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X FANART (by Eva Soulu)! Pretty X fanart! X/TB is semi-rare, so to find such beautiful images is a real treat. (My favorites are the TB ones, the "Card Captor Kamui" one, and the Sorata and Arashi images. Soooo pretty.) The whole site (English index) is very fun to go through--be sure to check out the "Otaku No Sakura" fan-doujinshi, too! There's also Utena art scattered throughout the site, which is just as lovely. *happyhappy!* (No real warnings.)

- X Fan Art - 'Just A Little Ecchi' - by Ko - Ko does some of the BEST X fan art--I have yet to fail to nearly die laughing at one of her comics; they're not just funny, they're brilliantly funny. Not only does she do hysterical SeishirouxSubaru comics, she's responsible for much of my love of Keiichi and KeiichixKamui. I honestly can't pick a single favorite one, but I think it's down to either "Brand Recognition" or "Before & After". (Yeah, like that was a shock to anyone. ^_~)

- X/Utena - [ French Fan Art Site ] - There are other series represented here, of course, I'm just most impressed by the X and SKU stuff. *_* (Click on fan art for the majority of the fanart--the navigation is easy to figure out despite being in French--and click the 'images of Juri' link and scroll down for some of the most beautiful Juri fan art I've ever seen.) The CLAMP art is lovely, all the characters look like themselves, the art (at least the Seishirou+Subaru stuff) fit the atmopshere of X and it was just... pretty, dammit. And the Utena stuff... wow. The two images of Juri+Ruka (one of my favorite SKU pairings *_*) were beautiful. Just beautiful. I'm gonna shut up now. (All the usual X pairings, and Juri+Shiori/Ruka.)

- X/Other - Saint Adel's Anime Parade [ French/English Fan Art Site ] - I'm linking to the English page, since I assume anyone who's reading this blog is reading it in English. Anyway, there is some gorgeous art on this site. You have to click through all the galleries and see the art--the SeishirouxSubaru ones are my favorites, of course, but that one of Treize-sama and Zechs.... *drools* This one is my favorite, it's SO pretty and the softer pastels somehow work for the image, but everything is prettyprettypretty. (Lotsa yaoi. It'd take too long to list all the pairings.)

- X [ Fan Art Site ] - (Note: I'm not sure of the title of this, if 'eyeballs' is the title or just a current subtitle/design or what.) Ohhh, this is just what I needed tonight. I've been craving new X/TB stuff that I'm actually interested in. (As much as I love all the X characters, I'm only really interested in a handful of things/pairings/etc. Anyway.) The art is just lovely, really beautiful art. There is this one image where Seishirou has his hand over Subaru's eyes and a few sakura petals are floating around that's just stunning. I also love the one with Subaru is Seishirou's usual suit and Seishirou in Subaru's sekifuku! That was such a cool image. And! And! And there's this utterly gorgeous one of Karen in a red slippy-type thing holding a rose.... *swoon* And a beautiful Kakyou/Hokuto image that was really, really well-drawn. And Fuuma kick ass as always. ^_^ The colors are lovely, the characters done with skill, and the concepts just freakin' cool. I love it. (All the usual canon and fanon pairings. ^_^)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/Yuu Yuu Hakusho - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I suspect that if I could have a fan art illustration's baby, I would bear this image children. I really wanted to link to the image of the Sumeragi twins and the Seishirou/Subaru image, but they weren't put on an HTML page, and I don't want to link directly to an image. So just go click your way through this gallery and you'll see the ones I mean. *tries not to drool on herself* The X ones are my favorites, but those Yuu Yuu Hakusho ones are stunning. Fuck, I want to be a fan artist now. Well, a talented one. (One Seishirou/Subaru, and a couple Hiei/Kurama images.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - Good Dream [ Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that took me awhile to warm up to the style, but I eventually got there and quite liked it. It helps that it's very much S&S-centric, but that it also has most of the other characters mixed in, which is a perfect balance for me. ^_^v While I've seen better drawings, what I like about this site is that they so often capture the feel of X and Tokyo Babylon (or if they don't, I don't care, because it's so damn cute) and I really, really like the way they color their images. I have no idea how to describe it, how they achieved or anything like that, but... I like it. So, right. Good site. I like. (SeishirouxSubaru-friendly.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Chobits/X/CLAMP - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site's style is really gorgeous, very soft and delicate and romantic looking and almost glowing at times, much like CLAMP themselves. I honestly don't think I could pick a favorite--though, the one of Touya and Syaoran is adorable and the little Kohaku chibi is gorgeous. +_+ I loved that they had illustratiosn from a number of different series, too--it's always nice to see other fans who like a bunch of CLAMP series rather than just one or two. Anyway. Just go. Gorgeous art. (No warnings.)

- Tokyo Babylon/X - genetic code [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .......I love this site. Can you marry a site? I'm not sure if that's legal, but if it is, I might have to consider it. Well. Maybe I should marry the artist instead... but that seems a little stalker-ish. Regardless, I love this site and I'd like to sleep with it at least once or twice. I just... wow do I love this art. The characters (mostly Seishirou and Subaru, but Hokuto and Setsuka and the like show up once in awhile as well) are beautiful and almost-delicate like CLAMP made them, and there's this one of Seishirou and Subaru snuggling in these gorgeous black shirts that just crushes my soul with it's sweetness. (SeishirouxSubaru-centric.)

- X/RG Veda/Wish/Chobits/CLAMP - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first illustration in this gallery is this CUTE illustration of Kamui that just... just... just... I don't know how to describe why I like it so much. There are a lot of neat illustrations here, including a really nice one of Yuzuriha and one of Hinoto. But the Wish ones are my favorites, they're gorgeous; very soft and bright and almost have a sort of shine to them. Ooh, and a gorgeous Hokuto-chan. So, anyway, right. Go through the gallery, there's some neat stuff here. *nods* (Oh, and one more thing. Then I'm done. ICCHAN!!!! *hearts*) (No warnings.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Magic Knight Rayearth/Angelic Layer/X/CLAMP - Seraphic Forest [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first illustration I saw on this site was a gorgeous Sakura and Tomoyo illustration and while I wasn't as crazy about the following illustrations, there were some really cute and lovely ones here. (Which are actually impressing me more the second time through.) There's an animated Suu that makes me squeak happily and the MKR ones are really, really good. ^_^v (No warnings.)

- Magic Knight Rayearth/X/CLAMP - CLAMP*PARK [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I absolutely love this site's Hikaru--she is SO CUTE! *hearts* The Kamui illustration is also adorable and so is the Sumomo one, and I seem to remember a cute Chii one... so, basically, there's a lot of very cute art. I like! ^_^v (No warnings.)

- X - X Museum [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Dude. WOW. That Seishirou/Kamui/Fuuma illustration is gorgeous. That's one of those illustrations that if I didn't know better I might very well think it was official art--the level of detail and shading and colors and what not are fantastic~! The rest of the site is filled with more gorgeous art and then some really freaking adorable oekaki illustrations. (Li'l bit canon couples.)

- X - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist's most current illustration (as I visited), the Seishirou birthday one, is really, really cute, and the one just before it is adorable (Seishirou with his head in Subaru's lap while they're in the woods, pulling a leaf from Subaru's hair), and, okay, all of the illustrations are just damned adorable and I *heart* this site. The artist's style is a bit sketchy sometimes, but when they take the time to really do an illustration, it's lovely. Leaves me with that warm 'n' fuzzy feeling, especially since there's a lot here to go through. And a guest gallery (which is about half fic, half art) which has two of the single most gorgeous SxS illustrations I've ever seen lurking in it. Go. Click on all the art. Feel the love. *nods* (SeishirouxSubaru.)

- X - Reiran Art Gallery [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ............this artist is my new best friend. +_+ I would have liked her art well enough on its own--she can do some gorgeous CG work, there's an incredible wedding picture here and I also really like the cigarette lighting one--but I think we all know, she's really my new best friend for the hentai. There is one in the gallery of Subaru in his shikifuku that is just... I *heart* it, it's so very much what I want to see. But I also dearly love the three illustrations of them in the sakura grove. Everything is just... I cannot express my elation with these mere words. SxS. Pretty. Very, very Pretty. Gorgeous colors. Gorgeous Sei-chan. Gorgeous Subaru-kun. Hentai. Happy Becky. +_+ (SeishirouxSubaru.)

- X - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, the webmaster herself does some cute fanart (there is this adorable one of Kamui and Fuuma in her gallery... and chibi-Nataku~~~), which are a lot of fun, but what finally won me over into full, um, rec'age?, was the oekaki board. Good god, are there some adorable images in there. I really can't decide on a favorite--Setsuka, Seishirou, and Subaru are all gorgeous. +_+ And then there's another chibi-Nataku that just melted my soul into a little puddle of goo. ._. (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- X - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Jesus Christ, if this artist's Nataku were any cuter, I'd... I dunno, explode or something. Normally, I don't like going through oekaki boards, but I figured what the hell, I'll give this one a shot, and I'm really glad I did, because, as I mentioned, Natakufreakingohmygodsosogoddamnedcute!! *ahem* The pictures of Nataku with Karen have to be my favorite, because they're just... awww! And I'm going to stop gushing now. Really. Except to say the Nataku with wings is gorgeous. +_+ (Nataku-centric site.)

- X - Heavenly [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first X illustration I saw on this site was a lovely one of Arashi. Very, very cool. Then I saw the next X one of Seishirou. I promptly started drooling and knew I was going to have to rec this site. +_+ There's also a lovely SxS illustration that makes me a happy fangirl and some really cute oekaki, making this yet another cute and fun site to go through. (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- X - Northern Lights [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I enjoyed the hell out of this site! The art in the gallery itself is beautiful (Kamui preeeeeetty +_+), but, surprisingly, once again, I had the most fun on the oekaki board. The artist is really very good, and there's a nice selection of art to be found (as well as a lot), but the absolute coolest thing? They have a little animation option, so you can watch as the little applet re-traces the artist's steps to show you how they did it. COOL! (No real warnings/themes.)

- X/CLAMP - utopia [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, this site is actually more of a general-CLAMP site than just an X one, but the X stuff is the coolest. While I like the webmaster's stuff (s/he does a cute Subaru), my favorite illustration was actually of Seishirou from one of the guest artist. +_+ Pretty. But there was also a really neat Nataku one and a cool Satsuki one, so... yeah. Lots of fun here. ^_^ (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- X - S-Pleiades [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Have I never rec'd this site before? Shame on me, this site... just... the art... it's so... just... words fail me trying to decribe how amazing these illustrations are. Just flat-out amazing. If this artist drew backgrounds more often in her pictures, I would not be surprised if they were mistaken for actual CLAMP art, they're that good and that... in synch with the tone/feeling of the characters. The colors are gorgeous, looking to be hand-done, too. The lines and proportions of the characters are gorgeous and just... I'm blown away. I have so many favorites, but I think my favorite is the one of Seishirou and Subaru touching each other's faces, it's just so... them. And then the oekaki board has some kick ass art, including Seishirou and Subaru Matrix-esque-style with bar codes on their faces that I just loved. I... am such a happy fangirl right now. (Seishirou/Subaru/TB Trio-friendly.)

- X - CLAMP FAN [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Whoa. How did I manage to never find this site before? Some gorgeous art here, especially of Kamui, whose eyes are just... vivid in color, standing out from the illustrations, almost looking like they're glowing. (They're sometimes colored as blue, which is a bit odd, but I found I didn't really mind.) And DUDE! Shougo fanart! XD What impressed me the most was that there was this... richness to the illustrations, they almost looked like they felt like... mm, velvet or like there was a chalky layer to them... like they had texture, I guess I'm trying to say. Very, very nice site. And WHEE! Adorable X-related icons! I love the little feathers and ofuda! XD (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/X/Chobits/MKR/CLAMP - CNG [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, this is definitely one of the best CCS fanart sites out there, it's really captured that soft colored look that CCS has and any site that draws half-naked Yue that beautifully is a favorite of mine, Clow/Yue hints or no. ^_~ But, still. My favorite is the Eriol/Yue/Sakura 'Alice in Wonderland' illustration--it's just gorgeous. The site is largely Eriol-centric and the artist really draws him well--I especially like the older Eriol ones, where he looks like a cross between his child form and an older Clow Reed, very cool. The Chobits illustrations are very cute, and I love the two illustrations of Kamui, they're beautiful. Anyway, gorgeous art, go see now. (No real pairing themes/warnings.)

- X - sakurasaku [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There is a wonderful 2003 illustration in the artist's gallery and I just adore it to absolute pieces. It's so very... Tokyo Babylon/X/SxS-esque. *hearts* And then going through the guest galleries there's a whole bunch more art by various artists that I just love. So... much... pretty... art.... *hearts* A lot of it I've seen on others' sites, but there's a lot that I've never seen before, and I like to think that I've seen a good portion of the X fanart sites out there. ^_^ (SeishirouxSubaru-friendly, plus some FuumaxKamui.)

- X/CLAMP - addict [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site, not because the art wasn't very pretty (It is. *_*), but because there's not really a whole lot of art here... until I looked at the webmaster's diary, where she's tucked a handful more of really cute illustrations, including what's one of the best Gohou Drug illustrations I've ever seen. I just love the way this artist draw's Kamui's eyes, it reminds me very much of CLAMP themselves. (Some FuumaxKamui.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/X/Tokyo Babylon/Wish/CLAMP - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site has some adorable art, very shiny and bright and adorable. The Wish art is especially cute and uses pastel colors quite well. I like that there're a lot of different CLAMP series here, even a Gohou Drug fanart (which has been quite difficult to find so far) and they're all very cute and the whole site was just... fun to go through. ^_^ (No real pairing themes/warnings.)

- Tokyo Babylon/X - Tree Spirit [ Fan Art Site ] - I had a quick conversation with a friend about this site and when she said one of the illustrations was beautiful, but heartbreaking, I responded with, "Isn't it, though? A lot of her art is like that, she draws these beautiful, but just heartbreaking Subaru illustrations. And the other half of her art are these adorable, heart-warming TB-style illustrations that just make you hurt for him all over again, knowing what's coming." And that's really what made me fall in love with this site, that the artist captured the feeling of the characters, the bright sparkliness one minute, the gorgeous, heartbreaking tragedy the next. Not to mention, the illustrations are just stunningly beautiful. No wonder I love TBX artists so much. *_* (Some SeishirouxSubaru.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/CLAMP - Aqua Garden [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a site that I just have no idea how I never saw it before, because some of the illustrations on this site are just so incredibly top-notch that it's hard to believe they're fanart. The lines are delicate and fantastically detailed, often times capturing that sense of ribbons and hair and feathers and and sakura petals being everywhere that I love so much with CLAMP's art, too. There are far too many illustrations for me to pick out one or two to comment on (though, I was particularily fond of the Subaru one with the torn ofuda floating around him or the one of the twin Kamui with their Shinken and underwater), it's just... wow, this is fantastic art, really. To the point I could almost mistake some of them for CLAMP's art itself, it's so fantastically drawn and getting the FEEL down so right. I gibber with love. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- X/Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/CLAMP - Q.E.D [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Wow, has it ever been ages since I visited a CLAMP site, much less one with some really impressive art. The style on this site is very much like the old-school CLAMP art, with the tremendously huge eyes and all the wisps of hair around the characters' faces (like early X art and MKR era art) and while that's not my favorite CLAMP era, the artist certainly does a fantastic job with it. Several of the illustrations are so well done, that with a little tweaking they could just about be mistaken for official art, the artist especially doing an amazing job with Kamui. However, there is also an illustration of Kobato and I don't think I knew how long I'd been waiting just for one fanart image of Kobato. ♥ It's amazing how much detail the artist puts into every illustration on the site (it's seriously amazing just looking at the feathers sometimes!), how beautiful the colors are, and how very, very CLAMP-esque the art all feels. A fantastic site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- X - loiter [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The first illustration I clicked onto this site was a really lovely illustration of Subaru with these pretty almost glowing colors and Subaru tugging off his glove to show the pentagram on his hand. H-how could I not immediately be weak to the site? Though, the rest of the site looks just as fantastic, full of amazing detail and beautiful hair and fluttering capes and intense eyes, all things very much in the spirit of CLAMP. The TRC art is very Acid Tokyo-friendly and the artist does a really fantastic job here as well, adapting a lot of the elements of the TRC style, with the longer bodies and tons of jewelry all over the place. She draws the vampire twins beautifully and her Kamui is just really, really awesome. I love her Sakura tons as well, too, though. Just. asd;lfkjasdlkj I love this site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

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