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- X/Tokyo Babylon - "I'm Bored" and "Amuse Myself" by Ashlea and Whitney R - I'm a sucker for Fuuma/Kamui stuff; I love them. And this fic achieved what I wouldn't have thought possible--a *KamuixFuuma* fic. And it was *good*. Same as "Ask So Nicely", it helped ease the pain that comes with all the AAAAAAAAAAANGST. (And after "A Wish and a Want"--which is also lovely--I needed this resolution.) (In the "It was late and we were tired" section.) (FuumaxKamui.)

- X - The Little Games Fate Plays by P.Rico - I first saw this on CFFML and on a whim decided to read it; it was adorable! Not cutesy adorable, but just... "Hee! That was great!" kind of adorable. And, dude, Fuuma rocks. ^_^v (FuumaxKamui.)

- X - Impossible to Love by DragonMage - Holy shit. Jesus, this was fucking cool. I wasn't really expecting too much from this story, since there isn't much FuumaxKamui out there and what there is tends to be very... lacking. (The trend these days seems to be FuumaxKakyou which is a great pairing, I adore it, but I'm a FuumaxKamui fangirl--when I'm not being a bouncy KeiichixKamui fangirl that is. ^_^ Anyway, really, Fuuma and Kamui are THE pairng of X, even if they're not very popular in the fandom.) But this story rocked.

Fuuma's thought process was beautiful, really. Elegant and not necessarily mean (at least not always) but kinda creepy in the way he feels absolutely no compassion for anyone or anything. I'd quote, but I'd just wind up quoting half the entire fic, I think. ^_^;; The little moments in this fic are also beautiful, adding detail to the story and giving insights to the characters at the same time--Fuuma smiling at the ice cream girl, Kamui watching children playing at the park, etc. Just... wow. Gorgeous fic. And the sex was niiiiiiiiiice. *happy sigh* (FuumaxKamui.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - Breaking You by Ketsurui - Mmmmmm. *purr* Kamui and Fuuma definitely need more fan-lovin' and this helped muchly. A dark little character piece from Fuuma's POV that was just... well, *purr*-worthy. It wasn't graphic-graphic NC-17, but definitely on that side of R, and the story really worked for that. This is the kind of X darkfic (sort of....) that I like so much, because the dark kamui wasn't evil, just... you'll see. Mmmmm. (FuumaxKamui.)

- X - After the Fact by AlseGold - (Note: I'm linking to the CLAMPesque board because the majority of the story isn't up on FFNET and I don't know if the author has a homepage. Just do a search for the fic and you should be able to find the parts you need. ^_^v) This was the first multi-part X fic I'd read in quite awhile, and I was very surprised to find myself as engrossed in it as I was, which I chalk up to the author's writing charm. The writing has this particular... well, I call it "charm" (the good kind, mind), but I also often refer to it as "readability". It's when the author's style pulls you right into the story and you focus in on what the plot is doing, making you forget all about the way the words are strung together, whether good or bad. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good turn of phrase, that can often make a fic one of my absolute favorites, but some stories really don't call for super-fancy turns of phrase; instead, they require the reader's attention to be drawn to the storyline and I thought this story accomplished that nicely.)

I'm also terribly impressed at the way the future timeline (after the characters are reincarnated) is both being integrated with the characters' past lives and is actually interesting. It's just... captured my attention in way I didn't necessarily think it would at first. The story also seems to be taking its time to tell the story properly, not shoving too much into a smaller fic that glosses over too many details--which also has the added bonus of really giving the reader a feel for the current incarnations of the characters. Which is really important in a story like this, because those current incarnations are dueling with the past incarnations (not literally, you know what I mean >_>; ), causing conflict in the characters' lives and I felt pulled into that. (SeishirouxSubaru, FuumaxKamui.)

- X - Do You Sleep by Rae - I admit, I haven't been reading much CLAMP fic lately, because not much has been capturing my attention. (Plus, I'm so distracted by all these shiny shounen series....) But every once in awhile I randomly choose something to read and *gasp!* sometimes they're actually good! ^_~ Rae writes a story that... rather than making me roll my eyes at Kamui, like some fics do, I hurt for him, wish I could find some way to make it better, this story makes me able to see the loveliness of the picture he paints again. And the longing he has for Fuuma while not being utterly pathetic about it... makes me fall in love with the pairing all over again, too. And, dude. Wow. I *heart* the ending. (FuumaxKamui.)

- X - Moths by Megan - This was a beautiful, quiet little fic about Kamui and Fuuma that was just a treat for me to read; I rarely wander back into the X fandom and lately I only do so for authors I know from before. And this was lovely, despite being short it managed to encompass so much of the way Kamui and Fuuma interact, how they interact, and shows how painful and frustrating it is for Kamui. It also captures that enigmatic, mysterious quality Fuuma has that I just adore when done right. This is one of those things that I could see slipping quietly into canon, even with the shounen ai. (FuumaxKamui.)

- X - Happy Families by insaneidiot - Kelsey's fault. All Kelsey's fault. She was kind enough to mention it and thus I had to steal the link off her, because this story was just... I got about a third of the way into it and then promptly could not stop laughing. It's one of those stories that's just beautifully on crack and an utterly brilliantly enjoyable pardoy fic--it's one of those that could have been really bad (Seishirou as Kamui's father is one of those older fandom theories floating around and could have been so terribly cliche or awkwardly done), but the writing is smooth and clean enough to pull it off and... hell, even more than that, it's the comedic timing that sent me into fits of laughter, every time Seishirou smugly laid down a new rule for Kamui or Subaru went to bang his head against the wall at the ridiculousness of everything or every time Fuuma had a fit because Seishirou was putting his "family" first. Just... heeheeheeheeheehee. Makes me laugh just thinking about it again. (Seishirou/Subaru, Fuuma/Kamui.)

- X - untitled by Rae - Ooh, this fic had some really nice imagery in it, the kind that could have been pretentious or forced, but wound up feeling very much like X itself, it somehow worked for me, especially the way Kotori is in Kamui's dreams. But then along comes Fuuma and... he's well characterized here, he has the grace and elegance of the Dark Kamui, all the painful memories just under the surface, if not actually remarked on. The writing is lovely, the relationship between Kamui and Fuuma perfect, and the ending just... yeah, this was Kamui and Fuuma for me. (Fuuma/Kamui.)

- X/xxxHOLiC - A Debt Repaid by Pengie -, I love Pengie, right? But you knew that already. Still, I love her so. Because, oh, my god, nobody does CLAMP/X humorfic like she does, there are so few people who can send me into giggle fits when she gets to her punchlines or concepts (*chants* I will not give this one away, I will not give this one away, I will not give this one away--) so that I'm snickering so hard I'm getting funny looks again. Especially the end. Especially the end. And the middle part. Because nothing is as much fun as watching Seishirou be a perv, Kamui being put upon, Fuuma being crazy, and Subaru not protesting Seishirou's advances as much as he could. And froggies! But mostly the end. Because I would totally, totally BUY THAT BOOK. (Watanuki's bit especially amused me.), this rec sucks. You go read now instead. (Mentions of Seishirou/Subaru, Fuuma/Kamui.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/xxxHOLiC - "A Very Sakurazuka Christmas" and "It's A Wonderful Life": More Selected Selections from Yuuko Ichihara's Christmas Anthology! by Pengie - You know what can always make Christmas even better than it already was? Christmas fic from Pengie with selected scenes from Yuuko's Christmas book! There's no part of this fic that's not hack-up-your-lungs funny, not from the very beginning with Yuuko settling in to tell her story and Watanuki headdesking violently to the actual story itself, which is a great homage to "It's a Wonderful Life" and all the way on down to the perfect, perfect ending. Pengie does a brilliant job of weaving in a million different elements--the humor, the comedic timing, the crappiness of the X characters' lives, the movie homages, the craziness of CLAMP's characters--and yet never overbalancing any of them. Except maybe the humor. Is it possible to be too funny? Because, seriously, I'm sick here and this kind of hurt. ♥ (Fuuma/Kamui, Seishirou/Subaru, Sorata/Arashi, implications of other regular pairings.)

- X - All That Glitters by Tammaiya - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 ] - You know, pretty much no one but Tammaiya could get me to read boyband!X fic. Because I know she's going to spin something creative and fun out of it, that she'll include the entire cast (no wonder it got so long ♥) and put neat little spins on the characters' backgrounds into the fic and then give me absolutely delightful SxS fanservice. That is ALL I ASK out of AUs. ♥ And, hell, she even puts in delightful Fuuma/Kamui interaction--how often does that happen? There's so very little FxK out there, much less the kind that's totally on crack yet still staying true enough to the spirit of the characters that I actually enjoy it; it's not just crack for crack's sake, instead it's the fun kind. I keyboard mash in love with how much she managed to work into this fic, how many characters/relationships she managed to cover, and impatiently wait for more. ♥ (Seishirou/Subaru, Fuuma/Kamui, Sorata/Arashi, Yuuto/Karen, possibly more.)

X: Count Your Blessings. by allira_dream - Oh, man, it's been ages since I read X fic, but I was browsing springkink and thought, eh, why not? It's been even longer since I read Fuuma/Kamui fic, but this one was a gorgeous piece to come back to the fandom for. It's set early on in things, before everything goes to hell, when they could be gentle with each other and it's a really lovely look at Fuuma's thoughts and how much he wants to protect Kamui. It's especially impressive because we get so little pre-DarkKamui!Fuuma yet this really feels like him. And the sex is very nice, too. <3 (Fuuma/Kamui, NSFW.)

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