'd never seen before, and the links page was really well put-together. (I saw links for several shrines I'd never seen before. ^_^v) Just, all in all, a darn good website, which makes me happy because Yuuto deserves more attention! (And is it just me or would he and Karen be to freaking cute together? I like the idea. ^_^)

- X - When We Fall by Hachi Mitsu - A short little fic from Fuuma's POV thinking about the past and the future in regards to Kamui, and I found myself rather liking the almost poetic style of Fuuma here and the softer take on him. I'm not sure how much I believed it, but I liked it a whole lot, and I'd rather have that any day. (It's not that I disagree, because I don't know what goes on inside the Dark Kamui's head, I just know that I think it's probably not this nice. But I wish it were.) I liked some of the metaphors in this story, especially the one about the waves and the rocks! All around, this was a nice character piece for Fuuma. (Mmm, I wouldn't even call this shounen ai, not really.)

- Tokyo Babylon/X - Winter Nights Gone By by Blue Sakura - Normally, I'm not that great a fan of Setsuka. I like her, but she doesn't capture my imagination like other characters do, so I wasn't expecting to like this fic quite as much as I did. Setsuka's delicate elegance and beauty and insanity and Seishirou's tranquility (that's the best way I can think to describe the way he looks in his side story, too) come through beautifully, and this is a gorgeous telling of the fate the Sakurazukamori are meant to follow--being killed by the one they love most. (Tiny, tiny bit of SeishirouxSubaru.)

- X - Fuuma/Subaru drabbles by Kelsey - If my love for Kelsey could go any higher, I think it would have after these stories, because... I mean, I have a strong soft spot for the idea of Fuuma/Subaru post X-16 and Kelsey just nailed what I wanted and how I think they would go. Fuuma wasn't a chariacture of himself, instead he felt like the Fuuma you actually see in the pages of the series itself, the tone of their interaction was perfect, that right blend of pain, indifference, understanding, and gravitation--plus, the jazz theme of the first one? Brilliant. No, really. I'm going to have the worst time not associating jazz with Fuuma/Subaru now. The second one brilliantly, brilliantly plays on the key thing between Fuuma and Subaru--Subaru's desires/Wish and Fuuma's abilities, it's one of those things that could be so cliche if done wrong, but so heartbreaking and breathtaking if done right. And you can about imagine which direction I thought these two ficlets went., they deserved better than that, but I'm still all fangirly, so. >D (Fuuma/Subaru.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/xxxHOLiC - And Sometimes, You're The Bug by Tammaiya - Yuuko. Plus. Seishirou. In. The. Same. Room. Is there any way this author could fail to make this awesome? I THINK NOT. I have desperately wanted an X/HOLiC crossover and this one... both sates that desire and flames it all the further because it's this neat little thing, Seishirou showing up and it fits together so well here and the little details are fantastic. Watanuki's POV in the story is fabulous as well, from the snippets he overhears to the way he spazzes and flails to the brilliant ending of the piece which is something that could have come straight out of the manga itself. That's the lovely thing about this piece, it captures the tone of both series and characters so well, it has so many little details that make it fit into CLAMP's worlds that's just... fabulous. I flail with love. (Implications of Seishirou/Subaru and maaaaybe Doumeki/Watanuki if you squint.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - Static Equations by Sophia - It's been awhile since I've read much XTB fic, but... if there were more stories like this one, ones that took a concept and spun a gorgeous fic out of it, even if it wasn't the take on the characters that I was used to, but something that felt so incredibly plausible for them and so very IC... I would probably be lured back to the fandom far more often. Sophia's writing is gorgeous, she creates this lovely, haunting, almost wistful tone throughout the entire piece, the way Subaru is so calm and almost like he's drifting through life now, it's all the most quietly disturbing when more of the pieces are revealed. The details in the fic, the mechanics and magics of CLAMP's world, the use of flowers and the numbers Subaru uses, the flashes of memory from the past, all of it is woven into a beautiful story. (Some Seishirou/Subaru, some mentions of Fuuma/Subaru, neither are entirely the point.)

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